Top 6 Financial Modeling Courses in Hyderabad

If you’re looking for a career spotlight then must consider the financial modeling courses in Hyderabad. It is a comprehensive course that covers all accounting and analytics basics that you need while maintaining the financial records of your company. It is a good way to foray into investment banking too. In the calculation, a mathematical model is created by combining finance and business metrics to forecast a company’s future events. This financial model helps to predict the financial performance of a company in the future.


List of best financial modeling courses in Hyderabad


A financial model like this will give you an idea about what your business entity will be in the future. So, you can make necessary changes that are for the betterment of the company. For example, if you have to launch a product at a certain price then the model will help you understand if the price is too low.


If the price is too low then you might lose out on money. Thus, you can change the cost of the product and make more money with financial modeling. Thus, financial modeling courses in Hyderabad will help to evaluate new opportunities. Another good use of financial modeling is to raise investment capital.


Cash flow is important for every company. So, financial modeling and forecasting are the core of all business administrators. Financial modeling has various benefits. It can be used to manage a cash flow crisis and it can also be used to support business growth. Nowadays, the business environment is also very volatile.


So, financial modeling becomes important in today’s business scenario. The right financial modeling and forecasting techniques will equip businesses with information. Such information will allow companies to make their most important strategic decisions based on scenario planning and risk analysis.


Also, a lot of chaos has been created by covid in recent times. So, many business firms feel the need to be prepared financially for an economic recovery. Thus, financial modeling becomes important to identify a range of potential outcomes. This gives the management team a chance to prepare a suitable action plan.


Preparing businesses for months ahead like this will help to gain investor confidence. Financial modeling does not require any pre-requisite degree. But you will understand it easily if you are from a finance or accounting background. The course will also seem simpler if you have MS excel skills.


Being good at design and a logical thinking approach will also help students in the financial modeling courses in Hyderabad. Financial modeling is getting very competitive in today’s business scenario. It is sought after in today’s corporate world. It is not just about excel and spreadsheets.


It is not limited to knowledge of accounting and finance. It actually plays an important role in business decisions today. It comes in use at the time of mergers and acquisitions. It plays an important role in capital investments. Also, it is used in allocating capital to a specific business unit.


Besides corporate and business entities, there are many other professionals who can use financial modeling courses in Hyderabad. Professionals who will find such courses useful are investment banking associates and analysts, equity research associates and analysts, private equity and credit analysts, FP&A managers, corporate development analysts, and managers.


All these professionals will require financial and forecasting models. So, companies are looking to hire more professionals in financial modeling. It is a discipline that can be divided into several electives. The various models that are used in financial modeling courses in Hyderabad are as follows:


·       Three statement model

·       Merger Model

·       Discounted Cashflow (DCF) model

·       Sum of parts model

·       Leveraged Buyout (LBO) model

·       Comparable Company Analysis

·       Initial Public Offering model (IPO)

·       Option Pricing Model


After taking up financial modeling courses in Hyderabad, you will be able to create financial statements with ease. It will also make you comfortable with financial mathematical calculations. Also, analyzing the financial statements of a company will become easy. You will be able to fathom related financial data in a jiffy.


In addition, you will be able to create a valuation model and recommend stocks. The course will also prepare you to have an in-depth understanding of working with Excel functions and knowing advanced excel functions for financial modeling.


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is the niche player offering a financial modeling course with an in-depth course curriculum. If you are a professional from a finance background then taking up the course will be helpful. Not only professionals but any layman or beginner will find this course extremely beneficial. The practical training approach of the institute has transformed thousands of careers over the globe. You can also become successful alumni by becoming a part of the IIM Skills financial modeling Course.


The Credibility of the Course

The employment market is tough, thus you should take every opportunity to highlight achievements in your CV. IIM Skills is a well-recognized and highly recommended institute that is truly dedicated to making its students professionals. Adding this course to your CV will be one such advantage.


Practical Training

While selecting, companies also demand real-world experience and practical knowledge. Doing this course will equip you with some practical experience. This will give your confidence to perform well in the remainder of the interview and selection process. In this course, you will learn various components including advanced excel, core concepts of accounting, and preparing financial statements. Furthermore, you will also learn financial planning and analysis, ratios and KPIs, various types of financial models, and many more.


Course Name: Financial Modeling Course

Course Fees: Rs 39900



IIM Skills also provides 2 months of guaranteed paid internship which is the main object of their practical course to make the aspires aware of the real word scenario. Taking up this course will not only add credibility to your resume but actually make you feel more confident to grab any beautiful opportunity in the desired sector.


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IIM Skills Financial Modeling Course free demo invite


2. MentormeCareers


Here are the details of financial modeling courses in Hyderabad with Mentormecareers.


NSE Certification

The Mentormecareers provides NSE financial modeling course certification. The examination is conducted across 100 centers in India. The certification given has lifetime validity. The NCFM registration with the course is compulsory.


Huge Facility

You can enroll in their financial modeling courses in Hyderabad along with mentormecareers. The facility boasts more than 100 recruiters. Also, they have more than 600 people taking up the course. Thus, it is a huge facility capable of training financial analysts.


Various Programs

There are many different programs with financial modeling courses in Hyderabad. For example, the “self-paced” plan and the “live online” plan. Both have two versions, basic and plus+ plans. The self-paced basic plan has many useful features for students. It emphasizes 3 specializations, pre-recorded videos, and 1-year content access.  There is forum support for doubts. The course certification is handed over with a fee of Rs 4999.


The self-paced plus plan has personal mentorship. It also has wonderful lifelong access to content. There are 12 specializations in it. Also, there is course certification and community access with this financial modeling course in Hyderabad. All this comes at a cost of Rs 9999.


The live online class also has two versions. It has a basic plan and a Plus+ plan. The course boasts of live online classes and personal mentorship. It comes with 3 specializations. In addition, it has lifetime content access. This course certification comes at a cost of Rs 14,999.


While the live online – Plus+ plan which comes at a cost of 24,999 has course certification also. It has live online classes and personal mentorship. It comes with 12 specializations. Also, it promises lifetime content access.


Financial Mathematical Calculation

The course will also make you comfortable with financial mathematical calculations. Students will be able to create handy financial statements. They will be able to go through the financial statements of a company along with any related financial data. They will also be able to create a valuation model and recommend stocks.


Electives in the Course

The core program curriculum has many electives. It comprises four parts. Part, one has financial modeling tools while part 2 has finance fundamentals. Part 3 has project finance modeling and part 4 has equity research DCF modeling. The course comes with 12 specializations, which are as follows:

1) M&A

2) LBO

3) IT Services

4) Solar Project

5) Aviation

6) Ed-Tech

7) Road Project

8) Shipping

9) Real Estate

10) Start-Up Modeling

11) Algo Trading

12) E-Commerce


The Credibility of the Course

The course has had many recruiters in the past. Companies that have recruited students from this course are Karvy stock broking, IDBI Capital, Credit Suisse, State Street, and KPMG.


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3. EduPristine


Course Fee and Duration

The financial modeling courses in Hyderabad are of 70 hours and cost INR 23,100. The course provides an advanced curriculum and is preferred by many students for this reason. There are trained expert professionals who help students at every point in the course.


Course Curriculum

The course provided is comprehensive and covers all major aspects of financial modeling. The course curriculum is designed carefully. Firstly, it includes excel tips. Then, it also modeled the asset schedule, equity modeling, financial statements, and ratio analysis. It also has TAX modeling, MAT, and MAT credit.


It has comparable components, comparable transactions, and rationale for the transaction. Moreover, it includes modeling a financial plan, accretion/dilution analysis, macros, charting, and finance projects. Lastly, it also includes auditing project details and the Accenture case study.


Beneficial Classroom Sessions

The classroom sessions of the course are highly interactive in nature. In these, pre-recorded videos and training will be given to students.


Class Notes

Students will also get class notes from which they can revise anytime. The course will give out excel workbooks that you can use to practice. With daily practice of your skills, your efficiency will increase.


Doubt Solving

There will be discussion forums where all doubts will be addressed. Thus, the discussion forum will enhance your knowledge base greatly.


Practical Training

Practical training is also important here. For that reason, students will be given case studies. The case studies will be real-life ones and one can try to analyze and solve them. This will lead to the development of analytic skills which will in turn help to perform better.


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4. NCFM Academy


Their financial modeling courses in Hyderabad come under one of the leading certificate training institutes that give hands-on practical training to students. It teaches the latest tools and techniques to students. Thus, it makes students aware of the current market scenario. The practical-oriented course prepares students for the industry.



The curriculum includes financial modeling and MS excel. It also has an introduction to valuation modeling, ways to value a company, and profitability analysis. Additionally, it includes capital use and diversification along with advanced company valuation.


Practical Training

Practical training will be provided to students through case studies and projects. These projects involve analyzing and evaluating a given situation. After analysis, students should be able to give adequate action to be taken for the assignment. As this is a highly detailed course, students who have no understanding of financial modeling and those who are novices can also take up the course.


Excel Knowledge

Excel is very important in this course and therefore students will be adequately trained in the software. Students will learn how to use spreadsheets for recording data.


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It is one of the best financial modeling courses in Hyderabad runs for 4 months and costs about INR 20,000. The trainers in this course are always ready to guide you.


Practical Exposure

Practical exposure is given a lot of importance in this course. About 90% of the course is practical. There is about 10% theory in this course.



The course syllabus includes forecasting, profit and loss account, income statement, balance sheets, and cash flow statements. It also has debt revolver schedules, revenue drivers, industry analysis, and forecasts. Additionally, it includes DCF and relative valuation.


IIM Skills Financial Modeling Course free demo invite


Beneficial Teaching

There are many benefits of doing the course. Students will be provided real-life case studies after each module. The case studies will give students the required practical knowledge. They will also help students perform better in the financial industry.



Students will receive a guaranteed 4-month internship with an equity research firm. This internship will be helpful in the student’s career graph. Every student will be trained to build 5 financial models for their chosen companies. These models will be prepared by students from scratch. Mock interview rounds and preparation for the professional field will be provided by trained investment bankers.


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6. Henry Harvin


Inculcating Skills and Training

It teaches financial modeling as a core skill across all finance domains. There is enough training given on excel workbooks. This course is in demand for finance professionals in India. It has industry-relevant content and case studies to prepare students for work challenges. The total program fee is 29500.


Brand Recognition

The Henry Harvin label comes in handy when you complete the course. It has an unbeatable brand presence and recognition. Henry Harvin has affiliations with MSME and also the government of India.


Integrated Curriculum

The curriculum of this course is integrated. The financial modeling curriculum is well designed by subject matter experts.


Practical Training

It is curated to make you ready for industry job challenges and enjoy a salary hike. There is 100% practical training imparted in the course.


Career Services

You are guaranteed regular job calls after completion of this course. Its career services also prepare you for interviews. Also, there is a huge alumnus to network with.


Money Back Guarantee

If you do not like the course then you can get your money back after your first session.


Certified Trainers

The certified trainers of this course are internationally acclaimed and also have more than 18 years of experience in the industry. The trainers have topic expertise and have also trained more than 900 individuals globally. There is a facility to attend multiple batches with multiple trainers during the membership period.


Who is the Course for?

The course is suitable for a lot of people. If you’re looking for a role change or seeking a new opportunity then the course will be beneficial.


Certification Given

The financial modeling certification will add more credibility to your profile. There are lots of job seekers and managers who have to deal with tonnes of profiles. So, profiles with certifications will get more leverage. It also becomes the first step in resume screening. It becomes important to take out extra hours from your schedule and get certified.


9-in-1 Course Benefits

Their financial modeling courses in Hyderabad have 9-in-1 course benefits. The 9 benefits include training, projects, internship, certification, placement, e-learning access, boot camps, hackathons, and membership.


  • Live Classroom Sessions
  • Certification Significance
  • E-learning Access
  • Experienced Trainers


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):


Q.1) Is the financial modeling course difficult?

If you try to understand the subject on your own then a financial modeling course can get tough. With the help of professional training, the course becomes easier.


Q.2) What is the duration of a financial modeling course?

The financial modeling course can be completed in 2-3 months.


Q.3) What does a financial modeling course include?

A financial modeling course includes subjects like investing, personal finance, taxes, business management, retirement planning, and career development.

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