Top 10 Data Analytics Courses in Kenya With Placements

The present market trend mandates the digitalization of every business to provide better opportunities and increased revenue. Companies collect data all the time for insights that drive important decisions and to develop new products and services. Data analytics is the core intellectual property of any business. The online presence of every business model has increased the demand for data analysts. Start your journey as a Data Analyst with a certified course. These are the Top 10 Data Analytics Courses in Kenya.


List of best data analytics courses in Kenya


Before diving into the list of Data Analytics Courses available in Kenya, it will be better to understand what data analytics is, why someone should choose a career as a data analyst, the future of this role in the digital world, the different roles of a data analyst and the various perks that the role offers.


What is Data Analytics?

Raw data is being collected by companies all the time. This data that is collected by the companies doesn’t actually mean anything unless analyzed. This is where data analytics comes in. Data Analytics is the process of understanding this raw data so that we can extract important information that drives smart decisions. The insights given by a Data Analyst are used to predict future sales or purchasing behavior, to analyze the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, to boost customer acquisition and retention, or to increase supply chain efficiency.


Why Should One Choose Data Analytics?

Whether a multinational company such as Microsoft or a new start-up, every company needs a data analyst who can help them make better decisions in the business processes using the data gathered. Every model of business wants to align its decisions to increase their revenue output and the data analyst plays a major role in making these decisions.

  • Increasing opportunities- The field is growing every day as there are new businesses entering the market regularly. Every business wants a skilled Data Analyst to give the insights necessary for better decisions. The Bureau of Labour Statistics has estimated that the demand for Data Analysts will increase by 25% between 2020 to 2030. This will add many roles even at the entry level as well as at the senior levels.
  • Lucrative salary packages- As a data analyst you gain access to different roles with fruitful and competitive pay. Whether you decide to work as a freelancer or a full-time employee, the role offers you multiple opportunities to gain high profits. Other factors that affect your salary package could be the stream of education, place, and relevant skills.
  • Roles are available in various industries- There are many industry alternatives available for data analysts as every sector of the market is constantly depending on consumer trends collected from the data to take further steps in the business. Hence, many roles and opportunities in varied sectors will be open for Data Analysts.


Future of the Role of Data Analyst

The expected growth in demand for data analytics in the next decade is faster than the average of growth of all other occupations. The growing number of industries and businesses will continue to increase the demand for Data Analysts at every stage of business decisions as data is the most important intellectual property for any company. The present trends in the market hold immense potential to deliver many roles for data analysts in every segment.


Different Sectors of Data Analytics

The role of a Data Analyst is highly beneficial for the economic growth of any sector economically. The various sectors that require Data Analytics are Information Technology (IT), Insurance Services, Banking and Financial Services, and the E-Commerce and retail sectors. The different roles that use data analytics on a day-to-day basis are:

  • Data Scientist
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Data Engineer
  • Market Analytics Manager
  • Financial Analyst
  • Data Visualization Engineer
  • Statistician
  • Data Architect


Top 10 Data Analytics Courses in Kenya


1) Data Analytics Master Course- IIM SKILLS

Data Analytics Course customized by the experts of IIM SKILLS matches the minds of people belonging to fresher, mid-level, and senior-level positions in the industry. The course has been designed with the belief that anyone can pursue a course that will give a breakthrough in their career maze and open wide opportunities.

IIM SKILLS was established in 2015 and since then it has trained more than 35000 people from 35+ countries across the globe. It is the best Data Analytics Course to transform your career into a data analyst.


Course duration: 6 months (weekend batch) + 2 months internship

Mode of learning: Live online classes lifetime access to learning resources

Syllabus overview:

  • Basic and advanced Excel
  • Visual Basic Application
  • SQL
  • Power BI
  • Data Analytics using Python
  • Tableau
  • R for Data Science
  • Alteryx


Who can pursue: Fresh graduates, UG/PG students, IT professionals, Banking and Finance Professionals, Marketing managers, Sales professionals, and Supply chain network managers.

Placement Assistance: IIM SKILLS has a dedicated placement cell guaranteeing you interview call from its 300+ hiring partners. The two months of non-paid internship along with 100+ hours of practical assignments opens wide avenues for your career as a Data Analyst in different fields. Students from IIM Skills are working in top brands across the world including Fortune 500.

Course fees: KSh 86000 + taxes

Contact: +91 9580740740


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2) Certified Data Analyst- IABAC accredited – African Centre for Data Science and Analytics Ltd.

With the vision of closing the skills gap in the African job market, AfriCDSA is a multi-disciplinary institute that is providing transformative tech-based learning. Accredited to the International Association of Business Analytics Certification, the institute has trained more than 2,500 students since its inception.


Course duration: Full time- 3 months

Part-time- 7 months

Mode of Learning: Both physical and virtual training is offered. The institute also provides weekend classes.


Syllabus overview:

  • Introduction to Data Analysis
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Data Mining and Machine Learning
  • Data Visualization and Communications
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Data Ethics and Privacy
  • Tools and Technologies


Who can pursue: Aspiring data analysts who want to start their career in data analysis, business professionals who are looking to develop their skills, graduates and students, and career switchers who want to change from some other profession to data analyst.

Placement Assistance: Graduates from AfriCDSA work in different companies such as KPMG, Majorel, Kenbright, Zamara, GCI, Safaricom, and NCBA. With a dedicated placement cell and job-oriented projects, the institute provides 100% job assistance to all its students making it one of the best Data Analytics Courses In Kenya.


Course Fees: Not specified

Contact: +254 111866292;


3) Data Analytics Certification Training Course – ExcelR

With its presence in 40 nations, ExcelR is one of the most trusted training delivery platforms for many corporate clients and educational institutions across the world. With their global presence, they haven’t just created many training courses that meet the needs of the constantly changing business market but also helped more than 150 thousand students get a step closer to their dream jobs.

The Data Analyst course at ExcelR in collaboration with IBM provides upskilling opportunities for both students and working professionals. It is one of the most preferred platforms for Data Analytics Courses in Kenya.


Course duration: 6 months

Mode of learning: Live online classes


Syllabus overview:

  • Excel- basic to advanced
  • MySQL
  • Tableau
  • Power BI
  • Business Statistics
  • Fundamentals of R
  • Fundamentals of python
  • SAS (self-paced)
  • ChatGPT


Who can pursue: Any graduates from commerce, science, and engineering streams, professionals from any domain or freshers from any domain who have logical and analytical skills.

Placement assistance: With a network of 350+ corporate companies, an industry-based curriculum, and a dedicated placement cell, ExcelR not only prepares the person for various job roles but also provides 100% guaranteed internship and multiple job placement opportunities. It is ranked the best virtual learning platform for Data Analytics Courses in Kenya.

Course Fees: $ 1100 (certification cost is additional)

Contact: 18002122121


4) Data Analytics course for SMEs- Mount Kenya University

With the mission of providing world-class education, research, and innovation for global transformation and sustainable development, Mount Kenya University with its main campus and 14 other campuses in Kenya offers one of the best Data Analytics Courses in Kenya. The data analytics course offered by Mount Kenya University helps SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) Managers to leverage data analytics for better business models.


Course Duration: 2 days

Mode of learning: Offline mode at a particular location


Syllabus overview:

  • Fundamentals of Data Analytics
  • Data Science project designing
  • Simulations
  • Case studies with business-based examples
  • Different applications using example datasets
  • Take home assignments


Who can pursue: The course is specially designed for small and medium enterprise managers and business owners who are interested in learning data analytics to get their hands on how to use data to leverage their business and help in growth.

Course fees: KSh 5000 (this includes the training fees, workshop material, meals, and refreshments for the period of training and certificate)

Contact: +254 20 218 7379;


5) Data Science and AI Master Program- Learnbay

The course provided by Learnbay in collaboration with IBM and Microsoft, and a Capstone Project Certificate will boost your career in the Data Analytics field manifold. With the vision of generating demanding professionals who possess future-proof technical skills and deep knowledge in their sector, Learnbay is a learning platform that provides various courses that are highly valued for various roles and businesses.

Learnbay’s core team comprises Krishna Kumar, the founder, Nisha Kumari, the Chief Executive Officer, and Abhishek Gupta, Director, of Learnbay. With 300+ hiring partners and an average salary hike of 175%, Learnbay is one of the most recommended learning platforms for Data Analytics Courses in Kenya.


Course duration: 500+ hours

  • Weekday batch: 13 months
  • Weekend batch: 15 months


Mode of learning: Online live classes. One-to-one doubt-clearing session.


Syllabus Overview:

  • Cohort orientation
  • Python programming (basic+advanced)
  • Statistics and machine learning
  • Data Science tools (Matplotlib, SQL, MongoDB, Tableau, PowerBI, Big Data & Spark Analytics, Time Series)
  • AI Tools (Deep Learning, NLP, Deployment (AWS+Azure), CV, RL, ChatGPT)
  • Data structures algorithms
  • Business Analytics
  • Excel


Who can pursue: Working professional having 6 months of experience in any domain (Technical/Non-Technical)

Placement assistance: 300+ hiring partners, 175% average salary hike and 300% highest salary hike is the placement record that Learnbay holds. Real-time projects in different domains such as telecom, transportation, media, HR, marketing, sales, healthcare etc., add more value to your portfolio creating many opportunities for your career growth.


Course fees: KSh 2, 50,000 including the certificates and access to Data Analytics tools

(EMI options available)

Contact: +91 77956 87988;


6) Master of Science in Data Science and Analytics- Strathmore University

A chartered university based in Nairobi, Kenya is among the top 5 universities in Kenya. The program MSc DSA is a collaboration between Strathmore Institute of Mathematical Sciences (SIMS) and iLabAfrica Research and Innovation Centre which was established in 2011 under the faculty of information technology and became autonomous in 2017. Strathmore University along with iLabAfrica provides the best master’s program for Data Analytics Courses in Kenya.


Course duration: 2 years divided into 4 semesters

Mode of learning: The course will be in a hybrid form with both face-to-face learning as well as video conferencing sessions to accommodate both learning on campus as well as learning from home.


Syllabus Overview:

  • Network and graphic modeling
  • Data Analytics visualization tool
  • Data Analytics ICT tools
  • Engines
  • Regression
  • Anomaly detection
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Machine learning
  • Big data analytics


Who can pursue:

  • Holders of a first-class or upper-second-class honors degree in statistics, IT, Commerce, Economics, or Finance from recognized Universities, or
  • Holders of lower second class degree plus postgraduate diplomas or certificates or at least two years relevant experience in statistics, IT, Commerce, Economics or Finance, or
  • Holders of other qualifications from recognized universities are considered equivalent by the academic council.


Course fees: KSh 5, 00,000

Contact: Through the inquiry form available on


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7) Executive Post-graduate Program in Data Science: UpGrad

upGrad was founded taking into consideration that online education is a powerful tool in the post-pandemic era that will have a higher reaching impact. The platform has to date delivered over 20 million hours of learning to its students from different backgrounds and collaborated with many universities across the world such as Duke CE, Deakin Business School, and IIIT Bengaluru among others.

On completion of this program, candidates will receive a certificate from IIIT-Bengaluru. With the industry networking that offers live sessions by experts on various industry topics and one-on-one discussion and feedback sessions with mentors, undoubtedly this is among the best Data Analytics Courses in Kenya.


Course duration:  12 months (equivalent to post graduated diploma in Canada)

Mode of learning: Online live classes and live discussion forums.


Syllabus overview:

  • Data Analysis in Excel
  • Course 1: Data toolkit- Python, exploratory data analysis, inferential statistics, hypothesis testing, SQL
  • Course 2: Linear regression, logistics regression, NLP and text mining, business problem solving
  • Course 3: Bagging, boosting, ML techniques, Principal component analysis
  • Course 4: Advanced machine learning
  • Course 5: Generative AI
  • Course 6: Capstone project
  • Specializations (to choose any one): Natural language processing, deep learning, business analytics, business intelligence, or data engineering.


Who can pursue: Bachelor’s degree with 50% mandatory. No coding experience is required.

Placement assistance: The program has a career essential soft skills program along with an exclusive job opportunities portal and AI-powered profile builder. With over 300+ hiring partners and 60+ industry projects throughout the learning, this executive program has provided an average salary hike of 58% on successful completion of the course. The highest package offered has been $150,000.

Course fees: KSh 5, 50,000  (EMI options available)

Contact: 18002102020;


8) Data Analytics Course- Simplilearn

Simplilearn was founded in 2010 and is based in San Francisco, California, and Bengaluru, India. It is ranked as the best online boot camp for training in skills related to the digital economy. The data analytics course by Simplilearn in collaboration with IBM will make you industry-ready by teaching the latest analytics tools and techniques, working with SQL, the art of creating data visuals, and the techniques to apply analytics and statistics in the business environment.


Course duration: 12 months

Mode of learning: Online boot camp


Syllabus overview:

  • Business analytics with Excel
  • SQL
  • Programming basics and data analytics with Python
  • R programming for data science
  • Data Analytics with R
  • Tableau training
  • Data Analyst Masters Capstone
  • Electives: Power BI or Industry Master class


Who can pursue: Aspiring professionals from any educational background who have a foundation in statistics and mathematics and an analytical frame of mind are best suited to pursue the data analyst master’s program, including IT professionals, Banking and Finance professionals, marketing managers, supply chain network managers, beginners in the data engineering domain as well as students in UG/PG programs.


Placement Assistance: With industry-related projects in various domains such as technology, telecommunications, E-commerce, Geo- geopolitical, retail, manufacturing, education, banking, and so on, this program will open a wide range of opportunities for you in different sectors. Industry-recognized certificate from IBM and the course completion certificate by Simplilearn will give a boost to your career. Placement cell details are not specified by Simplilearn.


Course fees: KSh 95000

Contact: +1-844-532-7688


9) Bachelor of Science in Data Science and Analytics- United States International University- Africa

Fundamental knowledge in computer science and mathematics as well as the ability to examine and comprehend data sets is important for Data Science and Analytics. Bachelor of Science in Data Science and Analytics lays the basic foundation for a career in Data Analytics.

Through this extensive course, students will study data management, algorithms, and data analysis throughout the course to acquire an understanding of the fundamentals. With the course designed to cover from the basics to an advanced understanding of data analysis, it is rated the best graduation program for Data Analytics Courses in Kenya.


Course duration: 3 years

Mode of learning: On-campus offline mode of learning


Syllabus overview:

  • Introduction to Programming
  • Computational and Analytical Foundation
  • Database systems
  • Discrete mathematics for data science
  • Programming with R
  • Principles of machine learning
  • Data Mining and Analytics
  • Introduction to AI
  • Statistical modeling
  • Mathematical modeling and simulation
  • Applied machine learning
  • Applied project data science


Who can pursue: Candidates who have passed their 12th grade with at least 50%

Course fees: Not specified

Contact: +254730116000;


10) Big Data Analytics- Knowledge Hut

The process of gathering, analyzing, and managing large data sets to uncover patterns and provide insights into the same is called Big Data Analytics. Large organizations like Facebook which manage billions of users every day require big data analysis to provide a better user experience.

Big data analysis certification is growing in demand and the field does not have enough professionals with the right skills. Channeling your analytical abilities in this direction will provide many growth opportunities for individuals in the field of data science.


Course duration: 3 days

Mode of learning: Instructor-led live virtual training


Syllabus overview:

  • Introducing Hadoop and Big Data
  • Hadoop Daemon Process
  • Hadoop Distribution File System
  • Hadoop Installation Modes
  • Hadoop Developer Tasks
  • Hadoop Ecosystems (PIG, HIVE, SQOOP, HBASE, OOZIE, FLUME)
  • Data Analytics using Pentaho
  • Integrations
  • Evaluation test


Who can pursue: Best suited for data analysts, business analysts, developers, and administrators who have experience with SQL and basic UNIX or Linux.

Fees: Not mentioned



FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


1)    Why become a Data Analyst?

With the growing businesses across the globe, the demand for qualified data analysts also keeps increasing as the data should be constantly interpreted to drive business decisions. As a data analyst, one can work in many types of companies such as start-ups, agencies, large corporations, or even freelance. If you love solving problems, then data analytics is the right course for you.


2)    What are the average fees for Data Analytics Courses in Kenya?

The fees for Data Analytics Courses in Kenya vary depending on the program type and duration. A full-fledged graduated program will be approximately 1, 00,000- 2, 00,000 KSh while different short-duration courses and online boot camps are available for 20000- 50000 KSh.


3)    What job profiles are available for candidates upon completing Data Analytics Courses in Kenya?

Once you are a qualified Data Analyst, there are several job opportunities open for you in roles such as Data scientist, Data Analyst, Data Manager, Data System Developer, Computer programmer, Data engineer, Information Analyst, statistician, Business Intelligence Developer, and so on.


4)    How much salary is a Data Analyst paid?

According to payscale, the average salary of a Data Analyst in Kenya is KSh 910,567 in 2023 based on 147 job profiles.  A junior data analyst receives an average of KSh 75000 per month whereas a senior data analyst will earn approximately KSh 150,000 per month.


5)    What are the skills that are necessary to become a data analyst?

Anyone who loves problem-solving and has analytical as well as mathematical skills can learn from various Data Analytics Courses in Kenya to become a certified professional in data analysis. Analytical attitude, communication skills, abilities in statistics and mathematics, and knowledge of various programming tools such as Python, and SQL make you a successful data analyst.



According to the Data Analysis Skills report released by the American Statistical Association, 59 percent of organizations and businesses will increase the number of positions in their company requiring data analysis skills in the next five years. The era of data technology is always demanding skilled data analysts. Get enrolled in one of these top 10 Data Analytics Courses in Kenya for a successful career as a data analyst.

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