Top 10 Creative Writing Courses in Hyderabad With Placements

With the growing market of professional Creative Writers, the top institutions have come forward to offer Creative Writing Courses in Hyderabad. Among them, Online Creative Writing Courses are in vogue due to their flexibility of space and time, catering to the demands of aspiring Creative Writers. So, if you are passionate about writing and want to brush up on your writing skill with a structured course, this article is going to guide you with every detail. 


List of best creative writing courses in Hyderabad


Creative writing encompasses all sorts of Fictional and Non-Fictional writings that include narrative techniques, character sketches, and settings. The term Fiction is classified as poetry, novel, drama, short story, etc., and within Non-Fiction, there lie memoirs, biography, autobiography, expository, etc. Outside the genres of academic, journalistic, professional, or technical composition, Creative writing is considered a highly original composition.


Different Types of Creative Writing:

Although there are infinite ways to pour out an individual’s subjective thoughts in a creative way, the most common types of Creative Writing are as follows-

  • Autobiography/Memoir – It is a Narrative writing based on the author’s own recollections of the past.
  • Flash Fiction/ Micro Fiction – This type of Creative Writing deals with character and plot in extreme brevity, with a word count of six to one thousand words.
  • Novel – Long narrative work of fiction with a much higher word count.
  • Novella – Narrative prose of shorter length than a Novel, with an average word count of ten-thousands to forty-thousands is called a Novella.
  • Play – This creative writing which includes dialogue, and stage arrangement, is intended for theatrical performance.
  • Poetry – Uses some particular rhyme and meter, and expresses aestheticism with the play of words.
  • Screenplay – The basic structure/script of film, television, or a video game is called Screenplay.
  • Short Story – It is a short piece of Prose Fiction with a simple plot, concerning fewer characters.


Criteria To Be a Creative Writer

To pick up one of the creative writing courses in Hyderabad, one must be driven by his/her zeal and dedication since there is no strategy to cultivate one’s imagination and creativity. Furthermore, a formal degree in Creative Writing is not at all quintessential to venture into this vast industry.

The history of literature is blessed with so many writers, some of whom even had no formal education. The utmost importance is given to your prior knowledge of language skills, e.g., understanding grammar, composition, error-free expression, etc.

But considering the growing market of Creative Writers, the young generation is getting fascinated with it. It is possible now that an interested candidate from Hyderabad can be a booming creative writer by taking up one of the below-mentioned Creative Writing Courses in Hyderabad.


Scope of Creative Writing :

Before you take up the course and invest your valuable time and money to be a professional Creative Writer, you ought to be aware of the job opportunities of a creative writer. There is no doubt that a successful Creative Writer enjoys excellent monetary returns.

A  writer can take up any of the above-mentioned types of  Creative Writing and earn by publishing fiction, memoirs, travelogues, etc. Besides this traditional way, this field can bring to you a lot of contemporary job possibilities for anyone passionate about sales and writing.

It’s clear from the above discussion that this lucrative job opportunity is in high demand in India and the global market. In India an average creative writer earns around 25-30k per month and for a competent creative writer sky is the limit. Unquestionably there are emerging a great number of institutions also promising to proffer online creative writing courses in India.


Job Prospects of a Creative Writer:


1. Copywriter: The job of a Copywriter is to write clear, concise copy for advertising and marketing materials. A copywriter creates content according to the specifications and demands of the client. They may need to create flyers, brochures, catalogs, circulars, etc. For this matter, they may work alongside web and graphic designers so that their thoughts are expressed in a clear and concise way.


2. Writer/Author: The scope of a Creative Writer as an author or writer is vast. He/ she can try hands-on according to interest and the demands of the market. Science fiction, Young and Adult Thrillers, Historical writing, poetry composition, novella, and novel are some of the most common genres are some of them.


3. Article Writer: An Article is a piece of writing written usually for a massive audience with the help of the press. For that matter, the press relies on publishing houses of newspapers, magazines, journals, etc. The topics can be anything from food, travel entertainment, politics, sports, etc. There are four basic types of Article writing. These are- i) Expository, ii) Persuasive/Argumentative, iii) Narrative, and iv) Descriptive.


4. Scriptwriter/ Screenwriter: They are mainly entrusted to write dialogues and scenarios for movies, television shows, plays, video games, etc. With their power of imagination, scriptwriters create a plot that amuses viewers. For the script of audio, video, and training programs, the Script Writer is responsible for creating interesting content to attract the audience.


5. Column Writing: A Creative Writer can take up the task of writing regularly from magazines. For this, the columnist has to be rooted in everyday happening, and current affairs depending on the demographical area he focuses, on and should possess the skill to do research on the topic.


6. Ghost Writing: A Ghost Writer is a hired writer to write on behalf of another person. Celebrities and political leaders often recruit a ghostwriter to draft their speeches, autobiographies, memoirs, articles, etc. In music, composers often employ Ghostwriters to write lyrics on the desired themes.


7. Academic Librarian: The task of an Academic Writer is to manage, organize, and order resources and also to provide support to all the members of an academic community. Their task also includes teaching skills among students and researchers through classroom or virtual mediums.


8. Freelancer: An aspiring Creative Writer can start his career with the help of various social media platforms. They can create posts, proofread articles and update content regularly.


9. Blogger: For a Creative Writer, Blogging is a great opportunity to express his ideas at regular intervals. In a unique and beautiful Blog, the Creative Writer can share his experience, knowledge, and writings.


Other best courses in Hyderabad:


Top 10 Institutions for Creative Writing Courses in Hyderabad:

The most trusted institutions to offer the best Creative Writing Courses are listed below –



About the Institution:

According to the Top Education Blogs Such as Career360, CourseReport, AdvisorUncle & CourseDekho, IIM SKILLS ranks first for its several Online Courses. The institution promises to provide one-to-one attention to each of its students.

The very experienced trainers guide the students during and after the course, creating a humble bond. This is the only institute to provide online courses that not only promise 100% placement for its students but practically empower students with all the skills needed and demanded by the business market.

The interactive online classrooms supply every student’s schedule and even allow students to go through the study materials and recorded lectures at any time later. IIM SKILLS has its headquarters in New Delhi and has spread with its branches in more than 23 other cities.


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Content Writing Course Highlights:

  • Content Writing Master Course is a 4-week long course.
  • They provide 3-month long internship and placement opportunities after successful completion of the course.
  • The technical team assists each of the course participants during and after the course.
  • The educators focus on teaching job-oriented topics such as Search Engines, Content Writing, Blog writing, Web development, Keyword Research, etc.
  • The course fee is 12,900/- (excluding GST)


2. Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication, Delhi

About the Institution:

Since 2003, the Sri Aurobindo Center for Arts and Communication (SACAC) is serving the field of arts with dedication. The institute offers a bunch of courses on creative learning in Arts with one-year Diplomas and Post Graduate Diploma certificates. Their well-organized Creative Writing course is intended for enthusiasts looking for short-term courses.


Course Highlights:

  • The course is for three months.
  • The total fee is 25,000/-
  • Classes happen on Saturday and Sunday
  • The minimum qualification to enroll for the course is a 12th pass or equivalent.

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3. British Council India

About the Institution:

This UK-based institution seeks to add an international dimension to various English language-related courses. Their work covers English language strengthening workshops at the school level to enhance skills and professional qualifications in senior students.

The institution curated a Creative Writing Course that stands out as one of the Top 10 Online Creative Writing Courses in India. The course develops different writing styles and expressions of the inherent creativity of the students.


Course Highlights:

  • The duration of the total course is of 36 hours.
  • Weekend online classes are taken
  • The total course fee is 10,000/-
  • Students receive a digital certificate upon completion of the course.
  • Students willing to enroll must be above the intermediate level.


4. Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)

About the Institution:

IGNOU is a centralized university in India established to foster open and distance learning. Since 1985, it has educated more than 4 million students. Presently, IGNOU is spread all over the country with 67 regional centers and 2667 learner support systems.

The vision of the institution is to deliver skill-based learner-centric training. To persuade the diverse needs of the country and the global job market, IGNOU is operating with a number of departments- e.g. Humanities, Social Science, Science, Education, Engineering and Technology, Health Sciences, Agriculture, Law, etc.


Course Highlights:

  • The duration of a Diploma in Creative Writing in English Online ( DCEOL) is 1 year
  • The total course fee is 3800/-
  • Eligibility for the course is 10+2 passed or anyone above 20 years of age.
  • Students are given choice in selecting elective courses as per their call.


5. Coursera

About the Institution:

It is a US-based institution that is providing Online Creative Writing courses for a decade. The renowned organization collaborates with some well-known universities around the globe and creates well-planned courses.

The miscellaneous courses offered by the institution vary in degrees like Masters, Diplomas, and Certificates, and are approved by Google and other companies.


Course Highlights:

  • The course duration varies from three to six months.
  • Considering students and working professionals, the course schedule is flexible.
  • A certificate is provided soon after completing the Online Creative Writing Course at Coursera.
  • Regular assignments are done by the students for first-hand experience.
  • The course fee of the Online Creative Writing Course at Coursera depends on the enrolment.


6. Udemy

About the Institution

One of the most preferred institutes for Online Creative Writing Courses in Hyderabad, Udemy is a US-based organization that offers more than 16,000 courses to professionals and students around the globe. Their courses cover subjects such as Design, Development, Marketing, IT and Software, Personal Development, Music, Photography, and many more.

To talk about Online Creative Writing Courses, Udemy is one such opportunity for aspirants in India that hosts different types of Creative Writing courses for different categories.


Course Highlights:

  • The course named ‘Writing: Book Writing: Creative Writing Skills: Punctuation’ costs INR 799 for the duration of 294 hrs lectures.
  • Complete Creative Writing- All Genres- The Full Course is the most demanded among Online Creative Writing Courses at Udemy and costs about 1299/-
  • Narrative Design Master Class: Write Stories for Video Games teaches students how to develop stories for Video Games. It has 7 videos with lots of other downloadable resources and the fee is Rs.3499/-
  • There are more courses under Online Creative Writing Courses at Udemy. In general, the organization has expanded the structures of all the courses suitable for beginners to intermediates.
  • The fees are also subject to vary according to available discounts and demands.


Must Check:


7. Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning

About the Institution:

The Pune-based University has been accredited by AICTE to provide distance learning. It is a prestigious institute and has gained trustworthiness with its various courses over time. Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning has started an innovative Creative Writing Course with a Diploma certificate. The one-year course in online mode covers the wide arena of Creative Writing and inculcates the art of writing among students.


Course Highlights:

  • The total course is one year long.
  • After successful completion of the Online Creative Writing Course, the students will be awarded Diploma Certificate.
  • Students will learn through live classes.
  • The institute promises to provide placement assistance after the course.


8. Xavier Institute of Communication

About the Institution:

One of the best Certificate Online Creative Writing Courses is offered by the Xavier Institute of Communication. The trainers of the course are extraordinary in the field. Different types of Fiction and Non-fiction are elaborated by them. Students joining the course can learn from distinguished mentors and interact with any queries. Although the institute is established in Mumbai, they have come up with online training sessions for the betterment of a greater number of students.


Course Highlights:

  • Daily writing exercises are given to students to hone their creativity.
  • Students written pieces are critiqued by professional writers and it allows a great chance for improvement.
  • Detailed knowledge is supplied to the students.
  • The course comprises of total eight sessions.
  • The Online Creative Writing Courses at Xavier Institute of Communication costs 8000/-

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9. Henry Harvin Writing Academy

About the Institution:

The Certified Creative Writing Specialist (CCWS) course by Henry Harvin has become popular in recent times. The institution provides training in both online and offline modes. The institution believes that writing is the only medium of communication in today’s world.

They teach students language skills, and creative writing techniques from basic to advanced levels. They assure quality teaching by renowned mentors and promise life-long assistance from the institute. This helps students start their careers with confidence.


Course Highlights:

  • The pedagogy of Online Creative Writing Courses at Henry Harvin is highly goal-centric.
  • They enhance the writing skill of the students through adequate first-hand practice during the course.
  • The finely built course s suitable for all categories of aspirants- from novice to experienced.
  • The duration is of total 24 hours of the live lecture.
  • Online Creative Writing Courses at Henry Harvin costs 9500/-
  • The internship opportunity is given to all of the students.



About the Institution: is an online institution dedicated to particularly Creative Writing. Students from around the world can access courses that deal with almost all types of creative writing. The institution has been prestigiously serving global students since 1995.

The Creative Writing Course of motivates the writing passion of its students by creating a writing community. The one-to-one dealing with students gives a scope to clarify all doubts and prepares them with the best of their knowledge.


Course Highlights:

  • They present Online Creative Writing Courses for different forms of creative writing.
  • They have a Question & Answer session to give attention to individual queries.
  • Their writing community boosts students to nourish and express everyone’s creativity.
  • This institution is considered one of the pioneers in dealing with Online Creative Writing Courses.
  • The course stresses more on practical learning rather than theoretical understanding.
  • The eight-week course fee is $315 and the ten-week long course is $360.


Frequently Asked Questions On Creative Writing Courses in Hyderabad


1) Can one learn Creative Writing by taking up creative writing courses in Hyderabad?

Ans. Although one must have the zeal for writing to pursue a career as a Creative Writer, a well-organized course is a lot of help for complete guidance. An aspirant can discover numerous scopes of a creative writer by understanding its different types. So, one can definitely learn Creative Writing through Creative Writing Courses in Hyderabad.


2) What is the qualification one must have to accomplish Creative Writing Courses in Hyderabad?

Ans. There is no requirement for any kind of degree to be a Creative Writer. The only requisite knowledge is to have good command over language- grammar, vocabulary, composition, etc. Besides this, the candidate should be dynamic in thinking and should have the determination to undertake a challenging task.


3) Which institute offers the best Creative Writing courses in Hyderabad?

Ans. IIM SKILLS is the most trusted institute to provide one of the most structured, methodological, and market-oriented Creative Writing Courses in Hyderabad. With its internship projects, students get first-hand experience in the job market. Not only that but IIM SKILLS also assures a job guarantee after successfully completing the course.


4)  What is the value of Online Creative Writing courses in Hyderabad?

Ans. The course is highly valuable because it offers diverse job opportunities to the candidates. A creative writer can start his career as a freelancer or be employed by different agencies or be a blogger or independent journalist. So, undoubtedly one can choose from multiple sectors to work in.


5) Is there any institute to help the candidate in placement after completing the Creative Writing course?

Ans. Yes, IIM SKILLS not only teaches its students through experienced and qualified teachers, but it also promises placement to each of the course participants after successfully completing the course.


Conclusion on Creative Writing Courses in Hyderabad:

The detailed study of Online Creative Writing Courses in Hyderabad delineates that creative writing is a budding field in India and the world. It is an expansive job market that caters to the need of a variety of talented, innovative citizens of all generations.

This analysis validates that creative writing is not an intuitive, innate skill, but it can be honed or acquired by one and all with proper guidance. The correct choice of institution for the best Creative Writing Courses in Hyderabad would unlock a successful career for anyone. Hence, with your resolution, paralleled with a well-organized course, you can definitely mark your name as a well-off creative writer.

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