The Best Digital Marketing Courses in Shahdara With Placements

This article is a complete package of information on your journey to becoming a digital marketing professional. It is a consolidated version for your doubts about this career, and most importantly, it lists the top digital marketing courses in Shahdara for your quick reference.


The Best Digital Marketing Courses in Shahdara With Placements


In the next few years, the importance of digital marketing is expected to reach even newer heights. As a result, there will be plenty of opportunities in employment, business, and brands to showcase their products and reach out to customers.


Factors such as uninterrupted internet services, access to cell phones and computer devices, efficient logistics for product delivery, quick payment options, and India’s youth spending considerable time in online marketing demand a crucial platform for brands to show their presence. This article gives you a royal gateway to the best digital marketing courses in Shahdara to grab an exciting career opportunity.


What exactly is digital marketing?


Digital marketing simply means using the internet as a medium to sell products achieving high sales volumes is not the only aim for a digital marketer. It is also about educating the consumer, creating awareness about the topics related to the product, and finally adding value to the consumer’s life.


Brand awareness is one of the goals to be achieved through digital activities. It depends on which medium the customer prefers. Accordingly, tools such as social media, emails, websites, e-brochures, online advertisements, search engine optimization will be chosen to communicate with customers. The digital strategy is customized according to the product and end user’s requirements.


For example, a skincare brand has posted an easy homemade remedy using turmeric to keep skin healthy on social media. This communication is beneficial for the customer and can build strong relationships with the target audience. It can eventually result in a purchase and even brand loyalty. In this example, it may not even be necessary that the customer searched for a skincare product online. The turmeric remedy was displayed because the customer asked for some hacks to get rid of pimples.


Using digital marketing, it is thus possible to achieve much more than just sales, and hence working in this field can be highly rewarding. There is plenty of scope for creativity and writing engaging content. And most importantly, efforts taken on this medium can be tracked and are measurable. It is possible to find out how any post on which social media platform is performing. Hence, there is scope for immediate improvement.


Why is Learning Digital Marketing Fun?


  • The scope in digital marketing is extensive, which makes this field very lucrative. As a result, several companies, especially from the technical domains, embrace digital marketing and do not use traditional marketing methods such as printed leaflets, brochures, and magazines.


  • A major aspect of working with digital content is employing one’s creative quotient to the fullest. The more the content is engaging, the better the response! The content should also appeal to SEO results, and advertising campaigns must be planned with a lot of calculation. Digital marketers need to strike a fine balance between the practical and creative brain. Remain assured that you will never be bored working in this field because every brand is unique and dynamic.


  • Brands and companies are eager to go online because they are pocket-friendly and pay Google only to the extent customers view the content. Just advertising on platforms is usually free. Thus a happy client is a happy you! Even small businesses can win the game by employing the right digital tactics. Hence muscle power of money is not the only success factor.


  • Customers themselves knock on the virtual door since keyword optimization does the magic. Apart from advertisements that cannot be skipped, there is a lot of content that the customer is already searching for that can be created.


Here are 5 Short-listed Digital marketing Courses in Shahdara :


In terms of economic and business development, Shahdara is a prime area in Delhi, and top-level education institutions are eager to establish their campuses. The quality of digital marketing education in the following institutions fundamentally prepares students and is advanced simultaneously. These are the institutions that offer digital marketing courses in Shahdara.


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  1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills’ Digital Marketing Course is a 5-month program involving live projects and internships to prepare a strong portfolio for students even before they enter the professional or business world. Among all the institutions that offer digital marketing courses in Shahdara, IIM Skills deserves a special mention.


There is no prior training or prerequisite required to join this course. Faculties at IIM Skills are working professionals in the respective subjects that they teach. This institution firmly believes in acquiring hands-on experience, which ultimately sets students apart from the rest.


Here are some main topics covered in the curriculum :

  • Web development and word press
  • Social media and email marketing
  • Micro video marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Google Adwords (SEM) and SEO
  • Content writing


Brand Partners of IIM Skills




Reviews and Testimonials



Even working professionals can join this course since a weekend batch is available and session recordings are uploaded in LMS, i.e., Learning Management System after every class. You can also acquire certifications from Hubspot, Google, and Facebook for free once you are part of the program. 


If you are looking for digital marketing courses in Shahdara, then this institution itself is tailor-made for you. IIM Skills is Delhi’s home-bred digital marketing institute that understands the opportunities and job situation in the state thoroughly. Moreover, it has an extensive network with renowned companies and businesses and can provide real-time news about new vacancies, which can land you in a premium opening right away.


Course fees are 34900 plus 18% GST.


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Contact : 9911 839 503,

Website URL–


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IIDE was awarded as India’s No.1 digital institute in 2020. It offers two online courses, a short-term certification (6-12 hours) and an Advanced Certification (3 months). IIDE also offers 11 months MBA level Post Graduation. However, since it is based out of Mumbai, this program may be available online. But this is one of the best digital marketing courses in Shahdara.


The short-term certification is a cluster of various subjects such as E-commerce, Google Ads, Content Marketing & Strategy, SEO, and many others. There is individual registration for every topic one wishes to learn about,  and the duration required to complete each subject varies.


The learning methodology for Advanced Certification involves self-learning videos as step one followed by live online sessions conducted by trainers, which help students to revise the learned concepts and suggest solutions to practical issues. And finally, the ‘Book a Mentor’ feature allows one to seek advice from industry experts to enhance the career track. In addition, a placement officer is assigned to every student to secure work opportunities. The course fees are INR 67,795 plus taxes without the EMI option.


IIDE curriculum is designed based on the following topics : 

  • Website Planning & Development
  • Ecommerce Marketing
  • Search Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Brand Reputation Management
  • Google Analytics
  • Media Planning
  • Creative Strategy

Phone: +91 7304442840


Website :


Digital marketing Shahdara course invite

3. AWS, Anya Web Solution


If you want thorough knowledge and want to take a plunge into the vastness of the online world, the digital marketing courses in Shahdara are for you! It comprises more than 41+ modules and several other topics that can help gain a 360 degree perspective of digital marketing. In addition, you can also derive great learning and wisdom from this institute’s 11+ years of experienced professional and teacher.


In addition, if you want to be a freelancer, then this institute offers you the best combination of necessary skills. They also offer a separate course in graphic designing; hence, you will be able to write content and design your blog and create content single-handedly for image and video-based content.


The main course highlights are :

  • SEO,
  • Social media optimization and marketing
  • Pay per click
  • E-commerce
  • Email marketing.


The course contents are developed for students, working professionals, and entrepreneurs, and it has a practical-oriented approach built in its DNA. AWS want their students to learn as well as apply concepts in the real-world set-up. Unfortunately, the course fees and upcoming schedule for AWS are not available on the website.


Phone: 099908 88630


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4. Digital Training India


If you plan to invest one year or more in learning digital marketing, digital Training India offers a one-year diploma and certification in Google Adwords. Among all the digital marketing courses in Shahdara, this one is very student-oriented and shows commitment through course features. It has 24X7 student assistance, 90% practice and 10% theory approach, and 40 thousand worth tools made available freely for students so that they can shine in their careers.


  • You can learn 40 digital marketing modules.
  • Multiple batches are available to suit weekend timings for working professionals.
  • Apart from the basic ones, a few unique topics covered in this course are online reputation management, acquiring projects as freelancers, Youtube monetization, and website building.
  • Digital Training India gives a 100% job placement guarantee.


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5. IICS (Indian Institute of Computer Sciences)


If you are looking for a robust technical education, IICS is the best among all the digital marketing courses in Shahdara which can offer this. IICS is a technically robust institute and trains students in cloud computing, ethical hacking mobile application development.


It also has Microsoft Training Programs on its list. Hence, IICS can provide you with a strong foundation for SEO, keyword search, e-commerce marketing, mobile web marketing, and hosting an online website that IT professionals teach. The search engine crawls web pages and picks up information. So this technical knowledge is of utmost importance in the long run.


IICS offers a combination of the technical and art of making digital marketing successful. They also train in content writing and other aspects of marketing on social media, email marketing, blogging, affiliate marketing techniques and many more to prepare students to pursue their dreams. This digital marketing course spans over 4 months. The exact frequency of sessions is not explicitly mentioned on the website. To know more about the course, the following is the contact:


Phone: +91-9540299944



Here is a detailed list of the Top Digital Marketing Courses in Jaipur


Work profiles after pursuing a digital marketing course in Shahdara


1. Digital Marketing Executive


The primary responsibility of a digital marketer is to manage, plan, monitor, and execute the entire scope of activities on the chosen platform to achieve targets defined by the customer. They are involved in developing and executing campaigns by briefing the client requirements to the content team and then measuring the campaign’s effectiveness by evaluating sales figures.


They also have to develop various digital strategies on social media, websites, and other promotional material and report performance. An executive’s main role is not to allocate a budget to drive revenue as per the chosen strategy. Digital marketing executives need to have excellent social skills, multi-task, and coordinate between stakeholders, including clients.


2. Digital Marketing Manager


A digital marketing manager has similar roles as an executive but has some additional responsibilities. He is the link between the main marketing department in a company and calculates the ROI and effectiveness of every platform to drive sales.


The entire strategy used in digital marketing should funnel into monetary returns, which the manager ensures. In addition, they have to ensure that digital communication matches the market trends and be aware of the latest technology in this field. A person should have at least a minimum of 5 years to be eligible and assume the responsibilities of a digital marketing manager.


3. Content Marketing Manager


A content marketing manager creates content and strategies that will appeal to the product’s target audience to increase the traffic on various platforms. The developed content should also be meaningful and informative for the consumers. To achieve this manager should be an expert in content development. The entire sales strategy needs to be conveyed through words.  Also, SEO knowledge needs to be very strong since customers will land on the content only when keywords are appropriate.


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4. E-commerce manager


An e-commerce manager needs to overlook the entire sales process and achieve monthly or quarterly revenue goals. Driving online promotional campaigns and offers is one of the main responsibilities. It is equal to operating a store. The platform is virtual and not a physical store. The customers need to respond to the company’s online advertising, which is possible only through research.


Strong market research skills help identify market gaps, offer products by competitors, and then monetize opportunities to gain a bigger market share. Fixing the price of products offered by the company is also one of the functions. Coordinating between various departments and teams is also crucial for the smooth operation of the campaign; hence soft skills are vital for this role. It is also required to align the availability of products in the warehouse to deliver orders placed by customers.


Check out this detailed list of the top Digital Marketing Courses in Gujarat for a better understanding of the syllabus and duration of such web marketing programs. 


5. SEO manager


A large part of the digital marketing game depends on technical aspects such as SEO. After all, the search results provided by the search engine are based on keywords and many other technical parameters. With SEO tactics, content can rank much better and increase traffic which is ultimately beneficial for more product purchases.


SEO techniques and various strategies can be employed to find what the customers are already searching for and then build promotional content. Hence research, analytical skills, and strategy are very important factors for this role. In short, SEO provides the basic set of keywords to build the campaign, which can be considered as a skeleton on which the flesh of content is built.


6. Analytics manager


In marketing, data provides the vision and insight to focus efforts on. Without data and relevant research, one cannot decide whether to make investment decisions in a particular activity. Data can establish a foundation for the campaign when the answers to what, how, and why are required. Though a digital marketing course cannot prepare a student enough to be an analytics manager and is a separate field, it remains a crucial part of digital marketing.


7. Customer Relationship Manager  (CRM)


Since any business is human-centric, maintaining robust relationships with customers provides essential feedback to reorient business activities. It is also possible to gain a direct response from customers in blogs, social media, or customers can also be contacted directly. CRM keeps track of products the customer is searching for, the preferences, likes, and dislikes.


For example, if a customer clicks on some furniture stores, he receives automatic inputs for a similar product range as per his previous search. This mechanism helps to serve the customer better by displaying options in the same product range. CRM helps to analyze human behavior and the decision-making process to prepare a better sales to funnel. CRM can also track the exact point at which the customer exists on the billing page so that there is scope to experiment and change a few parameters. This strategy helps to know why the customer makes or does not make a purchase.



Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Are placements guaranteed once I follow one of the digital marketing courses in Shahdara?

It depends on the institution if it ensures 100% placements. Therefore, it is better to enquire before enrolling for one of the above courses. Usually, there is placement assistance and communication of job opportunities, but every institute may not guarantee placement.


2. Will I be completely prepared to work in any of the mentioned job profiles after completion of the following digital marketing courses in Shahdara?

It is possible to gain entry into the digital marketing field, but it may not be possible to become a manager directly. Managers typically have experience of more than 5 years. Managing an entire project needs several years of experience.


3. Which is the best institution from the given list that offers digital marketing courses in Shahdara?

IIM Skills is the best course since there is a lot of exposure available for students. In addition, many media companies have partnered with this institute, which gives a chance to gain experience in internships and placement opportunities.


4. Can I create my website after learning the course?

Yes, buying a domain name and hosting the website are included in the course learning. However, it is possible to start a website.


5. Will I receive any career counseling before enrolling in the course?

Yes, there is proper guidance available for students before choosing to enter this field. IIM Skills has set up student assistance to provide thorough information to make their career decisions. In addition, the faculty at IIM Skills is very supportive and provides the right environment for students to understand digital marketing.


Conclusion :


The physical space of a traditional store has vanished, and businesses are operating through a limitless space of the online world. This very step reduces the huge loans a shopkeeper has to pay to buy or rent a space, and the list of savings goes on. Consumers also benefit hugely from this model since purchasing is at a fingertip. The only effort needed for the order is to answer the doorbell when the package arrives at the doorstep. Furthermore, the customer has no obligation to buy the product even after delivery since he can easily return it.


That is why marketers prefer digital marketing because it is also the most preferred medium for shopping, especially for tech-savvy youth and willing to experiment. Following digital marketing courses in Shahdara gives you access to tap into this immense opportunity and be a part of the city’s ever-developing ever-developing economic strength. Digital marketing is the economic muscle Shahdara needs to broaden its horizons!



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  2. Amazing write up. I am sakshi. I am a social worker in NGO. Thanks for in detail explanation of the topic what is digital marketing? why one should do? and different work profile options plus the FAQs. I want to take up this course to learn how to create awareness on social issues via digital marketing for a good cause. Can this be possible? I have few queries can this be answered in the free live demo session for the course.

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