Top 11 Data Analytics Courses In The Bahamas With Placements

In our technology-driven world, where we are hugely dependent on computers and systems for gathering information and data for our work, data is most important. Data Analytics refers to analyzing and interpreting data to find meaningful results scientifically. If you are stuck on which data analytics course you should pursue, we are here to help you! In this blog, we have covered the 10 best Data analytics courses in the Bahamas with Placement opportunities.


Let us begin to explore the best data analytics courses in the Bahamas

What is Data Analytics?

If you are a fresher, then this a buzzword that you have been listening to currently. No Worries! Let’s break it down! In common usage, data refers to the numbers and information collected by computers and systems. Analytics refers to analysis.

According to SAP Business Technology Platform, the definition of analytics refers, to “Analytics is a field of computer science that uses math, statistics, and machine learning to find meaningful patterns in data. Analytics – or data analytics – involves sifting through massive data sets to discover, interpret, and share new insights and knowledge.”

A Few More Data Analytics Courses You Should Explore:

Why Choose a Career in Data Analytics?

Every industry and organization relies on data for making informed decisions. The ability and skills to think critically and adopt an objective analysis an essential traits required for this job profile. Not just large-scale businesses but also small-scale businesses deal with a lot of data. Therefore, to increase employability and become an asset for the company, data analytics is a discipline to be mastered.

Types of Data Analytics:

Data analytics is a practice of critically examining raw data drawing conclusions based on data and extracting meaningful information. There are four types of data analytics:

  1. Predictive (forecasting)
  2. Descriptive (business intelligence and data mining)
  3. Prescriptive (optimization and simulation)
  4. Diagnostic analytics
  5. Predictive Analytics – Predictive analytics refers to having the ability to interpret data and predict logical and realistic conclusions. It involves a variety of statistical techniques from modelling, machine learning, data mining and game theory that aim to understand the current and historical facts to make predictions and probable conclusions.

Predictive analytics is beneficial and involves risk management and predictions such as insurance and marketing companies, the gaming industry, voice-to-text messages, predicting customer behaviour and customer service decisions as well as developing investment portfolios. Thus, predictive data analytics involves techniques such as linear regression and Time Series Analysis and Forecasting.

  1. Descriptive Analytics – Descriptive analytics aims to examine past data and performance to understand the cause of success and failure. While Predictive analytics focuses on predicting probable conclusions, the descriptive model is focused on interpreting and critically observing patterns between customer and product. Descriptive analytics involves making strategic decisions to predict outcomes and customer behaviour. It involves preparing reports data dashboards etc.
  2. Prescriptive Analytics – Prescriptive analytics is the second stage of Predictive analytics. While predictive analytics focuses on probabilities, prescriptive analytics guides the decision-maker with possible solutions and actions to tackle the problem. Prescriptive analytics provides a blueprint not just with actionable plans but also for planning and mitigating future risks. Moreover, it maps out the implications of each decision option.
  3. Diagnostic Analytics – An accurate diagnosis of an illness of a patient by a doctor, can help the patient get proper treatment timely. Similarly, a critical and objective analysis of a problem can help find accurate solutions to deal with it; which diagnostic analysis focuses on. Diagnostic analytics use historical data and examine the problem in detail. The purpose of diagnostic analytics is to find patterns and garner insights about any problem.

By Understanding the Types of Data Analytics, Not Just Hard Skills but Also Soft Skills Are Required to Excel in a Career in Data Science:

  • Problem Solving: The base of data analytics is problem-solving. A data analyst’s job is to analyze data and find solutions to help companies and businesses leverage business.
  • Critical Thinking: A necessary skill required for a data analyst is critical thinking. The ability to critically analyze and adopt an objective point of view is an essential skill for a data analyst. As a data analyst works with multiple numbers, statistical data, customer behaviour and trends data, markets etc.; it is necessary to interpret this data and draw patterns.
  • Quick Decision Making: As a data analyst, you deal with multiple data. The skill of a data analyst lies in his ability to conclude and therefore making quick decisions is essential.
  • Presentation and Communication skills: Data analysis needs to be presented effectively and clearly. A data analyst needs to develop clear communication and presentation skills.
  • Good organizational skills: A data analyst needs to be very well-organized. The ability to multi-task and segregate data is a vital skill for anyone to become successful in a career in data analytics.

Some Data Applications Which a Data Analyst Requires Are:

  • Microsoft Excel – Microsoft Excel is one of the most common software applications for data analysis. Microsoft Excel has many uses such as for the collection and organization of data. With the many functions offered by Excel, one can easily perform complex calculations by applying formulas and preparing reports.
  • Python – Python is one of the most popular programming languages in the world today. With its built analytic tools, Python is used for software and website development as well as for data analysis. A data analyst can also use Python libraries such as Pandas and NumPy.
  • R – In the field of data analytics, knowing the programming language R is essential. It’s a helpful language for making statistical calculations.
  • Tableau – Tableau is a helpful software which is primarily used for data visualization and can be used for functions such as segmentation, cohort analysis and predictive analysis.
  • MySQL- A Structured Query Language (SQL) is an open-source relational database management system which is beneficial for data analysts as it stores application data. It is helpful for data storage and performing routine analysis.

Therefore, to master the discipline of data analytics, enrolling in the Data analytics courses in the Bahamas will be quite helpful. It will also help passionate professionals to enhance their skill set and improve their career prospects.

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The Bahamas

The Bahamas, officially the Commonwealth of Bahamas is an island country within the Lucayan Archipelago of the West Indies in the Atlantic Ocean. Tourism is a major industry in the Bahamas.

Top 11 Data Analytics Courses In The Bahamas With Placements


IIM SKILLS is one of the recognized institutes in India offering a variety of courses – finance marketing, digital marketing, data analytics course etc. They have created a niche for themselves in many domains. Its headquarters are located in New Delhi. IIM SKILLS offers practically oriented Data analytics with placement guidance.

Course Details:

Name:  Data Analytics Course

Duration: 6 Months Of Training + 2 Months Internship (optional)

Fees: 595.94 Bahamian Dollars + Taxes

EMI: Interest Free

Certification: Yes

If you are planning to pursue a data analytics course in the Bahamas, IIM SKILLS becomes the best institution to pursue data analytics. Additionally, the course offers a guaranteed two-month internship with companies such as Accenture, TCS, PWC and Quantum. It is ranked no.1 program by Analytics Insight, The Statesman and Times Now


  • Data Analytics Using Advanced Excel
  • Data Analytics Using VBA
  • Data Analytics Using SQL
  • Data Analytics Using Power BI
  • Data Analytics Using Python
  • Data Analytics Using Tableau
  • R for Data Science
  • Data Analytics Using Alteryx

The institute offers EMI options as well as group discounts for 3 or more registrations. The trainees also get internship certificates.

The Data analytics courses in the Bahamas are ideal for trainees who aim to equip themselves with the working knowledge of requisite tools which are essential in the Data Science industry.

These data analytics courses in the Bahamas offers the trainees to work on many hands-on projects. These projects are extremely beneficial as the candidates get full-fledged training based on the industry’s demands.

Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS


Contact number: +91 9580740740

2. Great Learning –

Great Learning is a well-known ed-tech platform in 2013. It offers free as well paid online courses. The courses are on topics such as Analytics, Data Science, AI, Deep Learning, Cloud Computing and Machine Learning.

Course Name and Details: Data Science Foundations

The Various Modules of the Course Include:

  • Introduction to Data Science
  • Data Science Life Cycle
  • Data Mining Tasks
  • Intro to Machine Learning
  • Languages for Data Science.

This Data analytics course in the Bahamas is ideal for beginners, and keen professionals who want to begin their journey in Data Science. This course is self-paced with a total of 2 hours of video lectures, along with free lifetime access to the course content as well as a completion certificate at the end of the course.

Learning under the expertise of a professor at the Delhi School of Economics, India would be a golden opportunity for beginners around the world.

Check out their other free certification courses:

  • Python Fundamentals for Beginners
  • Python for Data Analysis
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Data Visualization using Tableau

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3. University of The Bahamas

This Data analytics course in the Bahamas is a three-month training programme along with one month of practical work. It is delivered through UB’s Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning. Furthermore, for promising and eager Bahamian students six months of career coaching and job search support.

Course Name: Data Analytics Career Accelerator Certificate Programme

The course curriculum includes Microsoft Excel, Tableau, SQL, Python and ChatGPT. They also provide placement guidance. The teaching is done by Smarter Bahamas and delivered through UB’s Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning (CeLEARN) Centre.

Contact information: (242) -668-5900 / 688-5901

4. The Knowledge Academy –

The Knowledge Academy is a well-known institute offering a variety of online courses including digital marketing, data analytics, business communication etc.

Course Name and Details: Data Analytics for Marketing Professional – Bahamas

The Modules Include:

  • Fundamentals (of Data Analytics)
  • Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Strategy
  • Get to Know Data
  • Modelling Techniques
  • Segmentation Methods and Techniques

This Data analytics course in the Bahamas is an instructor-led online course.

Check Other Related Courses:

  • Advanced Data Analytics Course – Bahamas
  • Data Science Analytics – Bahamas
  • Big Data and Analytics Training – Bahamas
  • Data Analytics for Project Managers Training – Bahamas

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5. Coursera –

Coursera is a leading ed-tech company which offers courses worldwide from eminent universities and colleges. If you are an aspiring individual dreaming of pursuing data analytics courses in the Bahamas, from the comforts of your home, there is no better platform than Coursera.

Course Name and Details: Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate Course

Instructor and Professional–level Trainer: Google

Duration: 6 Months

Mode: Online

Modules Covered:

  • Data and its fundamentals
  • Problem-solving approach in making Data-driven decisions
  • Factors Regarding Data Collection
  • Data organization and cleaning using spreadsheets, SQL and R programming
  • Presentation of Data Analysis

This data analytics certificate course in the Bahamas also provides beginners and individuals with hands-on training with capstone projects, case studies and portfolios. Moreover, upon completion of the course, you are ready to take a job as a junior data analyst, data analyst and Associate Data Analyst. They also assist you in Resume review, Interview preparation etc.

If you are a college-going student then this certificate has an ACE recommendation, which makes it eligible to get credits at any college in the USA. It also offers placement support.

Check Out Their Other Interesting Courses:

  • Introduction to Data Analytics
  • IBM Data Analyst
  • Business Analytics with Excel: Elementary to Advanced
  • Data Analysis with Python

6. Unichrone –

Unichrone is a well-known leading ed-tech company offering a variety of professional courses around the globe. If you are looking for a data analytics course in the Bahamas; you would love to check out this course.

Course Name and Details: Power BI Data Analyst Certification

Training in the Bahamas

Who are Eligible:         Beginners, Professionals

Fees:                                  165 BSD

The Modules Include:

  • Getting Started with Microsoft Data Analytics
  • Prepare Data for Analysis
  • Model data in Power BI
  • Visualize data in Power BI
  • Data Analysis in Power BI
  • Using Power BI to manage databases and workspaces

The Data analytics courses in the Bahamas is designed for professionals to get an introduction to Power IB which is a reliable business intelligence tool for data analysts. Moreover, course materials and mock tests are provided to the aspirants to train them in the best way possible. Along with a meticulous study plan, it aims to arm individuals with the requisite skill set and offer placement guidance.

7. Spoclearn –

Spoclearn is a leading ed-tech company which offers a variety of online courses. This course is ideal for beginners and passionate individuals who wish to immerse themselves in the world of data science. This online course is instructor-led with placement guidance.

Course Name:  Data Analyst Training Course in the Bahamas

The Course Includes a Variety of Basic Topics:

  • Data Analytics and Python
  • Data Wrangling
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • SQL and NOSQL Databases
  • Data Analytics Techniques
  • Data Visualization and Reports
  • Career Prep and Capstone Project

Next Cohort: July 27th – 3rd

Fees: 950 BSD

Other Courses Which You Pursue Include:

  • Business Analysis Training Course in Bahamas
  • Data Science Courses in Bahamas
  • Tableau Certification Training in Bahamas

8. Udemy-

Udemy is one of the prominent companies which offers many online courses in various domains. If you wish to upgrade your skills and are looking for Data analytics courses in the Bahamas at affordable prices, Udemy could be the right place for you.

Course Name: The Data Analyst Course: Complete Data Analyst Bootcamp

Instructor: 365 Degrees

Fees: 37.13 BSD

Some of the Modules Include:

  • Introduction to Data Analytics
  • Python Basics
  • Fundamentals for Coding in Python
  • Mathematics for Python
  • NumPy Basics
  • Pandas – Basics
  • Working with Text Files
  • Working with Text Data

Check Out These Courses Too:

  • Data Analytics Real–World Projects in Python
  • Microsoft Excel: Advanced Excel Formulas and Functions
  • Data Analysis with Python and Pandas
  • Learning Python for Data Analysis and Visualization Ver.1

9. University of West Indies –

University of West Indies has been ranked one of the best institutions in the world. Centre for Professional Development in association with the University of West Indies has introduced online Data analytics courses in the Bahamas for individuals who wish to upgrade their skills in Data Analysis and learn the programming language R.

Course Name: Advanced Data Analysis using R


Basic understanding of the programming language R

Having a background in data analysis, data analytics, statistics,

informational technology is preferred

Certification: Professional Development Certificate of Competence

Course Learning Outcomes:

  • Purpose of functional and object-oriented programming in data science
  • Advance statistical data using R
  • To create linear efficient R code
  • To create linear regression models
  • Constructing efficient data visualizations.
  • Integrate data from sources through web scraping.
  • Practising advanced statistical programming tools and techniques in R to address different types of data science problems.
  • Practising R to communicate data findings and business insights.


Includes extensive practice in the application of various statistical methods using the R tool

10. SAS Institute

SAS (Statistical Analysis System) is a well-known company established in North Carolina, USA in 1966. It is known for providing business intelligence and data management software services. If you are interested in pursuing the Data analytics courses in the Bahamas online, then SAS would be a great place for you to begin your journey in data analytics.

Course Name: Data Mining Techniques: Predictive Analytics on Big Data

Who is Eligible:

Business analysts, data analysts, marketing analysts, data scientists, data engineers.

The Modules Include:

  • Introduction to big data and SAS big data tools. Data Exploration
  • Data exploration and clustering (SAS Visual Statistics).
  • Data exploration and dimension reduction. Analysis Methods for Categorical Targets
  • Categorical targets (SAS Visual Statistics).
  • Categorical targets (SAS In-Memory Statistics). Analysis Methods for Interval Targets
  • Interval targets (SAS Visual Statistics).
  • Interval targets (SAS In-Memory Statistics).
  • Interval targets (SAS Enterprise Miner).

These data analytics courses in the Bahamas provide in-depth knowledge to professionals in the field of data science and analytics. For further details, kindly visit the website mentioned above.

Check Out Their Other Interesting Courses Here:

  • Experimentation in Data Science
  • Advanced Analytics in a Big Data World
  • Feature Engineering and Data Preparation for Analytics
  • Optimization Concepts for Data Science

11. Simplilearn –

Simplilearn is an e-learning platform that helps learners upgrade themselves with in-demand skills. Krishna Kumar founded Simplilearn in the year 2010. Finding the best Data analytics courses in the Bahamas could become easy with Simplilearn.

Course Name: Data Analyst

Learning Format: Online Bootcamp

Duration: 11 months

Fees: 56.90 BSD per month or pay the entire amount – 682.75 BSD

Rating by TrustPilot – 4.5

Their Data analytics courses in the Bahamas is conducted in collaboration with IBM. The course aims to upskill professionals with the requisite skills to become a data analyst expert. Furthermore, you will also earn certification and they have a placement cell for job guidance.

The Modules Include In Their Data Analytics Courses in The Bahamas:

  • Business Analytics with Excel
  • SQL Certification Course
  • Understanding Programming Basics and Data Analytics with Python
  • R Programming with Data Science
  • Data Analytics with R
  • Tableau Training
  • Data Analyst Masters Capstone


  • PL-300 Microsoft Power BI Certification Training
  • Industry Master Class – Data Analytics

Some Additional Data Analytics Courses Which You Can Pursue Are:

  • Professional Certificate Course in Data Analytics
  • Business Analyst
  • Caltech Data Analytics Bootcamp
  • Post Graduate Program in Data Science


  • Are data analytics courses in demand?

With the world becoming more and more digital with more start-ups and businesses, there is a huge demand for data analysts.

  • What do data analysts do?

Data analysts are experts in analyzing and interpreting complex data. The skill of a data analyst involves in cleaning and organizing data and guiding companies and businesses in making strategic decisions with the help of statistical data.

  • Why pursue a data analytics course?

Individuals who are good at mathematics, statistics, and computer science can have an advantage over mastering data science and analytics. However, being equipped with a certification in data analytics can help aspiring individuals become experts in using various software applications and programming languages which can prove beneficial in their career as a data analyst. A certification always adds value to your resume and credits your expertise in a particular discipline.

  • Are data analytics and data science the same?

Data science is an umbrella term which encompasses many areas of study including data analytics, machine learning, data engineering etc. Therefore, data analytics is a part of data science. Data scientists work on building predictive models using computational and statistical data to gather insights as well as develop new algorithms. On the other hand, data analysts are mainly concerned with analyzing the data collected from the past to make informed decisions and design actionable plans for the present.

  • Can data analysts be replaced by AI?

While AI models are best at doing automated tasks with efficiency and accuracy; a human data analyst cannot be replaced. AI can clean and organize data; however, a human data analyst can only make strategic, innovative and creative decisions which can benefit the companies.


The Bahamas is an island country blessed with immense ethereal natural beauty. After the pandemic, many businesses have gone digital including tourism. Therefore, to stay updated in the digital world, professionals must take data analytics courses in the Bahamas to ace their careers.

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