Top 10 Data Analytics Course In Indonesia With Placement

In Indonesia running a business and research is difficult without data in the modern world.  Data analytics will collect various data from the internet, separate the original data, and store it in the database. Data analytics courses are in high demand in future due to the rise of the internet globally. The data collected was 1.7MB per sec,146,880MB per day and 1.7GB in the year 2023. This may rise in the future. In this article, we see the top data analytics courses in Indonesia.


Let’s begin to explore data analytics courses in Indonesia.

Why Do We Need to Analyse Data?

In the modern world billions of data are collected in the world. so, we need to process the data to make accurate decisions in both research and business. It will provide a reliable source for research. It will make it easier to study business.

A Few More Data Analytics Courses You Should Explore:

Who Can Study Data Analytics Courses?

To study data analytics, the student needed a minimum qualification of a complete Bachelor

Degree in three or four years or a Master’s degree or MBA and you can study a data analytics course and get the certificate in six months.

Top Data Analytics Course In Indonesia With Placement



The data analytics course provided by IIM SKILL is one of the institutes that has good outperformance in Indonesia and globally. You will learn the course in online classes. The course duration is 6 months + 2 months Internship (optional). The course fee is IDR 9,713,035 + Taxes.

They have an EMI Option also. IIM SKILLS assures that if you do not like this course they give a 100% money-back guarantee and offer a 10% discount for groups joining more than 3 members. In this course, you will cover 160+ hrs lectures, 100+ hrs Practical Assignments, 10+ case studies and 7+ tools you will cover.

They offer a lifetime assessment after completing the courses through the LMS like class recordings, materials and tools knowledge. You will learn 100% tool-driven training.

Course Details:

Name:  Data Analytics Course

Duration: 6 Months Of Training + 2 Months Internship (optional)

EMI: Interest Free

Certification: Yes

Fees: 9639899.92 Indonesian Rupee + Taxes

The Syllabus of the Data Analytics Course Provided by IIM SKILLS is

  • Data Analytics using Advanced Excel
  • Data Analytics using VBA
  • Data Analytics using SQL
  • Data Analytics using Power BI
  • Data Analytics using Python
  • Data Analytics using Tableau
  • R for Data Science
  • Data Analytics using Alteryx.

After Completing the Courses Successfully You Will Get an Internship Offer From:

  • Accenture
  • TCS
  • PWC
  • Quantium.

You Will Get the 16 Projects as Live Practices,

  • Excel – 2 Projects
  • VBA – 2 Projects
  • SQL – 3 Projects
  • Power BI – 1 Projects
  • Python – 1 Project
  • R – 3 Projects
  • Tableau – 2 Projects
  • Alteryx – 2 Projects.

You Will Get Placement After Completing the Data Analytics Course Over 500+ Companies Like

  • TCS
  • Blackstone
  • Cognizant
  • SAP, etc.

After completing the 6-month course you will get the certificate from the IIM SKILLS, Google and Microsoft.

Other Significant Courses offered by IIM SKILLS

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2. Le Wagon:

The Data Analytics courses provided by 2. Le Wagon is one of the best tech boot camps in the world. They offer courses in Full-time and Part-time modes. In full-time mode, you will graduate in 2 Months and in Part-time mode, you will learn in 7 Months.

In full-time mode, classes are Monday – Friday, with a total of 40-hour classes per week. You will learn online or in classroom sections conducted in Bali. You can clear your doubts during class hours. In Part-time mode, you will learn in self-study from Sunday to Friday by the recorded video.

You must join in 2 live sessions per week on either evening from 06:30 PM to 09:30 PM or Saturday from 09:00 AM to 12:30 PM. You have 16 hours of classes per week.

The Le Wagon offers courses in a project-based curriculum you will work on a real-world project while learning. So, you can easily create your portfolio for your recruiters to know your skills.

The Syllabus of the Data Analytics Course Provided by LE WAGON is

  • Foundation courses
  • SQL
  • Extraction
  • Data Visualisation
  • Python
  • Power BI
  • Zapier
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Locker Studio
  • Pandas
  • Plotly
  • Google Colab.

After Completing the Course You Will Get Projects Like

  • Fox Intelligence by Nielsen
  • Highway code with Ornikar’s data
  • Job Teaser’s data
  • And more

After completing the course and projects you will get the job from our 1000+ hiring partners. Our Institution has a 90% employment rate. Our Aluminis were present in over 100+ countries. So you don’t need the fear of getting placement.

Book your seat for Jul 15 – Sep 13. The On-Campus price is 6,900 USD and for Oct 14 – Dec 13 the On-Campus price is 6,900 USD. Both classes are in English.

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3. Datamites:

The data analytics course offered by Datamites is one of the Global leading Institutes and we are the leading Data Analytics course provider in Indonesia.

Over 50,000 were trained by Datamites and we are training the students at the beginner and intermediate level. We offer a certificate to completed students who are well-recognised at the Indonesian and global levels.

We provide 6 months of courses scheduled as 2 months of live online classes, 2 months of particle projects and 2 months of internship and you will get real-time experience while learning the data analytics course.

In This Course, You Get Features Like:

  • You will get Self-study videos and books
  • You will attend Intensive live online training
  • You will get the certificate from IABAC Certification Exams
  • You will get the Internship Project Mentoring
  • You will get live client project delivery
  • You will get the job assistant from us.

We offer the best price from IDR= 7,185,296 to IDR= 12,538,238. According to your chosen course you can avail of Financial aid.

We have created a course to be easily understood by the students.

Our Faculty Has Experience in Data Analytics. You Will Learn Courses Like;

  • You first learn Data Analysis Foundation = 6 Modules
  • You learn Python = 6 Modules
  • You learn Statistics Essential = 5 Modules
  • You learn Data Analysis Associate = 7 Modules
  • Advance Data Analytics = 4 Modules
  • You learn Predictive Analytics with ML = 9 Modules
  • You learn Version Control with GIT = 6 Modules
  • You learn Database SQL and MongoDB = 7 Modules
  • You learn Big Data Foundation = 6 Modules
  • You learn Certified BI Analyst = 6 Modules.

After completing courses you do the live projects with companies. After completing the Project and Internship you will be placed in a job with a good salary. For more details conduct 1800-313-343.

4. Nobleprog:

The data analytics courses offered by Nobleprog are one of the best courses in Indonesia in both online and onsite training programs in Indonesia. A Nobleprog instructor or field expert will deliver the onsite training program course in a Nobleprog corporate training centre.

Our course is covered with the latest syllabus in the data analysis market. We teach advanced tools that are used in the current market.

Syllabus Covered

  • You will learn the Google Gemini AI for Data Analytics
  • You will learn the Introduction to the debt cloud
  • You will learn the AWS Glue Fundamental
  • You will learn the IBM Planning Analytics
  • You will learn the Analytics Function Fundamentals
  • You will learn Data Analytics with MongoDB
  • You will learn the Data Analytics with R
  • You will learn the Elastic Search for Developers
  • You will learn the Data Analytics with Python, Pandas, Numpy
  • You will learn the Datameer for Data Analytics
  • You will learn Data Analytics for Marketers, etc.

The cost of the course varies from selecting the mode of learning and location. Nobleprog will also be training corporate employees with the latest tools used in data analytics. After completing the courses successfully, our Trainer will assist you to get the job.

5. Revou:

The Data Analytics course offered by Revou is one of the best institutes in Indonesia. This course is suitable for beginners. Our institute has the best faculty. They are industrial experts in Data Analytics. After completing the course, if you do not get the job, our institution will pay you back 100% money.

After Completing the Course You Will Be Placed in Companies Like,

  • Sinarmas
  • Telkom Indonesia
  • DBS
  • Mandiri
  • Flip
  • United Tractors and more.

Our syllabus is made from fundamentals, techniques and communication. Our instructor will easily deliver the subject. So, you don’t need to worry about the subject. You can also ask our subject doubts about our faculty.

The Subject You Will Learn Like,

  • Data Analytics Basic
  • Understanding Business Problems
  • Data Preparation and Exploration
  • Data Analysis
  • Advanced SQL for Data analysis
  • Python for Data Analysis
  • Visualisation basic
  • Data Visualisation with Tableau
  • Data Visualisation Insights Communication
  • Technical Capstone
  • Pitching Work.

The course will be taught in two modes. Revou will provide the course for 6 Months for those who want to switch careers. Revou will provide the course for 3 Months for those who want to develop the skill. After completing the classes you will do some live projects with our dedicated Instructors.

After completing the course you will learn the soft skills, professional profile and networking opportunities through the project and case study. They also identify your weakness during the placement period.

The Course Fees Were Different to Two Modes,

  • For the Career Transforming IDR 20,000,000.
  • For the skill boosting IDR 17,000,000.

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6. The Knowledge Academy:

Knowledge Academy is one of the leading global learning academies. In Indonesia, you can learn the data analytics method and the latest technologies through the Knowledge Academy. You will gain experience from handling huge amounts of data.

The course duration for online mode is 2 days. The self-paced mode has 2 courses, one for a 6-month course and another is a 1-year course. For onsite classes, you can train your employees in a group. So, your employees can understand easily and your work production will develop more than expected. Individuals can also learn onsite.

The syllabus we offer you to deliver is easy to understand with the Knowledge Academy.

The Syllabus We Cover is,

  • You will learn Hadoop Administration Training
  • You will learn Big Data Architecture Training
  • You will learn Big Data and Hadoop Architect
  • You will learn Data Science Analyst
  • You will learn Data Analytics with R
  • You will learn Big Data Analysis
  • You will learn the Apache Kafka Training Course
  • You will learn Apache Spark Training
  • You will learnApache Storm Training
  • You will learn Big Data Analytics and Data Science Integration Course
  • You will learn Couchbase Training
  • You will learn Data Analysis using MS Excel and more.

This course is for those who are willing to develop their skills in data analytics to up to date. This course is for,

  • Useful for Data Professionals
  • Useful for Software Developers
  • Useful for Database Administrator
  • Useful for System Administrator
  • Useful for IT Professionals
  • Useful for Business Analytics
  • Useful for Project Manager.

7. Datacamp:

Learn the Data Analytics course through Datacamp by AI, one of the global top learning platforms. You can develop your skills through the Datacamp. You can learn the Data Analytics course for free or 50% off with Datacamp. The Datacamp offers for business also to develop your organisation in the field.

Our syllabus is very simple to understand the concept of Data Analytics.

You Will Learn Advanced Technology Like,

  • Learn Python with Datacamp
  • Learn R with Datacamp
  • Learn SQL with Datacamp
  • Learn ChatGPT with Datacamp
  • Learn PowerBI with Datacamp
  • Learn Tableau with Datacamp
  • Learn Excel with Datacamp
  • Learn Docker with Datacamp
  • Learn Snowflake with Datacamp
  • Learn Azure with Datacamp
  • Learn Git with Datacamp and more.

You Will Also Master Your Skills in the Specific Areas of Data Analytics. You Will Develop Your Skills Like,

  • You will develop your skills in SQL Fundamentals
  • You will develop your skills in Data Topics
  • You will develop your skills in AI Fundamentals
  • You will develop your skills in Open AI Fundamentals
  • You will develop your skills in Machine Learning Fundamentals
  • You will develop your skills in Natural Language Processing
  • You will develop your skills in Data Visualization
  • You will develop your skills in Statistics and more.

After completing the Data Analytics course, launch your career as a Data Analyst with a good package. You will be placed in the top company after completing the course.

You Will Get Job Offers From Companies Like,

  • You will be placed on the Google
  • You will be placed on the Microsoft
  • You will be placed on the Paypal
  • You will be placed on the eBay
  • You will be placed on the EY
  • You will be placed on Uber and more.

8. Dattabot:

Learn Data Analytics with the Dattabot is an advanced analytical tech and the most comprehensive data library in Indonesia. Dattabot was started in 2016 they provide big data for their clients to improve their business in innovation. Dattabot gives solutions to various industries like FMCG, Financial Institutes and even government institutions.

They offer courses like data analytics for supporting, digital leadership, advanced analytics and business intelligence for executives. The syllabus of this course is very easy to understand for everyone. This course is for people who are business entrepreneurs, managers, executives and professionals.

The course is taught in two modes one is online and the other is offline. The number of participants is from 20-30 persons only.

You will learn the tactics and techniques in Data Analytics.

The Course Module for Data Analytics for Supporting is,

  • You will learn Intro to Big Data
  • You will learn Basic Statistics
  • You will learn Python Fundamental
  • You will learn Data Preprocessing
  • You will learn Power BI
  • You will learn DAX
  • You will learn Data Storytelling
  • You will learn Intro to Database.

In the Digital Leadership Course, the Module is,

  • You will learn Digital Leadership
  • You will learn Design Thinking
  • You will learn how to drive Innovation
  • You will learn Agile Fundamental
  • You will learn Project Management
  • You will learn Product Management
  • You will learn Decision-making for leadership
  • You will learn Business Process Analyst.

In the Course of Advanced Analytics Course Module is,

  • You will learn NLP / Sentiment Analysis
  • You will learn Visual Analysis Advanced
  • You will learn Spatial Analysis
  • You will learn Big Data and Hadoop
  • You will learn Intermediate Python
  • You will learn Data Manipulation with Pandas
  • You will learn Joining Data with Pandas
  • You will learn Exploratory Data Analysis in Python
  • You will learn Supervised learning with Scikit-learn.

In the Course of Business Intelligence for Executives is,

  • You will learn Intro to Big Data
  • You will learn Data Storytelling
  • You will learn Solution Vision and Data Analysis.

9. DqLab:

DqLab is the leading institute in Indonesia. They provide Data Analytics courses in Indonesia with AI. Over 27,000+ students used this course to develop their careers in Data Analytics in Indonesia. DqLab has over 30+ partners to hire students from our institutes after completing the course. DqLab provides over 98+ Modules created by industrial experts to learn easily.

DqLab provide the course in two modes one is Bootcamp and another is Self-paced. After completing the course you will join companies like,

  • Kawan Lama
  • Kompas Gramedia
  • Tokopedia
  • Goto Finacial
  • Shopee
  • BCA
  • Summarecon
  • Maybank and more companies will hire you.

In bootcamp mode, you will have a well-experienced faculty who will take the class. You will get good guidance from our faculty. The classes are in classroom mode. So, you can easily understand the concepts. Our faculty will identify your skill and lagging area then they will concentrate on your lagging and correct the mistakes.

In self-study mode, the courses are relevant to the industry’s needs. You will get supported by the chatbot to clear your doubts. You will do projects that you can add to your resume portfolio. You will get practical knowledge with the code editor to understand the codings without any additional installing software.

Our syllabus is very easy to understand the concepts. So, you don’t worry about the concepts to understand.

In This Course, You Will Learn,

  • You will learn Fundamental of Data Science with Python
  • You will learn Intro Data Science with R
  • You will learn Excel for Beginners
  • You will learn Data Analysts with SQL and python
  • You will learn Machine Learning and AI.
  • You will learn Data Science Fundamental and more you will learn from us.

The prices of the course are according to your selecting the modes. We offer Premium Member, Bootcamp, Platinum Mode and Bundle.

10. Pacmann:

Pacmann has been the most trusted learning platform in Indonesia for a few years. Pacmann was provided with the Data Analytics courses in Indonesia which is best in Indonesia. This course is a beginner level and you will learn this course on the Pacmann platform or Zoom. This course duration is 12 Months. You will learn this course through the mentoring and they will guide you till the end of this course.

The Syllabus Was Derived to Understand the Core Concept of Data Analytics. The Course You Will Learn,

  • You will learn Basic of Python
  • You will learn Python for Software Engineer
  • You will learn Data Visualization with Tableau
  • You will learn Data Wrangling with Pandas
  • You will learn SQL Fundamentals
  • You will learn Relational Database Design
  • You will learn about the Foundation of Statistics
  • You will learn Linear Regression Design and Evaluation
  • You will learn Business Analytics in Multiple Department
  • You will learn Business Analytics in Industries
  • You will learn Time Series Analytics in Statistics method
  • You will learn Time Series Analytics in Forecasting.

After Completing the Concepts of Data Analytics You Will Learn the Curriculum. The Courses Are,

  • You will learn Intro to Data Industries
  • You will learn to market yourself to Data Jobhunt
  • You will learn Communication
  • You will learn the Hiring Process in Data Industries
  • You will learn Professionalism in the Workplace
  • You will learn the Interpersonal skills
  • You will learn Continuous Learning and Self-development
  • You will learn Problem Solving at Work
  • You will learn Decision-Making
  • You will learn Business Acumen in Data Talents
  • You will learn Leadership and People Management
  • You will learn Networking and Relationship Building.

After completing the course successfully, you will start doing the live projects which you can add to your resume as a portfolio. It will help you to place in the top companies. This course price is idr 8,880,000 excluding 11% of tax.


Q. What is the payscale of data analysts in Indonesia?

According to, the average pay of data analysts gets the salary is 69,856,145/year in IDR. Per Hour is Rp 2.03/hr.

Q. How do Data Analysts get more salary?

They can hike their salary by Joining new companies who are willing to give more salary than their previous company. Develop your skills to the latest skills that will help you to get more salary. Get more experience in the field you will get more salary. Complete the higher degrees that will help you to get more salary.

Q. Is it easy to be a data analyst?

No, becoming a data analyst is easy, it requires technical that may be difficult for someone. The advancement of the field requires to everyone learn continuously.


As mentioned above the Institutes are much less. There are many best institutes located in the world. Those who want to grow and develop their skill are going top of the world. Data analysts need to develop their skills every day to survive in this field. So, all the very best to those who are upgrading their skills.

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