7 Best Content Writing Courses in Hyderabad

According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), Hyderabad is one of the top ten fastest-growing cities in the world. It ranks among India’s most significant economic centers. Being, a center for technology, it employs several highly skilled individuals in numerous corporate settings. Both such established and emerging businesses need trained and professional content writers. Many digital marketing training facilities provide instruction in content creation. There are also specialized training facilities for content writers. Let’s look at some of Hyderabad’s best training facilities for content writers. In this article, we are going to discuss in great detail 7 best Content Writing courses in Hyderabad.


Best Content Writing Courses in Hyderabad

What is Content Writing?

The process of developing, creating, and editing web material to meet digital marketing goals, is known as content writing.

In the past, the content was only released through newspapers or a small number of channels; but, in the age of modern digitalization, content is distributed across various media channels – Search Engines, emails, and social media platforms. The term ‘content’ applies to all diverse forms of web material, such as –  tweetstorms on Twitter or text posts on Reddit, authoring blog posts and articles, scripts for videos and podcasts, and blogs and websites.

A content writer is a person who creates that material. Given the increased demand for content writers in the business world, developing content writing skills is essential. It is not sufficient to simply decide one day that you want to write content. To be able to provide content that generates higher returns on investments than the cost of acquisition, you must have a deep understanding of the topic. The best support and teaching techniques are offered by several content writing courses in Hyderabad to give you an in-depth understanding of this field.

Benefits of Content Writing

Boost your SEO

You may easily and rapidly observe an improvement in your search rankings by hiring a qualified SEO copywriter to develop your website content. Writing SEO content is highly effective since it incorporates both on-page and back-end factors, such as improving static content and page titles and meta descriptions.

Boost your leads and sales

Your website’s content writing will help you convince visitors that their time and money will be well spent if they choose to do business with you. Your conversion rates can rise if you concentrate on the distinctive solutions you provide and engagingly present them in your content writing.

Defining the Brand Voice

One of the main benefits of using excellent content writing is that it provides your company with a voice in the global marketplace. Regular blog postings or even basic social media updates could be used for this.

Retaining Customer-base

By consistently producing content that is actually helpful, informative, and perhaps even entertaining (hey, why not? ), and publishing it on platforms like your business blog and social media profiles, you establish yourself as a reliable and essential voice among the competition. A successful content marketing campaign relies on this to motivate client loyalty and promote repeat business.

Boosts credibility by attracting links from other websites

It is never in vain to publish high-quality, educational content on your website that is related to your brand and sector. Not only does it bring quality readers and other like-minded people to your website, but over time, people will begin to link to and reference this content when talking about your goods and services. Additionally, this can help your Search Engine Results Page (SERP) rankings.

Now let us focus on the 7 best Content Writing courses in Hyderabad


1. Content Writing Master Course – IIM SKILLS

IIM SKILLS is a prestigious institution and a pioneer in the field of content writing education. It offers one of the 7 best content writing courses in Hyderabad. This institution invests time in determining the skills that are in demand in the employment sector and offers reasonably priced up-skilling courses.

The Content Writing Master Course is an extensive one that includes every facet of content creation as well as some fundamentals of digital marketing that are related to and necessary for content marketing.

With its income potential, it is suitable for both new and experienced bloggers or digital marketers as well as students and stay-at-home moms. No prior knowledge is necessary to enroll in this course.

Course Duration – 16 hours of training

Course Fees – INR 14,900 + GST

Course Modules – 

  1. Introduction to Content Writing
  2. Word Press Web Development
  3. Digital Content
  4. Copywriting
  5. Marketing Collaterals
  6. Email Writing
  7. Video Scripts & Social Media Writing
  8. Creative Writing
  9. SOP & Business Listing
  10. Legal Writing
  11. Technical Writing 101
  12. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  13. Content Writing
  14. Adsense & Affiliate Marketing
  15. Freelancing
  16. Resume Writing

Course Features –

  • This course is accessible from any location and on any device.
  • Web development is the first module, and by the time it is finished, participants have learned how to build up and maintain a website.
  • Participants get knowledge on how to set up accelerated mobile pages, understand online traffic, and design killer landing pages.
  • The content writing module covers every facet, such as different writing forms and tenses, grammar, plagiarism, and even content creation.
  • The course material offers practical instruction in several industry-standard tools for content writing. Participants utilize these tools on actual projects and learn about them in real-time.
  • Distribution of content, automation, email marketing, and the influence and use of social media are all covered in separate sections.
  • All participants in the content writing master course receive free tools worth INR 35k in addition to learning how to use various tools.
  • The money-back guarantee for the course is another significant aspect. After the first session, a participant has the option of getting their money back if they are not satisfied.
  • The faculty is outstanding at mentoring and inspiring students to realize their full potential because they have more than 10 years of rich industry experience.
  • The learning materials for the entire course are available on the learning management system. Participants receive unrestricted access to the LMS for life.


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2. Content Writing Course – Web Trainings Academy

A digital marketing training center called Web Trainings Academy offers high-quality instruction by global standards. Both corporations and students can receive training from it. Here, the emphasis is on delivering real-time training through live projects and ensuring student happiness. They offer classroom instructions, internet instructions, or video courses depending upon the requirement of the learners. Their flexibility makes this course one of the 7 best content writing courses in Hyderabad.

Students can take courses in digital marketing, SEO, Google Ads, social media marketing, web design, content writing, and other topics at Web Trainings Academy. Only the classroom setting is used for the subject writing training.

Both inexperienced and seasoned content writers can benefit from this course. The goal of the course is to give prospective content writers a thorough understanding of the processes and methods used by commercial enterprises to generate content.

Course Modules – 

  1. Content Writing – Introduction 
  2. Knowledge needed before writing
  3. Blog Writing
  4. Website Content Writing
  5. Proposal Writing
  6. Writing for Public Relations (PR)
  7. Writing  Brochures
  8. Writing Social Media Posts
  9. Projects
  10. Career Development

Course Features – 

  • Aspiring content writers can receive practical instruction in content creation at Web Training.
  • All trainees at Web Training receive 100% placement support.
  • A flair for English and great communication skills are requirements for the course.
  • The knowledge of the effects of promotional messaging is one of the course objectives.
  • The course instructs the students on how to write effective content.
  • 7. It imparts knowledge of the effects of mass media advertising.
  • 8. The students also study how to create content for various media.


3. Content Writing – Ace Web Academy

The next institute to feature in this list of the 7 best content writing courses in Hyderabad, is Ace Web Academy, which is made up of a group of highly skilled experts. They work with site design and other online services. Ace Web Academy has established a reputation for exhibiting high levels of expertise, prompt delivery, distinctive designs, and reasonable pricing while keeping in mind the changing needs of clients.

Ace Web Academy offers online training in a variety of topics including full-stack development, java, artificial intelligence, IoT, mobile applications, digital marketing, content writing, and web designing and development. Ace Web Academy has revolutionized online content writing training. Modern learners can learn content writing from anywhere thanks to quality content writing courses in Hyderabad that come with interesting video lectures, downloadable resources, and assignments. A practical training certificate at the end of the program boosts trainees’ confidence. All of these make this course one of the 7 best Content Writing courses in Hyderabad.

Course Duration – 60 hours

Course Modules –

  1. Fundamentals of Writing
  2. Web Content Writing
  3. Articles and Blogs
  4. Social Media Content
  5. Copywriting
  6. Brochure Writing
  7. Brand Journalism
  8. Digital Writer
  9. White Paper Writing
  10. Script Writing
  11. Technical Writing
  12. Comic Writing

Course Features –

  • The institution has over 10 years of significant experience and has trained over 7k learners.
  • It is a thorough course with a strong foundation.
  • The course material includes information on web content and publishing techniques.
  • There is a section on blogging that includes a step-by-step tutorial and helpful links.
  • Each of the general articles, press releases, and classifieds is covered in a separate module on the syllabus.
  • The course covers the specifics of social media posts.
  • On occasion, aspirants have the chance to take part in seminars linked to their careers.
  • To find work prospects, there is routine engagement with other businesses in the sector.
  • Before registering, students have the option of speaking with the counselors or participating in a live demonstration session.


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IIM SKILLS CW Hyderabad course invite


4. Professional Content Writer Certification – RISCO

Affordable content writing services are provided to various organizations by the Ramesh Institute of Spoken English & Content Writing (RISCO). Since they began working in the content sector in 2000, they have served more than 1850 clients in 18 different industries. They create the content for company profiles, websites, flyers, brochures, and other printed materials. In addition, they provide live mail text corrections, YouTube business videos, and social media optimization.

The curriculum of their course – Professional Content Writer Certification – is focused on advancing one’s profession and so it is one of the 7 best Content Writing courses in Hyderabad. For positions requiring content writing, the institute provides placement aid. Additionally, they assist you in locating freelance jobs that you might accept while working remotely.

Course Duration – 8 weeks

Course Fees – INR 3,600

Course Features – 

  • Developed and established by Mr. Sanjay Nannaparaju, a web content writer and English trainer for 20 years, PCWC is a complete online training program.
  • Only a screening test is required for admission. Having some fundamental writing skills will help you pass the screening test.
  • PCWC only permits ten participants per batch.
  • The training curriculum is adaptable and has a simple LMS (learning management system).
  • The “earn your fee back” aspect of this software is its special feature. Writing assignments that are paid for is a component of the education that elevates practical knowledge to a whole new level.
  • Work on real projects is combined with classroom and online training in blended learning.
  • Assistance with placement is available to every applicant.
  • The 15 modules, two practicals, and one project make up the course program. This course is one of the 7 best content writing courses in Hyderabad.


5. Content Writing Training – Ecorp Trainings

Ecorp Trainings has focused on training in the most recent IT technology since its inception. It focuses on offering IT, HR, and corporate training services, including outsourcing and recruitment. They apply industry best practices.

2000+ courses, 2000+ qualified trainers, and 3000+ students are available at Ecorp Trainings. They offer corporate training, in-person training, and online training. Live, instructor-led online training is available around the clock with support. With Ecorp Trainings, aspirants can choose the course they desire, arrange a demo session, and begin their educational journey.

Their content writing course is one of the 7 best content writing courses in Hyderabad because it is engaging and creative. That makes the students’ participation all the more interesting. Even the most difficult ideas can be properly understood with the support of incredibly helpful professors. With the live assignments, you can then put them into practice immediately. There are flexible scheduling options and you can use any device to access the classes online.

The online course lasts 12 days and consists of 60 percent practical assignments and 40 percent theoretical. The corporate format is a three-day program that lasts up to 8 hours each day for content writing. For optimal learning, the classroom sessions have a limited number of pupils.

Course Duration – 25 hrs

Course Modules –

  1. Essentials Of Writing
  2. What To Do Before You Write
  3. Creating Content In The Correct Format
  4. Publishing
  5. Project Work And Career Development.

Course Features – 

  • Real-world examples with interview assistance are included.
  • Small batch sizes and one-on-one student attention are features of Ecorp Trainings.
  • The training covers research and editing as well as teaching content writing from start.
  • Mornings, evenings, and weekends are all available for the online virtual classes.
  • The course has no prerequisites.
  • The course’s material covers writing basics, introductions to various writing styles, grammar rules, proofreading, editing, writing for the web, and ultimately publishing.


6. Content Writing Training – Shreyas Content Studio 

Primarily, a content creation company – Shreyas Content Studio – specializes in generating technical, marketing, and SEO content. It adds value for customers by incorporating the best SEO tactics into the creation of its content. Web content, copywriting, technical writing, product descriptions, brochures, landing pages, etc. are all included in their list of content writing services.

Since 2019, they have been working together with the knowledge buffer to deliver creative, strategic solutions that prioritize consumer preferences. The locations where Shreyas Studio offers content writing services are Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, UK, USA, and UAE.

Their Content Writing Training course is one of the 7 best content writing courses in Hyderabad.

Course Modules –

  1. Microsoft Manual Of Style Content
  2. Formatting And Layout
  3. Content For Software Developers
  4. Punctuation And Grammatical
  5. Content List Of Abbreviations And Acronyms
  6. Understanding How To Get Over Writer’s Block
  7. Developing Reader-centric Documents
  8. Different Forms Of Writing
  9. Proofreading Editing And Planning Your Write-up
  10. Publishing Concepts
  11. Basic Software Tools
  12. Technical Writing
  13. Writing User Manuals
  14. Technical Brochures
  15. Business Proposals
  16. Non-disclosure Agreement
  17. Service Level Agreement, And Others.

Course Features – 

  • Online conferencing tools are used for the content writing course.
  • Experts in the relevant fields train the learners.
  • General themes, grammatical concepts, and web material are all covered in the course modules.
  • The course covers a variety of publishing concepts.
  • It also goes into great detail on the many kinds of documents that content writers create.
  • Additionally, there is a focus on plagiarism, editing, proofreading, and writing ethics.


7. Content Writing Course – Rishi Online Training

The last course to feature in this list of the 7 best Content Writing courses in Hyderabad is Rishi Online Training. In a relatively short period, Rishi Online Training has significantly expanded. Today, it is considered one of Hyderabad’s top content writing courses. They offer training in content writing as well as Hadoop, Java, DevOps, Python, data science, blockchain, WordPress, and other technologies.

They offer excellent instruction in content writing and support the students in obtaining the desired position with a reputable company. The course schedule is flexible, and students can select from several time windows. They are renowned for having high expectations for the caliber of their courses. By working together, they offer in-depth instruction and vital skills for succeeding in the content sector.

Course Features –

  • Course notes are sent through email, and the training is conducted online.
  • If candidates miss classes for valid reasons, there are backup classes available.
  • Once candidates finish the course, placement assistance and mock interviews are available.
  • Since all of the education is online, it is interactive.
  • The teacher is experienced and helps students by answering their concerns.

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IIM SKILLS CW Hyderabad course invite


1. How much do one of these 7 best content writing courses in Hyderabad cost, and how long are they?

The cost of a top-notch content writing school might range from INR10,000 to INR 25,000. These courses typically last 1-2 months, followed by an internship that lasts 1-3 months. You should only enroll in a content writing course if you have done thorough research and the course syllabus fulfills your expectations.

2. What does a content writer typically make after completing one of these 7 best content writing courses in Hyderabad?

The average yearly income for content writers in India is 3.0 lakhs, with salaries ranging from 1.2 lakhs to 6.2 lakhs.

3. What factors go into creating quality content?

  • Catchy headline
  • Long-Tail keyword
  • Value Creation with Content-Related Images
  • Genuine links
  • A collection of research-based, search engine-friendly content

4. Is home learning content writing possible?

Yes, online content writing classes aid in helping you understand complicated ideas. As a result, it is possible to enroll in a content writing course online and master it. Through these courses, you have access to the most recent knowledge on content creation. Internet connectivity and a device like a computer, laptop, or tablet are the two things you need.



Courses in content writing are available on educational platforms like Udemy, Coursera, Skillshare, Unacademy, etc. These self-paced platforms mostly offer video courses coupled with assignments and projects. The live interactive sessions, in comparison, are the biggest benefit of enrolling in an institute and undergoing online or classroom coaching. Live projects and assignments significantly speed up the assimilation of all the information.

If you live in Hyderabad and want to become a content writer, you may read more about these 7 best Content Writing courses in Hyderabad. Some institutes offer a demo session. Prioritize those institutes that help with placement and offer an internship. Review the syllabus and subjects covered to get the most out of the classes. Additionally, take note of how many assignments and practical projects the institutes have included. After careful research, pick a course that will enable you to get the most out of your content writing training.


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