Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses in Pitampura With Placements

Are you a working professional who wants to upscale your skillsets? A college graduate who is still exploring various career options or is currently on a career break looking for better options? Do you also intend to make your career in the field of digital marketing? If yes, please go through this article completely to understand why you should be doing a Digital marketing course and know about the best digital marketing courses in Pitampura, New Delhi.


Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses in Pitampura



Content is king but have you ever thought about its meaning? Does content help without good marketing? Marketing is the heart of any business. The service industry is thriving upon good content and digital marketing. Today, most of us go through the feeling of skill inadequacy to run businesses or jobs as not many are equipped with the skillset of promoting and expanding the business online.


And due to this, there is a dire need for efficient digital marketers who can manage and engage with customers entirely through the web. Irrespective of any career you choose, digital marketing is the pivotal point without which other processes fail to implement themselves in totality.


Also, learn about why digital marketing is a good career option.


Before we head on to the best digital marketing courses in Pitampura, let us first understand few basics about the topic:


What is Digital Marketing


An individual or a corporation can offer items or services through the digital marketing method. Customer interaction on their website and internet connections are part of this process. As a result, you may capture more qualified leads with digital marketing. In a nutshell, it refers to the internet, mobile devices, and social media to reach out to clients.


Businesses want to increase their income, and with such fierce competition, digital marketing is the only way to succeed. One of the most significant advantages is determining which campaign or approach is more effective for your company and responding accordingly. The digital marketing business is expected to be worth about INR 225 billion by the end of 2020.


Importance of Digital Marketing


Digital media are rapidly replacing outdoor advertising and print media. Advertisers are reducing their spending on print media such as newspapers and out-of-home advertisements. It is easier to assess exposure and reach in digital marketing than it is in traditional marketing. When compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing has grown more acceptable. To understand why digital marketing has gotten more difficult, you must first learn about it. That is why students are interested in taking a digital marketing course.


Scope of Digital Marketing


Digital marketing has many potentials; yet, there is no set pay or benchmark in this sector; however, a digital marketing specialist with two years of expertise may earn INR 40,000 per month. Different job titles, such as SEO, PPC, and digital media planner, pay differently. According to a recent survey by a job portal, the average compensation of a digital marketing expert is Rupees 3.16 lakhs per year.


Different types of Digital Marketing


There are as many different types of digital marketing specialties as different methods to connect with digital media.



SEO is a crucial component of a website’s traffic. SEO is a marketing tactic that improves the ranking of a website as well as its performance metrics. As Google’s algorithms change, so do SEO methods. Content indexing, link structure, and keyword research are the three main areas of SEO. Therefore, your website should be SEO-friendly. These three elements can help improve the performance of a website if they are used wisely.


  • Social Media Marketing 


Social media marketing uses platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., to attract customers online and sell products. Better social media marketing will attract more traffic to websites. Therefore it is important to keep track of Analytics, and social media marketing as these are two sides of one coin. By assessing the success of social media posts, social media marketers may develop data-driven plans. Social media marketing helps businesses grow by establishing online leadership, converting users into customers, and expanding their reach.



It is a passive income method where you earn through promoting a product or service for someone else. Every time a sale is made, an affiliate marketer gets paid for it. Affiliate marketing is in vogue with the emergence of social media marketing through platforms like Instagram and Facebook.


  • Email Marketing


Even though email marketing appears to be an outdated approach, it is a proven lead-generating marketing technique. To raise brand recognition, email marketing delivers promotional communications. Email marketing is a powerful instrument for instilling a sense of impending doom (FOMO). Email automation strategies are used by businesses to schedule emails for this reason. Email marketing creates engaging campaigns that consider the audience’s viewpoint.


  • Pay Per Click Marketing


PPC is a traffic-increasing ad technique. Promoted and paid advertising are referred to as pay-per-click (PPC). They are advertisements that display on the top or side of a search results page while surfing. The keyword priority determines the cost of advertising. In addition, you may tailor PPC to a specific geographic region and send advertisements to a certain demographic.


  • Influencer Marketing


It is a kind of marketing where an Individual’s social media presence is used for generating business. An influencer’s word of mouth and showcase of third-party products and services will be utilized for their business’s holistic growth and development.



By deploying mobile devices to communicate with more customers in real-time at any time in the customer journey, mobile marketing can do wonders for boosting brand value and demand for your products or services. With almost everyone being a  smartphone holder due to its convenience and utility value, everything from purchase, payments, information, and entertainment has become handy.


Therefore, digital marketers hold a great scope in exploring and expanding their domain in Mobile marketing. Even Books are getting published as e-books, and software like e-pub makes it easy for readers to access such files on their phones. Moreover, more and more websites are designed to be mobile user friendly as in this fast-moving world customers want to access all the information on the go.



To entice the audience and produce leads, content marketers create long-lasting and interesting content. Blogging, e-books, white papers, podcasts, and other forms of content are examples of content. Clients are attracted to content marketing because it focuses on developing long-term trust. Relevant, legible, interesting, and interactive material are all essential components of content marketing. Content marketing might be difficult, but it’s essential for your website’s success.


As a reader, I am sure by now you would be well versed with these terms. Having a proper understanding of types of digital marketing will help you choose the best professional course.


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Why should one look for digital marketing courses in Pitampura as a location?


Due to its lush greenery and central location, it has become the hub for retail and commercial centers, and many educational and professional institutes have their coaching centers. It has wide connectivity to Netaji Subhash Palace, Kohat Enclave, and Pitampura metro stations. New Delhi is the capital, and people from all walks of the country come to pursue their dream careers and earn a decent living.


This sector is in demand now and in the future. It comes with a slew of changes that provide you with various exciting career alternatives to select from, as you can easily identify your area of interest and begin your career after studying. In addition, you can establish your own business, freelance, or take on full-time employment.


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Now that we have got a fair idea about digital marketing, Here are the best Institutes offering digital marketing courses in Pitampura:


1.         IIM Skills


The leading online digital marketing course in Pitampura is offered by IIM Skills, which is recognized for its innovative e-learning methodologies. They provide the best digital marketing courses in Delhi and across various regions of Delhi like Pitampura, Rohini, Cannaught Place, etc. They provide a master’s certification along with 180 hours of real training. To take a tour of the course, select the free demo option.


It’s a student-centered institution that focuses on student empowerment with an entirely professional approach.IIM Skills strives to educate students on skills and how to make money from what they learn. Their courses are created in collaboration with industry professionals and are highly useful. Apart from the regular classes, IIM SKILLS conducts classes on special modules on weekdays. Students can p[participate in these classes to polish their skills further and add to their skillsets. 


Its headquarters are in New Delhi, and it has centers all across India and even outside of India. Thus, IIM Skills has established itself as a prominent institute. With more than 10 years of experience of training in different disciplines, IIM SKILLS ensures that you get the maximum benefit from the courses. Practical learning is a core aspect of the courses in this ed-tech institute. The mentors are exemplary with an affable attitude that propels better learning and a more in-depth understanding of even the most complex elements of the web marketing system. 


Key Highlights of IIM Skills digital marketing courses in Pitampura:


  • Master 40 digital marketing modules
  • 3months extensive program with guaranteed internship
  • 180 hours of live training
  • Free tools worth INR 79000+
  • Get a letter of recommendation and certification
  • Helps in launching your digital marketing agency
  • Lifetime access to learning management system(LMS)
  • After course assistance
  • Live online class available
  • Guaranteed internship


Brand Partners:

IIM Skills consist of a wide and rich array of brands partners. To name a few, they are Genpact, BMW, Dell, Amazon, KPMG, and Amazon.


Reviews and Testimonials



Who all can benefit from this Course:


  • Digital Marketers – Individuals with specialized skill sets, such as social media marketing, email marketing, or SEO, may use the whole online marketing industry to further their careers. Following a reputable digital marketing course in India would give you a comprehensive grasp of Internet marketing, increasing your chances of landing better marketing jobs.
  • Entrepreneurs – Any entrepreneur’s first choice is to build a brand, acquire customers, and generate leads at a reasonable cost. Compared to print and other media channels, internet marketing is the most cost-effective approach to begin, grow, and promote your brand online. At the same time, we can track the exact results of our campaigns, something that no other platform allows us to do.
  • Students/Housewives– There are no requirements for online marketing jobs, such as freelancing or work from home opportunities. If you’re looking to restart your career, online marketing is the biggest platform to start. Given the abundance of such institutions, remember to be cautious while selecting a great digital marketing degree in India/abroad.
  • Working Professionals – Due to an excess of labor at cheap cost and similar abilities, non-marketing professionals such as HR, Sales, and IT staff currently have restricted career advancement choices. However, online marketing is a large and rapidly developing business with a strong need for skilled talent. It is also a well-paying career.


Course Fee – INR 34900+ GST

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2. Digiperform Digital Marketing training


Digiperform certified online marketing program is one the best training institutes offering specialized digital marketing courses in Pitampura. In addition, they offer their course online live classes.


Who can join?

  • Jobseeker looking for a bright career option
  • Graduates with no plans
  • Professionals who want to enhance their skills
  • Professionals looking for a career change
  • Entrepreneurs who desire to be more entrepreneurial
  • Gain a professional certification in digital marketing

Course Overview

  • Module 1 – Marketing foundation

The history of marketing is covered in this subject. The fundamental and significant distinctions between conventional and digital marketing are explained.

  • Module 2 – Digital Marketing ecosystem

Defines how digital marketing reacts to external factors.

  • Module 3 – Digital Visibility strategy

Website planning, local exposure, and social media visibility are all covered in this subject.

  • Module 4 – Online Lead Strategy

This section covers the fundamentals of media buying. The program also covers the fundamentals of lead nurturing and funnels.

  • Module 5 -Live tools walkthrough Recognitions of Digiperform

Why Digiperform?

  1. Course duration between 3-6months with live training
  2. Exposure to 100+ live tools
  3. Provides certification in digital marketing, which is globally recognized
  4. Guaranteed internship with job assistance
  5. Full access to LMS and recorded sessions even after the course completion.
  6. Experienced trainers from the industry

In terms of numbers, Digiperform is ahead of the competition. Digiperform is a reputable institute in Pitampura, having handled 850+ batches with a track record of 18,000 placements.


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3. Delhi Institute of Digital Marketing(DIDM)


It is one of the premium digital marketing courses in Pitampura, providing an enriching and promising career in digital marketing. They believe in skill development through practical training and claim to provide ample opportunity to make a successful career in this field. This program is for working professionals, students, homemakers who can work as freelancers or full-time jobs. As it is centrally located, students and professionals from all over India come and pursue courses from DDIM. You will master digital skills with clarity and be able to implement the several tools that help to make your work easier. 


Key Course Highlights:

  • Detailed curriculum with a promising career
  • Full-time LMS access and expert guidance
  • Learn how to make money online
  • 50+ modules for detailed knowledge building
  • Special sessions on topics like SEO and drop shipping
  • Providing advanced knowledge by helping in website creation, multiple case studies, Live projects, and marketing campaigns.
  • Online and offline batch training with flexible timings on weekdays and weekends.
  • Students even vouch for their post-training services and assistance.


Their course is divided into three sections:

  1. Masters in Digital Marketing(MIDM)
  2. Advanced Internet Marketing Training Program(AIMTP)
  3. Customized Course in Digital Marketing.


Therefore, one can choose based on their preference and interest. DIDM has a presence in Pitampura, Gurgaon, Noida, Kalkaji, Preet Vihar, South Center, and Mumbai. With over 7000+ students, 600+ batches, and over 100 hiring partners, this institute has marked a good market presence in the digital marketing industry.



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4. Adzentrix


Adzentrix is another renowned and leading institute among all the other digital marketing courses in Pitampura. It is providing basic to advanced digital marketing courses for over 14years now. With over a decade of experience in providing these courses with good google rankings, they claim to shape an individual’s career to the best of its capacity. They rank amongst the top 10 digital marketing institutes in Delhi.


Details of Course Module-

  • 4-month course with online LIVE classes.
  • Fee Structure Online Rs 19900 and offline Rs 25900
  • Content Marketing and SEO
  • Web designing and WordPress
  • Covers types of Marketing


Why Adzentrix

  • Students work on paid tools like Semrush, Ahrefs, Yoast SEO, Hubspot, and more.
  • Micro-sized batches with not more than 7 students per batch
  • 790+ batches trained with a ranking of 4.9 on google
  • Certified trainers on board
  • 100% Job assistance with a lifetime career.
  • They provide various other add-on certifications like Google Adwords, Google Analytics, and Facebook Certification.


You will find a professional in yourself as a result of their extensive course offerings. Nothing will be able to compete with your web marketing abilities. Adzentrix Institute provides you with an expert credential that will undoubtedly assist you in landing your ideal career. In a friendly approach, the expert team will aid you in studying every module incorporated in the course.


5. Your Web SEO Digital Marketing Institute


It is one of the oldest digital marketing courses in Pitampura since 2012. They provide one of the most extensive advanced digital marketing courses in Pitampura with 60+ modules. In addition, they provide digital marketing training and digital marketing services” to 100’s of companies worldwide.


Courses Offered:

  1. Dropshipping Course
  2. Shopify Training Course
  3. Influencer Marketing Course
  4. Affiliate Marketing Course
  5. Digital Marketing Course


Key Highlights of Digital Marketing Course:

  • Marketing Principles
  • Keyword Research
  • Introduction to digital marketing
  • Website design and architecture
  • Seo and website development
  • Content Marketing and Creation
  • Social Media Marketing and Earning online.


Why Choose Your Web Seo among all the other digital marketing courses in Pitampura?

  • The course will ensure more lead and sales generation online.
  • Earn big and help businesses grow by gaining expertise in digital marketing.
  • It helps in choosing from a wide range of career options and adds value to your resume.


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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why is digital marketing important for small businesses?

It is essential for small businesses since they can begin promoting their brand with a   modest budget and easily expand campaigns without investing a large sum in traditional marketing.


2. Does Digital Marketing have scope in India?

Yes, digital marketing has great potential in India. Many Indian firms will have an online presence by 2022, offering various employment alternatives and work prospects.


3. Do you get certified after doing digital marketing courses in Pitampura?

These days every institute offering such professional courses provide certifications. Some are subject to clearance of exam. Certifications help in recognition and trust-building to your clients and corporates.


4. How much time is needed to pursue digital marketing courses in Pitampura?

The length of a digital marketing course might range from three to six months. If you are a self-motivated learner, the three-month course is for you; otherwise, the remainder of the students will need to enroll in a six-month full-time rigorous training course.


5. What jobs can we get after pursuing this course?

Everything in our environment is going digitized, including televisions, currencies, and companies. Therefore, the need for qualified digital marketing experts is steadily growing. You can apply for employment or work as a freelancer in profiles like marketing manager analytic manager, digital marketing executive, social media marketing executive, content marketer.




In many businesses, digital marketing is a top-rated talent. It is in itself a new world to explore. After the pandemic, with more and more business and services marking their online presence, there comes a dire need for good digital marketers. Few develop it on their own, but one needs to take aid from specialized courses to be a professional.  With this training, a newly trained fresher can find a job. Years of experience are rewarded with more salary and a better position. This article aims to raise awareness about the digital marketing courses in Pitampura in 2021. Students studying digital marketing courses in Pitampura frequently attend the five colleges listed above. Choose the finest Pitampura institute based on factors like length, curriculum, cost, and trainers.


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