Top 10 Data Analytics Courses in Qatar With Placement Assistance

The 21st century is the age of big data, which literally means that the ability to analyze data is the future of nearly everything. Data analytics is expected to revolutionize our world & the way we conduct businesses. The job of a data scientist is to study collected data patterns in order to help solve problems in business. The data analytics industry at large, is huge and is expected to grow exponentially creating career opportunities in plenty. In this article, we aim to help you research the best data analytics courses in Qatar.


List of best data analytics courses in Qatar


After oil, data is the next big thing in the Middle East. Qatar is one of the fastest-growing economies in the region and as the country progresses the requirement for data scientists & analysts just keeps looking up. Data specialists’ jobs are lucrative because they are specialized and they pay well. So, if you want to join the boom and make your career in data science within Qatar, below are some of the courses that you need to equip yourself with. However, before you delve into the best data analytics courses in Qatar, it is important to understand some basics about the subject:


What is Data Science & Data Analytics?

Data Science is the discipline of studying data with the help of analytical/statistical tools. Through this process structured and often unstructured data is inspected, cleansed, transformed, and modeled to help dynamic decision-making in the corporate world. The objective here is to identify patterns, create segmentation, make forecasts, and in many cases automate decision-making on the basis of model parameters.

Simply put, Data Analytics is the process of analyzing data that has been collected over the past to provide insights. Data is first collected as per pre-defined requirements, integrated & managed, it is then explored for understanding, diagnosing & providing answers and finally, it is communicated with the stakeholders in an easily comprehendible manner. Data analysis is important because it helps organizations to make effective decisions.


Why is Data Analytics Important?

The scope of Data Analytics is dynamic for different industries &/organizations. Some basic ways in which companies use data analysis to their benefit:

  • Gather a better understanding of target customer segments/markets
  • Make swift, effective business decisions
  • Create promotional campaigns directed at the right set of customers
  • Minimise & manage risk
  • Streamline operations
  • Improve efficiency, reduce cost & increase profits
  • Innovate new product & service opportunities
  • Enhance security


Understanding the Data Analytics Life Cycle

  • Discovery – Outline the objective of the exercise to be executed. In this stage, the problem has to be investigated, and evaluated and a basic hypothesis of the potential problem that needs to be solved has to be formulated. Creating proper goals is important because they help in determining the outcome at a later stage.
  • Prepare & process data – Now, data analysts first decide on the data sources, they then gather data, sort through it, clean it, and prepare it for further processing.
  • Model Planning – Once the first two steps are over, it is time to design a model that will be capable of achieving the goals that have been set. A variety of methods, practices, or workflows can be used to discover relations between variables to test a model. Choosing a suitable model that will accurately address the business objective requires exploratory data analysis to gather additional information.
  • Building & Execution of the model – Having figured out the kind of model that they are going to use for testing & operation, data analysts now begin to build the same. Different tools & techniques are used to run the model in order to figure out its efficiency.
  • Communication of results – Here the stakeholders are gathered and the analysts communicate the results of their analysis vis a vis the objectives that had been drawn at the beginning of the life cycle. Key conclusions are listed along with a proper explanation of how the findings have been made, business insights are gathered and a summary of the analysis is formally communicated.
  • Operationalizing – In the final stage, the success of the exercise is determined by whether it has served the goal or not. The data is now being worked with in a live setting where its effectiveness is determined by the business stakeholders. In case the results are not definitive they cycle may be repeated with different techniques or with a different model.


Prevalent Data Analytics Techniques

There are a number of techniques/methods that data analysts use to process, segregate & extract data. Some common approaches include:

Machine Learning:  ML as it is commonly known, is a division of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is a process through which instead of humans, data & algorithms imitate human learning capabilities and gradually improve competency. In this technique, Machines are trained to think and act like humans with the intention that over time they will become more competent than us.

Data Mining: A technique through which data mining software is used to sort large sets of data in order to uncover patterns and other relevant information.

Regression Analysis: Statistical method which establishes the co-relationship between independent & dependent variables. Used to expose trends & discover metrics. The result can be a positive correlation, a negative one, or none at all.

Factor Analysis: This process breaks helps to break down large data sets into smaller sets to analyze patterns based on common & co-relatable factors, that would otherwise be difficult to measure. This method is likely to be used to quantify things like customer satisfaction surveys, happiness index, etc.

Cohort Analysis: As the word cohort suggests, this technique is used to analyze large data sets that are grouped into related subsets based on common characteristics/behaviors. The analysis is made based on commonalities within a given timeframe.

Cluster Analysis: Analysis of data points that have similarities as a group as well as dissimilarities when compared with a different group of data sets. Cluster analysis can divulge structures within data. Real-world applications of cluster analysis include providing a segmented approach to advertising campaigns & communication, calculating insurance risks in particular geographical areas, etc.

Monte Carlo Simulations: Computerised method which calculates the probability of different outcomes & tells us the likelihood of that possible outcome. Here computational algorithms are defined by frequent random sampling. They are used to analyze risk and uncertainty.

Time Series Analysis: True to its name, this method analyses data points collected over a specific period of time. It helps to understand the causes of different trends to gather business awareness. The time series method is widely used in stock market analysis and economic forecasting.

Sentiment Analysis: Used to analyze & comprehend textual data to infer emotions or sentiment. Customer support emails, chats, social media comments, and online shopping reviews, all contribute to data that is analyzed for understanding customer/market sentiments.


Top 10 Data Analytics Courses in Qatar


1. IIM SKILLS – Data Analytics Master Course

Renowned online teaching experts IIM SKILLS offers one-of-a-kind training in data analytics designed to make incumbents competent to join the workforce right away. The course is rigorous as it involves weekly assignments, regular feedback sessions, and a 2-month unpaid internship at the end of the course to provide hands-on experience. Placement assistance is available for those who might need it thus, making it great for freshers looking for suitable data analytics courses in Qatar.



The elements covered in this 6-month live online training include Basic & Advanced Excel, key components Visual Basic Application, SQL & SQL Server Reporting & Server Integration Services, Business Intelligence, and data analytics using Python, Tableau, R & Alteryx.

Criterion: No special criterion as graduates from all streams and people already working in IT, Banking, Marketing, Sales etc, are eligible to apply.


IIM SKILLS Data Analytics Courses is a perfect program for anyone who wants to upskill themselves and become a professional as the course allows the learners to practice the concepts learned with different projects and assignments. During the 6 months of training, you will be well equipped with different tools and the latest technologies. The expert trainers at IIM SKILLS make sure to make their students fully skilled so they can easily get the job of their preferences with ease.


Contact Details:

Customer Care No: +91 9580 740 740



2. Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) – Master’s Program in Data Science & Engineering

The graduate program from HBKU is one of the best data analytics courses in Qatar for students aspiring to pursue a career in this turf. The primary focus of this classroom course is to teach large-scale data analysis in areas such as applied statistics, machine learning, and making use of cloud platforms.

You will gain hands-on knowledge in live projects learning how to gather big data, extraction techniques, storage, management, discovery, analysis, and mining. There will be an opportunity to work on data science & technology-based industrial projects and to research your thesis under the mentorship of world-class faculty members of the Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) at HBKU.



Consisting of 4 core & 4 elective courses, this two-year offline classroom course is a thirty-three-credit program, imparted completely in English.

The core course comprises:

  • Research Methods & Ethics
  • Statistics for Science & Engineering
  • Advanced-Data Management Systems
  • Applied Data Analytics


The elective courses offer fundamentals in science & engineering, Simultaneously, students get to do a nine-credit research thesis or a six-credit industrial project. There is enough flexibility that allows scholars to explore individual areas of interest for elective courses as well as projects like data collection, storage, management, analysis & knowledge extraction, and discovery.


Total Tuition Fees: QAR 182500


3. University of Doha for Science & Technology (UDST) – Bachelor of Science in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence (College of Computing & Information Technology)

This one of the best data analytics courses in Qatar is an excellent undergraduate program designed for students who want to have a career in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence (DSAI). Program features include foundational information technology courses combined with DSAI functions in order for students to gather skills in leveraging artificial intelligence for data collection, analysis, and interpretation so that they can identify solutions & enable decision-making. Students will gain in-depth knowledge of data science techniques from the classroom sessions as well as from an industry work placement & capstone project.



The UDST – BSC in DSAI is a 4-year full-time offline course that has been segmented into 12 semesters. There will be 3 semesters in each year which will all be communicated in English. During the first-year pupils will learn English communication, Information Technology, Calculus & Statistics. In the second-year students will learn about Data & Cyber Security, Data Science & AI, Operating Systems, Database Management Systems, etc.

The next 3 semesters will teach Data Structures & Algorithms, Global Economic Concepts, Machine Learning, Fundamentals of AI, Data Analysis & Visualizations, etc. Finally, the last year will cover Applied Deep Learning & Neutral Networks, Advanced Business Analytics, Information Retrieval, etc. The 12th semester is for work placement.

Admission Criterion:  English Language Requirement – Valid IELTS Score for International Students, Mathematics Requirement – A valid SAT score minimum of 480. Additional Admission Requirement – competitive admission based on Grade 12 report or equivalent.


4. NIIT Qatar – Data Analytics using Python

Known to impart one of the best data analytics courses in Qatar, the Python Programming language training from NIIT is specially intended for incumbents who already have knowledge of computer programming and would like to enter into the data analytics space. Designed to make students market ready within a reasonable time, industry experts will tutor them on statistical concepts which are relevant to the data science stream.



The 40-hour face-to-face sessions consist of an introduction to data analytics, time series analysis, data visualization, applied statistics, and machine learning.

Tuition Fee: For details on Tuition fees please send a mail to

Admission Criterion: For details, please send a mail to or visit


5. ExcelR – Data Analytics Certification Training

This is an online certification for people from engineering, science as well as commerce backgrounds. As a matter of fact, finance, as well as management professionals who wish to transition into the data analytics domain, may also consider this course for enhancing their capabilities. The program covers database & data analysis concepts, and data visualization among others. A partnership between Excel R & IBM brings you the perfect online data analytics courses in Qatar where knowledge of coding is not mandatory.



Topics that will be taught include Excel, Tableau, SQL, Python & R Programming, SAS (self-paced), Business Intelligence, Business Statistics, and large language models like LLM & Chat GPT. There will be hands-on project work on analyzing data from the healthcare industry, finance & banking, energy, aviation & e-commerce. The duration of the course is 150+ hours/6 months. The best part about these data analytics courses in Qatar is the placement chances with hiring partners of the institute.


Criterion: Engineering graduates, science as well as commerce graduates. Please visit the company website for additional details.


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6. SimpliLearn – Data Science Certification Course

Simplilearn in collaboration with IBM brings to students an online program crafted to cater to the booming job market demands in data analytics. Some objectives of the course include providing a well-rounded understanding of data structures, knowledge of linear & non-linear regression models, using the SciPy package, learning mathematical computing using NumPy & Scikit Learn, familiarisation of the components of Hadoop, usage of time series models, data analysis skills using tableau and much more.

The high point of the course is the real-time industry projects on domains like e-commerce, workforce analytics, retail, healthcare, engineering, banking, insurance, etc, making this one of the most effective data analytics courses in Qatar now.



It is a self-paced training that will be imparted on mandatory and elective subjects. The compulsory courses are Python for data science, applied data science with Python, Machine Learning, Tableau training, and data science capstone. Electives choices are SQL Training/Data Science with R Programming/Deep Learning with Keras & TensorFlow/Industry Master Class – Data Science. Individual certification shall be provided for each course.


Tuition Fees: $1099

Criterion: Fundamental knowledge of statistics & related programming language.


7. Croma Campus – Data Science Certification Training

Croma Campus is one of the leading providers of data analytics courses in Qatar. The modules are imparted online by certified industry experts and at the end of the training course placement assistance is be provided. The course is a combination of online/classroom sessions, assignments, one-on-one interactions & detailed case studies.  Batches are conducted on workdays as well as weekends. It is important to note here that for busy professionals Croma Campus provides modified syllabi/sessions on request.



In this program, the topics that shall be taught comprise Python for data science, Data Analysis & visualization, MS SQL & SQL queries, statistics for data science, Machine Learning, etc. Course duration is 9 months which is broken up into 3 months of classes & 6-month internship project which is to be completed online.

Tuition Fees: for detailed fees refer to the website and speak to them directly.

Criterion: None


8. 360DigiTMG – Data Science Course

The data science course from 360DigiTMG is a tie-up with IBM and is a professional course designed for existing industry professionals. It promises to fulfill the big data skills & data analytics needs of the Qatar economy. They claim to have the most comprehensive data analytics courses in Qatar targeting the needs of existing professionals as well as novices. Students will be coached in logical & programming abilities for building database models, know-how on creating machine learning algorithms, key techniques on statistical analysis, regression analysis, data mining, text mining, etc.



Within the course duration of 4 months pupils will be introduced to Python, SQL, data processing, Power Business Intelligence, Data Mining, exploratory Data Analytics, Network Analysis, Machine Learning, and other relevant topics. There will be 184 hours of online classes, 150+ hours’ worth of assignments, hands-on work in 2 live projects, webinars, and job assistance.

Tuition Fees: for details on fee structure send a mail to

Criterion: Existing IT professionals, data managers, banking & financial analysts, etc may apply.


9. Knowledge Hut – Big Data Analytics Course

Designed for everybody who would like to learn Big Data Analytics this training is another exclusive online data analytics courses in Qatar.  Live online classes with qualified and experienced mentors will take you through everything from basic to advanced concepts of Big Data analysis and related frameworks. There will be assignments, case studies, projects, and mentoring for job interviews to make sure that students are ready for an exciting career in the Big Data analysis field.



During the training of 30 hours, you will study the fundamentals of big data analytics, understand big data challenges, introduction & concepts of Hadoop, use of PIG framework, workings of Hive frameworks (simplification of complex queries) and so much more. You will perform hands-on training on real-time analysis and learn techniques on how to choose the best tool on Hadoop in order to accomplish integration and tackle repetitive workflows. This institute offers classes on weekdays, and weekends as well as convenient scheduling options upon request.


Criterion: there are no specific requirements for joining this course. However, recommend connecting with a career advisor through their website.


10. Knowledge Academy – Data Science Analytics

Knowledge Academy offers short courses on Data Science Analytics which can be completed within a day.



In this course, you will learn about data visualization, the basics of data science, and aspects of data wrangling. Options to choose from online, offline, self-paced, or tailored to be imparted in your business space if required, give complete freedom to incumbents.

Tuition Fees:  Please refer to the website for fees according to your preferred mode of training.

Criterion: None


FAQs: Data Analytics Courses in Qatar


1. What skills do I need to be a data analyst in Qatar?

While basic aptitude in mathematical & analytical skills is required for becoming data analysts, that is not to say that others from diverse education backgrounds/industry professions wishing to upgrade their skills cannot learn this subject. This is a vast field with a wide scope hence, depending on individual professional requirements you can easily enroll for suitable data analytics courses in Qatar.


2. Why are Data Analysts required for Qatar?

Qatar is one of the emerging economies in the middle east. It is expected to grow in leaps & bounds over the next few years. Engineering, Finance, Healthcare, E-commerce, everything is opening up to create a golden opportunity for Data Analysts.


3. Why are Data Analytics jobs lucrative?

Data Analysts are highly skilled people hence they attract:

  • better pay packages
  • Constant innovation in the field keeps things dynamic & interesting
  • offers the flexibility of timings, remote work options & ample opportunity for growth


4. What is the future of Data Analytics in Qatar?

In our digital world, the amount of data just keeps increasing every day, creating an ever-growing need for Data Analysts not just in Qatar but everywhere else. It is recommended that you keep up-skilling your credentials by enrolling in one of the top data analyst courses in Qatar.

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