Top 10 Data Analytics Courses In Mali With Placements

Here is the list of best Data Analytics Courses in Mali with Certification. Through the latest insights, there has been an upward trend in digital adoption in Mali in 2024 with 7.82 million internet users their at the beginning of 2024, when the access to the internet stood at 33.1 per cent. Mali accounts for 2.15 million social media users by January 2024, compared to 9.1 per cent of the total population. These stats provide a clear idea of the rapid digital surge  thus increasing the scope of Data analytics training programs in Mali.


Let us begin to explore the best Data Analytics Courses in Mali.

The digital realm has remodelled the way people work, generating extensive amounts of data every moment. Data is the new gold of the digital world. It is the fire that drives the digital economy and strengthens the technology we use every day.

As the market is showing an exploding shift towards digital evolution, there is an escalating demand for data analysis professionals. The organisations are realising the importance of leveraging the data to acquire a competitive advantage thus navigating the increasing demand for professionals in this field.

A Few More Data Analytics Courses You Should Explore:

Is Data Analysis a Good Career Choice?

There has not been a better time than now to enter into the field of data interpretation as a career. According to the latest surveys, 328.77 million terabytes of data are created every day which is just going to increase with each passing day.

A data analyst gathers raw, unstructured data and converts it into a meaningful observation thus crafting constructive guidance. It helps the organisation generate practical choices making decisions that prompt tangible outcomes.

Key Tasks of a Data Analyst

  1. Data analyst designs implements and maintains the database regularly.
  2. They partner with decision-makers of the organisation to tackle prevalent challenges collaboratively.
  3. They collect and organise unprocessed data from internal and external sources.
  4. They further clean the raw data and rectify the inaccuracies.
  5. They analyse their discoveries and convert them into visual representations such as charts and graphs to effectively convey insights to the stakeholders.

Major players in the industry are actively seeking proficient professionals capable of managing vast quantities of data.

Here’s Why Pursuing a Role as a Data Analyst in Mali is an Apt Choice.

1. Data Analytics Stands as a Top Priority for the Majority of Organisations in the Present Day.

In today’s digital universe, everything going online has propelled data adoption in major sectors like banking, healthcare, e-commerce  and beyond. Consequently, the dynamic nature of data and its invaluable insights herald a promising trajectory ahead. With an increasing number of companies recognizing the importance of skilled data analysts, the horizon is full of infinite opportunities for those seeking a secure foothold in this burgeoning field.

2. Information Analytics is a Booming Industry

In the digital era, companies are highly dependent on massive volumes of data for enhancing their business decisions. As data consumption is increasing many folds, it makes this sector a thriving one. The popularity of this field makes it another reason why it’s a fantastic career option.

3. Scarcity of Individuals With Extraordinary Data Analytics Skills

While the market for data analytics roles is expanding, there exists a substantial disparity between the number of existing data analysts and expert professionals.

Consequently, companies regularly encounter challenges in sourcing individuals with proficient statistical and programming expertise. However, by sharpening your skills at good data analytics institutes, you can harness good employment opportunities at prestigious firms.

4. Excellent Salary Packages Offered

The high demand for skilled professionals in the field of data analysis automatically offers lucrative salary packages. Recognizing the shortage of qualified individuals, companies are willing to offer competitive pay to attract and sustain top talent in this area of expertise.

5. Going on Board With the Journey of a Data Analyst is Quite Accessible

For doing a course on data analysis you just need an inquisitive mind. Irrespective of your educational or professional background you can always start fresh. The best part about this course is, that there are an ample number of institutes offering online data analytics courses in Mali. This offers a great deal of flexibility to carry on your course at your own pace thus balancing it well with your family and other commitments.

These are a few of the main advantages of enrolling into the data analytics courses in Mali offering lucrative job prospects. Gathering  knowledge about the program  before entering the job market can significantly enhance your performance.

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Top 10 Data Analytics Courses In Mali With Placements


IIM SKILLS is the fastest-growing Ed-Tech Company globally, with its headquarters located in New Delhi, India. Operating across 23 cities in Asia, including Dubai and Singapore, IIM SKILLS offers comprehensive courses in Finance, Marketing, Data Analytics, and various other educational domains.

Serving since 2015 its main aim is to provide world-class education at affordable cost through self self-paced online learning program. They are solely dedicated to consistently identifying the most sought-after skill development courses that empower professionals to enhance their expertise within a few months.

Course Details:

Name:  Data Analytics Course

Duration: 6 Months Of Training + 2 Months Internship (optional)

EMI: Interest Free

Certification: Yes

Fees: 361400.02 West African CFA franc + Taxes

Various Courses Available Under Enhanced Data Analytics Are:

  • Data Analytics Using Advanced Excel
  • Data Analytics Using VBA
  • Data Analytics Using SQL
  • Data Analytics Using Power BI
  • Data Analytics Using Python
  • Data Analytics Using Tableau
  • R for Data Science
  • Data Analytics Using Alteryx

The institute has an excellent program to provide  internship and employment support which acts as a major advantage for students to join the  courses. With a humongous network of over 500 hiring partners, the institute offers abundant opportunities for career growth.

One highlighting feature of their course is the perfect amalgamation of online learning with a classroom-like experience. Through a combination of both along with interactive sessions and a participatory outlook, students benefit from an engaging and captivating learning environment. In addition it, the institute offers full support in designing the resumes and portfolio of the students. Learners are provided with personalised guidance and career counselling whenever required.

Moreover, the flexibility extends to recorded sessions, which remain accessible for a lifetime. This ensures that even if students miss a class, they can catch up at their convenience, intensifying the value of their learning experience.

The data analytics courses in Mali have been consistently ranked as the top choice by reputable sources such as The Statesman, Times Now, and Analytics Insight.

Other Significant Courses offered by IIM SKILLS

Contact us

Customer Care No. 9580740740



2. Alx Africa

Alx, they believe in capturing the limitless potential of the tech world by providing world-class training to people of Africa and around the world. They work to make sure that every individual is empowered to the most of their exceptional self in this digital age thus unravelling their true potential.

They aim to provide young professionals with the most sought-after tech skills that will power the future. They equip the present generation of big businessmen, technology creators and entrepreneurs  with coursework that reflects real-life challenges.

The outstanding feature of this institute is maintaining a lifelong relationship with tech professionals offering unwavering support in their career trajectory. Famous for providing potential employability training, it is associated with organisations that lead the African Leadership Academy, African Leadership University, and Anzisha.

Developed in collaboration with ExplporeAI( Supreme in Data analytics education), the data analytics programme offered by Alx is one of the best Data analytics courses in Mali.

The Key Data Analytics Training Program Includes

  • ALX Foundation
  • Soft skills and leadership training
  • Introduction to Data
  • How to Prepare Data
  • Querying Data
  • Learn to visualise Data.

Course Duration: 5 months

Course Fee: $150

 Various Other Courses Offered by ALX

  • Salesforce Administrator
  • Partnerships
  • Programming and Development
  • AI career essential programme

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3. Africa Data School

Africa Data School offers the most practical data course amongst the top data analytics courses in Mali. Available in more than 20+ countries, it  helps people code, solve their real-life problems, make sure that their students get hired and provide aid to learners to build up their own AI companies. Whether  delivered in person or through a virtual classroom Africa Data School makes sure the quality of teaching remains unaffected.

The information analytics course can be taken up by beginners looking for a strong foundation on the use of Power BI, starters looking to start their career in  data analysis or the ones using Excel trying to explore the capabilities of Power BI.

Content Taught Under Data Analytics Course

  1. How to convert data into interactive visualisation to form  a story
  2. Turn data into insights with power BI and share it with others.
  3. Evolve the data modelling skills
  4. Get the skills to automate the cleansing of the data.

 Course Module

  • Sklearn workflow
  • Big Data with Apache Spark
  • Project work Regression ML
  • Convolutional neural network Data science framework and tools
  • Python and SQL
  • Sales Analysis
  • Retail Analytics
  • Business Dashboard
  • Data preprocessing

Course Duration: 12 weeks

Course Fee: 

Online: USD 400

Offline: USD 500

Contact details: +254-748-366-631

Other Courses Offered by Africa Data School

  • Data Analytic Consultant.
  • AI startup Founder.
  • Data Scientist.
  • NLP Engineer.
  • AI Engineer.
  • Machine Learning Engineer.

4. Data Mites

Data Mites is a paramount institute offering cost-effective, high quality and real-time data analytics courses in Mali. Its main aim is to create professionals who can resist the intricacies of the competitive analytics field.

At Data Mites, the courses are suitably designed and upgraded by experts having years of experience in industrial backdrop to equip the candidates with better knowledge and experience. Tailoring customised solutions by the needs of the trainee is their fundamental feature.

Course Content

  • Foundation
  • Python
  • Statistics essential
  • Data analysis associate
  • Advanced data analytics
  • Predictive analytics
  • Version control
  • Database
  • Big data foundation
  • BI Analyst

Course Duration: 6 Months

Course Fees: INR 62,423

Other Courses Offered at Data Mites

  1. Artificial Intelligence courses
  2. Python training courses
  3. Data science courses
  4. Machine learning courses
  5. Deep learning courses
  6. MLops training courses
  7. Data mining courses
  8. Tableau training courses
  9. R programming courses

5. SkillUp

SkillUp is a future-oriented online training platform. Its courses aim to bridge the tech skill gaps between professionals and organisations and make it amongst the top 10 data analytics courses in Mali. Their main agenda is to provide job-aligned future skills and practical experience to their students to flourish in this digital universe.

The key areas focussed at SkillUp include providing job-ready tech skills to individuals like leadership, teamwork and critical thinking; enhanced human skills and rendering practical experience through hands-on labs, capstone projects and real-world challenges.

Courses Module

  •  Predictive Modelling
  •  Python Programming
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Fundamentals
  • SQL
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Tableau
  • Splunk for Data Analysis  Statistic

Course Duration: 15 hours

Course Fees: INR 7,999 + Taxes

Other Popular Courses Offered

  1. Artificial intelligence
  2. Big Data
  3. Blockchain
  4. Cloud computing
  5. Cyber security
  6. Human skills
  7. Power platform
  8. Business Applications.

9. Imarticus

At Imarticus the main mission is to impart knowledge and make learning accessible to prepare a global tech-driven futuristic society. They strongly believe that learning is  a lifelong process. Imarticus gathers the best quality education programs from premier institutes around the world to develop valuable and progressive courses thus providing one of the best data analytics courses in Mali.

Started in 2012, in 2021 it is valued at 1000 crore listed firm with 3500+ hiring partners and more than 10,00,000 learners worldwide. Moreover, they guide you in making a data science and analyst career with 100% job assurance.

The curriculum is designed keeping in mind the  job specifics with live learning modules. The data analytics courses in Mali offered by Imarticus provide flexibility with both online and offline classes.

Course Modules:

  • Foundation
  • Excel
  • SQL
  • Python
  • Statistics for data science
  • Machine learning
  • Data visualisation with Tableau and Power BI
  • Capstone project

Course Duration: 6 months

Course Fees: INR 1,98,000

Other Courses Offered

  • Finance programs
  • ‘Marketing programs
  • General Management programs
  • Technology programs
  • Sales programs
  • Human resource programs
  • Operations Program
  • Fintech program

7. Besant Technologies

Besant Technologies is the leading IT training provider and holds the best and   inevitable place for providing software training programs  in a short period. They strongly promote the importance of planning, control, coordination and motivation amongst individuals for which they have designated well-planned coordinators dealing with all subjects related to lectures, problems and conclusions.

Rated as the No.1 online provider of data analytics courses in Mali, with specialisation in unique course content and real-time projects. This Indian institute provides self-paced online videos with technical support available 24/7 along with preparing their students for mock interviews, resume making as well as 100% job placement support.

The data analytic courses provided by Besant  have an amazing faculty with 10+ years of experience offering certification and job-oriented online courses. By providing innovative surroundings and excellent faculty this institute in 12 years  has an outstanding career graph of more than 1 million students, more than 20+ branches and more than 10000 students successfully placed in thriving sectors.

Course Modules:

  • Business Statistics
  • Excel: Basics to Advanced
  • SQL
  • Tableau
  • Power BI
  • Python basics

Contact details: +91-8099770770

Top Online Courses Offered

  • AWS Online Training
  • Python Online Training
  • Selenium Online Training
  • Machine Learning Online Training
  • Power BI Online Training
  • Azure Online Training

8. Simplilearn

The online boot camp offered by Simplilearn provides an immersive learning journey. Established in 2010 Simplilearn has more than 5 million learners enrolled to date. Immerse yourself in highly involving, world-class outcome-driven data analytics courses in Mali. The extensive training programs offer the most sought-after tech skills with world-class boot camps, offering global partnerships with the best of the organisations.

Modules Covered:

  • Business Analytics with Excel
  • SQL
  • Basic Programming and Data Analytics using Python
  • R
  • Tableau
  • Capstone Project
  • Electives

Course Duration: 11 Months

Course Fees: £ 1,299


Others courses offered

  • Data Science and Business Analytics
  • Cyber Security
  • Project Management
  • AI and Machine Learning

9. Ineuron

Ineuron is a foremost ed-tech company that provides a 360-degree  learning ecosystem thus covering the entire learning experience under one roof. They provide specialised 500+ tech courses bundled together to make them accessible, practical and affordable.

Modules Covered In Their Data Analytics Courses in Mali:

  • Data analytics introduction
  • Data analysis jargon
  • Data sources
  • Introduction to MySQL
  • SQL Commands
  • SQL data types
  • Data loading
  • Operators in SQL
  • Constraints

Course Duration: 4 Months

Course Fees: INR 8800.00

Contact details: +91 8071176111

Other Courses Offered

  • Bootcamp
  • Community Program
  • One neuron

10. Coursera

Coursera is an outstanding online platform which aims to transform the lives of millions of people through the power of learning. Through the successful partnership with 275 prestigious universities around the world, they deliver flexible, affordable and job-oriented exposure to  people in every corner of the world. They offer a wide range of opportunities through hands-on projects, job-oriented courses and degree programs.

Courses Under Data Analysis

  • Introduction to Data Analysis
  • Google Data Analysis
  • IBM Data Analyst
  • Data Analysis with Python

Most Popular Courses

  • Science of well-being
  • Python
  • Financial Markets
  • Foundations of Project Management
  • Technical support fundamentals


1. Which is the best course for a data analyst in Mali?

For doing a course either by a beginner or an established data analyst, it’s important to opt for a certification course for future professional goals.

Popular Certified Data Analytic courses include

  • Google Data Analytics Professional certificate
  • IBM Data Analyst Professional Certificate
  • Power BI Data Analyst Associate
  • AWS Certified Data Analysis
  • SAS Statistical Business Analyst Professional Certificate

Q. Is Data Analysis a good career choice?

With major big business sectors like banking, health care, and e-commerce going online, data adoption has become one of the major priorities of most of these enterprises. The dominant players are desperately looking for skilled professionals to handle the humongous volumes of data generated every day. Therefore this could not be a better time to go for data analysis as a successful career choice.

Q. Which is the best place to study data analytics in Mali?

Nowadays institutes like IIM Skills offer such good online courses that  gathering extensive world-class knowledge with certification and placement guarantee has become very accessible in Mali. Moreover, you can go through the list of top 10 data analytics courses in Mali mentioned in this article for further reference.

Q. Is prior knowledge of coding required to do a course on Data Analytics?

No prior knowledge is required to do this course. You just need an inquisitive mind irrespective of your educational and professional background.


Our obsession and dependency on the use of data is quite prevalent in today’s digital era. A well-structured data greatly helps organisations in their decision-making process, by understanding and solving the baseline problems and thus rectifying based on what the consumers demand. The study of data analysis helps an individual gather a deeper understanding of the behaviour and trends of the market marketplace thus making them indispensable in today’s tech world. Thus to conclude data analysis is a thriving field with abundant job opportunities offering good salaries and steady growth.

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