Top 8 Data Analytics Courses In Nauru With Placements

In this data-driven world of today, being just a traditional Software Engineer/IT consultant/Analyst is not enough, you need to constantly keep up with the emerging tools, trends and technologies (irrespective of the domain you are working in). In Nauru, there are ample opportunities to help scale your tech knowledge, especially if you are interested in Data Analytics. Here are the top 8 data analytics courses in Nauru that will shape your career goals.


Let us begin with exploring the next data analytics courses in Nauru.

With recent AI developments, all businesses are demanding constant upgrades of their resources across the world. Learning data analytics can help you immensely.

What Are the Applications of Data Analytics?

When you are looking for data analytics courses in Nauru, it is required to get an understanding of Data Analytics applications in the current modern and highly industrialised world so that you are aware if the course choice itself is correct or not.

There are a wide variety of applications of Data Analytics, like, optimizing efficiency across industries and performance improvement which in turn, promises success in today’s highly tech-advanced world.

For instance, in the banking and finance sector, data analytics is utilised for the prediction of market trends and risk assessment. Financial institutions use data analytics for the prevention and detection of fraud. Banks utilise data to determine the risk of lending to a particular customer. Consumers’ credit scores are assessed and finalised based on analysis of data.

Home automation like Alexa controlling all your home appliances including refrigerators, televisions, light bulbs, speakers, air conditioners, etc. utilises data from customers to optimise and increase the efficiency of appliances.

With the help of data points, companies are trying to build a future home and appliances to make our lives more prosperous, easy, relaxing and tech-friendly. Things like temperature sensing and regulation are possible due to data collection, processing and analysis.

Climate change entrepreneurs and researchers are now using machine learning for wildlife protection as well as the prevention of environmental damage and are not limited to profits, efficiency and ROI alone.

Healthcare is another one of the many industries which are greatly benefiting from data analytics. This industry is also using machine learning in predicting sales by market prediction and forecasting along with discovering new medicines, vaccines and treatments.

Data Analytics can also be used for many other things in the healthcare and pharma industry, creating advanced techniques for diagnosis, giving personalised care based on existing data of the patient’s age, medical history, etc., foreseeing prevailing medical conditions in masses, reducing medical errors and a lot more.

Data is increasing in huge progression and hence its application and utilisation would also expand for science, business and every industry. The list of applications of data analytics is exhaustive today. This would eventually provide new job opportunities and increase the monetary value of existing ones related to data like data analytics.

If you are interested in data analytics courses in Nauru, this is the right place to learn more about it.

A Few More Data Analytics Courses You Should Explore:

What Is Data Analytics?

There is no doubt about the fact that ‘Data’ has now become the breathing engine of the tech industry. In fact, not just tech but every industry of the world is relying greatly on data. It has become the backbone of the new world. In a digital age, data is flowing in uncountable units over the internet. However, with this, there is another problem with data storage, management, processing, analysis and utilisation. So, why are we mad about data and how can it be utilised everywhere?

Data analytics is the analysis, processing, simulation and utilisation of data for making informed business decisions.

Data is presented in such a way using dashboards, reports, charts, simplified storyboards and decks by data analytics individuals to business leaders so that they can easily understand it and utilise it for making informed decisions, predicting trends, analysing changes in operations, sales, marketing, finance, etc. This eventually helps them to run their business smoothly and innovatively.

Data analytics comes under data science which also includes Machine learning and data engineering.

There are various Data Analytics tools in the market including Power BI, Tableau, Jupyter Notebook, R, MySQL, excel, python, SAS, Qlik, Google Analytics, IBM Cognos, Looker, Splunk, etc.

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What is the Minimum Qualification for Pursuing Data Analytics Courses in Nauru?

There are generally no prerequisites to register for a data analytics course in Nauru. Having a basic knowledge of tools like MS Excel and programming languages (including R, SQL and Python) would be an add-on.

Some offline institutes offering data analytics courses in Nauru prefer to evaluate candidates to check their proficiency in mathematics and statistics knowledge by maybe, conducting entrance exams.

Just for reference, when someone is looking for a job in data analytics in the workforce, it is preferable and advantageous if an individual has a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in either, MBA, Finance, engineering, statistics, economics or computer science.

What Are the 5 Data Analytics?

Descriptive Analytics: It identifies issues and problem statements in the business operation and data aggregation, data mining and visualization to provide insights into patterns, trends and relationships in the data.

Diagnostic Analytics: It helps recognize the main reason for the issue identified.

Predictive Analytics: It helps predict future trends and includes statistical modelling, machine learning algorithms and predictive modelling practices.

Prescriptive Analytics: It finally offers feasible and probable solutions and recommendations for achieving the required or target output.

Cognitive Analytics: This works on the basic feedback loop. With the help of data, one can learn from past mistakes and produce enhanced and better products or decisions.

For example, a furniture company app might use past data to suggest better ads and product suggestions based on customers’ preferences and purchase or browsing history. This would enhance product sales and target relevant products to specific users.

Top 8 Data Analytics Courses In Nauru With Placements

Nauru being a small country near Australia offers credible courses in data analytics both offline and online, take a look at the top 8 data analytics courses in Nauru:


IIM Skills provides an online Data Analytics master course in alignment with Google and Microsoft. They give you the option to choose between Weekend and Weekday batches.

Course Details:

Name:  Data Analytics Course

Duration: 6 Months Of Training + 2 Months Internship (optional)

Fees: 899.55 Australian Dollars + Taxes

EMI: Interest Free

Certification: Yes

So, it can be a great option for your search for the best data analytics courses in Nauru online. It has also been ranked as the no. 1 Data Analytics program by The Statesman, Times Now and Analytics Insight

It gives interview guarantee and assured internship opportunities with top companies like Accenture, TCS, PWC and Quantium.

Master data analytics tools like Alteryx, MySQL, Excel, Power BI, python, tableau and R. Work on up to 16 projects with the above-mentioned tools.

Their placements partners include top organisations like Barclays, Cognizant, Oracle, SAP, ACCENTURE, sigma, TCS, PWC, Alteryx, IBM, Moody’s Analytics, J.P. Morgan, Blackstone, Capgemini, Genpact, Thomas Reuters and more (as stated on platform’s website)

Interest-free EMI Options are available for fee payment.

In case the course is not what you expected, there is an option for a 100% fee refund after you attend the first session.

There is a 10% group discount available on more than or equal to three registrations.

They also provide online demos, you can download brochures and get additional details like dates of upcoming batches, fees, syllabus, etc. on IIM Skill’s official website.

Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS


Contact number: +91 9580740740

2. The Knowledge Academy

They provide many analytics courses including Advanced Data Analytics course.

The medium of training is online self-paced, online instructor-led, classroom training and onsite course.

They provide students with state-of-the-art classrooms, expert teachers, case studies and highly valued learning resources including exercise files and personal performance tools.

The Knowledge Academy is one of the world’s largest platforms to provide great quality courses to individuals with/without prior learning experiences in data analytics. They provide more than 30k courses, in 1k locations across 190 countries.

They were awarded by The Sunday Times SME Export Track Award in 2017 and qualified in the finalist list of the Llyod’s Bank National Business Awards UK 2016 and Private Business Award 2014

Their hiring partners include HSBC, Mercedes Benz, Aston Martin, Ford, LinkedIn, the University of Oxford, BBC, Rolls Royce, Samsung and many more (as stated on the platform’s website).

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3. Simplilearn

It has been ranked as the No. 1 Data Analytics course by Career Karma.

  • They provide certification in Data Analytics in collaboration with IBM.
  • Get IBM certificates and value from IBM experts in their Masterclasses.
  • You can learn SQL, R, Python, data visualization, and predictive analytics skills.
  • Along with hands-on experience with analytic tools (MS Excel, Power BI, Tableau, NumPy, R, etc.) by working on various projects.

4. QUT

The University offers 1-2 years of part-time Masters courses in Data Analytics, taking admission entry twice a year: February and September

Course Fee: CSP $4,400 per course (48 credit points)

One can also apply for scholarships on their website to meet study and living costs. QUT claims their course to be highly affordable for international students as well.

Minimum Eligibility Criteria:

  • You should have a minimum bachelor/graduate degree in any discipline from a recognised institute; or
  • You should have a minimum diploma in any discipline plus a minimum of two years full-time (or equivalent) professional work experience as an analyst and/or in the IT field; or
  • You should have a minimum of five years of full-time (or equivalent) professional work experience as an analyst and/or in IT.

Learn data analytics to gain knowledge and expertise across the industry. Get insights into data to make informed which will be beneficial for business.

Learn problem analysis designing, data visualisations, statistical and machine learning models and solution pipelines.

They have one of the best academics and researchers who will teach you to apply data science and data analytics to a range of real-world challenges.

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5. Murdoch University

Murdoch University provides undergraduate courses in Data Analytics.

The Bachelor of Data Analytics certification course helps you face real-world challenges in the industry by providing the required technical and analytical skills.

Learn analytical, technical, interpersonal and communication skills needed for your career and industry.

Minimum Eligibility Criteria:

The university’s website can be checked for detailed eligibility criteria and requirements by selecting a country name, for instance, if you are looking for Data Analytics courses in Nauru, you can select the country as Nauru from the drop-down menu and check minimum eligibility requirements for the course on their official website.

Additionally, one must meet a minimum standard in English to study at Murdoch, by providing certificates and documents of completing either English proficiency tests, English language courses, previous tertiary study or vocational education.

One can also get scholarships like the $15,000 Westpac Young Technologists Scholarship Program, for getting networking and career opportunities before graduation.

After completing the course, your career options can include, Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst, Data Analyst, Data Analytics Consultant, Marketing Analyst, and IT Systems Analyst.

6. Imarticus learning

Imarticus Learning has been there for 12 years, they provide a graduate program in Data Analytics and Data Science with a 100% job Assurance Program. It is best suited for freshers and professionals with technical backgrounds who are still early in their careers and want to boost their profile.

They provide Classroom as well as Live-Online Training.

This course allows you to participate in KPMG India COE Organised hackathons which will give you experience in solving business problems in the real world.

The course also offers a curriculum which is aligned with the latest techniques for data analytics along with a foundational module for people with zero knowledge of programming to keep you at pace with others.

It helps you learn MS Excel, SQL, R, Python, NumPy, Pandas, Statistical knowledge, Data visualisation with Tableau and Power BI, Machine Learning and much more.

At the end of the course, based on assessment and merit, students will get a specialisation track to sharpen their skills like the advanced ML track and the Data Analytics & ML track.

Later, students can work on capstone projects offered by Imarticus which will enhance confidence and prepare them for job interviews.

After completing the course, your career options can include a Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, Analytics Manager, Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst, Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Data Analytics Consultant, Marketing Analyst, and IT Systems Analyst.

For details on classes, fees, etc. their website can be visited.

EMI Options are also available for fee payment which can be checked on the Imarticus Learning website along with other details.

7. Udemy

Udemy is one of the highly sought-after online platforms for education and learning, it offers a wide variety of courses ranging from Personal Development courses to complex courses and certifications like Data Science and Data Analytics.

The courses are affordable and of high quality. You can learn at your own pace and get credible certifications which are accepted. Even renowned organizations encourage employees to access courses from Udemy to develop and build relevant skills in every field like finance, HR, tech, operations and more.

To get data analytics courses in Nauru, you can search on Udemy for data analytics courses and will be highly surprised by the number and variety offered in search results.

Before getting to Data Analytics courses in Nauru or anywhere, you can also access multiple specialisation courses on Data Visualisations tools like Power BI, Tableau and MS Excel as well as learn required basic/advanced programming languages from Udemy like R, Python, SQL, etc. to develop a clear understanding of topics related to data analytics.

Udemy will give overall details like time required for the course, fees, videos and quality resources for you to decide accordingly.

Further details are available on their official website.

8. Coursera

If you are searching for the best data analytics courses anywhere in the world then Coursera is the best place for you. It offers online data analytics certifications from eminent companies like Google, IBM, and Microsoft and universities like Jon Hopkins, University of Pennsylvania, etc. They offer courses for all levels, be it Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced level.

Further details are available on the platform’s website.


What is the role of data analytics?

Data analytics would transform raw data into useful and meaningful information for businesses so that it can help them make informed and relevant decisions by analysing trends market growth, etc.

Is data analytics a good career?

As per Analytics Insights, 11.5 million new jobs are expected for Data Science and Analytics and the number is expected to grow as per industry experts throughout the world.

If you are looking for good courses, rest assured that data analytics would be an excellent career in today’s highly tech-advanced world. Scientific management of data has now become the basic requirement of all organisations (private and public sectors,). Having skilled people in this field is in great demand and will increase in upcoming years since there will be a continuous evolution of AI along with technologies like data mining, data engineering, machine learning and data visualisation.

Will the data analytics field/domain/career be boosted further in future?

Data analysts come under the category of data scientists. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics, the projected growth for data scientists is 35% between 2022 and 2032. The same data shows that data scientists earned an average salary of $103,500 in 2022. However, the salary for data analysts depends on the company and industry.


Name any organisation (finance, telecom, health, agriculture, e-comm, education, etc.) data is a must for enhancing business and making important decisions for staying relevant today. while searching for data analytics courses in Nauru, one realises that anywhere in the world data analytics is prevalent and one can easily see a bright future in this.

We know just the tip of the iceberg. In the coming days, wonders can be achieved through data. This brings us back to the point that data analytics and its science will be relevant even in the upcoming ten or 15 years.

If you are in Nauru or any part of the world and thinking of whether data analytics is good for you or not, it’s time to clear that confusion. Organisations are hiring data analysts to make sense of their huge databases and to realise what hidden and useful results do they hide.

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