Top 11 Data Analytics Courses In Brazil With Placements

As the need for data-informed decision-making continues to grow, companies are realizing the value of using data analytics. However, due to the lack of knowledge about Data Analytics, not all businesses are using full advantage of this powerful tool. Numerous startups, global firms, and tech-driven companies that are insatiably thirsty for data-driven insights can be found in Brazil. Data science is now a vital tool for solving complicated problems in a variety of Brazilian industries, from forecasting consumer behavior to streamlining corporate processes. In this article, we have shortlisted the top institutes that offer the best Data Analytics Courses in Brazil.


Data Analytics Courses in Brazil help professionals to rise rapidly. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned professional trying to succeed in the fast-paced data analytics industry, you need to join a better Data Analytics Course in Brazil.

What is Data Analytics?

Data Analytics is the process of gathering, organizing, evaluating, and interpreting data to derive conclusions that can be used to make better decisions. The Data Analytics can be used in various industries.

Organizations can make better decisions and can spot trends and patterns based on gathered data. It helps them to make wiser choices about their products. Data Analytics identifies areas in which companies can become efficient by cutting expenses or raising output. This powerful tool helps to enhance customer service.

Explore These Data Analytics Courses Near You:

The Data Analytics Involves the Following Types:

Descriptive Analytics

The most fundamental type of Data Analytics is Descriptive Analytics. It explains what happened in the past and does not forecast the future. It simply finds the patterns and trends. When People interact with your website’s advertisement or social media content, the raw data are generated to create the report. This report is used to compare the current and historic metrics and shows trends.

 Diagnostic Analytics

Businesses understand why things happen by using Diagnostic analytics. It is the next step used after Descriptive analytics. It identifies the reason for the problem and finds a solution.

Bank of America utilizes Regression analysis, a type of diagnostic analytics to identify fraudulent wire transfers or commercial cards in real-time. This aids in determining the origins of fraud as well.

 Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics makes it possible to forecast future revenue, customer behavior, and other events. It is usually used after the application of descriptive and diagnostic analytics to comprehend the past and identify the reason for the issue.

Amazon gathers amount of data about the customer such as browsing habits, past purchases, and location information. This gathered information helps to predict what customers want to buy, where to buy it, and when they want to buy it. The business uses this data to tailor its marketing campaigns.

 Prescriptive Analytics

Prescriptive analytics suggest courses of action for the companies to follow. This type is usually used after Descriptive Analytics, Diagnostic analytics, and Predictive analytics. Prescriptive analytics have been used to comprehend the past, identify the reason for the issue, and forecast future occurrences.

This type is the most advanced type of Data Analytics. Netflix uses Prescriptive Analytics to recommend Series and Movies to customers by viewing the history of the Customer, the demographics of the customers, Client evaluations and current patterns.

Cognitive Analytics

Cognitive analytics utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to comprehend and analyze data. When analyzing data, it thinks like a human. Although it’s a new field, organizations are starting to see its potential advantages, and the discipline is rapidly growing in popularity.

It is necessary to take a data analytics course to fully benefit from data analytics. In this article, we provide top Data Analytics Courses in Brazil.

Also, A Few Data Analytics Courses You Should Explore:

Top 11 Data Analytics Courses in Brazil With Placements


IIM Skills is one of the online leading platforms. Up to now, IIM Skills has successfully trained over 35,000 students both locally and internationally and more than 9500 through online training sessions. They offer a wide range of courses for developing skills. Data Analytics training is the most popular master course among them.

Course Details:

Name:  Data Analytics Course

Duration: 6 Months Of Training + 2 Months Internship (optional)

Fees: 3070.46 Brazilian Real + Taxes

EMI: Interest Free

Certification: Yes

The Following Prerequisites Have Been Provided by the Institution to Join This Data Analytics Field:

  • Bachelor’s degree in any field.
  • Knowing mathematics and statistics is a bonus as basic knowledge in computers and technology.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, the course is accessible to everyone interested in starting a career in this field.

The Curriculum Covered Under Their Data Analytics Courses in Brazil:

Module Name
Module 1: Basic and Advanced Excel Important Topic

Introduction to Data Handling

Data Manipulation Using Functions

Data Analysis and Reporting

Data Visualization in Excel

Overview of Dashboards

Module 2: Visual Basic Application Introducing VBA

How VBA Works with Excel

Key Components of Programming Language

Programming Constructs in VBA

Functions & Procedures in VBA

Objects & Memory Management in VBA

Error Handling

Controlling the Accessibility of Your Code

Communicating with Your Users

Module 3: SQL Basics RDBMS Concepts

Utilizing the Object Explorer

Data Based Objects Creation (DDL Commands)

Data Manipulation (DML Commands)

Accessing Data from Multiple Tables Using SELECT

Optimizing Your Work

Module 3.1: SQL Server Reporting Services Basics of SSRS

Creating Parameters

Understanding Visualization

Creating Visualization Using SSRS

Module 3.2: SQL Server Integration Services Understanding Basics of SSIS

Understanding Packages

Creating Packages to Integrate

Creating Project Using SSIS

Module 4: Power BI Introduction

Data Preparation and Modelling

Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)

Reports Development (Visuals in Power BI)

Module 5: Data Analytics Using Python Introduction to Basic Statistics

Introduction to Mathematical Foundations

Introduction to Analytics & Data Science

Python Essentials (Core)

Operations with NumPy (Numerical Python)

Overview of Pandas

Cleansing Data with Python

Data Analysis Using Python

Data Visualization with Python

Statistical Methods & Hypothesis Testing

Module 6: Tableau Getting Started

Data Handling & Summaries

Reports Development (Visuals in Tableau)

Module 7: R For Data Science Data Importing/Exporting

Data Manipulation

Data Analysis

Using R with Databases

Data Visualization with R

Introduction to Statistics

Linear Regression: Solving Regression Problems

Module 8: Alteryx Overview of the Alteryx Course and Fundamental Concepts

Using the Select Tool to Rename Fields, Change the Data Type

Understanding the User Environment and Alteryx Settings

Filtering Data/Data Processing

Blending/Joining Data from Different Sources

Data Cleansing

Impute Values

Random Sample


                              Duration 6 Months + 2 Months (unpaid internship)
                                 Fees INR 49900 + 18% taxes
                          Certification Earn internationally recognized Master certification from IIM SKILLS. It will be sent to your registered email address within 15 days of your exam appearance.


If a participant is not able to attend the class or wants to revisit the class, the recordings are available lifetime on the LMS (Learning Management System) to access anytime. Assignments and feedback will be given to the participants so that to improve more.

Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS

Phone: +919580740740


2. Le Wagon-

With more than 1875 reviews, Le Wagon has an average rating of 4.98 out of 5. It is now the world’s most recognized boot camp. Le Wagon is one of the top-ranked IT boot camps. Among many online courses, they offer Data Analytics Courses in Brazil and worldwide.

Data Analytics training is one of its numerous online offerings. Le Wagon’s revolutionary training courses have helped thousands of students to begin new careers in technology. You can become a data scientist in a week by learning data analysis methods and tools. Create a strong portfolio and learn how to work with a data team.

After the completion of training, you can apply for various roles like Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Data Analyst and Big Data Engineer.

Details For Their Data Analytics Courses in Brazil:

Mode of study online tutorials
Duration 40 hours
Tools and languages learned during training Python, SQL, Google Sheets, BigQuery, Zapier, Fivetran, Google Tag Manager, dbt, Power BI, Looker Studio, Jupyter, Pandas, Scikit-Learn, Plotly, Google Colab, Airflow



Data Visualization
Project weeks
Career Week


3. Spoclearn-

Organizations that can adapt to a new and complicated issue will survive and remain relevant in the ever-changing business market. Spoclearn is a terrific chance for individuals who are interested in expanding their knowledge in Data Analytics and related areas. Experience is not required.

Spoclearn is offering popular Data Analytics Courses in Brazil lasting for 4 to 6 months. Explore in-depth programming, data visualization, and statistical analysis and learn from experts in the field who bring real-world expertise to the classroom.

You are going to take in practical tasks, hands-on activities, and group learning experiences during the course that replicate the difficulties experienced by data analysts in the field. After completion of this Data Analytics training, you will receive a valid certificate. 

Course Agenda For Their Data Analytics Courses in Brazil

WEEK 1-2 Introduction to Data Science and Python
WEEK 3-4 Statistics and Probability
WEEK 5-6 Data Wrangling & Visualization
WEEK 7-10 Introduction to Machine Learning
WEEK 11-13 Deep Learning
WEEK 14-16 Big Data and NOSQL Databases
WEEK 17-20 Advanced Topics and Case Studies
WEEK 21-24 Career Prep and Capstone Project


4. The Knowledge Academy-

The Knowledge Academy is one of the top training academies in the world, which offers classes across multiple locations. It provides over 50,000 classroom courses in various topics.

The Knowledge Academy offers plenty of opportunities for those who are interested in the field of Data Analytics courses in Brazil. A certification in advanced data analytics enhances your analytical abilities.

Advanced-Data Analytics Certification Course can be beneficial for professionals like Data Scientists, Data Analysts, Business Analysts, Machine Learning Engineers, Business Intelligence Professionals, Database Administrators and Quantitative Researchers.

Enjoy 90 days of interactive learning with the Knowledge Academy’s instructor-led course online | Advanced Data Analytics courses in Brazil.

Details For Their Data Analytics Courses in Brazil:

Upcoming Classes Tue 28th May 2024 – Fri 31st May 2024


Mon 12th Aug 2024 – Thu 15th Aug 2024 ($4395)

Mon 18th Nov 2024 – Thu 21st Nov 2024 ($4395)

Mode of Study Online Training
Time 9:00 to 17:00
What do you get Case studies, Exercise files, Personal performance tool, 24/7 Support, 32 hours course, Interactive course, Compatible on mobile, tablet and desktop, Scenario-based learning, Bookmarking ability, Note-taking facilities
Access to the course Immediate Access for 90 days
Additional Features 6 Months Access – $265

1 Year Access – $531


5. Ironhack Sao Paulo-

Ironhack is the best technical school to acquire knowledge in various courses like Web Development, Data Analytics, UX/UI and Cybersecurity. They guide you through their vast hiring network in Brazil and beyond. Selecting an Ironhack teaches you more than just technical knowledge.

Their program is built around real-world situations that you may encounter in your first or next job. Additionally, during Career Week, they help you visualize your ideal job and outline the steps necessary to get there, setting you up for success. Their objective is to assist you in finding a career you enjoy, not just the one that pays the bills.

To become a Data Analyst with the help of our Data Analytics Bootcamp. Utilize core competencies such as Git, Python, and MySQL in your projects to enhance your portfolio.


Mode of study On campus/Remote
Duration 9 weeks (full time) or 24 weeks (part time)
Experience Experience is not required


Full Time Part Time
Start The Day (Icebreakers and Short Reviews)

9:00 – 9:30

Icebreakers and Standups

18:30 – 18:45


9:30 – 10:30


18:45 – 20:15

Lunch Break

13:00 – 14:00

Coffee Break

20:15 – 20:30


14:00 – 15:30

Lab/Project Time

20:30 – 21:30

Coffee Break

15:30 – 15:45


10:00 – 17:00

Lab/Project Time

15:45 – 18:00



6. ESPM-

Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing is an educational institution in Sao Brazil. They offer the best courses in the country and are recognized as the best and most experienced institution in Brazil. It provides our students with an ideal combination of theoretical and conceptual study with practical experience gained from working in the commercial world.

Program Information

Postgraduate in Data Analytics Courses in Brazil

Campus location São Paulo, Brazil
Duration 2 semesters
Languages Portuguese
Pace Part-time
Mode of Study Distance Learning, On-Campus
Tuition fees BRL 1,462 / per month *


* A maximum of 35 BRL 1,462.58 instalments +1 BRL 1,610.59 instalment.

ESPM has partnered with IBM to train executives with a strong and stable foundation in managing software and technology solutions. This course is recommended for professionals who are just starting their careers or who are in a phase of professional development.

7. Careerera-

Careerera is one of the top education institutions providing various courses globally. With 500+ staff members, offices in seven countries, and over 100,000 new student enrolments in the past year, Careerera is a market leader in the $280 billion worldwide professional education sector.

They provide 146 courses both Online and on-campus courses are available all over the world. They also provide Data Analytics courses in Brazil among them. Here you can get Student Handouts, E-learning, Mock tests, Recorded Videos, and Career Guidance.


Sl. No. Chapter
Chapter – 1 Introduction to Data Science
Chapter – 2 Introduction to Business Analytics
Chapter – 3 Introduction to Python
Chapter – 4 Working On MySql
Chapter – 5 Exploratory Data Analysis,Data Cleaning,Data Manipulation
Chapter – 6 Statistical Method for Decision Making
Chapter – 7 Machine Learning-Supervised Learning,Unsupevised Learning
Chapter – 8 Ensemble Technique:Bagging,Boosting
Chapter – 9 Text mining and sentimental Analysis
Chapter – 10 Time Series Forecasting
Chapter – 11 Predictive Modeling
Chapter – 12 Optimization Techniques
Chapter – 13 Marketing and Retail Analytics
Chapter – 14 Web & Social Media Analytics
Chapter – 15 Finance & Risk Analytics


Duration 120 Hours
Mode of Study Live online


8. General Assembly-

General Assembly is one of the world’s top-ranked Data analytics short course and Data analytics Bootcamp providers. No matter whether you are experienced or not, their Data Analytics Short Course and their full-time Data Analytics Bootcamp speed up your development of popular data skills and help you boost your career.

After completing the course, you can apply for Cyber Security Analyst, Business Development Analyst, Risk & Compliance Analyst, Procurement Analyst, Fraud Data Analyst, Performance Marketer, and Quantitative Analyst. The information about the upcoming Data Analytics training is as follows.

Data Analytics Short Course Training

Whatever course you select, one week’s full-time or a 10-week part-time course you will receive excellent live training as well as practice under the guidance of experts.

Date April 17 – June 21 (Tue & Thu)

June 4 – August 22 (Mon & Wed) except Jun 19, Jul 1, Jul 3, Aug 5

Time 4.30 am – 6.30 am (IST)
Mode of study Part-Time, Online


Learn the skills necessary to land a job in just 12 weeks. You may benefit from the best of their new remote experience.

Date Time Except Mode of Study
April 22 – July 25 (Mon – Fri) 6.30 pm – 2.30 am (IST) May 20, May 27, Jun 19, Jul 1, Jul 2, Jul 3, Jul 4, Jul 5 Full Time, Online
June 17 – September 20 (Mon – Fri) 7.30 pm – 3.30 am (IST) Jun 19, Jul 1, Jul 2, Jul 3, Jul 4, Jul 5, Aug 5, Aug 30, Sep 2 Full Time, Online
June 4 – February 10 Mon – Thu (3.30 am – 6.30 am IST)

Sun (2.30 am – 6.30 am IST)

Jun 19, Jul 1, Jul 2, Jul 3, Jul 4, Jul 5, Aug 5, Aug 30, Sep 2, Sep 30, Oct 14, Nov 5, Nov 27, Nov 28, Dec 23, Dec 24, Dec 25, Dec 26, Dec 30, Dec 31, Jan 1, Jan 20 Part Time, Online


9. BrainStation-

Data Analytics Courses in Brazil

BrainStation is the global Leading provider of computer training and coding boot camps. The Data Analytics course is to assist you in starting your data analysis profession. Get a certification in data analytics while studying in-demand skills utilized by data analysts. Data Analytics training will teach you how to prepare data, analyze data, visualize data, and more.

You will graduate from BrainStation’s Data Analytics courses with an improved portfolio of real-world data projects in the format of a Data Analyst.

BrainStation builds all of its courses in partnership with industry experts, making sure that each one covers the latest topics in the field and the resources that businesses want.


  • Intro to Data Analytics
  • Database Operations & Advanced Data Analytics
  • Data Visualization

Tools and languages learned during training

  • Microsoft Excel
  • My SQL
  • regex101
  • Tableau

10. IBM-

IBM provides several kinds of free online training programs to assist individuals in upskilling and reskilling. You may get high-quality training from IBM.

Students who successfully finish any IBM course (Data Analytics training) can now receive an edX-validated certificate in addition to a skill badge, which is a comprehensive, digital credential that can be confirmed and highlights the information and abilities you’ve gained in the course.

Subject Data Analysis & Statistics
Language English
Level Introductory
Video Transcripts Arabic, Deutsch, English, Spanish, French, Hindi, Bahasa Indonesia, Portuguese, Kiswahili, Telugu, Turkish, Chinese



Data Analysis and Visualization Fundamentals (Professional Certificate)

Data Analyst (Professional Certificate)

Data Analytics and Visualization with Excel and R (Professional Certificate)

 Details Of Their Data Analytics Courses:

  Certificate Free
Fee ₹8,252
Access to course materials Unlimited Limited
edX support ü    ü   
Shareable certificate upon completion ü   
Graded assignments and exams ü   


11. edX-

Boot camps include flexible scheduling, part-time possibilities, and a variety of learning methods to enable you to make important career changes quickly. Explore 12- to 24-week virtual boot courses in rapidly expanding fields. Data Analytics training is one of the boot camp courses in edX.

We will support your learning journey with professional services and important resources as you get ready to start, change, or advance your career. These will include a resume, portfolio, LinkedIn, and cover letter feedback, career coaching, and interview preparation.

At Edx Boot Camps, the Admission and Prerequisites Require:

An application for submission
An admissions discussion
An entire application
No Experience required
An enrolment agreement, deposit, and financial option


Module 1 Excel crash course
Module 2 Python data analytics
Module 3 Databases
Module 4 Web visualization
Module 5 Machine learning and other advanced topics
Module 6 Final project


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which degree is ideal for data analytics?

Completing a bachelor’s degree in information systems, computer science, or statistics will provide you with the fundamental technical abilities required to work as a data analyst. One of the finest methods to get ready for success in this field may be to pursue an advanced degree.

Q2. Can someone who is not in the IT field learn data analytics?

While it’s not necessary, having experience in IT or computer science can be helpful when entering the data analytics or data science fields. The abilities essential to success in this dynamic and rapidly expanding industry can be gained by anyone with the proper schooling, training, and experience.

Q3. Does a job in data analytics pay well?

Data analytics offers numerous well-paying positions from data analysts to data scientists and data architects. Due to the widespread use of big data and the requirement for data-driven decision-making across a variety of industries, there is an exponential increase in demand for these specialists.

Q4. Does data analytics training require Python?

Most data analysts prefer to work with Python. Python is the most widely used programming language because of its exceptional library selection, scalability, and flexibility, even though some data analysts use other languages like MATLAB, Scala, and Javascript.


It seems obvious that data analytics will become more and more significant in determining the course of events in the future as technology develops and more data becomes accessible. The requirement to expedite the processes of data storage, processing, and interpretation will only grow in the future. A profession in data analytics is both promising now and in the future.

Professionals who can analyze and interpret this data to make wise decisions are in greater demand as businesses and organizations create ever-increasing amounts of data. Furthermore, there are many different job options and pathways to a career in the data analytics sector, including data scientists, business analysts, and data engineers. The Data analytics courses in Brazil listed above will assist you in locating the top Data Analytics training facility to advance your data analytics skills.

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