Top 10 Content Writing Courses in Bangalore With Placements

Our lovely motherland India is not an exception as many people in India have lost their jobs, and others are still struggling to get a reputable jobs and maintain the same status quo right before the pandemic. The unemployment rate in India has increased to 11.90 percent in May from 8 percent in the previous year. Bangalore has also experienced a downfall in the Indian economy because of the pandemic of Covid-19, and folks are still struggling to give a slight push to their income. Because of all these factors, the demand for content writing courses in Bangalore has increased a lot as content writing has emerged as a lucrative income source for all the folks who are struggling to give a forward push to their income.


Top Content Writing Courses In Bangalore


If you have a knack for writing, you can easily grab a lot of content writing opportunities sitting at your sweet home.



What Are The Skills Required To Become A Top-Notch Content Writer In Bangalore?


Content writing has become a lucrative career opportunity, and therefore, people love to join content writing courses in Bangalore. But many folks are still not aware of the skills that we need to become top-notch content writers.


  • Ability to Write Original and Persuasive Content: A content writer should possess polished writing skills, and should write unique, and persuasive content. Every piece of content written by the writer should drive the sales in the forward direction.
  • In-depth Research: Every person who aspires to become a successful writer should conduct in-depth research about a particular topic on which they want to present their ideas. In-depth research skills add value and credibility to your content.
  • Strong Communication: Strong communication skills are the most fundamental requirement for becoming a successful writer. A writer with strong communication ability can grasp the requirements of the clients effectively and can conceptualize their writing skills as per the requirements of clients.
  • Editing Skills: If you are a novice in the content writing field, you may not understand the importance of editing skills. We prepare a final draft of content after loads of editing. Hence, if you are keen to become a brilliant writer, you cannot under-exaggerate the importance of editing skills. If you are editing the draft, you must look for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.

Apart from this, look for some redundant points, jargon, and overused words. A keen eye for editing will help you refine your writing skills. You can understand the importance of editing in the words of Justice Louis Brandeis “There is no great writing, only great rewriting”.


  • A Strong Understanding Of Search Engine Optimization: If you want to become a successful content writer, you should have a thorough understanding of Search Engine Optimization Skills. A basic understanding of the concepts related to search engine optimization helps us in growing our skills as budding writers.
  • Analytical Skills: The accountabilities of a content writer are much more than writing a fresh piece of content only, instead a writer must be well-versed in analytical skills and should be able to analyze what are the requirements of a client in a particular piece of content. Therefore, a successful writer must form the entire strategy keeping their clients in mind.


These are some key characteristics that will help you in polishing your content and be successful in the profession of content writing as a key professional. If you also have exceptional writing skills, you would also like to dive into the top 10 Content Writing Courses in Bangalore.



Which Are The Top 10 Content Writing Courses In Bangalore?


1.  IIM Skills:


IIM Skills is one of the top-notch institutes of content writing courses in Bangalore and its vast curriculum provides a comprehensive knowledge base for sharpening the skills of a budding content writer. They offer one of the most illustrious content writing courses in India to help you polish and embellish your existing skills to become a competent and confident content writer with conviction in their talent. 


Content Writing Course founded by Mr. Vaibhav Kakkar is well-known for its creativity and advanced curriculum and is the foremost preference of different people who are looking forward to joining the courses for a content writing to polish their skills.


If you are looking forward to mastering the basics of the content writing courses and learning advanced skills like content development, WordPress, and different formats of content writing, this industry-driven course gives you hands-on experience.


Vaibhav Kakkar, a renowned name in digital marketing, and a successful entrepreneur and IIT Delhi graduate Roma Malhotra will take your classes and will clear all your doubts so that you can nudge the skills of content writing.


Key Features of Content Writing Master Course By IIM Skills


Learning content writing basic formats such as blogs, articles, press releases, and infographics.

  • Basic Keyword Research using Keyword planner
  • E-Book Creation
  • WordPress Development
  • Capturing insights about Social Media content
  • Email Marketing
  • Creating Google Local Listing
  • Mastering the Skills of Social Engine Optimization
  • Researching Different Topics Thoroughly
  • Learning diverse Content plagiarism tools
  • Checking Keyword Density
  • Learning the Basics of Search Engine Optimization
  • Learning the Basics of Affiliate Marketing
  • Lifetime Access to the Study Material
  • Global Placement Assistance
  • Learn to develop your own website and blog


Because of the pandemic of Covid-19, the institute provides the flexibility of online classes to master the ocean of content writing. IIM Skills have a track record of training 14300 plus professionals from 30 plus countries.


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The content writing course from IIM SKILLS not only bolsters your chances of getting that coveted content job profile, but also helps to propel your career forward by offering soft skills training, and free lifetime access to the learning management system, and helping you with creating your resume, and portfolio. With fortune 500 companies collaborating with the institute for placement assistance, they ensure that you do not miss out on any opportunity for recruitment.


Based on your skills as a content writer, you are offered job interviews in eminent companies. All you need is the determination to be consistent with the learning process and to evolve to keep pace with the changing content writing industry. The best thing would be to read publications, blogs, and articles regularly from thought leaders to equip yourself with the latest trends and information.


Here is the most genuine guide to – Is IIM SKILLS Fake?


Course Fee – INR 14900 +GST

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For a more detailed view, you can go through the IIM Skills Content Writing Course Review


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Contact Info: If you want to get in touch with IIM Skills, you can call on 9911839503, or else you can also shoot an email at


2. ECT:


ECT  is a renowned government-recognized institute for learning the basics of content writing skills. A certification from ECT boosts your career in content writing even if you are a student looking forward to spending your leisure time grabbing knowledge, or you are a beginner in content writing, who wants to brighten the aspects of learning and earning in five figures by polishing the skills as a content writer.


The content writing course by ECT comes with a certification from the Government of India and acclaims 100 percent placement “assistance.” Therefore, with these steps, you can master the art of content writing.


Features of Content Writing Certification from ECT:


  • 32 hours of classroom live training
  • Certificate from Government of India
  • Practical exposure to the techniques of content writing
  • 100 percent Placement Assistance
  • Work from Home Opportunity
  • 7 Key assignments
  • Free access to the study material


The entire course is divided into thirteen modules starting from an introduction to the basics of content writing, boosting your vocabulary, avoiding common grammar errors in writing and syntax, learn diverse writing tools, techniques, and various tips.


Apart from this, as you dive into the depth of this course, you can learn diverse styles of writing such as business writing, fiction writing, technical writing, academic writing, non-fiction writing, and the art of storytelling. These diverse styles help you master the skills of content writing.


Contact Info: If you want more information about ECT, you can dial our contact number at 7827916060, or drop an email to them at


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3. Indian Institute of Digital Education:


If you are looking out for premier institutes for content writing courses in Bangalore, you can also count on famous institutes like the Indian Institute of Digital Education. This institute helps us to learn the basics and advanced levels of copywriting.


At the Indian Institute of Digital Education, you can learn an online copywriting course both through online videos, and live online classes. This course helps you in learning the entire curriculum of copywriting from basics to advanced levels.


Key Features of Content Writing Course By IIDE:

  • Copywriting course conducted by IIDE gives you thorough knowledge about.
  • It helps you to learn a detailed holistic copywriting strategy that helps to engage your target audience and converts them into paying customers.
  • With IIDE, you can enjoy 6 plus hours of online class along with a combination of 2 plus hours of videos.
  • At IIDE, you can enjoy a lot of practice tests and assignments that help to clear your basics.
  • Introduction to varied tools such as Google Sheets, and Canva.
  • The Copywriting course helps you in setting up your base, breaking down the AIDA funnel, and defining your target audience, and brand.
  • It helps in optimizing and learning content creation as per the guidelines of Google.
  • IIDE copywriting course also helps you in discovering varied platforms to share content and understands what content marketing is all about.
  • The alumni of this institute get recruitment by the top brands like Amazon, Johnson & Johnson, Zomato, Mediacom, Forbes, One plus, Publics Media, etc.

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4. Online Idea Lab:


Online Idea Lab is a prolific organization that conducts content writing courses online. The course designed by Online Idea Lab helps in understanding the concepts of content writing thoroughly by dividing it into three parts of content research, content writing, and content promotion.


Important Highlights of Content Writing Course in Bangalore by Online Idea Lab


  • Content writing courses in Bangalore by online lab help you master the fundamentals of content writing.
  • Online Idea Lab content writing course will help the students to grasp the techniques of basic competitor analysis and it also helps you in reading and analyzing the content.
  • This course helps you to know the fundamentals of visual content, and learn to avoid common grammatical errors.
  • It also helps you in understanding how to create compelling content that goes viral and master proofreading and editing of content.
  • This content writing course online designed by Online Idea Lab also helps you in practical placement support and starting your career as a freelancer in content writing.
  • It is a wonderful course that emphasizes creativity.


5. Digital Academy 360:


Digital Academy 360 also is a pioneer of digital education and it helps you to master the fundamentals of content writing courses. The course provides content writing literacy to students and professionals at an affordable cost structure.


The Features of Content Writing Course Conducted By Digital Academy 360: 

  • Introduction to content writing basics.
  • Understanding the comprehensive writing cycle.
  • Learning the basics of article writing, creative writing, technical writing, blogging, and SEO writing.
  • Develop a basic understanding of writing different formats of content such as e-books, white papers, press releases, and testimonials.
  • Learning social media and web content writing.

Digital Academy is one of the most renowned institutes for mastering content writing courses in Bangalore.



6. Digital Roy Academy:


Digital Roy Academy is also one of the most sought-after content writing courses in Bangalore. They have a team of qualified faculty who can overcome the doubts of students regarding content creation in the most exhaustive manner.


The Fundamentals of Content Writing Course By Digital Roy Academy:

The content writing course by Digital Roy Academy helps us to understand the following highlights:

  • It helps you to learn the fundamentals of content creation
  • The basics of SEO
  • Creating interesting content in different formats such as SEO writing, copywriting, technical writing
  • How to conduct content research thoroughly
  • This course helps you to understand the basic concepts of A.I.D.A.
  • Learning how to create engaging content


7. Inventateq:


Inventateq is one of the most comprehensive online content writing courses in Bangalore. This course is designed for everyone ranging from students, stay-at-home parents, and IT professionals looking to create meaningful content as a supplement to their income.


Key Highlights of Content Writing Course by Inventateq:

  • 30-35 hours of online classes
  • The flexibility of choosing between weekend and weekdays batches
  • Experienced and certified trainers
  • Practical training with loads of assignments
  • Free Placement Assistant Programme


Inventateq is an academy that also provides other premier courses like AutoCad courses, Python training, Java courses, Selenium training, Cloud computing training, Data Science training, etc.


8. Skills Upgrader:


Skills Upgrader is also one of the most prominent courses in content writing that aids students, professionals, and corporate clients to master the basics of content writing. This course helps you to master the basics of content writing and content marketing.


Important Highlights of Content Writing Course By Skills Upgrader:

The following are some key highlights of the content writing course by Skills Upgrader:

  • Introduction to Content writing Basics
  • Helps the students to learn the basic concepts of web hosting and domain
  • Keyword Research
  • Website Creation
  • Content Marketing Basics
  • Lead Generation
  • Learn the basics of email marketing for boosting ROI
  • Learning to Use social media


9. Nest Soft: 


Nest Soft Technology invented in 1997 provides one of the top-notch content writing courses in Bangalore. It is a leading software organization that provides a plethora of courses to different individuals to upscale their skills. A comprehensive course in content writing is one of these courses that help individuals to build a bright future in this digital era.


Important Highlights of Nest Soft Content Writing Course in Bangalore:

The important highlights of this course include:

  • The basics of writing
  • Learning the fundamentals of creating content
  • Tips to research and plan for your write up
  • Learning the basics of blogging, technical writing, and article writing
  • Publishing articles in varied formats
  • Career development for Writers
  • Grammar tips, learning proofreading and editing
  • Learning the art of persuasive writing
  • Publishing content

Nest Soft will give you in-depth knowledge of the top content writing courses in Bangalore.


10. Henry Harvin Institute: 


In the series of mentioning the content writing courses for Bangalore, for polishing your skills as a writer, we cannot overlook the contribution of the Henry Harvin institute. This institute is a strong pioneer in enhancing your key skills as a leading professional and technical education admirer in Bangalore.


If you aspire to become a trained content writer, you can invest in the content writing course by Henry Harvin Institute.


 The Key Features of Content Writing Course By Henry Harvin:

  • Since its inception, Henry Harvin institute has become a leading service provider in the top content writing courses in India.


The Following Features Of The content Writing course Are:


  • The Henry Harvin course provides nine important facilities in content writing courses such as training, projects, internship, certification, placement, -learning, boot camps, hackathons, and gold membership.
  • Henry Harvin is one of the most popular institutes with 36 hours of online interactive classroom training related to content writing.
  • Once you enroll in a content writing course by Henry Harvin, you can learn to write 30 plus types of content and start earning with online projects.
  • The content writing course curriculum designed by this institute helps to improve your graphic skills and you learn to design PPT, logos, newsletters, etc.
  • The content writing course by Henry Harvin helps you to distinguish your profile globally by issuing the global certificate of a certified digital content writer by showing your expertise by using the hallmark of CDCW.
  • This institute is well-acclaimed to provide up-to-date and comprehensive study material.
  • Henry Harvin institute provides access to different tools like logo-making software, e-books, question-making software, content writing guides or workbooks, and mobile apps.
  • Here you get a 100 percent practical placement guarantee, and complete know-how on how to secure freelance projects from different countries like India, the U.S, the U.K, etc.

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 Frequently Asked Questions:


1. What are the different types of content writing?

Content writing is a comprehensive term and therefore, we can view different types of content writing such as technical writing, copywriting, social media post writing, SEO writing, lifestyle writing, website content writing, and much more.


2. What is the process of content writing?

Content writing is all about drafting rough ideas, planning the timeline to write the content, editing the content, and proofreading a piece of content before submission.


3. What are the basic tips that will help me earn a great name and fame as a content writer?

You can earn a glorious name, and fame as a chief content writer if you go with comprehensive planning. If you are a fresher in the content writing industry, you must first build a niche, create a solid portfolio, and should set up a basic LinkedIn profile, and join some key networks such as Fiverr, and Up work for building a strong network.


4. What are the major skills a content writer should have?

A content writer should have a lot of major skills such as profound research, adaptability, time management, strong communication skills, editing skills, proofreading skills, and a lot more.


5. How can I start content writing from scratch?

We would recommend you to build a content writing portfolio on your own or should join a content writing course in a reputed institute like IIM Skills.


Conclusion on the top content writing courses in Bangalore:


We hope you are now clear about different content writing queries in your mind, and after reading this engaging post, you will ensure taking the first step to becoming a renowned content writer. Joining a content writer course will help you learn and polish your skills as a fresher and professional.


So, we recommend you to opt for reputed names only so that you can use your time and money. We wish you all the best for your brilliant career after joining the content writing courses in Bangalore.


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