Top 11 Data Analytics Courses in Zurich With Placement Assistance

When it comes to Switzerland, the first thing that comes to mind is the mesmerizing alpines and the rich cultural diversity. Apart from these facts, did you know that the city, Zurich, is one of the biggest financial centers in the world? The education system and faculty of Switzerland are top-notch. Their reputation has increased the number of expats as well. This is one of the best cities to consider if you are looking to undertake Data analytics courses in Zurich. In this article, we have curated everything you need to know about Data analytics courses in Zurich.


List of best data analytics courses in Zurich


The Meaning of Data Analytics

In the world of technology and large-scale industry models, data and information are the pillars of holding an entity together. Data analytics is the process where the data analyst studies the data and converts it into presentable information, aiding in reliable business decisions. By monitoring the data, the analyst can suggest what changes need to be done to achieve a high digital presence and growth.

By examining the data, an organization also gains multiple insights into market trends, advertising campaigns, financial statistics, company operations, and customer relations. When an organization faces challenges, the interpretation of data findings helps to curb the potential upcoming risks. With innovations every day, it is evident that industries are emerging to keep up with the tough competition as well.

Data Analytics is such a tool that helps companies curate practices to maintain a position in the market. By comparing past and present data, data analytics is an overall process of collecting, identifying, formulating, and presenting. Data analytics has a variety of segments. To name few are Predictive Analysis, Descriptive Analysis, Prescriptive Analysis, and Diagnostic Analysis.


We will now delve into how you can pursue Data Analytics Courses in Zurich. The first option from the various Data Analytics Courses in Zurich is:



Before IIM SKILLS was founded, this institute indulged in education where the traffic of one million individuals lead to a massive success, and IIM SKILLS converted into a full-fledged education-based company offering its first Content Writing Master Course In 2015. IIM SKILLS has hiring partners with companies like Accenture, The Times of India, and many more reputed firms.

The online learning mode of Data Analytics Courses in Zurich by IIM Skills is a 6 months course with 2 months of non-paid internship. This course provides lifetime access to course material & 24X7 support system. Before enrolling for the Data Analytics Course, this institute offers a free demo session to individuals to give a brief about the mentoring styles and the course structure.


Course Fee: ₹ 49,900 + Taxes

Eligibility Criteria: Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline, Basic knowledge of computer & technology.


Course Curriculum:

  • Data Handling
  • Data Analytics using VBA, SQL, Tableau, Alteryx & Python
  • Data Visualisation using Excel
  • Data Reporting
  • Data Manipulation


Learning Outcome:

  • Understand the concepts like dispersion, regression & central tendency.
  • Crete programs in Python by learning about contributions, branching, objects & lists.
  • Use Python Libraries to understand the fundamentals of Data Analytics.
  • Understanding the concepts of linear & non -linear regression models.
  • Build dashboards by gaining in-depth knowledge about Tableau.


Contact Details:

Ph: +91-9580740740

Email ID:



2. ETH Zurich

ETH Zurich is providing Data Analytics Courses in Zurich with a Master’s Degree in Data Science. Being one of the best universities in Switzerland, they have an excellent record of more than 25,000 students enrolled with them migrating from several parts of the world. By having a bilingual environment, the training and exposure within ETH Zurich promise to deliver a high prospect for the student’s future.

The Data Analytics Courses in Zurich provided by ETH provides in-depth knowledge ranging from complex algorithms to theoretical information, and skills required for data collection. The core area of this program is Data Science Laboratory where students are trained to apply theory into practical subjects.

This curriculum ranges for 2 years and the English Language is currently the base of teaching. One of the perks of this curriculum is, the Master in Data Science program is a joint initiative along with the other programs offered in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. The current fee to enroll in this program is CHF 730 per semester. If you are keen to opt for one of the best Data Analytics Courses in Zurich, you can refer to the contact details mentioned below:


Name: Bernadette Gianesi

Phone Number: +41 44 633 42 23

Email ID:


3. Le Wagon

With the idea and focus of making tech skills available to a larger spectrum, the founders Boris Pillard, Romain Paillard, and Sébastien Saunier formed Le Wagon. Since 2013, Le Wagon has assisted twenty -two thousand students around the globe. Le Wagon offers maximum support for different objectives, whether it be launching a startup, getting placements in the tech industry, or even assisting in changing career fields.

In the on-campus mode of Data Analytics Courses in Zurich, Le Wagon is offering a curriculum that lasts for two months. Through a range of six modules, this program covers subjects like:

Data sourcing: Learning to research Business KPIs and to collect data from different resources to run successful data analysis. By using tools like Google Sheets and CRM, learn the process and the core areas of data sourcing.

Data Extraction: By utilizing automation tools and product tracking systems, you get to learn how to upload data and sort the layers of data by learning tools like SQL, DBT, and Fivetran.

Data Visualisation & BI: After segregating the data, you will learn how to churn out clear results by learning the right techniques of data visualization. To build dashboards, you will use tools like Power BI and Google Data Studio.

Machine Learning:  There are also big data sets in data analytics. To handle these variations, you will get to learn about tools like Python and Jupyter Notebook. As you delve deeper into big data sets, tools like these aid in collaboration with data scientists and Machine Learning Engineers.


The on-site campus mode will cost you 8500 CHF for a full-time option. Le Wagon offers an online course in Data Analytics as well. This option will cost you 12,500 AUD (full-time). Apart from data analytics, Le Wagon is also providing reputed courses on:

  • Web Development
  • Data Science
  • Data Engineering.


Their course structure is designed to also connect alumni which in turn caters to the needs of future students. With over 985+ hiring partners and 40 locations, opting for a course at Le Wagon is a flexible and promising option to fulfill your needs to pursue Data Analytics Courses in Zurich.


4. Upgrad

When the pandemic hit the globe, the online learning experience has become one of the most preferred options in the education sector. Accessing high-quality education from anywhere in the world is the number one advantage of an online learning experience. Upgrad is South Asia’s largest higher Edtech company. It is offering 192 UG and PG Programmes in educational departments such as MBA, Law, Business Analytics, Data Analytics, and many more since 2015.

As per their latest milestone, they have now expanded to North America, Europe, the Middle East, and The Asia Pacific. Partnered with the University of Maryland, Upgrad is providing an online PG Program in Data Science and Machine Learning. Having a strong affiliation with corporate companies and universities, Deloitte reviews Upgrad’s results and concludes that 5 out of every 6 learners get a boost in career growth.


The duration of this program lasts for 1 year covering 8 assignments, 2 capstone projects, and more than 20 industry projects. This course offers in-depth learning about:

  • Mastering the MS Excel Tool to collect data.
  • Enhancing the skills related to analytics to tackle industry-related challenges and obstacles.
  • Creating statistical data to provide reports to businesses, contributing to business decisions.
  • Combining data analytics with AI Strategy which is utilized for successful implementation.
  • Learning Industry related practices of Data Science in sectors like Healthcare, E-Commerce, and many more.


Upgrad is a wise choice for those professionals who aim to pursue a deeper understanding of Data Science and Data Analytics. With a basic understanding of programming and algorithms, professionals from the Marketing and Healthcare sectors can take data analytics forward in their careers.


Course Curriculum:

  • Python Programming
  • Python library tools namely NumPy & Pandas
  • SQL for data analytics
  • Data Visualisation & Tableau
  • Data fine-tuning


Learning Experience:

  • Since Data Analytics is applied in different sectors, Upgrad offers a live forum where students get access to the peer-to-peer discussion.
  • By offering a niche-specific learning experience, students are connected to the 12000+ alumni portal.
  • The course has access for up to 3 years.
  • Personalized group mentorship sessions


The Executive PG in Data Science & Machine Learning will cost you INR 2,50,000 including taxes.



The ZHAW School of Engineering is one of the leading universities in Switzerland providing Data Analytics Courses in Zurich. Specializing in Technical Education & Applied Sciences, ZHAW has 14 centers pioneering in segments like energy, information, and health. By keeping with the emerging economy and the changing trends, ZHAW provides courses that aid in tuning with the market approach and conditions.

Ranging from basic training to work-life adaptability, the courses of ZHAW are providing several programs for Bachelor’s Degrees & Master’s Degrees. Out of these courses, some are also Switzerland-specific. From the currently enrolled 2,200 students, the top performing graduates also get to pursue Masters in Science Engineering.

Having affiliated with German Institutions and companies, ZHAW provides an industry-grade learning experience and facilitation. By maintaining international relations with 30 universities, ZHAW also offers student exchange programs. ZHAW’s Data Analytics Courses in Zurich provide the expertise to individuals aiming to direct their approach a level higher in the field of data and engineering.


Course Outline:

  • In 3 years at ZHAW, you will cover learning elements in mathematical research & calculation, practical applications, and knowledge in communication and business areas.
  • Raw Data Processing
  • Data Collection & Data Preparation
  • Communication training which includes research, presentation skills, and language training.
  • Code & Data Management
  • Data Visualisation & Implementation
  • Utilizing the skills in computer science and applying them in data domains
  • Theoretical and practical knowledge in Machine Learning & Data Mining
  • At the end of the curriculum, the course provides an elective to work on an individual thesis with business corporations.


If you wish to pursue one of the best Data Analytics Courses in Zurich, The Bachelor’s Degree in Data Science at ZHAW is currently priced at CHF 720 per semester + additional expenses.


Contact Details:

Phone: +41 (0) 58 934 71 71

Email ID:


6. Knowledge Hut

Knowledge Hut came into the picture by forming educational programs with the approach of bridging a skill gap in the workforce. Having expertise in technology and management areas, Knowledge Hut offers training to develop a high-end learning experience.

Having a provision of 250 + courses in fields like operations, marketing, data analytics and many more, their spread in 100+ countries has catered to an impressive number of 4,50,00 alumni. As the demand for data analytics is growing, more and more multinational companies like Google and Adobe are investing in top-quality data science resources.


Their courses are provided in the following formats:

  • Classroom workshops
  • E-learning
  • Virtual classroom
  • Blended learning
  • Customized training solutions at the premises of an organization


Knowledge Hut is providing a Big Data Analytics Course training. One of the perks for considering learning Big Data in Knowledge Hut is, there is no requirement of any prerequisite. Since Data Analytics has various segments, this course is highly beneficial to, professionals enthusiastic about big data, Project Managers & SAS Developers.


Learning Experience:

  • Live instructor-led online portal
  • Blending Theory with case studies
  • Gradually proceed from the fundamentals of data analytics to complicated theories
  • Access mentorship by trainers in the top corporate sector
  • Gain feedback and reviews from experts
  • 30 hours of live training
  • 15 hours on MCQ assignments
  • 3 real-time projects with Hadoop System
  • 24 hours of hands-on learning with tools like HIVE & PIG
  • Lifetime access to course material


Course Curriculum:

  • Introduction to Big Data & Hadoop
  • Installations on Host Machine using VMX Player
  • Data Analytics Challenges
  • Preparation of Unix Box
  • API Concepts
  • Writing MR jobs
  • Learn to integrate big data procedures by using tools like Pentaho


The course in Big Data Analytics starts at CHF 1599


Contact Details:

Email ID:


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7. Quantum Analytics

Quantum Analytics was founded by Ole Vossnack & Christoffer Swanström in 2015, offering Data Analytics Courses in Zurich. Having predicted the current new age technology and data information, Quantum Analytics offers solutions to companies in need of adaptability to ever-changing trends in data analytics. Apart from Data Science, they offer courses in Tableau, Knime, Digital Transformation, customized courses & Practical Information.


Their Data Analytics Courses in Zurich are divided into six sections:

  • Data Science Bootcamp: The 5-day course covers subjects such as Data Mapping, Data Visualisation & Reporting, Predictive Analysis, Statistics & Data Integration by using tools like Tableau, Hadoop, Graph Database & cloud service. This course is recommended for those who have a technical background or would like to extend their knowledge in data analytics. This course shall also provide you with laptops onsite with the advantage of book references. The price of this boot camp is CHF 5000 excluding taxes.


  • Social Media Listening: Social -media is currently a big game changer in social and economic structures. With digital marketing taking over, managing the database of customers is extremely crucial to predict buying behavior, tracking customer reviews, solving grievances, and handling customer inquiries. By learning social media listening, the data analyst interprets the collected data and applies it to communicate the same in the organization. This is a 2-day course to learn how data extraction takes place through social media. By analyzing comments, hashtags & mentions on the brand page, the analyst is able to study the insights and form specific conclusions. In this course, there is no specific requirement of having a technical background. This course will teach you how to extract data from social media using API and prepare data using Python, Text Mining & Sentiment Analysis.


The price of this course is CHF 1990 excluding taxes with a minimum of 2 persons.


  • Data Science in Practice: The 1-day course on data science will give you insights on how to improvise data processing. You will gain a better perspective on historical data that can predict a company’s future. This course is designed for managers & executives of a company in the operations sector. The price for the data science course is CHF 990 excluding taxes.


  • Tools in Data Science: This 2-day course is intended for data analysts & data scientists who will learn how the most important tools are used for predictive analysis, statistical tests, data clustering with R, and many more procedures. The price of this course is CHF 1990 excluding taxes.


  • Data Warehouse Concept & Design: This 1-day course is designed for data analysts, data scientists, and IT specialists. With the tool of practical exercises and real-world examples, In this course, you will learn about data warehouse history, data warehouse core, extraction & transformation, OLAP concepts, and many more tools. The price of this course is CHF 990 excluding taxes.


  • Introduction to SQL: This course is catered to data analysts & scientists who deal with relational databases. This course will teach you about the types of SQL statements, assessing results from queries, joining data tables & handling temporal data. This 2-day course is priced at 1990 excluding taxes.


  • Hands-on Data Modelling: This 1-day course will teach you the core aspects of data modeling & concepts. It also teaches you the skills to link business with data and how to structure data to gain the desired outcome. This course is priced at CHF 990 excluding taxes.


Contact Details:

Phone: +41 44 500 21 28

Email ID:


8. Data Mites

Data Mites is offering budget-friendly and real-time training courses in Data Analytics, Text Mining, Tableau, Machine Learning, and many more variants in the field of Data Science. Data Mites also prioritizes customized solutions for trainees. The learning mode of the programs of Data Mites is online virtual training and self-paced.


The certified data analyst course is a 4 months program with 200+ learning hours.


This course teaches you to the fundamentals of:

  • Visual Analytics
  • Statistical Data
  • Predictive modeling
  • Introduction to CRIP-DM Model
  • Univariate & Bi-Variate Data Analysis
  • Big Data Foundation
  • AI Foundation
  • Version Control with GIT
  • Predictive Analysis with ML


The courses start at CHF 949.

Contact Details:

Email ID:


9.  ISB (The Indian School of Business)

ISB was founded in 2001 by Rajat Gupta & Anil Kumar. ISB is one of the top-ranked institutions in Asia and is internationally recognized. The programs of ISB have an outstanding base with an impressive faculty. Although ISB has gained recognition mainly from its Management and MBA programs, it also offers an Applied Business Analytics program.

The Applied Business Analytics Programme is for 12 weeks and is based entirely through online mode. The eligibility criteria for this program are having a bachelor’s degree/diploma.


This program is for:

  • Individuals who have a keen interest in applying data to business-driven decisions
  • Consultants who want to strengthen their strategic skills by using the latest advancement in data solutions and provide better services to clients.
  • For data analytics & data scientists who want to improve the functionality in data-driven procedures.


Course Curriculum:

  • Introduction to Business Analytics
  • Regression including Descriptive & Predictive Analytics
  • Cluster Analysis
  • Capstone Projects
  • Factor Analysis
  • Optional Tableau study


The key takeaways of this program are:

  • Subscription to ISB newsletters
  • Networking opportunities through the ISB Circle on Linked IN
  • Invitations to Online and Offline conferences and Webinars of ISB
  • Chance to be a guest speaker at exclusive events
  • Access to ISB Executive Alumni Group with additional learning hours

The Applied Business Analytics Programme is priced at Rs. 1,08,000 + GST.


10. SSBM (Swiss School of Business and Management), Geneva

SSBM is located at the epicenter of Geneva with students from numerous countries. The vast range of programs of SSBM are designed with thirty industrial partners. SSBM provides educational programs as well as consulting and teaching to seventy companies. With collaborations from industries, the quality of education at SSBM adapts to the ever-changing global economy.

SSBM offers Bachelor Programs, Master Programs, Doctorate Programs, and many more catered to your needs. Amongst the certificate Programs, SSBM offers a course for Certified Data and Business Analytics Professionals. This is a self-paced online course which is for 5-7 weeks. This course is for managers who would like to sharpen their intellect on data-driven applications. By gaining exposure to data-driven techniques, managers learn how to judge business decisions with a qualitative approach.


Course Curriculum:

  • Decision-making by applying data analytics
  • Power Query
  • Databases & SQL
  • Data Visualization
  • Python


Learning Outcome:

  • Make data-driven decisions
  • Applying mathematical aspects to practical tasks
  • Tackle competitive situations by applying new techniques of data analytics and data visualization.

The total price for this course is EUR 399.


11. Keystone Online Studies

Keystone Online Studies provides high-quality online courses as well as partnership programs from universities catering to students from all around the globe. With learners coming from different backgrounds, whether they are graduates or professionals, the reach of Keystone assures the grooming required to tackle the real world. Keystone provides recruitment to 5500 institutions from more than 190 countries.

Headquartered in Norway, they have a staff of 800 employees from the UK, Spain, Sweden & Germany. Keystone offers programs in Bachelor’s & Master’s Degrees as well as scholarship programs. For those who are keen to extend their knowledge in Data Analytics, Keystone is offering an MSc In Big Data Analytics program affiliated with ESDST(European School of Data Science and  Technology).


The mode of this course is online and the course duration is 18 months.


Course Curriculum:

  • Foundation of Big Data Analytics
  • Big Data Tools like Apache Hive, Apache Pig & Zookeeper
  • Big Data Applications
  • Capstone Consulting Projects


Learning Outcome:

  • Builds the skills required to form actionable reports on Big Data
  • Gain expertise with the complexity of Big Data Tools
  • Tackle industry-related scenarios by getting equipped with Big Data


The MSc in Big Data Analytics Program is priced at EUR 490 per month.


These institutes are the top 11 Data analytics courses in Zurich While deciding about the Data Analytics Courses in Zurich, you can also refer to the queries we have mentioned below:


FAQs: Data Analytics Courses in Zurich


1. What is the scope of data analytics?

The market of data analytics is rising globally. Every corporate sector and MNC is investing in Big Data to gain a competitive edge in the market. According to a report by McKinsey, there is 50-60% of demand for Big Data. The investment in Data Analytics has impacted businesses in an upward direction. The companies have reported a significant change in their day-to-day operations and strategic and managerial tasks. According to a report by Glassdoor, the average salary of big data engineers is $116,591 per annum. As of 2023, a huge percentage of youth is pursuing data analytics & data science and from here on, the market is going to be a game changer.


2. What are the benefits of data analytics?

  • Improves Customer Experience: By collecting data from various portals, like social media, online sales, and physical sales. By compiling these sections of data, the company can formulate different marketing and sales campaign by assessing the purchasing behavior of customers.
  • Improve Operations: In a manufacturing unit, each department undergoes a set procedure to ensure smooth functioning. Data analytics collects data regarding the supply chain and can analyze as to which function needs optimization. By studying the provision of different vendors, a company can make informed decisions about availability and inventory calculations.


3. What challenges do data analysts go through?

  • Time constraint: With data appearing from many resources, a data analyst has to prepare and compile the data first to analyze it. The process of data collection and compilation is often time-consuming and the reports are expected within a certain time frame. Keeping up with the deadline is a critical skill data analysts have to groom daily.
  • Data access: The streams of data are multiple. According to Forbes, there are 2.5 quintillion bytes of data generated in a day. The different types of data have different procedures and hence integrating all data is a big challenge. An analyst has to work on multiple programming techniques to form the final reports.


4. What are the skills required to be a good data analyst?

To be a successful data analyst, you should be well versed in skills like scripting language as well as problem-solving ability. Since tools like Python, Java, Tableau & SQL are primarily used, a data analyst should have refined knowledge continually. Apart from these mandatory skills, a data analyst should also be proficient in communication as data reporting is one of the most important tasks in data analytics. In the field of information & data, changes are on an ongoing basis so having an adaptive nature is critical for a data analyst.



The booming industry of data analytics has provided multiple opportunities to the youth as well as industries like healthcare, the IT sector, manufacturing, and many more. As more and more companies are prioritizing data analytics & data science, the demand will always be visible in the graph. Innovations in technology are regularly taking place. Hence, a career in data analytics is a fruitful one. These top 11 Data Analytics Courses in Zurich provide flexibility, suiting your needs and priorities.

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