Top 5 Creative Writing Courses in Bangalore With Placements

Creative writing is a skill that is highly required in the advertising and marketing domain as businesses are now well aware of its power and influence on the audience. But, not everyone has the ability to write creatively to make an impact, it needs proper guidance. This post lists the best creative writing courses in Bangalore. If you want to excel in the writing domain, keep reading.


List of best creative writing courses in Bangalore


What is Creative Writing?

All of us must have come across the word “Creative Writing” whenever talked about writing. But in a real sense, what it is? All of us are connected with writing in our life. But the question is do all of us write creatively? And the answer is “No”. Creative writing is a broad and deep concept.

People who write something different and in a unique manner that increases the reader’s interest is called “Creative Writing”. Creative writing is an art. It is an inner skill by which a writer gives a unique shape to his writing. This kind of writing could be based on fantasy or reality in whatever manner a writer wants.

Well, it is not easy for all to do creative writing. It needs hard work and genuine efforts. To enhance this skill, many universities help us to rank better in this direction through their courses. Many countries provide this kind of course to candidates by online method.

When it comes to education and the job sector, Bangalore is like a hub of it. Bangalore is a great place where you can learn and earn well. Many institutes provide online and offline courses from where you can learn. Creative writing courses in Bangalore will offer you placement opportunities if you apply for the same.

Before we get information about these institutes in detail, let’s talk about types of creative writing, their importance, scope, and benefits. These top 5 creative writing courses in Bangalore will help get placement after successful completion.


Types of Creative Writing:

Creative writing can be divided into two parts:

  • Fiction
  • Non-Fiction



In fiction writing, a writer puts his imagination in words and tries to grab the attention of his readers through creativity, which may be in the form of a poem, story, novel, or by any form. In reality, nothing like that exists. Fiction writing is not an easy task, because it requires hard work and strong imagination. To write fiction, there are some principles that we need to follow:

  • Characterization
  • Point of view
  • Plot
  • Conflict


Besides These, There Are Some Elements of Fiction Which Are as Follows:

  • Style:

As we know that every writer is unique in his way. So, he has a unique style of presenting his writing. Every writer’s style is different from each in the form of dialogue, sentence structure, and rhythm.


  • Narrative’s Voice:

Whatever the writer writes in his story is served to the audience through the voice of the narrative. The writer has to choose whether the story is told in the first person or third person. A writer also needs to decide what narrative voice to use: Sad, sarcastic, or entertaining. Based on this research he can determine the sort of diction and sentence structure.


  • Tone:

The tone is one of the most important elements. Tome refers to the writer’s attitude towards his subject and readers. A writer’s tone can be jealous, sarcastic, humorous, or passionate, which creates an atmosphere for the story. Tone decides the effect of writing on the mind of readers.


The writing of a writer is recognized by a writer’s name, but what about a writer? A writer is created by many factors, such as education, writing experience, background, values, beliefs, etc. A writer’s voice is expressed through the following elements:

  • Subject
  • Tone
  • Words
  • Sentence structure


Forms of Fiction Writing:

Fiction writing that is presented in the form of poetry, short stories, drama, novels, etc. can be published on many social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, or other writing platforms where you get more engagement or can increase your followers.


Short stories are full of fiction that is written using limited words and can be completed in one sitting. A short story can be found in oral storytelling, fairy tales, anecdotes, etc.


  • Novels:

A novel is a story that tells about people and events which are not real. It is usually long and complex. It deals especially with human experience usually through connected events.


  • Play/Drama:

Play / Drama is generally performed on the stage or in theatre. In old times when there were no tools of entertainment like Television, Mobile, or Movie theatre, people were used to performing drama on the stage based on real stories. Actors were used to performing on the stage. In some of the dramas, they also try to convey the message to society about their well-being.



Non-fiction writing is based on true events, which are about real people, places, and experiences. Readers can be taught through history or biography books in nonfiction writing.


There Are Several Types of Non-fiction Writings. But We Will Discuss a Few of Them:


It represents a true historical event. In history books, some of the authors have tried to present facts while others tell history from the desired angle.



This non-fiction analyzes concepts such as ethics and freedom. It helps beginners, who want to learn about philosophical paradigms.



Journalism non-fiction writing includes news articles, magazines, reports, etc. It focuses on current events to make aware the targeted audience. This may include crime books.



Essays are based on a person’s imagination. An essay is written using a single theme by multiple authors.


Health And Wellness: 

In this kind of non-fiction, books cover topics based on health such as diet, habits, and stress management. Writers of health and wellness books are often doctors with technical knowledge.


Self-help and Instruction:

This kind of book helps people to solve their problems and is also sometimes helpful to build confidence. Self-help includes financial management, relationship advice, or dieting.


Business and Economics:

This kind of book guides about how to run a business successfully, how to overcome problems of business, and entrepreneurship. The author of the book may have analyzed the market and advised the readers about topics like the share market, consumer interest, etc.


Other Courses You Might Want to Check in Bangalore:


Forms Of Creative Writing:

As all of us know Creative writing can be done in the following forms. All of these forms present a different style of writing.

  • Poetry
  • Essay
  • Letters
  • Blogs
  • Speeches
  • Scripts
  • Journals etc.



we have read and studied the poetries in our life. Poetry is like the voice of the heart, which is presented beautifully in the form of words in different – different styles. As told before there are different kinds of poetry:

  • Haiku poem
  • Sonnet poem
  • Free verse poem
  • Epic poem
  • Ballad poem
  • Acrostic poem
  • Sonnet poem
  • Rhymed poetry etc.

Thus, in any form the poetry is presented, it touches the heart of its readers.



An essay is a type of writing that is used to convince readers or to give them information about a particular topic. Essays are mainly written in schools to understand how well the students are knowing a particular topic.



In the old times when technology was not updated and there was no use of the telephone, at that time letters were the only tool to send messages to each other as a form of conversation. In this system of letters, a message is written on a page and put by the sender in an envelope, and sent like an e-mail.



Blogging is one of the well-known tools to express yourself. As all of us know, blogging is trending nowadays. An individual can express his views easily on his blog. It’s fun and also a way to connect people who are connected with social media.  In the blog, blogging is done through the articles.

Articles are written in such a way that it feels conversational. You can add pictures or videos to make it more impressive to read. No doubt blogging is a way to attract potential readers to your website. And you can also gain a large number of readers and increase traffic through blogging.



Speeches given by a person can reach millions of hearts. But what does a good speech require? A good speech requires writing, which is creative. Creative writing in itself is enough to win millions of hearts and the speech works as a medium to make it reach the people. 

As we know, speeches are given to inspire others or to convey an important message to people, where creative writing plays a hidden but important role.



The script is also an example of creative writing. As all of us know, a great script has already done half of the work for its actors who are going to play drama. The script is mainly written for drama. After that, the script is played on the stage, television, radio, or any other medium. A good script sounds great when it is read out loud in front of the public.

What matters in scriptwriting is that dialogues should be written creatively so that they may entertain the audience who are watching them. A great script is proof of creative writing in itself.



Journals for a writer are like a space where a writer records his thoughts, poems, and stories. Journals are mainly written for regular practice. Journalism is a platform in itself for writers where they are not bound to write on any specific niche. They can write whatever they want. 

Journals can be used as a tool of information or to inspire creative writing projects. You may find creativity that is hidden in the pages of a journal. Thus, it can be said that a journal is a form of creative writing.

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Why is Creative Writing Important in Today’s Era?

With the changing time, the Internet has expanded its wings. With the growth of the Internet, many activities are getting done digitally. For example, Notepad, Word, and Google Docs have taken the place of pen and paper.

Now it is easy to make changes to whatever you write. If we talk about creative writing, then all of us know that it has become very convenient for a writer to make his identity through creative writing. It’s no longer a rigid process now.

You just can send your writing to the publisher in a few minutes and get selected within a few days. Any person can publish his writings on any platform from any corner of the world due to technology. He can make a full-time career by using his creativity and genuine efforts to earn a handsome amount of money.

Technology has made it easy for a writer to reach thousands of readers and build a successful career by getting engagement through any platform.


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Now Let’s Talk About the Institutes That Offer You the Best Creative Writing Courses in Bangalore:

There are many institutes for creative writing courses in Bangalore that may offer you coaching. But before enrolling you should have detailed information about it. Because we spend our valuable time and money on developing the skill. Here are some top-rated institutions that offer the best creative writing courses in Bangalore.




IIM SKILLS is one of the best institutes to learn creative writing courses in Bangalore and globally. It is one of the world’s leading online education services institutions. The courses available in this institution are globally available. They are a team of professionals who are always ready and available to help you with their knowledge.

IIM SKILLS have helped thousands of students in getting their dream jobs through the course of creative writing. Once you get enrolled in the Content Writing Course, you will be provided with study material and tools which are accessible anytime. The reason, if you were not able to attend their online classes, they will share videos of their online lectures.

After completion of each session, you will be given an assignment. And after the submission of the assignment, you are given feedback for it by the faculty. And if there is any doubt, they are available to support you. IIM SKILLS also welcome you to attend their demo lecture to clear your doubts regarding your course.


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Benefits You May Get:

  • Placement
  • 3 months of assured Internship (Optional)
  • Authorized Certificate after the completion of the course.
  • Guidance on how to launch your e-book.
  • Flexible weekend classes
  • Availability of scholarship.
  • Free demo lecture.


For more information related to the creative writing courses, visit the website.


2. Bangalore Writers Workshop:


At the Bangalore Writers Workshop, there is a unique and effective method of bringing writers together and allowing them to study the craft of writing. Besides this, you can also get feedback on your writing from a team of experts. BWW runs a creative writing workshop with small groups who have the desire to make a successful career in writing.

The group of writers is full of passion and creative energy with diverse life experiences. They also provide you with frequent opportunities to meet and work with publishers and writers. Besides this, BWW helps writers who are under 25, talented homemakers, and retired persons who want to keep themselves busy with a writing project full of experiences.

Any writer who is above the age of 18 can join the workshop. A writer in English can apply for the same. There is no upper limit. Any student can apply for the Creative Writing Courses in Bangalore and can fulfill the dream of becoming a writer, novelist, journalist, etc.


Benefits You May Get:

  • Online and offline learning.
  • Helps to shape your future.
  • Workshop
  • Professional guidance by faculty.


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3. University of Sussex:


At the University of Sussex, students may join a vibrant and supportive community and will gain valuable skills in preparation for life. By enrolling in the course, candidates will explore critical theory on a range of topics, including psychoanalysis, post-colonialism, and queer theory. They offer creative writing courses in Bangalore for undergraduates, postgraduates, and Ph.D. Courses as well.


Benefits You May Get:

  • Expand your capacities as a creator and communicator
  • Availability of Scholarship
  • Opportunity for further studies
  • Online course availability


4. Write Here Academy:


Write Here Academy is one of the well-known institutes for creative writing courses in Bangalore. They work on the first come first served rule. They are having affordable writing courses.


Benefits You May Get:

  • Online course availability
  • Courses for children as well as adults
  • Weekly writing workshop
  • Limited seats.
  • A question-Answer session with the director


For more information, visit their website to register yourself with the institution to learn. 


5. Udemy


Udemy is also one of the well-known institutes for creative writing courses in Bangalore that is worldwide available. Learn from the top-rated writing instructors to write poetry and story craft. They help you to learn with their online classes from anywhere. 


Benefits You May Get:

  • Affordable prices
  • 2.30-day refund policy
  • Lifetime Access
  • Wide selection of courses
  • Certificate of completion.


For more information related to the course, visit their website and get yourself registered for the Creative Writing Courses in Bangalore.


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What Are the Benefits of a Creative Writing Course?



Creative writing helps in boosting your imagination. By imagining you can create a new world in your story, which may create situations and characters that others may not imagine easily. You become more innovative.


Thought Clarification:

Creative writing helps you to clarify your thoughts. You will be able to solve your problem with more clarity to overcome it in the future.


Broader Vocabulary:

In creative writing, every day we learn new words, which helps in expanding our vocabulary. You find new ways to express yourself.


Critical Review:

Our work is reviewed by others in this course. Their feedback is important for us, which may benefit us in whatever career path we choose.


Scope of Creative Writing

After completion of the course, one can apply for the list of jobs below:

  • Content writer
  • Freelancer
  • Scriptwriter
  • Ghostwriter
  • Columnist
  • Article Writer
  • Publisher
  • Proofreader



For this course, you should have passed 12th in any stream. It fully depends upon the person that is writing for time pass or wants to make a full-time career. For this, you should have inner writing skills to pen down your thoughts to impress your readers. You should also have a good command of the English language with great communication skills.




Q1. Who can apply for creative writing courses?

Any person who is an undergraduate, graduate, or who has a good command of English can apply for the same.


Q2. Is creative writing a good career?

If you are good at writing poems, short stories, novels, etc., and you are serious about it and committed yourself, then you can make a full-time career in this.


Q3. Are creative writers in demand?

If you write high-quality content then yes, creative writers are in demand. With the growing use of social media, they are in demand for content.


Q4. Is creative writing easy?

Well, creative writing is not easy stuff. You can develop your skills by enrolling in a proper course if you are serious about it. It needs hard work and effort.


Q5. What is the duration of the Creative Writing Courses in Bangalore?

It may take 10 to 12 weeks to learn creative writing courses in Bangalore.



Writing is a skill that not everyone gets, but it can be shaped properly if you get proper guidance and apply for the course. The course will help you to learn the different techniques of writing. But in the end, it all depends on you how you learn and put it into practice. May this information related to the top 5 creative writing courses in Bangalore help you to reach your destination.

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