Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses In Preet Vihar With Placements

Marketing basically means to promote your product/brand. Earlier, it was used to be done via newspaper ads, and magazine ads and was also done on a door-to-door basis by the sales team of a particular brand. But now that we are living in the internet era every single necessity of our daily lives has adopted the digital platform. Everything we use is now at our fingertips, and so is marketing nowadays, sales and promotions are also now embraced by virtue of the internet, which is called digital marketing. If you are planning a career in digital marketing, must enroll in the below-listed best digital marketing courses in Preet Vihar.

List of best digital marketing courses in Preet Vihar

If I have to say it in very simple words then I would say “Digital marketing is the marketing that reaches their customers (existing or potential) electronically or in other words online marketing.”

Types/Branches of Digital Marketing

If there are ways to interact with the customers through digital media then there is a way to get expertise within digital marketing. Here we are just naming a few branches of online marketing, which can give you a clue of what skills and tools you will be learning through your journey of studying this course.

  • Search engine optimization – it works with the content to get ranked on top or bottom.
  • Content marketing – writing newsletters, blogs, E-books, etc.
  • Social media, marketing – creating content on social media for a direct approach to its customers and consumers.
  • Affiliate marketing – it is a practice to promote other people’s business.
  • Influencer marketing – when social media influencers or celebs promote a brand to their followers.
  • Email marketing – emails sent to a mass of existing and potential customers promoting discounts or promotional messages to get clicks.

These are some of the types involved in online marketing, although there are so many more tools and tactics of digital media that are used to do the marketing of a brand digitally.

How Does It Work?

Well, this question is the easiest to understand if you use a mobile phone and since you use a mobile phone or computer then you will definitely be aware of social media platforms and hence you would be familiar with online marketing campaigns that brands do on these social media platforms which reach to its potential customers on their mobile phones, tablets, computers, etc.

Therefore, if you have any electronic device with you, the brand will reach out to you for their products’ promotion.

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Importance of Digital Marketing

You can understand the importance of a Digital marketing course from your own experience, if I may ask a question from you – why and how do you get to reach our website?

Do you have doubts about the Digital marketing course and do you want to choose the best institute to learn this skill? As a result, you went to the search engine on your phone or computer and typed “digital marketing courses in Preet Vihar, Delhi” and the search engine showed you several websites with the answers to your questions, among which you clicked on our webpage link to clear your queries.

For this you did not have to go anywhere physically, you didn’t have to buy any newspaper to find the institutes that provide Digital marketing courses in Preet Vihar or you didn’t have to buy any magazine or book to find a list of the institutes, instead you probably just sat down at a comfortable spot in your home, college, office, or anywhere in the world and you get to reach to us just by few clicks from your fingertips.

All of this was possible because of digital marketing. Our existence on the search engine is also part of a promotion where people can know everything about the Digital Marketing courses in Preet Vihar and all the details about it.

Who Can Pursue This Course?

So, the answer to this question is that anyone” can learn online marketing skills. If you know how to operate a phone and computer then you are all set to master this skill. If you are a working professional, a school or college-going student, or even someone who had to leave their jobs for family and looking to start again, basically anyone is eligible to learn online marketing.

Job Opportunities in Digital Marketing

If you have read thoroughly the above details then by now you are no stranger to the role Digital marketing plays in a brand’s fame and hold of its customer base.

Digital marketing is the key factor in every business’s reach to its customers and consumers. It is the need of this electronic era and every single business – small, medium, or big is using online marketing.

So obviously you can assume how vast this industry is, it has several kinds of branches and every branch has an importance of its own which gives this industry a lot of opportunities for people who are skilled in online marketing.

You will not have to worry about landing a job in this field this job also comes with the benefit of working from home, so people who love to work from their own place would really learn this skill.

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Why You Should Pursue Digital Marketing Courses in Preet Vihar

In Delhi, Preet Vihar is a hub of educational institutes. It is a dynamic area of Delhi where you can find good reputed institutes for Digital marketing courses. Digital marketing courses in Preet Vihar will also be helpful for you to get a job opportunity easily because Preet Vihar is full of institutes and companies that open opportunities for new learners.

Digital Marketing courses in Preet Vihar can be a stepping stone for you because Delhi is the biggest job hub of India, living and studying in Delhi can make your future bright because of its multinational exposure to jobs and a good lifestyle.

Now, that we have covered all the details about Digital/Online marketing, let’s talk about the training centers, which provide the best training for this course. All the training providers I have selected for you are the institutes which majorly or only give training in Digital marketing.

After a long hour of research and comparison, to clear your confusion I have listed the 10 best institutes to learn Digital marketing courses in Preet Vihar, these learning providers have the most positive numbers in terms of giving training and placements to a good count of students.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Preet Vihar


IIM SKILLS provides digital marketing courses with paid internships, which makes this learning provider the best in the education industry. It is fully online with full-fledged course modules with a great support team to help the students with their doubts 24*7.

If you are looking to learn digital marketing from your home comfort and want a hassle-free working opportunity while learning, then this institute is the perfect match. Also, IIM SKILLS provides many tools with the program for free which costs thousands of dollars, but with this program, you will be able to get those tools free of cost.

The digital marketing course is IIM SKILLS’s core strength area. The fee for the course is also very reasonable, they also provide EMI payments. This course is working people friendly which means the classes will be on weekends only, but the support team works every day in case you have any doubts ask the tutor.

The program is assignment-based, so not only you will be learning but also implementing the learnings into practice through assignments, and after the assignments you will be getting feedback from their feedback team which allows you to know your mistakes and work on them.

If you are interested in pursuing a Digital marketing course from IIM SKILLS then you can go to their website and register yourself for a demo class free of cost. And do check out the reviews about their Digital Marketing course from the students who took classes from them.

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Courses Master Digital Marketing Course
Teaching mode Online
Duration 5 months
Placement Yes
Location Delhi/NCR
For more details:

A few other best options for career advancement:

2. DigiperformDigital Marketing Courses in 

I have chosen this training institute on top because Digiperform was founded in 2014 and in 2017 it already has received the award for “Most Trusted Brand in Digital Education” by the renowned WCRC Leaders Asia Magazine.

This institute provides training for two courses only, and mainly their focus is on Digital Marketing courses. Other than digital marketing they have one other course i.e. Data Analytics. They have trained 45000+ students till now and 36000+ placements.

But the main agenda of this school is Online marketing courses why I am saying this because they are providing digital marketing courses for kids as well.

They have specialized their courses to meet the needs of a beginner to professional level learner, which are organized as foundation course, specialist course, master course, professional course and there is a one-year full course and all these courses have placement assistance as well, and are provided in both online and offline modes.

Courses Digital Marketing Foundation course, Digital Marketing Specialist course, Digital Marketing Masters, and Digital Marketing Professional course
Teaching mode Online and Offline
Duration 2 months – 1 year (Depending on which course you are choosing)
Placements Yes
Location 40 centers in India, also has a center in Preet Vihar, Delhi

3. Delhi Courses Academy

The founders of this institute are Digital market experts themselves, which is why they started this skill-based learning education center in 2008 since then they have been the top education providers in the skill-based learning industry and they are based at Preet Vihar, Delhi.

Delhi Course Academy delivers major online marketing courses. They have a full-fledged master course in Digital marketing.

Courses Advanced Digital Marketing Course
Teaching mode Online and Offline
Duration 4 to 6 months
Placement Yes
Location Delhi/NCR, Gurgaon

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Though it’s a very young institute in the sector of Digital marketing learning providers, started in 2013 they have made itself highly recognized and has won several awards from renowned magazines and world-class organizations.

They have their branch in Preet Vihar. IIDE leads in Digital marketing courses only, they have 3 courses of which two are campus-based courses and one is an online course. They also give training for the companies, customized specially for companies.

If you are a beginner and want to take a demo class to understand what really this course is about then you can have the advantage of this learning school because they provide a “free live masterclass” for online marketing by the best of industry experts, and it is free of cost, you just have to get yourself registered for the next upcoming class which you will be able to see on their website under the free live masterclass information.

They give certification for these free classes too. I must say that for people who are looking for an in-person class to learn this skill then this institute is a go-to for you.

Courses 11-Month MBA level PG, 4-6 Months Certification course, Free live Masterclass
Teaching mode Online and Offline
Duration 4 – 11 months
Placement Yes
Location Delhi, Mumbai

5. Academy of Success

Academy of Success offers two courses in online marketing; one is Executive digital marketing and the other one is Master in Digital marketing. They give training in online mode only.

This academy is also, especially for digital marketing courses. The reviews of students are good, if you are looking for completely online learning then you can get yourself enrolled with them.

Academy of Success’s one-year course will be more suitable for students who just have passed their senior secondary school or students who have just joined in any bachelor’s degree as it can be a beneficial skill for their career.

Courses Executive Digital Marketing, Master Digital Marketing
Teaching mode Online
Duration 3- 12 months

6. The Digital Education

TDE, not only brings forth the digital marketing course but also delivers courses for the types of digital marketing like search engine optimization course, social media marketing course, affiliate marketing, etc.

So, if you are someone who is already working in online marketing or have knowledge about online marketing and looking to pursue one of the branches of it, then this school is best suited for you and they provide placements as well.

Courses Advanced Digital Marketing
Teaching mode Online and Offline
Duration 1-4 months
Placement Yes
Location Delhi

7. Delhi Institute of Digital Marketing

DIDM delivers training for digital marketing, they have 5 levels of courses to get skilled in how to use digital media as a promotion platform. This school has also been a player in the education industry and achieved many awards.

They provide 4 offline courses and one fully online course in digital marketing, furthermore, they assist with the placements as well. This school has its branch in Preet Vihar, Delhi.

Courses Advanced Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing Science, Online Digital marketing course etc.
Teaching mode Online and Offline
Duration 3-6 months
Placement Yes
Location Delhi/NCR

8. Ekwik Classes

Ekwik Classes is a great school to learn Digital Marketing and other tools that are used in Digital marketing. Ekwik classes have specialized courses for Digital Marketing with additional internship courses for industry exposure. It is a great place to learn Digital Marketing courses in Preet Vihar at a reasonable cost.

If you are seeking one-to-one classes in Digital Marketing courses in Preet Vihar, then you can join this learning provider without any doubts. Ekwik classes provide vocational training for Digital Marketing courses which will give you working experience while learning Digital Marketing course.

They have trained 15000+ students till now and have been active for the last 10 years in the education industry. Their branch is available in the Preet Vihar area of Delhi.

Courses Digital Marketing Course
Teaching mode Online & Offline
Duration 4 months
Placement Yes
Location Delhi/NCR

9. Digital School of Internet Marketing

Digital School of Internet Marketing has a Masters course in Digital Marketing. They have designed their Master course in Digital marketing with which they provide many marketing tools for free to the students.

This school provides hybrid classes as well as separate online and offline training for Digital Marketing courses in Preet Vihar. They have weekend Classes for online training. They have a 4.8 rating on Google.

Courses Master in Digital Marketing Course
Teaching mode Online & Offline
Duration 3 months and 6 months
Placement Yes
Location Delhi/NCR


ITTCD gives training for Digital Marketing courses in Preet Vihar, this school delivers training only in Digital Marketing. They have online and offline batches to suit every learner’s needs.

As per their webpage, they have trained 8500+ students for Digital Marketing course. ITTCD has a Digital marketing course and an Advance Digital Marketing course with internship and placement.

The duration of their programs is 4 months and the cost of the training is affordable. They provide a demo class as well.

Courses Digital Marketing Course, Advanced Digital Marketing Course
Teaching mode Online & Offline
Duration 4 months
Placement Yes
Location Delhi/NCR


1. Do I have to be from a technical background to learn Digital marketing?

No. There is no such requirement to learn this skill.

2. Do I need a computer/laptop to learn digital marketing courses in Preet Vihar?

Yes. It is the most basic need if you want to study this course because the major part of this course is about how to use digital media for the purpose of promotion.

3. Is the English language a must to learn digital marketing?

Yes. As everything related to the internet or social media is based on the English language, you should know a basic amount of English, there is no need to be fluent.

4. Is it necessary to know coding to pursue digital marketing?

No. It can be an extra advantage for people who know coding, but it is not mandatory to know coding to learn online marketing.

5. What mode is better for learning digital marketing skills?

Well, it is totally depending on the person whether you are comfortable in online or in-person classes. Although both modes offline and online are good to go. These days institutes provide 24*7 support for online classes to clear doubts. So, you will not be facing any problems in online mode as well.

6. Which course should I pick, If I have zero knowledge of digital marketing?

There are several training centers that deliver foundation programs for this course so you can choose an institute that runs foundation courses. Besides every training institute has made the courses with a mindset that people of any study background are able to understand from scratch.

7 What should I check before selecting digital marketing courses in Preet Vihar?

Make a list of what facilities you are seeking in an institute to study your course. Like if you are looking for online classes or offline classes. Is it recognized and affiliated, what kind of certificate they are providing, reviews of the previous students, and if they provide placement or not, how are their tutors, etc?

8. Career opportunities in Digital marketing?

There are literally a no. of opportunities in this domain, and this is the most profitable area of activity of this era, as you know every single business uses this practice to get a boom in customer holding. Let me name a few job profiles in this field; such as social media manager, search engine optimization specialist, Data analyst, content marketing, Pay-per-click specialist, digital marketing manager, Inbound marketing manager, etc.

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