Top 9 Investment Banking Courses in Bangalore With Placements

Looking for investment banking courses in Bangalore? Excited to enter the fast-paced, rewarding investment banking world, full of growth and learning opportunities? Check out our list of top investment banking courses in Bangalore that can get started on your journey.


List of best investment banking courses in Bangalore


Excellent quantitative and analytical skills, communication skills (verbal and written), presentation skills, financial knowledge, working knowledge of capital markets, and research skills for researching companies and investment opportunities are some of the many things that go into making a great investment banker.

Good investment banking courses in Bangalore can be a great step towards launching or advancing your investment banking career. It is also a great help if you’re a professional looking to switch to investment banking from a different role.

A course can help you prepare yourself for knowledge and skills by gaining an overview of the industry and learning about various important topics such as financial modeling, valuation, and capital markets. Internships can also offer valuable industry experience and are offered by courses. Many courses also offer mock interviews, resume-building sessions, and soft skills training which you can take up.

Once you complete your training, you will be ready to apply for investment banking roles. Many of the courses we have covered also offer job opportunities that students can apply to once they finish the course. We’ve also included free/paid online courses from platforms such as Coursera and Great Learning that can help supplement your learning.


Investment Banking Opportunities in Bangalore

In addition to being India’s top tech hub, Bangalore is also one of the best cities in India (along with Mumbai, Gurgaon, Pune, and others) for pursuing an investment banking career, in terms of pay and job opportunities. Completing a good investment banking course can help you to take advantage of this opportunity to grow your career.


1. Investment Banking Course by IIM SKILLS


IIM SKILLS’ investment banking certification program is certainly an excellent option if you want to pursue investment banking courses in Bangalore that offer high-quality content, full online delivery, and internship and placement opportunities. It is one of India’s leading online learning platforms, offering certificate courses in content writing, digital marketing, finance, and data analytics.

They have trained over 18000 students so far across their various online courses. They offer a “Certified Master Investment Banking Course” with live sessions, practical hands-on training, and everything you’ll need to equip yourself for a rewarding investment banking career.

This course comes with a guaranteed 1-month internship and 100% placement support that includes LinkedIn profile building and mock interview sessions to help you land your dream investment banking job. The online course consists of 3 months of live, instructor-led sessions with 70+ hours of lectures, 100+ hours of practical assignments, and 5+ case studies to give you a practical, industry-ready orientation. You also get lifetime access to the course material.

Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan are among the top recruiters for this program. For students who have been placed, the average CTC is 8-10 lacs, with the highest CTC being 25 lacs. The average salary hike is 80%.



Anyone keen on entering into an investment banking career can join this course. There are no strict prerequisites/eligibility criteria. This course is suitable for CFAs, CA/ACCA/CPAs, other finance professionals, MBAs, engineers, and other graduates/post-graduates who want to work in investment banking roles.

The following skills/qualifications would be an added advantage:

  • Commerce/finance/management or related background (e.g., BBA, B.Com)
  • A keen interest in pursuing an investment banking career
  • Basic knowledge of finance and statistics



Duration: 3 months + 1 month internship (non-paid)


Other best courses in Bangalore:


2. Investment Banking Course by Imarticus


Imarticus’ “Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional” (CIBOP) certification course is one of the few investment banking courses in Bangalore with 100% guaranteed placement. You can learn the ins and outs of being an investment banker in the Indian financial market along with the finer nuances of investment banking.

The CIBOP certification is internationally recognized. It has been accredited by the global professional body for finance and investment professionals, the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI).

You can opt for online live sessions or classroom sessions in this course. In either case, you would be eligible for placements on course completion. Weekday and weekend options are also available for both learning formats.



This course can prepare you for a wide range of roles within or related to investment banking, such as investment banking associate, financial analyst, and risk management consultant. Imarticus’ placement services include:

  • Portfolio building
  • Interview Preparation
  • Resume building
  • Access to 500+ placement partners

Goldman Sachs, RBS, and Capgemini are among the many recruiters for this program. The placed students have an average CTC of 5 lacs. The average salary hike is 60%.



You can enroll in this course if you are from a non-STEM field and have a commerce, finance or business management background with 0-3 years of work experience. You can also apply if you have a justified career gap of up to 1 year.


Duration and Fees

Duration: 2 months (full-time, weekday mode) or 3 months (part-time, weekend mode)

Fees: INR 1,40,000 (payment through installments or EMIs is available).


3. Free Investment Banking Courses on

Boost your investment banking career with certificates from one of the world’s leading online learning platforms with free, high-quality courses with certifications. Alison is a great high-quality online learning platform where you can complete short courses of 2 to 4 hours on various important investment banking topics provided by experienced professionals from around the world.

These courses will be a great value addition to your CV, help you learn specific topics in a short time, and adapt your learning to fit your schedule. Alison also provides courses specific to various investment banking roles such as investment banking analyst and investment banker.


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4. Investment Banking Courses on Coursera

Coursera is a learning platform where you can attend online lectures delivered by instructors from multiple, globally-renowned universities. It is one of the world’s most popular and well-loved places to learn and acquire skills and certifications online. Coursera is a great place to start when you are looking for courses to begin or grow your investment banking career.

If you are looking for online investment banking courses in Bangalore, that you can complete without having to attend lectures in physical classrooms, Coursera is the right place to be. You can also use Coursera to evaluate offline investment banking courses in Bangalore – do they cover the topics that are mentioned on Coursera?

Are they missing any important topics you feel might be relevant? Coursera has 100+ investment banking courses covering a wide range of topics such as financial markets, valuation, mergers and acquisitions, financial technology (fintech) innovations, and sustainable investing.

You can look for courses that are perfectly tailored to your needs and requirements, which greatly reduces the trial and error involved in your search for the right course. You can look for courses based on learner level (beginner, intermediate, advanced, or mixed), skills you want to learn, such as financial valuation, course duration (less than 2 hours, 1-4 weeks, or 6-12 months) and other features such as projects and professional certifications.

Coursera can also be used to support your learning journey as an additional resource to what you learn elsewhere. Improve your understanding of difficult concepts, explore a specific area/topic you’re interested in, pick up additional skills and certifications to showcase on your resume, and gain an international learning experience thanks to the globally diverse background of the educators offering courses on this platform.


5. Free Investment Banking Course by Great Learning

Get an instant overview of investment banking basics in this free online course by Great Learning. Perfect for beginners as well as advanced learners looking to brush up on their basics, it consists of 1 hour of self-paced video lectures to help you keep a learning schedule that suits you best and grasp the material quickly and easily. You can also earn a certificate for completing this course.

The course covers the functions of investment banks, different types of investment banks, and other topics that help you get a quick snapshot of what investment banking is and how it works It will definitely help you as you move forward in your career.


6. Investment Banking Courses by Udemy

Udemy is another popular platform for online courses around the globe where you can pursue investment banking courses in Bangalore. You can choose from over 40 investment banking courses with certifications on Udemy. The course duration ranges from a little over 1 hour to 17+ hours. Udemy is great to pick up the skills you will need to build a rewarding career in finance for both beginners and more experienced professionals.

Udemy’s courses also have interactive quizzes that can help you test your learning module-wise, rather than waiting till the end of the course. There are courses available for all learner levels (beginner, intermediate, and expert). Check out the “Complete Investment Banking Course 2023”

There are many courses available on related topics as well, such as Mergers and acquisitions, venture capital, fundraising, corporate finance, and financial modeling.


7. Investment Banking Course by The WallStreet School


The WallStreet School offers a job-oriented online investment banking course with real case studies and discussions, concise learning material updated as per the latest industry trends, and 100% placement assistance. Prepare for a rewarding career in finance with 180+ hours of intensive, rigorous training in financial modeling and valuations.

This course includes live training as well as self-paced videos that you can refer to while you work on financial models for your assignments. The training is led by experienced industry professionals who have worked with top investment banks, so you’ll be in great hands. Another benefit offered in this course is that you only need to pay 40% of course fees on enrolment. You can pay the remaining 60% after successful placement.

The WallStreet School also has an open and transparent placement policy, where you can avail of contact details of previous candidates who completed this course, got successfully placed, and are now working in the industry. The Wall Street School offers both weekday and weekend batches.

This course by The Wall Street School can help you start or move towards a career in investment banking, corporate finance, or equity research by equipping you with all the knowledge and skills that you would need. It is also greatly valued by many Fortune 500 companies and top consulting firms who encourage their employees to complete the financial modeling and valuations certification offered by The Wall Street School.



Anyone looking for core finance profiles and wanting to make a career in investment banking, equity research or corporate finance, including:

  • CAs
  • MBA Finance students
  • Engineers
  • Com/BBA students
  • Women looking to re-start their career in finance

Note: Final admissions will be based on an eligibility interview conducted by The Wall Street School.


Duration, Timings, and Fees

Weekday batch (Mon-Fri)

Duration: 6 Weeks

Timings: 9 am to 3 pm

Fees: 45,000 + GST (on enrolment)

Weekend batch (Sat and Sun)

Duration: 2 ½ months

Timings: 9 am to 2.30 pm

Fees: INR 42,000 + GST (on enrolment)


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8. Investment Banking Course by Uniqfin Business School

Next on our list of investment banking courses in Bangalore is the investment banking course offered by Uniqfin. Uniqfin is an educational institute located in Marathahalli, Bangalore, and offers training and placement-related services in the areas of investment banking and fund accounting.

They offer investment banking courses with both online and offline modes of delivery (you can choose either of the two modes). In this course, you can gain an understanding of investment banking topics such as corporate actions, derivatives, and trade life cycles. You will also receive career guidance once you join the course.

Uniqfin offers placement assistance and has tie-ups with top recruiters such as J.P Morgan, KPMG, and Barclays. On completing the course, you can be well-prepared to crack interviews with mock interviews and resume-building sessions. You can also get a free career counseling session before registering for this course.


9. Investment Banking Course by CFI Education


CFI (Corporate Finance Institute) is another place where you can go if you’re looking for investment banking courses in Bangalore. Their certification program in investment banking, known as the “Certificate in Investment Banking and Research” (CIBR), offers 100% placement support through soft skills training, mock interviews, and resume-building sessions. You can choose between live online sessions and self-paced learning.

This course facilitates practical, hands-on learning through case studies and a Capstone project. It offers additional features that can help you get a smooth learning experience, including access to the CFI app and detailed study material. If you opt for the live online sessions, you can also gain access to live doubt-clearing sessions, a dedicated WhatsApp group to learn with your peers, and email support from CFI.

CFI has a dedicated placement team for placement-related activities. CFI’s placement support services include soft skills training, mock interviews, and connecting you with suitable job opportunities. Once you feel confident and well-prepared, you can start appearing for interviews. If you receive a job offer from a company or firm and accept it, they charge a small placement fee which is 5% of the annual CTC you would earn at the job. Recruiters include Moody’s Analytics, KPMG, and many others.



This course is open to anyone looking to get into investment banking roles. As per CFI, their participants typically include MBAs, engineers, CA/ACCA/CPAs, CFAs, and other graduates/post-graduates.


FAQs: Investment Banking Courses in Bangalore


1.     What is investment banking?

Investment banking is a branch of banking that handles functions related to raising capital for businesses and other entities such as governments. Investment bankers connect investors with entities that are looking for investment and also play a large role in IPOs (initial public offerings) of companies, mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring, and other such functions.


2.     What roles can I apply for after completing an investment banking course?

Depending on your profile, interests, and skills you can apply for several roles after completing an investment banking course – investment banker, investment banking analyst, financial analyst, risk management consultant, financial advisor, and capital market operations consultant. Do check the course modules and curriculum and speak to the course provider to ensure that it prepares you for the roles you are interested in.


3.     How much can I earn in an investment banking role?

As per Indeed and Glassdoor, salaries for investment banking analysts/investment bankers start from Rs. 7 lacs to Rs. 9 lacs p.a. For more senior roles, they are around Rs. 12-18 lacs. The highest salaries are around 25-38 lacs.


4.     Can I find good investment banking courses in Bangalore?

Sure! There are many great online and offline investment banking courses in Bangalore that you can pursue and gain the knowledge and skills required for a rewarding career in investment banking or other similar areas such as corporate finance and equity research.


5.     Which are the best cities in India for investment banking jobs?

In terms of average base salary, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Pune, and Chennai are some of the best cities for investment banking jobs in India (source: Indeed).


6.     What is the typical educational background of those who pursue investment banking courses in Bangalore?

While a commerce/finance background is certainly ideal for pursuing investment banking roles, graduates or post-graduates from other streams can pursue it as well. Typically, students who pursue investment banking are:

  • Graduates from BBA, B.Com, BSc. Finance, BAF (Bachelor in Accounting and Finance), and other similar programs
  • Post-graduates who have completed/are pursuing an MBA in Finance, MSc. Finance or other similar degrees
  • Students who have completed/are in the final year of CA, CFA, FPA, or similar certifications
  • Engineers looking to move towards a career in finance
  • Others with good quantitative and analytical skills and an interest in investment, financial modeling, capital markets, corporate finance, and other similar areas.


Conclusion: Investment Banking Courses in Bangalore

We hope this list of investment banking courses in Bangalore helps you choose one that will be best suited for your needs and goals. Investment banking is a great career choice in the world of finance. It can be challenging in terms of working hours, but it is also very fulfilling for those looking for a rewarding, fast-paced career with many learning and growth opportunities. From investment banking, you can also move into areas such as wealth management, venture capital, and entrepreneurship in the future. A good investment banking course can be an important first step towards acquiring the knowledge and skills you will need to succeed. We wish you a rewarding and fulfilling career ahead!

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