Top 12 Data Analytics Courses in Nigeria With Placements

Data analytics is the use of statistical and logical methods to process raw data by identifying, collecting, storing, expanding, analyzing, interpreting, and finally visualizing data to gain valuable insights which help an individual or organization make informed decisions. Data analysis is quite helpful and can be an integral part of a growing business. If you want to make a career in this field, must enroll in the below-listed data analytics courses in Nigeria.


List of best data analytics courses in Nigeria


Past data helps answer several questions like ‘Why’ ‘What’ ‘Where” and ‘How’. Examples: ‘Why is the mean ocean temperature rising over the years?’ ‘What factors played a role in the growth of the organization’, ‘Where are my customers’, and ‘How did something go wrong with the development of a product’. By attempting to extract possible answers to these questions from a wide array of data available.


The stages of Data Analysis are:

Gathering the Data:

In this stage, Raw Data is collected and gathered from various sources such as publicly available surveys and reports, individually collected data, tracking data, or purchasing Datasets from others. This is the most unfiltered form of Data.


Cleaning the Data:

In this stage, Data is cleaned, filtered, sorted, and organized to eliminate bits of data that are not helpful and make the important bits easily accessible. Organization in spreadsheets or programming languages is a common method of cleaning and organizing.

Modeling the Data:

Creating and Organising the Database structures.

Storing the Data:

Storing the Data in Databases, for accessibility and safety.

Interpreting the Data:

This stage includes making necessary interpretations and insights through the key findings out of the raw data collected in the first stage.

Presenting and Visualizing the Data:

This stage includes presenting the results to interested audiences and employers, in an easily understandable way by making use of visualization tools like charts, graphs, and reports.


An Analyst is a person who is responsible for collecting and analyzing statistical data and making interpretations to solve a specific problem or answer a certain question.


Analysts can help provide insights that are further used by organizations to evaluate, optimize, predict, and make better decisions. Studying their Data is crucial for a Business to grow.


This makes it important to hire Individuals trained in analyzing Data, AKA, Data Analysts. With the ever-increasing growth in the technology sector, the demand for Data Analysts and Data Scientists is at an all-time high with AI and Technology jobs being one of the fastest-growing job roles according to The Future of Jobs report 2023.

With technology and AI taking over the world by storm, individuals must learn and upskill themselves with the latest skills, to enjoy a sustainable career in any sector. Enter the Future. Enter the World of Data, to not just survive but thrive in your career. Below are the Top Data Analytics Courses in Nigeria.


Top Data Analytics Courses in Nigeria


1)   IIM SKILLS: Data Analytics Master Course

IIM SKILLS is one of the most trusted organizations from India providing courses worldwide. They provide one of the best Data Analytics Courses in Nigeria. The course includes 6 months of live training, and 2 months of research-based internship where you get to apply your skills and experience a real-time, fast-paced environment.

They conduct several practical assignments on a weekly basis which makes learning comprehensive. Plus, you will go through 10+ Case studies from real life to help understand the importance of analytics. You also get access to 7 industry master tools and a guarantee of an opportunity to interview for a job with top recruiters. The IIMSkills certification is trusted and recognized in the industry.


Duration: 6 months.


Data Analytics Course Highlights:

  • Live classes
  • Industry Recognized Certification
  • Job Opportunity
  • Guaranteed unpaid internship post-completion of course.
  • Intensive and comprehensive
  • Provides 24×7 support
  • Lifetime access to the learning tools




2) Utiva: Data Analytics Bootcamp

With over 30,000 individuals, and 15,000 working professionals trained in 30 countries by a faculty of 200+ experts over the last five years, Utiva has been one of the leading Tech-institutes in Nigeria since 2018. The institute offers various Design and technology courses to learn various Industry-Relevant skills from scratch or upgrade your existing skills to the next level.

Utiva offers Data Analytics Courses in NigeriaThe Utiva Data School is dedicated to Data Science and Data Analytics and offers the Data Analytics Bootcamp for getting yourself ready to grab the opportunities waiting for you in the massive world of Data. The course duration is 3 months. The course is taught virtually and focuses on practical learning through real-life projects and case studies.

It is a weekend course with three units teaching you how to analyze data in basic Excel, execute queries SQL, learn the theoretical process of data collection and processing, and gradually progress to database systems, application of analytics, and relevant assignments to give you a comprehensive learning experience. Apart from that, you earn an industry-recognized, Utiva Data Analytics certificate upon completion.


Duration: 3 months.



  • Virtual Online Classes.
  • Comprehensive learning experience.
  • Intensive Weekend course- Suitable for individuals with a tight schedule, looking to get into the world of data but may not be able to attend every day.
  • Professional Industry-Recognised Certification.
  • 1000+ five-star reviews on Google.


Other Courses Offered:

  • Data Science Bootcamp.


Course Curriculum:

  • Data Fundamentals: Introduction to Excel, SQL, and Power BI.
  • Data Visualization and Communicating Data Insights: Fundamentals of Data Visualization, Build Interactive and Impactful Dashboards, Convey Captivating Data Narratives.
  • Database management and advanced data analytics: Learn Database Fundamentals, Manage and Analyse Data with SQL, and Organise and Optimise Data Sets.




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3) Dataleum Academy: Data Analytics Beginner’s Combo.

Dataleum Academy is an Impact-driven community of Mentors and learners across Africa with the mission to empower affordable tech education and passionate individuals looking for such education to equip themselves with the skills necessary to scale the world of Big Data. Since 2019, The Academy Has trained over 18000+ individuals and offers 8 courses to launch or upgrade your Data career.

They offer Data Analytics Courses in Nigeria with the popular Data analytics Beginner’s Combo lasting two months, with 4-5 hours of dedicated learning on each day of the weekend which provides practical experience on learning and application of Data as opposed to their Data Analytics Beginner Course which equips you with basic knowledge of Data Analysis. On completing the course you receive the Dataleum Certification of Completion.


Duration: 2 Months.



  • In-class, Online, and self-paced learning options.
  • The course is engaging and great for beginners.
  • Regular projects and Assessments.
  • Certification at the end of the course.
  • 1000+ positive reviews on Google.


Other Course(s) offered:

  • Data Analytics Beginner’s Course.
  • Data Analytics Intermediate Course which includes prep for Microsoft Data Analytics Certification.
  • Strategic HR Analysis.
  • Business Analysis.


Course Curriculum for Data Analytics Beginner’s Combo:

  • Introduction to Microsoft Excel.
  • Basic Functions & Formulas in Excel.
  • Pivot Tables & Pivot Charts.
  • Data Modelling.
  • Data Presentation with PowerPoint.
  • Introduction to Data Analytics and Visualization on PowerBI.
  • Data Modelling & Data Analytics Expression.
  • Introduction to Database & SQL Module.
  • Structured Query Language (SQL).
  • Weekly assignments




4) BiZmarrow Centre for ICT and Computer Training in Nigeria: Scholarship-Based Data Analysis and Visualization Course.

BiZmarrow Technologies is an institute that specializes in computer and ICT training in Abuja, Nigeria for the last 12 years. Providing personalized and practical hands-on training, providing individuals with training on various IT skills besides Data Analytics.

Recognizing and Emphasizing the role of IT in present times, its impact on the job market, the available opportunities, and its growth in the future, Bizmarrow takes pride in being one of the best Computer training institutes in Abuja, Nigeria.

The best thing about the Data Analytics Courses in Nigeria with BiZmarrow is that is Scholarship based. This means your cost of learning would be partially funded, making it one of Nigeria’s most cost-efficient courses with fees as low as 29,500 nairas. The course is for 4 weeks, with classes 3 days a week. They offer you both physical and online modes of learning. You will receive a certificate of completion from BiZmarrow at the end of the course and assessments.


Duration: 4 weeks



  • Partial scholarship on the Data Analytics and Visualization Course.
  • Both Online and Physical Classes are available to students.
  • Short term Course
  • Positive reviews.


Course Curriculum:

  • Introduction to Data Analytics
  • Data Analysis using Excel
  • Data Analysis using PowerBI
  • Visualizing Data in Infographics


Other Scholarship Courses Offered:

  • UI/UX Web Design and Development Training.
  • Social Media, Marketing, and Management Training.
  • Digital Skills Training.




5) Piston and Fusion: Data Analysis with Advance Excel and Power BI: Analysis for Business Decisions.

Piston and Fusion Ltd was originally established in 2009 by a team of experienced professionals with a vision to educate and train individuals to learn the in-demand skills and best apply them to the benefit of the individual as well as the organization. Since then, It has been one of the fastest-growing start-up businesses in the southwest region of Nigeria.

They have trained over 6,000 professionals over 10 years. They provide several courses and applied training in the field of ICT. They also provide post-training career advice and support. They provide Data Analytics Courses in Nigeria. The courses from this institute may be recommended to those looking to learn about Data Analytics in Nigeria in-depth and get a deeper understanding of many of the related concepts and don’t mind spending.


Course(s) offered:

  • Data Analysis using SPSS- Hands-on learning and experience with IBM SPSS Statistics.
  • Data Analysis with Advance Excel and Power BI: Analysis for Business Decisions.
  • Data Analysis with Excel.


Curriculum for Data Analysis with Advance Excel and Power BI:

  • Handling data with Advanced Excel Functions.
  • Data Reporting and Visualization in Excel.
  • Introduction to Power BI, Creating Relationships and Data Models in Power BI.
  • Data Reporting and Visualization with Power BI.



  • In-Depth Course stands apart due to its highly inclusive curriculum but may be a bit much for the price.
  • Several perks like Manuals, Tea and Lunch, and Stationery will be provided by the institute.
  • Great for Experienced Professionals as well as Beginners.




6) Datalead: Applied Data Analytics Bootcamp

Data-Lead Africa is a consulting firm situated in Abuja, Nigeria providing leading data analytics and strategic consulting. Data-Lead also offers Data Analytics Courses in Nigeria. Datalead’s Data Analytics Bootcamp is a 3-month comprehensive internship-based program designed to train and establish high-quality Analysts, launching them into the Data Analytics space both beginner Data Enthusiasts and those looking to accelerate their existing careers.

The program provides students with tools and techniques for transforming data within their organization or grabbing the potential role in the organization of interest. The project-based internship will help individuals understand how to employ their data skills in their present or future workplace.


Course duration: 3 months


Course(s) offered:

  • Applied Data Analytics Bootcamp
  • Applied Data Science Bootcamp


Course curriculum:

  • Introduction to Data Collection.
  • Mobile Data Collection using Open Data Kit(ODK)
  • Qualitative Data Analysis using: QDA Miner, NVIVO, Atlas. TI
  • Quantitative Data Analysis using: Microsoft Excel, STATA, and SPSS.
  • Big Data Analysis using R.
  • Data Management using SQL.
  • Data Visualization using Power BI and Microsoft Excel.



  • Hands-on Data experience with industry tools and techniques
  • Very detailed and comprehensive
  • Mentors who are experienced professionals in the public health sector.
  • Work and learn experience.
  • Internship and Certification.




7) Parach computers: Data Analysis Program.

Parach Computers is a top ICT and Computer training institute offering Data Analytics Courses in Nigeria. Situated in Ibadan, They provide several development and design courses. Their Data Analytics Courses in Nigeria is a well-designed training program to help you become a professional data analyst.

This intensive and practical approach-based course is taught by industry professionals, and you are awarded a certificate on successful completion of the course and assessments. They have both weekend and weekday batches available for students.


Course Duration: 4 weeks


Course offered:

Data Analysis Program.


Course curriculum:

  • Introduction to Statistics.
  • Data Interpretation and Visualisation.
  • Data Analysis Software.



  • Intensive and Practical.
  • Taught by Industry professionals with several years of practical experience.
  • Flexible timings.
  • Shorter Duration
  • Good for beginners.




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8) Melodia Coding Academy: Data Analytics Course

Melodia Coding is a software and IT development training institute in Lagos. They are known to train, guide, recruit, and outsource software developers, analysts, and related professionals. They provide training and placement services to potential students. They are known to prepare individuals to become coding and analysis experts for placement and growth in the relevant industries.

They offer intensive Data Analytics Courses in Nigeria to beginners with an updated and practical curriculum and the learning and application of the latest software tools. They have multiple enrollment options. Fellowships and scholarships are available to the top 10% of students according to their scores in the entrance exam which is conducted before the course.

Fellows and scholars enjoy some special benefits. Apart from that other students also get the opportunity to learn and put their skills to use. The duration of the course is 8 weeks.


Course Curriculum includes Data handling with Python, Data design, storage, and implementation with SQL and others.



  • Intensive Training.
  • Practical Approach.
  • Benefited Fellowship and Scholarships (Subject to Entrance Test).
  • In-house and Outsourcing Placement facilities for Fellows and Scholars.
  • Advanced Teaching Tools.


9) Datalab: Data Analytics Training

Datalab specializes in providing specialized data and analytical solutions that equip and empower individuals, professionals, and businesses for growth in their relevant fields. Situated in Abuja, they are known to provide leading services and certification programs for Data Analytics in Nigeria among others, which equip you with the necessary skills not just to survive but thrive in the world of data.

They provide many tailor-made Data Analytics Courses in Nigeria. The usual course duration is three months and 4 months for weekend programs. Having trained 1200 people, Datalab could be an excellent option for you.


Course(s) Offered:

  • Data Analysis
  • Data Science internships
  • Advanced Excel, SQL, and Power BI course
  • Among many others


Course Curriculum:

  • Data Collection, Interpretation, and Visualization using Statistics.
  • Advanced Excel.
  • Power BI.



  • Good reviews
  • Interactive and Intensive training.
  • Internships are available with some courses.
  • Trusted institution
  • Certified program.




10) UrBizEdge: Data Analysis Program.

UrBizEdge is a registered training institute Providing Microsoft Excel, Data Analytics, and Financial modeling in Lagos, Nigeria. They are known to focus on the world’s most used and flexible business intelligence tools to train individuals and professionals to make use to develop their existing careers or launch themselves into prospective careers. They offer Data Analytics courses in Nigeria in different tailor-made courses which explain each section of Analytics in detail. The duration is Six weeks.


Data Analysis Related Course(s) Curriculum:

Big Data Analysis.

Power BI.

Python for Data Analysis.

Introduction to SQL for Data Analysis.


Theory and practical.

Weekly assignments and assessments to track the progress of the student.

Tailor-made Courses.




11) Abuja Data School

Abuja Data School was established with of vision of grooming individuals into professional Data Analysts to have a competitive edge to work with challenging data and environments with good packages. Their Data Analytics Courses in Nigeria are conducted by experienced mentors with real-life case studies and practical approaches to Data analytics to help students achieve proficiency in Data Analytics in Nigeria.

They have several courses ranging from beginner to intermediate and advanced depending on the prior experience of the student. Self-paced physical, virtual, and private sessions are available for students to learn from.


Course(s) Offered:

  • As mentioned earlier, they have several different courses in the data analytics category.
  • SPSS Training.
  • Python Training.
  • SQL Training.
  • R for Data Analysis.
  • Power BI training.
  • Advanced Excel Training.



  • Different Courses are categorized according to Individual Competency Levels.
  • Practical Approach.
  • Positive Reviews.
  • Vast Learning Options.
  • Self-paced.




12) Simplilearn: Data Analysts Master Program.

This Data Analytics course is in collaboration with the prestigious International Business Machines(IBM). Simplilearn’s Data Analysts Master Program is one of the top Data Analytics Courses and Worldwide. This Data Analyst Course helps you learn how to use analytical tools, techniques, and methods to analyze Data, How to use SQL Databases, R programming language, and Python, apply statistics and analytical predictions in business environments, and create compelling and easy-to-comprehend data visuals.

This collaborative course with Simplilearn and IBM aims to provide students with an integrated and blended learning experience to make them proficient in the field. Students from all around the world prefer the Simplilearn Data Analysts Master Program. This course is taught by IBM Experts. The certification is highly valuable and recognized worldwide.

This course is available online on Simplilearn with live masterclasses and Q and A’s with IBM experts. Capstone and other Industry Case studies are taught in the practical assignments to make your learning and application as comprehensive as possible. The course is Self-Paced with deadlines to complete each module. The course is suitable for both Individuals and Professionals. The course is also offered with EMI payment options.


Course Curriculum:

  • Business Analytics with Excel.
  • Programming Basics and Data Analytics with Python.
  • R Programming for Data Science.
  • Data Analytics with R.
  • Tableau Training.
  • Data Analysts Masters Project.
  • Electives such as Power BI and Industry Masterclass on Data Analytics.
  • The online course is preferred by students worldwide.



  • Course and Certification in collaboration with Simplilearn and IBM.
  • Industry Standard.
  • Ranked #1 online
  • 36000+ Five-Star ratings.
  • Very Comprehensive.
  • Various Payment Options






Which Data Analytics Courses are the best?

Each of the Data Analytics Courses in Nigeria mentioned in this article has its benefits and disadvantages, and at the end of the day comes down to individual preference and what is best for you. Individuals are recommended to choose while keeping in mind their Budget, Comfortable Mode of Learning, Scholarships, Placement and Internship Opportunities, Subject of interest, Location, Certification, Reviews, and Personal Research, before enrolling in their choice of course, to ensure they make the most of your learning.


Are Data Analytics Courses worth my money?

In the current and quite possibly future economy, technology is rapidly affecting every sector including employment. Therefore it becomes necessary to learn sustainable skills that may not only open new doors and opportunities for employment but as the world advances further Data analysis may expand even more. So, having a basic knowledge of Data is very beneficial in every sector of the economy. So, Yes a Data Analytics Course will equip you with the skills for the future and hence is worth your money.


Where do I find the contact information for my choice of course?

You can find the contact information on their website or Google.


Are the fees for these courses refundable?

Fees are not usually refundable once paid in any course.


I am working and may not have all week to attend the course. What do I do?

Many of these courses have weekend batches and also flexible modes of learning such as virtual and self-paced to ensure you get the most out of your course. Many of these courses cater to working professionals as well as individuals.

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