Top 7 Business Analytics Courses In Bangalore With Live Training

The silicon valley of India is the ideal place for a business analyst. Most big IT companies like Infosys, HAL, and WIPRO headquarters are in Bangalore. If you want to start your journey in business analytics, then go for it. Do not resist to up-skill. These opportunities do not come to everyone. When you are on job sites like Linkedin or Indeed you might notice these companies require business analytics. They are choosy when it comes to selecting the right candidate. This article will help you find business analytics courses in Bangalore to grow more in the future.


Top Data Analytics Courses In Bangalore


Define Business Analytics

Business analytics is a term that requires analyzing the historical data of the company. The company will take business-related data to understand the root course, trends, and patterns. Business analytics is always essential for companies to grow in their niche. You can attend and complete business analytics courses in Bangalore to become a pro at it. Analytics tools will help gather data from finance, HR, sales, and marketing. It is always good to understand the work process within the company.


Benefits of Business Analytics

  • Business analytics will give a boost to the company’s growth. Every company wants to know the cause behind stagnancy. You can analyze the root cause to understand the current market trends. You can store data to back up for the future. You can give solutions to the manufacturing department, HR management, supply chain management, and sales team or even help with marketing campaigns. You have to work hard to generate every detail using business analytics tools.


  • There will be various types of analytics software available in the market. You can use that software to generate visualizations to develop a presentation. You can create presentations and share them with other company employees. They will understand your approach to improving the area towards a better future.


  • The visual format always helps to generate new ideas. You can do that if you have a degree in business analytics courses in Bangalore. You can get all the business insights using tools and hacks. It can be a golden opportunity for you to earn a good income.


  • Having business analytics skills will help you to understand the future outcome. Using business analytics software will always allow you to learn. You will be able to use machine learning techniques to solve any kind of problem in the business. It will be easy for the business owner or company to understand the cause.


  • Business analytics always help the company by providing good benefits that can create an impact on every department. Once you get a certificate in business analytics, you can unlock all the benefits the company will offer you. Just take the opportunity and grow more in the field of business analytics.


  • Artificial intelligence also will be helpful in business analytics to store data. The most interesting fact is to adopt the power of artificial intelligence. You will understand the importance of artificial intelligence in business analytics. Business analytics has components that can work to analyze the insight.


  • Business analytics also help analyze personal data through channels of e-commerce, physical retail stores, or social media. At every step of the journey, you will learn something new that always will be helpful to grow in the future.


Top 7 Business Analytics Courses In Bangalore


1. Indian Institute of Management Bangalore

This university is well known for its academic curriculums, case study-based projects, group activities, and other research projects. They are the most popular university that covers well-crafted business analytics courses in Bangalore. Their course covers fourteen modules to cover every detail of business analytics.


Main Objectives

  • You will be able to learn and understand every method of using machine learning and artificial intelligence. That time you will learn to create a competitive strategy by using those methods.
  • They will teach you about machine learning algorithms like reinforcement, supervised, and evolutionary applications while using real business case studies.
  • You will apply all the deep learning algorithms to solve all the business problems.
  • Even business analytics needs in manufacturing, banking, finance, and other sectors.
  • You will be able to understand and analyze unstructured data like machine-generated text, videos, and even images.
  • You get a hands-on experience with SPSS, Python and Microsoft Excel, and other required software.
  • You can demonstrate data with the help of data visualization.


Course Modules

  • Data visualization and interpretation (Foundations of data science)
  • Storytelling using data.
  • Machine learning -Supervised learning algorithms.
  • Prescriptive analytics.
  • Reinforcement learning algorithms.
  • Machine learning -Unsupervised learning algorithms.
  • Time series forecasting and data.
  • Supply chain analytics.
  • Advanced machine learning.
  • Big data analytics.
  • Artificial intelligence and deep learning.
  • Natural language processing.
  • Operations and explainable artificial intelligence.
  • Practice artificial intelligence.


Steps to Join Their Course

  • You have to apply online through their portal.
  • If you are a new user, sign up to fill-up the application form.
  • After submitting the application form, they will call you.
  • You will be gone through two steps of the selection process.
  • After cleaning the selection process, you will receive a regret letter or an offer letter.
  • You get an offer letter you will make the initial payment to join their program.
  • Now you can start classes.


Course Fees

INR 775000+GST (Total fees per participant)

You can pay in three installments.

Confirmation Fee

INR 1,00,000+GST

Installment I

INR 245000+GST

Installment II

INR 215000+GST

Installment III

INR 215000+GST


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2.Inventateq Institute

This institution offers placement-oriented business analytics courses in Bangalore. In-depth, they offer both combinations of business and data analytics courses with real-time industry case studies. The training instructor has over 9+ years of experience in the sector. Their lab is also well equipped and comes with an LED TV projector. They will prepare for interviews to get placed.  Mock exams and resume preparations will help you to attain a successful interview. They also give you some free backup classes for your benefit. You can join their free demo classes to understand more about the course. It might benefit you to boost your career.


Training Methods

  • You will go through all the theories that are related to the course.
  • It will be helpful to attain practical classes.
  • You will submit assignments depending on the modules that you attained.
  • You will get a certification after clear assignments.
  • They will help you to build your resume.
  • Give your 100 % in the job interview to get selected.
  • You got a good job.


Course Structure

  • Business data analytics with python specialization.
  • Business data analytics with R programming.
  • Artificial intelligence.
  • Machine learning.
  • Neural networks and deep learning.
  • Tensor Flow.
  • Tableau training.
  • Business data analytics with SAS.
  • Data analytics expert.
  • Probability and statistics courses.
  • Business data analysis using SQL and Excel.


There are three projects you will complete during the course.

Project 1

It is a cloud base project of sharing files and syncing to solutions.

Project 2

It will base on a web application discussion forum on a public cloud.

Project 3

You will use data systems to report Google Business data analytics.

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Online Training


Corporate Traning



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3. Cranes Varsity

This institution helps you to use business data analytics in the current market. They understand that the current economy needs to gather data that can be useful for them. The companies give training to their employees to learn about business analytics. That means there is a demand for you if you have that skill.  3.5 months of diploma course in business analytics will help you to increase business analytics proficiency and knowledge.


This institution offers you business analytics courses in Bangalore with a placement that might help you in the future. They allow learning and cracking interviews to get jobs. Industry experts will mentor you to become a business analytics developer. They will help you increase soft skills and aptitude training.

Course Highlight


  • RDBMS using MySQL. (Duration 10 days)
  • Python programming. (Duration 10 days)
  • Exploratory data analysis using Pandas. (Duration 10 days)


Data Analytics Specialisation

  • Statistics and mathematics for data science. (Duration 10 days)
  • Machine learning using Sklearn. (Duration 13 days)
  • Business analytics problems. (Duration 10 days)
  • Data visualization and analysis using Power Bi and Tableau. (Duration 7 days)
  • Data visualization and analysis using MS excel. (Duration 7 days)



  • Understand and apply statistical methods to take decisions in several business problems like the stock market and banks.
  • Understand the applications of regression.
  • Understand the applications of classifications.
  • Cluster banking customers using cluster methods.
  • Understand and handle computer vision projects like image quality improvement and face recognition.



  • Excel and Tableau.
  • Spyder, MySQL, anaconda distribution.


Course Fee

Content details provide below. You can check with them about the course fees.

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+91 9620829666



4. Skillogic Institute

This institute offers online business analytics courses in Bangalore within 5-months. Every day you will spend 2 hours joining their class. Their main motive is to apply and predict all the models that help to produce a good purpose. Business analytics slowly change the world. Now every company wants to grow its revenue model. Why not help them?


Their training programs will give you a 6-day online class and 2-days of real classroom training.


Course Benefits

  • This certification will give a globally recognized certificate. You can show it anywhere.
  • You will be able to focus on both online learning and classroom training.
  • You can get in touch with customer care to solve your problems.
  • All instructors’ experience helps you out with problems.
  • They provide you with certification exam programs that will cover everything. They will refund your money if they can’t stick to their promise.


Course Fee

Live Online

INR 39,900


INR 28900


INR 44900

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+91 1800-212-5353


5. Intellipaat Institute

Intellipaat institute is collaborating with EICT MNIT Jaipur. This institute offers business analytics courses in Bangalore to become IIBA certified. They believe that Bangalore always if you have that related degree. There are top domains like marketing, automobile, manufacturing, and others. You can work with those top domains when you get one certificate in business analytics.


The institute did market they understand that business analytics has good market demand. They offer you a hands-on experience to understand the domain.

Course Module

Data Transformation Using MS Excel (Module 1)

  • Excel fundamentals.
  • Excel for data analytics.
  • Data visualization with Excel.


SQL for Business Analytics (Module 2)

  • SQL basics.
  • Advanced SQL.
  • Deep dive into user-defined functions.
  • SQL performance and optimization.


Mastering MS Excel and Data Extraction (Module 3)

  • Introduction to MS excel and data extraction.
  • Formula referencing.
  • Name range.
  • Logical functions.
  • Conditional formatting.
  • Advanced-level validation.
  • Important formulas in excel.
  • Dynamic table.
  • Data sorting and filtering.
  • Chart creation techniques.
  • Data and file security.
  • VBA macros.
  • Dashboard visualization.
  • We are creating dashboards.
  • Creation of interactive components.


Certified Business Analytics Professional (Module 4)

  • Introduction to business analytics.
  • Business analytics knowledge areas and core concept.
  • Required lifecycle management and strategy analysis.
  • Requirement analysis, model requirements, solution evaluation, design definition.
  • Agile business perspective creative UML.
  • Understand business analytics role on the agile team.
  • Underlying competencies of a business analyst and Microsoft Visio.


Data Visualisation with Power BI (Module 5)

  • Introduction to Power BI.
  • Data extraction.
  • Data transformation (Combining data and shaping).
  • Dax and data modeling.
  • Power BI services questions and answers, Cloud and data insights.
  • Power BI settings, direct connectivity, and administration.
  • Embedded power BI with API.
  • Power BI advanced and power BI premium.


IIBA Certification in Business Data Analytics (Module 6)

  • Data science and analytics fundamentals.
  • CBDA introduction.
  • Business analytics and data analytics.
  • Business data analytics domains Introduction.


Agile Methodologies for Project Management (Module 7)

  • Introduction to agile scrum.
  • Scrum team, events, and artifacts.
  • Project management using Jira.


UML 2.0 (Module 8)

  • Class diagram.
  • Component diagram.
  • Composite structure diagram.
  • Deployment diagram.
  • Object diagram.
  • Package diagram.
  • Profile diagram.
  • Activity diagram.
  • State machine diagram.
  • Use a case diagram.
  • Communication diagram.
  • Interaction overview diagram.
  • Sequence diagram.
  • Timing diagram.


Career Essentials (Module 9)

  • Communication skills.
  • Leadership skills.
  • Problem-solving skills.
  • Business knowledge.
  • IT knowledge.


Machine Learning for Business (Module 10)

  • You will be able to complete projects on finance, retails, and banking.
  • Learn about machine learning to solve problems.


Data Analysis With Python (Module 11)

  • Python environment setup and essentials.
  • Python language basic constructs.
  • Oop concepts in python.
  • Database connection.
  • Numpy for mathematical computing.
  • Scipy for scientific computing.
  • Matplotlib for data visualization.
  • Pandas for data analysis and machine learning.


Capstone Project (Module 12)

  • You will learn and share your experience to showcase your business analytics skills.

Course Fees

Online Classroom

INR 75012

Corporate Training

If you are a corporate and want to learn about business analytics. Then you can speak with them to know more.

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+91 7022374614


6. Analytixlabs

This institute offers 360 degrees in business analytics courses in Bangalore. You can get a demo class to understand their learning methods. They give you a promising career that might be helpful in the future. They have 15+ assignments with placement support. You can choose course fee options. They also have EMI options. They have IIM and IIT alumni to give you a good education. You will learn all the R programming and data visualization, and additional topics related to business analytics.


Course Structure

Data Visualisation and Analytics

  • Building blocks.
  • Data visualization and analytics with excel.
  • Data analytics with SQL.
  • Data analytics and visualization with Tableau.
  • Data analytics with VBA


R for Data Science

  • Data are exported and imported.
  • Data manipulation.
  • Data analysis.
  • Dimensionality reduction and collaborative filtering.
  • Data visualization with R.
  • Using R with databases.
  • Introduction to statistics.
  • Linear regression.
  • Supervised learning I.
  • Machine learning Vs. Statistical modeling and unsupervised Vs. supervised learning.
  • Supervised learning II.
  • Unsupervised learning.


Python for Data Science

  • Python essentials.
  • Operations with NumPy.
  • Overview of pandas.
  • Cleansing data with Python.
  • Data analysis using Python.
  • Data visualization with Python.
  • Basic visualization tools.
  • Advanced visualization tool.
  • Visualizing geospatial data.
  • Statistical methods and hypothesis testing.


Predictive Modelling and Introduction to Machine Learning

  • Introduction to machine learning and predictive modeling.
  • Linear regression.
  • Logistic regression.
  • Functional sessions and industrial domain understanding.


Course Fees

Classroom and Bootcamp

INR 38000 + taxes.

Interactive live online


INR 38000 + taxes.

Self-paced e-learning

INR 28000+taxes

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+91 955219007


7. Elegant IT Services

This institution provides courses based on current market trends. You will get real-time projects, working models, and assignments to understand it.  The institute offers business analytics courses in Bangalore, and its experts have almost seven years of training in this business analytics field. The course duration will be  30 hours to 45 hours maximum. They will give you support to get certified as a business analyst.


Course Structure

  • Introduction to business analyst.
  • Understand the business needs.
  • Project management.
  • Techniques used in data analysis,
  • Project methodologies software.
  • Requirement elicitation and planning.
  • Analyzing the requirements.
  • Modeling business process.
  • Evaluation of business solutions.
  • Scope of business analyst.


Course Features

  • They have regular classes in the morning, evening, and daytime. (Duration 30 days)
  • You can join weekend classes on Sundays, Saturdays, and holidays. (Duration 8 weeks)
  • They have a fast-track training program for 5 hours daily. (Duration 10 days)
  • They will help you improve your values and have a career in business analytics.


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+91 98865 41264

+91 98865 41287


Frequently Asked queries (FAQs)

Q1. I do not have any knowledge of data programming. Am I able to still learn business analytics courses in Bangalore?

Yes, you will learn business analytics while not having knowledge of programming data. The main issue is that this course doesn’t need any degree. You can begin from any place. Suppose you are trying to find a course to create your career. You can opt for business analytics. This article shares a list of fine institutes and universities you can check up on.


Q 2. Is domain knowledge required to pursue business analytics courses in Bangalore?

If you are from any domain, it can assist you to grasp additional information concerning business analytics courses. The reason will be that you simply understand the tool that can be used in this course. It’s not necessary to own a  degree. Anyone can pursue business analytics courses in the city. It will help you get better job roles in organizations with more lucrative packages.


Q 3. Will I be able to get Work from home if I have a degree in business analytics?

Yes, you will be able to work from home. If you would like, you can get an option for part-time freelancing. There are many opportunities awaiting you when you have that specific degree. Simply evolve, grow, learn new things, and opt for better opportunities to induce sensible salaries and versatile operating hours.



Business analytics continually have a requirement within the market. As a business analyst in an organization, you will be in charge of its historical knowledge to analyze everything. You will do a strategic analysis to grasp the lifecycle of the information. You will solve the issues to convey various solutions to the corporation. A business continuously comes up with challenges. There, your job is to convey straightforward solutions to beat them. Why not perceive those issues from today? You can simply take any business analytics course in Bangalore. It will offer you a chance to show your prowess as a business analyst. You have got to grab the chance before anyone else.


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