Top 11 Data Analytics Courses In Tuvalu With Placements

Data analytics is the process of analyzing and converting raw data like occurrences of the past, future predictions, and market scenarios into processed data which in turn helps business organizations, government agencies etc to identify the current progress, make better predictions and come to an informed decision about the information that will be helpful in the company’s or the government’s growth. Data analytics is now a booming field as many companies and government organizations are ready to invest in expert analysts to process the data and come to informed conclusions to sustain the smooth running of businesses and government schemes. In this article, we are going to discuss the top 8 data analytics courses in Tuvalu.


Before we begin to explore the top data analytics courses in Tuvalu, let us have a small briefing on Tuvalu and the scope of data analytics in Tuvalu.

Why Tuvalu?

Tuvalu,  earlier known as Ellice Islands, is a small group of islands in the Pacific Ocean. Funafuti is the capital for this group of islands. Tuvalu is the world’s fourth smallest country and the second least populous country with a count of around 12000. English and Tuvaluan languages are the national languages.

Though the country is very small, the government of Tuvalu has been dependent on data analytics right from its import, economy, healthcare etc. and for its overall development as it is in the process of becoming a developed nation.

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Data Analytics in Tuvalu

Though Tuvalu is a very small island, data analytics is very important in the current scenario. Every field needs its analysis with whatever data one can pull out from the vast ocean of information. In order to help in this regard, it becomes necessary to do a data analytics course that is offered in Tuvalu by experts or professors who are pioneers in the field.

Importance of Data Analytics in Tuvalu

  • To improve the relationship with other countries it is necessary to understand and improve the culture, defence, healthcare, technology and financial aspects of the country which can be achieved only if there are experts in analysing the data related to each field. Only if the country improves its internal situation, can it focus on the relationships with other countries.
  • Internal growth of the country depends on the professionals coming out of the institutes providing data analytics, who in turn are helping the government in pulling the strings on the important aspects of the economic and overall growth without depending on other countries.
  • When the focus on providing access to professional courses like data analytics courses in Tuvalu along with other courses increases, the educational opportunity for many to enhance their qualifications increases. This will directly impact the country’s overall standard of living and economic growth as the eligibility of the students passing out to have a better salary increase.
  • The inflow of foreign students will also increase when many institutes offer data analytics courses in Tuvalu which will result in internal economic growth and tourism as well.

What is Data analytics?

Let us now understand the basics of Data analytics and its importance in day-to-day scenarios.

Data analytics is the speciality subject of analysing raw, unprocessed data into processed and refined information that is required to come to a conclusion or idea in the field of research, businesses, government records etc.

To better understand its application, let’s consider an example: in a business when the company wants to invest in a particular project it has to first do research in the market.

The data analysts along with the team will then access the existing information or do a general search associated with the project information and then come out with well-structured information like the cost of the project, tentative timeline to finish the project, competitors with similar interests, the impact of the project in the company’s economic growth and the future benefits of the project.

Data analytics generally depends on four different types of analysis of a particular information. These are descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analysis.

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Descriptive Analysis:

The descriptive analysis helps the businesses to analyse the future of the project and its result based on past experiences. The experiences or the analysis findings are always present in the form of financial reports, results of the past marketing campaign, sales reports, graphs, poll summaries etc.

The base of descriptive analysis is generally the existing reports, databases, and associated project reports. A data analyst can easily identify the previously existing errors, hiccups, issues, positive patterns etc and can easily provide a summary to the business to come up with a foolproof plan to be followed and executed.

Diagnostic Analysis:

This analytic method helps businesses to identify the core aspect of the project. It helps to identify the potential hiccups, failures and also the success of the project.

The main objectives of the diagnostic analysis are identifying and solving the core issue, optimizing the process, monitoring the performance of the project, understanding the risks involved, validating any associated theories and constantly evaluating the quality of the data.

Once the analyst identifies all these aspects she can help the management to drive the project in the desired direction to obtain the desired result at the end of the day.

Predictive Analysis:

Any business while starting a new project prefers to have a prediction of how the events will turn in the future.

These predictions are generally based on the results of past projects and they are derived based on parameters like customer feedback, purchasing trends etc. which in turn will help the business to strategize the marketing concepts, and enhance customer satisfaction thereby retaining them.

The predictive analysis is always data-based. Applying predictive analysis improves the efficiency of the project performance, workforce management and resource allocation thus resulting in a better project result.

Prescriptive analysis:

Prescriptive analysis helps the companies to come out with a solution on what can be done next in a particular scenario. It helps the business heads to decide the following course of action in front of unpredictability.

This sort of analysis helps the business to navigate the turbulences that occur during the project implementation.

It generally involves the steps of collecting appropriate data both historical and real time, investigating the obtained data, predicting the desired outcome, providing recommendations implementing the project suggestions and continuously observing the outcome.

All these and much more will be taught by industry experts to the students who take up such data analytics courses.

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Benefits of Data Analysis

There are many benefits of data analysis across all fields. Basically data analysis helps in making important decisions in the businesses, government proposals, in taking precautions against any calamities etc.

It helps to streamline the workflow without major flaws, thereby enhancing the performance of the projects. The outcome of data analysis results in customer satisfaction which can be easily obtained when the process follows the steps of data analysis. Data analysis beforehand helps in minimising the associated risks and prevention of fraudulent activities.

Naturally, when the data analysis is done properly by the project management the result is cost-cutting proactively, which can be achieved by reducing resource wastage and improper usage.

Top 11 Data Analytics Courses In Tuvalu With Placements

Though there are automated data analysis in many sectors now, the majority of them still require humans to touch them.

To become an expert in data analytics many institutes help the students to aim for their dream jobs.

Due to the location of Tuvalu and the constraint of land area, there aren’t many physical universities in the country, even then there are many online institutes that provide Data analytics courses for the students applying from Tuvalu.  Let us see the top 11 institutes that provide data analytics courses in Tuvalu.


IIM SKILLS is one of the leading online course providers throughout the world. IIM SKILLS is well established with a wide network of expert faculties in each course offered who help the students to achieve their dream jobs in companies like TCS, Accenture, Quantum, Oracle, SAP, IBM etc.

One such course is the online Data Analyst course. Students who are interested in joining the online data analytics courses in Tuvalu can consider this. This course is basically for 6 months with 2 2-month optional internship period which can help the candidates to get hands-on experience in tools like Python, Tableau, Excel, R, Alteryx & Power BI.

The course fee is INR 49,900 + 18% GST with an easy EMI option available for those who can’t pay in a single shot. The course consists of 8 modules. The topics covered are Basic and Advanced Excel, Visual Basic Applications, SQL, Power BI, Data Analytics Using Python, Tableau, R For Data Science, and Alteryx.

Other Professional Courses from IIM SKILLS


Contact number: +91 9580740740

2. The Knowledge Academy

The Knowledge Academy, based in the United Kingdom provides an online Instructor-led Google Advanced Data Analytics Professional Training Course in collaboration with Google. This course enables interactive live classes which can be attended from anywhere in the world, online self-taught classes, classroom sessions and organising sessions at the business locations.
The courses are generally 16 hours and consist of 2 modules which include the Introduction to Advanced Data analytics and the Data collection and preparation. The basic rate starts from ER 2495 for online sessions and ER 3995 for classroom sessions.

3. Imarticus Learning

Imarticus Learning provides both offline and online postgraduate courses in Data Science and Analytics. This course is for 6 months and covers the fundamentals of topics like Excel, SQL, Python, Lambda functions, Pandas, NumPy, Data Frame Manipulation and Visualisation, EDA, Statistics, Probability theory and distribution, Hypothesis testing, Machine Learning, Data visualisation with Tableau and Power BI etc.

They provide a 100% job guarantee, as they have collaboration with top companies like Infosys, Deloitte, Accenture, IBM, Accenture, Standard Chartered etc. The course fee is INR 1,98,000 with an EMI option available.

4. Santa Clara University, Leavey School of Business

Based in the United States, Santa Clara University was established in the year 1923. It is offering Data Analytics courses for candidates throughout the world. The Data analytics course here includes Phython, Jupyter Notebook, NumPy, Pandas, Seaborn, sci-kit-learn, and Colab.

They also offer MS in Business Analytics, Master’s of finance and analytics along with other Data Analytics courses for those who are interested in different electives. The course provides extensive knowledge about importing, cleaning, and converting data, computational thinking, Data grouping, aggregation, visualization, restructuring, timelining, statistical analysis, data investigation and compilation of the results.

The University has tie-ups with top corporations in Silicon Valley thereby providing job opportunities for the candidates who pass out of the course successfully. The Summer 2024 batch starts on June 17th.

5. Coursera

Coursera is an international platform that provides an opportunity for anyone, anywhere in the world, the chance to pursue their dream course either for certification or as a graduate program.

Coursera was founded by Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng in 2012 and has helped many learners get life-changing guidance in attaining their degrees from leading universities and companies.

Coursera offers many different Data Analytics courses in Tuvalu and other countries in collaboration with leading companies like Google, IBM, Microsoft etc. Each course ranges from 3 to 6 months with varied tools to learn like Excel, Python, SQL, R programming, Computer programming, Machine learning etc.

One can also learn different skills like Data Analysis, Visualisation, Algorithm, Management, Extraction, Transformation etc.

6. Datamites

Datamites is an ISO 9001-2015 certified online educational platform which also provides various courses like Data Analytics courses in Tuvalu and other countries worldwide.

Datamites offer Data Analytics courses to individuals who have a niche in learning about statistics, visualisation, predictive analysis, fundamentals of data science etc. The courses are IABAC certified and they offer the course in all 3 different ways In-Class, Live Streaming and Blended learning.

The course is for 6 months with a guaranteed internship and placement at the end. The course consists of 6 modules which comprise Data Analysis Foundation, Classification of Analytics, CRIP-DM Model, Univariate Data Analysis, Data Analysis with Visual Charts, and Bi-Variate Data Analysis. The course fee is around INR 57855 with an EMI option available.

7. Purdue Online

Purdue West Lafayette University through Purdue Online offers various certification, graduation and postgraduation programs in Data Analytics along with other specialisations. Purdue University offers a Data Analytics course in collaboration with Google and a post-graduate program in Data Analytics in collaboration with IBM through its Simplilearn program.

In this certification course, the students can learn about spreadsheets, SQL, Tableau and R programming and the implications of them in the business setup. This certification program offers 100% placement with leading companies.

The university offers the course in 2 different duration, a 30-day certificate program and a one-year program. The course fee ranges from $39 to $249. One can gift these courses to their loved ones.

8. Unichrone

Unichrone, an educational institute based in Funafuti provides various courses across 170+ countries around the globe. The institute offers both offline and online interactive faculty-led courses. The 3-day data analytics course in Tuvalu offered by Unichrone is in collaboration with Power BI.

This Microsoft-certified course offers the professionals to achieve their goal of becoming an expert in the field of Data analytics. The course covers Microsoft Data Analytics, Prepare Data For Analysis, Model Data in Power BI, Visualise data in Power BI, Data Analysis in Power BI, and Manage Workspaces and Datasets in Power BI.

The course includes real-life projects that involve data analysis, data modelling, and report creation which helps the candidate to gain hands-on real-life experience of the tool. The only criterion for getting the course completion certificate is to clear Exam PL-300.


ISDC provides an online certification course in Data Analytics which is certified by the Institute of Analytics (IoA). This certificate is a professional certificate and is valid throughout the world. Once the student completes the certification course through ISDC, he/she can automatically become eligible for membership to IoA.

The basic eligibility to join this course is to have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Telecommunication, Information Technology or Electronics. The course duration is for 1 year or 240 hours,  the course fee is £300.

The entire course is split into 6 modules and they consist of Python Programming, Big Data Analytics, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and Cloud Computing.

The institute offers different analytics courses like Data Analyst, Financial Analyst, Product Analyst, Marketing Analyst etc. Students can select any course based on their interests.

10. UniAthena

UniAthena is an online course provider where students can select any of the courses based on their subject of interest. UniAthena provides a Diploma in Data Analytics for those who want to do a Data analytics course in Tuvalu.

The course is being provided for free as well as for a fee of $150, where the free version doesn’t have certification and the paid version comes with the course completion certification. The certification fee is different for different courses.

The course is self-paced and is for 1 to 2 weeks during which the students can learn the course at their own speed. To get the course completion certificate the students have to get a bare minimum of 50% in the assessment conducted.

11. Le wagon

lewagon provides data analytics courses in Tuvalu and other countries worldwide. The course is given in 2 formats full-time and part-time. Full-time is for 2 months with 40 hours per week and part-time is for 7 months with 16 hours of study time per week.

The course covers Python, SQL, Power BI, Zapier, Looker StudioStudio and Google Tag Manager. The course fee is 11000 AUD with financial options available. It is mandatory for those who are interested in this course to complete a 40-hour preparation course and appear for an interview along with a quiz to pass.


Q. What are the benefits of the Data Analytics course?

The candidate who completes his/her course in data analytics is found to be in a better position to understand the business world from a much better perspective. They gain a better understanding of the processes involved and can help the companies to attain their desired results. They can also get themselves placed in a leading company with a package at par or beyond the market standard.

Q. Why are many institutes offering online Data Analytics courses in Tuvalu?

As the country is an island that is prone to natural calamities very often due to the low sea level surrounding the country, establishing an offline campus is a tedious process. That is the main reason for many institutes to offer interested students the option of online Data Analytics courses in Tuvalu.

Q. What is the duration for Data Analytics courses in Tuvalu?

As the course is being offered by many institutes across the globe, the time duration to complete the course depends on each institute which ranges from 2 days to 1 year approximately.

Q. Are Data Analytics courses in Tuvalu challenging?

Generally, any course’s difficulty depends on the candidate’s learning capacity, Data analytics courses are a bit challenging as it involves various prediction analysis, software, statistics, data mining, manipulation etc. Though the course has its challenges and difficulties, an expert instructor or the faculty has the capacity and knowledge to guide the candidates in a clear understanding of the concepts with live projects and real-life examples.

Q. Are there any age criteria for the Data Analytics courses in Tuvalu?

There are no specific age restrictions to do the course, except that few universities expect the candidates to clear the eligibility exams to get the course completion certificate in their hands after the classroom sessions.


Though the country is still in the developing phase concerning its territory or population, the increasing demand for data analytics experts is observed across various fields in Tuvalu. This demand can be met by those candidates who complete their Data Analytics courses offered by institutes in Tuvalu.

The government is also now investing more to involve the experts in this field for the overall development of the country with the help of various welfare organisations like the United Nations, UNICEF etc. which is seen by the rise in the number of data analytics companies in Tuvalu in recent years.

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