Most of the content writing Institute in Kolkata offers a professional level of content writing courses and they involve the content development lifecycle details and sessions. So, mostly there are five stages involved in content development. 




When you will get to know about these stages you can easily develop your content. These five stages are designed to organize, write, plan and publish your content so that you can attract new readers towards your website.


The city Kolkata has some of the best institutes’ that offer content writing courses in the country. The reason is that Kolkata is the home to many digital-based start-ups, which means it is crowded with thousands of Information technology-based companies.


It is very evident from the present-day status of the internet and online-based industries that content writing is very closely associated with the digital industry.


The content writing courses in Kolkata have proved to be very beneficial for the students and professionals there.


Because of the number of IT companies in Kolkata, many institutes that provide digital certification courses have set up there in Kolkata. Therefore the flow of students to these institutions is also huge.




As mentioned above, how every single person holds a high potential to reach a stable position in the content writing field and the way everyone is gaining so much knowledge about content writing.


This makes us question the necessity of these content writing courses. There are people out there who are pursuing careers in content writing without going through these content writing courses.


There is a strong reason behind these content writing courses being represented as something very important.


Here is the reason why content writing courses are important




Even if one gathers a lot of knowledge from the internet and other sources. There is still a lot that has been discovered but not put on online platforms.


Apart from practical assignments and professional guidance, some things make this content writing institutes a very important part in the making of a content writing career.


As mentioned these organizations keep researching on finding better ways and techniques to reach the audience with the best content, they have developed some information which is exclusively limited to those institutes only.


It’s just like making studies based on individual researches and therefore these are highly effective.


Every institute that provides content writing courses has a separate set of developed information through these researches which are exclusively limited to them.






IIM skills are the global leader in content writing courses and certification training.  In the recent 5 years, this company has gained momentum and maintained a constant spot in the content writing industry.


IIM Skills has been mentoring professional as well as young minds who aspire to become content writers shortly.


They have the best industrial experts who with their valuable experience and expertise in the industry, guide and provide training on content writing.


These training modules not only cover the content writing, but many other aspects related to it.


The course structure involves guiding students with knowledge about how the audience interacts with content, how to target the audience and make the content reach them, how to target keywords and a lot more.


As marketing is involved in various phases of content generation, the syllabus has a mix of content marketing and content writing.


With practical lessons and a syllabus framed through the huge amount of research and analysis, IIM skills provide the best possible knowledge that is required for students to build a stable content writing career.


The content writing course provided by IIM skills is totally job oriented which means one can find quick placement opportunities after completing the course.


Since IIM Skill a leading institution providing content writing courses in Kolkata and also in many other cities in India, the certificate provided after completion of the course is globally accepted.


  • The certificate can be used in a resume to find better placement opportunities and increase career scores.
  • The course and its syllabus are validated by industry experts. The students will have access to updated course content.  
  • The syllabus is mentioned above is framed after a lot of research. The research is continuously done to find better ways to reach the audience with content and therefore any new results are updated to the syllabus and students have access to it.
  • The students are allowed to practically implement and execute the training and theories taught to them.
  • IIM skills provide complete placement assistance to the students right after completing the course.
  • IIM Skill is one of the best institutes that provide content writing courses in Kolkata.
  • It is supported by many brands around the globe. Brands like American Express, Amazon, Flipkart, KMPG, PHILIPS, and many other trusts IIM Skills.


Therefore IIM Skills is one of the most recommend institutes that offer content writing courses in Kolkata. It is a highly rated institution and could be considered by people who want to build their career in content writing desperately.


Considering the above-mentioned points in mind, the reason why IIM skills made it to the top of the list of best content writing courses in Kolkata is very evident.


You can master a successful content writing module. By involving in these content writing courses in Kolkata you can get the great knowledge of writing great content, graphics and attract traffic through videos that work as a magnet for your content.




  • The seven boat academy is one of the most popular institutions that provide content writing courses in Kolkata.
  • The Seven Boats Academy is a digital marketing training institutes that offer many other digital marketing courses along with content writing courses in Kolkata.
  • The seven boat academy provides several digital marketing courses and training to different sets of people.
  • They have a separate program for students, professionals, and organizations.
  • The students, who have just completed their boards or those who are pursuing any other stream in colleges and universities, are welcomed to learn from the numerous courses provided by Seven Boats Academy.
  • The students can get earning opportunities right after completing these courses. These courses may vary in terms of duration.
  • There are short term courses for 1 month whereas there are courses for a duration period as long as 6 months.
  • Depending upon the type of course and the students may find some earning opportunities after 3 to 6 months with decent salaries.
  • For professionals and entrepreneurs who need to enhance the skills that would possibly help them find a better job or earning opportunities, Seven boat academy has courses for such people.
  • These courses also help one learn about entrepreneurship using digital marketing skills.
  • The seven boat academy also has courses and relevant offers for the organization. The organizations can opt for need-based customizable courses when they can learn any skill they are lacking.
  • The seven boats have trained over more than 1600 students to date. It has more than 50 recruitment partners which increase the chances of getting opportunities right after completion of the course.
  • The seven boat academy has maintained a placement record of 95% which is remarkable.
  • The seven boat academy also takes assignments from businesses and has served over 500 clients.
  • This academy has 3 months, 6 months and even 1-year diploma courses allowing students to choose depending upon the career opportunities they want to pursue.


With over 15 awards and certifications, the seven boats Academy makes it to the second position in the list of best content writing courses in Kolkata.


It is, therefore, one of the most recommended institutes that offer content writing courses in Kolkata. Students and professionals looking for quick upgrade or placement opportunities can go for this content writing course in Kolkata.




Promoz SEO is also a very popular institute that offers content writing courses in Kolkata. It is very renowned and known more for digital marketing courses.


Promoz SEO not only provides content writing courses but several digital marketing courses as well.


It is one of the highly-rated institutes that offers a content writing course in Kolkata.


 Let’s peek into some key points of Promoz SEO offering content writing courses in Kolkata.


  • As the name suggests, the primary focus of this institute is towards digital marketing practices.
  • The course is framed to focus mainly on optimization techniques. The optimization techniques are very useful to make the content reach the audience.
  • The marketing strategies and tactics are essential to reach the targeted audience.
  • Search engine optimization and search engine marketing methods play a vital to make the content readable.
  • On-site SEO also develops the site interface, making the user experience better.
  • The optimization methods include advanced on-site and off-site SEO.
  • The course also helps students gain professional-level blogging techniques.
  • They will also teach you about the different types of tools needed to develop successful content.
  • Students get to know about the technology that will ensure your content to be developed as user-friendly and most effective and these applications and technology will be available on an open-source.


The above key points make Promoz SEO one of the best institutes that offers content writing courses in Kolkata. Students, as well as


professionals who aspire to become content markers can consider this institute.


This course will give you the full skills to make the content highly active. It will make your content to not lose its presence in this online era. This module also lets your content to reach the right audience and increment in an exposure.


Promoz SEO makes it to the 3rd in the list of best content writing courses in Kolkata because of the very evident reasons mentioned above as key points.




Compete Infotech Academy is an institution that offers content writing courses in Kolkata. It is amongst the top institutes which offer core content writing courses in Kolkata.


This means that Compete infotech academy, unlike other institutions that involve various other courses, is a very content-based academy. It only offers classic content writing training.


  • Their writing program consists of case studies, project activities and implementation of all input from each module designed for the syllabus.
  • To make the learning process more practical, the compete info tech academy uses audio, video as well as presentations to train students to the depth of content writing.
  • The Compete infotech is a total job oriented content writing the course in Kolkata. It also has a consultant to deal with content writing opportunity related questions from users.
  • Their modules include the purpose of technical writing. The Compete info tech and instructors teach about the benefits of effective communication.
  • The Compete info academy trains students about how visitors read on the web and also about the search engine standings.
  • Followed by these two modules, finally, students are taught about effective web content writing methods.
  • The Compete info tech trains students about more than 11 types of content writing. The detailed writing procedure for each writing type is explained to the students.
  • Rather than dealing with the marketing aspects, Compete Infotech trains students to assess the audience and interact with them through content.
  • There are a total of 21, which are all explained in a detailed manner through the content writing course.


The above key points are the reason Compete Infotech academy makes it to the 4th in the list of best content writing courses in Kolkata.


More than 2000 students who have completed the content writing courses in Kolkata from Compete infotech institute has successfully established themselves as entrepreneurs and consultants. Many of them have turned into content marketers and a lot into content writers.


This is one of the best content writing courses in Kolkata recommended for aspiring writers and people who one to run their blogs and work as digital content writers.




Industry net academy is one of the many institutes that offer content writing courses in Kolkata. It is not as popular as the above-mentioned institutes that offer content writing courses in Kolkata, still has relatively good reviews and ratings.


It is a 4-month course and no specific educational qualification is required. One can join and enroll in the course whenever they want to.


The students are taught about types of web content. They are also made to go through practical experiences where they execute the processes by themselves and analyze how the content industry works.


The students are made aware of the quality of the content and its importance. The students at Industry Web Academy are taught about tools that they might need to check plagiarism and small errors in the content piece.


The modules include teaching training students about the maintenance of the website and content pieces.


Along with writing, the Industry content academy teaches students about proofreading, editing, and common errors.


The importance of blogs and blogging along with how they interact with the audience is taught to the students.


Followed by these modules, persuasive content writing is introduced to the students. These modules have more to deal with optimization techniques.


Email marketing, newsletters and sales letter development is taught to the students.


There is a separate module that focuses on understanding web visitors and improving web conversion.


The final module includes real-life projects when these students are allowed to work on live projects to test their understandings and help students analyze the training more precisely and practically.


With these Key points, the Industry net academy makes it to the 5th position in the list of best content writing courses in Kolkata.


It is a recommended site and people who aspire to become writers and find quick earning opportunities can consider this institute that provides content writing courses in Kolkata as a potential option.




All these institutions are equally competent and now that all of them have made it to the list of best content writing courses in Kolkata.


Based on the key points mentioned above, IIM still has remarkable performance amongst the other content writing institutes. The international placement opportunities and support trust from the world’s biggest organizations.


Read IIM SKILLS Content Writing Course Review


This institution has dedicated experts to instruct a student with courses.


This institution can still be considered as the best of content writing courses in Kolkata. The best part about IIM skills is that once enrolling any course allows Lifetime management system access to that course which means the students can stay updated with the course free of cost.


Overall all the mentioned institutes are good but IIM Skills can be considered as the best institute that offers content writing courses in Kolkata.



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