Top 7 Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Hyderabad

Accounting and taxation are an integral part of the business world. Accounting is the process of processing, recording, and analyzing the financial transactions of a business. While taxation is the means of government generating revenue by taxing the income of an individual as well as of a company in the form of direct and indirect Taxes. Today when our country is undergoing a transition from agriculture to the manufacturing and services sector, these two professions are in high demand. This article contains information about the best business accounting and taxation courses in Hyderabad.


List of best business accounting and taxation courses in Hyderabad


Hyderabad, the city of Nizams, started its journey with India in the iron age, and after the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh served as the capital of the Telangana state of India. Following its rich history, it is now emerging as a prominent business hub. It is continuously ranking high on the startup India rankings micro small medium industries index.


So like all other professions, accountants and tax officers are in high demand in Hyderabad. Go through this article to find out about business accounting and taxation courses in Hyderabad. Business accounting and taxation are not new to the world. It is as old as our civilization.


What is Business Accounting?


First of all, let’s understand Accounting. Accounting involves a systematic record of financial transactions, their analysis, and making final balance sheets of a company. Business accounting is much more than records of financial transactions. It involves other aspects like economic events, communication of that economic event as well as the recording of economic activities.


Occasionally, accountants also do the analysis and interpretation of financial statements. Accountants are entrusted with the responsibility of providing authentic and relevant information to business owners. The information and reports should be prepared so that reports can give a demonstration of the financial health of a particular business.


Business owners need this authentic information to meet various compliance requirements and to make investment plans and choices. Business accounting is based on various financial modeling exercises to help managers in making choices and check performance. Almost all companies, especially the big ones try to incorporate business accounting with general accounting.


Difference Between Business Accounting and General Accounting


General accounting is more focused on external accounting standards and its main aim is to meet the criteria of some external agencies like the government in the case of India. But, on the other hand, Business accounting is more focused on planning internal business needs and devising strategies to meet them.


General accounting is not focused on internal performance. It is just making balance sheets while business accounting involves plans to improve the internal financial structure and profit earning of the business. Business accounting studies trends and other estimates while general accounting is only concerned with making final financial statements.


General accountants are hired for the overall accounting of a company while business accountants deal with particular segments within an organization. Another difference is that business accounting is based on forecasting and modeling while general accounting is more data-based.


What is Taxation?


Taxation is the major source of any country’s revenue and overall financial health. Taxation has undergone a long journey, and after various reforms, now our taxation system is divided into direct and indirect tax systems. These can be defined based on Incidence and the impact of the tax.


The point where tax looks as being imposed is known as the incidence of tax or the event of tax imposition. The point where tax makes its effect felt is known as the impact of tax or the after-effect of tax imposition. The tax which has incidence and impacts both at the same point is the direct tax on the person who is hit, the same person bleeds.


For example, income tax, etcetera. The tax which has incidence and impact at different points is the indirect tax or the person who is hit does not bleed, someone else bleeds. For example sales tax etcetera which is imposed on either the producers or the traders, but it is the general consumers who bear the burden of the tax.


There are three methods of taxation prevalent in economies with their merits and demerits. Progressive taxation has increased rates of tax for increasing the value or volume on which the tax is being imposed. Indian income tax is a physical example of it. The idea here is less tax on the people who earn more thus classifying income earners into different slabs.


Regressive taxation is just the opposite of the progressive method having decreasing rates of tax for increasing the value or volume on which the tax is being imposed. This method while appreciated for rewarding the higher producers or income earners is criticized for being more taxing on the poor and low producers.


This is not a popular mode of taxation and is not in the spirit of modern democracies. Another method is proportional taxation, in such a taxation method, there is neither progression nor regression from the tax point of view. A good taxation officer should be aware of all these facts and types of taxes and should help an organization and its employees plan their taxes meticulously.


What is the Scope of Doing Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Hyderabad?


Remember the panic state when the Indian government implemented the Goods and services tax system, the biggest reform in indirect taxation in India? It was a huge revolution in the business world. Business owners started looking for GST officials who can perform taxation and accounting part as per modern norms not just by following traditional bookkeeping methods.


The world is changing daily, and so are the taxation and accounting systems. So if you have a certification in business accounting and taxation courses in Hyderabad then you will always be in high demand as we have already discussed that business accounting involves financial modeling and other dynamics that will teach you to help the organization adapt to new reforms in the tax world.


Careers After Doing Business and Taxation Courses in Hyderabad



An auditor is an independent officer who checks and evaluates a company’s financial statements. Large organizations need to follow the rules and regulations and standards laid by the country’s finance and commerce ministry. You can start an auditing career with a small enterprise land and later can move to large organizations as well.


Large organizations are audited as per the norms of the comptroller and auditor general of India. In future experience as an auditor, you can also work with CAG, the official auditor of Governments and their agencies. So a career starting from a small enterprise to the biggest organization in government by doing business accounting and taxation courses in Hyderabad is not a bad option at all.


Finance Accounting Executive:

This is also a lucrative career option after doing this course. As a financial accounting executive, you will work in charge of the money of the organization. These executives are supposed to multitask by making and creating cost estimates, and cash flow statements. Their main function is to plan cost-cutting and maximization of profit of an organization.


In the future, they are also involved in budget planning and implementation. They also monitor financial and economic trends. Sometimes they also have to monitor and guide other accountants and clerks and you can also be a part of their recruitment. Later on, with experience, you can reach the top of the company’s financial department.



This is the most common job that one can do after doing business and accounting courses in Hyderabad. You can join any firm as a junior accountant and practice your basic learning there. As an accountant, you will prepare basic accounts and the balance sheet of a company.


You will also be involved in compliance and meeting all the external codes and standards. One will join as a junior accountant and can later work as a senior accountant. In the later phase of your career, you can work as a senior training officer to junior accountants as well.


Tax Accountant:

Tax is the most deadly word for any company. Any company wants to know everything about taxation and how to plan it and follow the rules and regulations of government and how to cope with changing tax structures of the world. You can join as a tax accountant and help to plan and make tax sheets for the country.


How to follow GST norms, upcoming direct tax codes etcetera. World economies are also planning to implement uniform taxation systems for multinational companies. This will be another biggest reform and tax accountants will be in high demand.


Budget Analyst:

Planning and budgeting emerged as a career that depends on the limitation of resources. Money or investment as a resource will always be limited. This limitation needs planning. Planning takes the form of a budget in the financial system. Any organization small or big makes a budget, calculates its income and expenditures, and checks assets and liabilities.


As a budget analyst, you will be part of all these activities for your organization. Budgeting also involves annual financial statements. These business accounting and taxation courses in Hyderabad will help you in this.


Accounting Manager:

This is another great career option for you if you do any business accounting and taxation courses in Hyderabad.  An account manager is responsible for overall financial management. You can start as an accounting assistant and later can move to the top as an accounting manager.


You will do all the above activities like budgeting, taxation, accounting, cost analysis, cost-cutting planning, modeling, and other activities for a healthy state of finances of the organization.


Company Secretary:

This is also one of the most important posts in any organization both public and private. A company secretary handles the legal aspects as well as financial aspects of a company. The company secretary is responsible for auditing, record keeping, data maintenance etcetera. The company secretary also acts as an advisor to senior management of the company and helps the company to meet statutory and legal obligations. 



If you want to start your organization or any kind of business in the future then a business accounting and taxation course will add to your skills. Being an entrepreneur you will not need to depend on others to make you understand your business’s financial statements. After doing business accounting and taxation courses in Hyderabad, you can do all these in the initial stages and later can hire someone


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Now we have understood the basics of BAT courses in Hyderabad and their importance as well. If you want to do business accounting and taxation courses in Hyderabad then the following is the list of top institutes that are offering this course.


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills should be your first consideration if you are looking for business accounting and taxation courses in Hyderabad. The course is of 4-month duration with lifetime access to classes. Mentorship is provided by top-level CAs in this course. Placement and interview assistance is also a part of this course.


After doing this course, you will have advanced knowledge of accountancy, and taxation systems like GST, income tax, and others. One will learn details of Tally, Advanced Excel, payroll, and its policies. This course also covers bookkeeping and EASY and Quickbooks software.


The whole module duration if of 120 hours. An internship option is also available. Lifetime support is the star feature of this course. Other than this one unique feature is the money-back guarantee that is mentioned on the website that if you are not satisfied then you can get your money back.


Both weekday and weekend batches are available. You will also get more than 60 assignments to solve during this course. Certification fees are also included in the course fee. You can also avail discount on 3 or more registrations.


Modules of BAT Course

  • Basic and Advanced Excel
  • Accounting concepts and Financial Statements
  • KPI Analysis
  • Basics of Financial Modelling
  • Different types of financial Models
  • Business evaluation


Other Course

GST Certification Course

Financial Modeling Course


2. EduPristine


This is another good option if you want to join business accounting and taxation courses in Hyderabad. The course is named as post graduation course. Duration is of 5 months. Teachers are well qualified. You will get trained in tally, BUSY, GST, and other tax-related matters.


They are also providing placement assistance. Their main aim is to make you industry ready. The course covers nine modules. The Tally course covers SAP software and some training in soft skills as well. Lab-based training is also part of this course.


A certification fee is also included in the course. Anyone who is from a commerce background can join this course. By doing business accounting and taxation courses in Hyderabad, you will be ready to enter the world of taxation and accounting.


Course Curriculum

  • Excel Tips
  • Case Study FMCG
  • M&A I & II
  • Macros, Charting, and Project Finance
  • Accenture Case Study


3. Gurukul Mantra


Gurukul Mantra is also offering one of the best business accounting and taxation courses in Hyderabad. The duration of the course is 90 days. Both weekday and weekend online batches are available. Offline batches are available at certain selected places. 100% placement is available with certification. Teachers are of high qualification.


It Covers:

  • GST
  • Accounting
  • TDS
  • Income tax


Real-time assistance is available. They are ISO-certified. After doing this course, you will be able to get a job in this field. One has to be a commerce graduate for joining this course.


4. Synergy School of Business


This is another famous institute offering business accounting and taxation courses in Hyderabad. They are offering courses that will cover GST, TDS, Payroll, income tax etcetera. They will help you to get a job as an account executive. They are also offering job assistance with a 100 percent placement guarantee. The institute is approved by AICTE. The faculty is highly qualified here. Training is also part of the course’s curriculum.


The Outcome of This Course

You can start your career as

  • A job with a firm
  • Freelancing
  • Financial Modelling agency
  • Faculty in an institute


Also, check out the courses in other fast-growing cities:


5. Capital Trainers


Capital Trainers are famous names among BAT courses in Hyderabad. The institute does not provide a common course but different courses like GST course, Income tax course, tally ERP, Payroll, and Advanced MS excel course. One can start with the GST course and later follow other courses.


  • Excellent study material is available.
  • Both online and offline classes are available.
  • The institute is ISO certified.
  • They have a very trained faculty.
  • A hostel facility is also available.
  • You will be an expert in tally and BUSY.
  • They are providing practical training in Accounting and taxation and paid assistance in top firms.
  • You can also start consultancy after this. Teachers are well trained and experts.


They Have Two Types of Courses

Regular Courses include courses on

  • GST
  • Income Tax
  • TDS
  • Tally with GST
  • MS Excel


Optional Courses Include Courses on

  • Payroll, PF, ESI
  • B/S Finalization
  • Tax Audit
  • Project Reports
  • ROC Filings
  • Firm Registration


6. APG learning


APG Learning is another important institute that is providing business accounting and taxation courses in Hyderabad. Students are trained here in GST, Income tax, Tally, and other aspects of financial accounting and taxation. Students will be ready to enter the job market after this course.


  • Students will get hands-on training on this.
  • Weekday classes are available.
  • Teachers are highly trained.
  • Practical training is also available.
  • Regular case studies are also provided.
  • The course is pocket friendly also.


Course Curriculum

  • Industrial Accounting
  • History & Introduction
  • Principals & Importance
  • Basic Concepts in Accounting
  • Types of Accounts & Double Entry System
  • Accounting Process (Old & New) – Flow of Transaction
  • Finalization of accounts & various statements (Overview)
  • Chart of accounts
  • List of Accounting standards
  • Examples & Formats
  • Tally
  • Introduction to Tally & Shortcuts
  • Creation of Company
  • Creation of Ledger & Posting of Vouchers/ Transaction Posting
  • Balance Sheet & P/L A/c
  • Example for Practice
  • Direct Taxation
  • The Income Tax Act, 1961
  • Income Heads
  • ITR introduction and Types
  • Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) & Returns
  • Demo Example & Format
  • Goods and service tax GST
  • GST Concept, Meaning & Types
  • Registration of GST
  • Types of GST Returns (Demo Examples)
  • Input Tax Credit Mechanism
  • Reverse Charge Mechanism
  • Examples & Format to maintain GST
  • Payroll and its components
  • Basic Concepts of Payroll
  • Demo Example & Format
  • Excel and MIS
  • Introduction to Excel & Shortcuts
  • MIS Concept & MIS reporting using excel
  • Demo Example & Format
  • Business Computer Application
  • Hardware/Software
  • Pivot Table / Pivot Chart
  • Header & Footer
  • Mail Merge/ MS-Office
  • Lookup, Drafting & Formatting


7. Henry Harvin


If you want to join BAT courses in Hyderabad then Henry Harvin is another institute where you can join. They are providing virtual live classes. They cover various accounting components like GST, income tax, Tally, payroll, TDS, and other nuances of accounting.


Teachers are well trained, and some of them are qualified Chartered accountants and company secretaries. Certification, internship, and training all are part of this course. If we talk about placement support then they are claiming 100% placement support for one year after completion of this course. Lifetime access is not available but one-year membership is covered in this course.


Modules of This Course

  • MS Excel Tips
  • Financial Statement and Ratios Analysis
  • Financial Management and Corporate Finance
  • Project Finance Modelling
  • Equity Research Modelling
  • Financial Report Writing
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Case Study I
  • Case Study II


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the duration of business and taxation courses in Hyderabad?

The duration of the BAT courses in Hyderabad will range between 3 months to 6 months. Duration depends on class time as well. Classes are both weekdays and weekends. In terms of hours, the range lies between 120 to 160 hours with recorded videos. After 120 hours rest time will be required for Practical assignments.


2. What are the fees for Business accounting and taxation courses in Hyderabad?

The fees vary from institute to institute. If you are joining a course with a certificate then it will range between 8000 to 50000 rupees. One should analyze every aspect of the course given by the institute before joining any course. Some courses that offer post-graduate diplomas may cost more than this as well.


3. Who is eligible for business accounting and taxation courses in Hyderabad?

Anyone who is having a degree in commerce is eligible for a business accounting and taxation course. These courses deal with taxation part so basic education or basic knowledge of accounts is a must for that.


4. Is it worth doing the BAT courses in Hyderabad?

You should do a business accounting and taxation course. It will help you get a job as an auditor, accountant, or financial advisor as well. If you are a commerce graduate, it will add to your skills. Even after doing this course, you can join any professional institution to teach and train students.


5. Online or offline BAT courses in Hyderabad, which is better?

Both are good. Online is also the new normal. In live classes, you will feel the same as in offline classes. Online classes have an advantage over offline as you can also get recorded videos.




The scope of business accounting and taxation is on the rise. Taxation is a dynamic concept. With changing multilateral systems and geopolitical scenarios, a lot more is going to come in this field of financial modeling and taxation, thus demand for professionals is going to rise. If you are a student or housewife or a working professional in the field of accounts then you should not wait more and immediately join any of the given BAT courses in Hyderabad and improve your skills.

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