Top 8 Financial Modeling Courses in Kolkata With Placement

We have put together the top financial modeling courses in Kolkata to bring out the best in your career. In the present era, the global economy is witnessing a continuous evolution. Therefore, finance experts are required to research and level up in gaining knowledge of many areas of a business to forecast valuation, future finances, risk management, etc. To keep abreast, it has become necessary that finance experts must develop new skill sets in financial Modeling. As we witness the ever-growing technology, putting its mark on almost every aspect of our society and lives, there is a huge rise in the demand for a fulfilled career in a technology-driven field like Financial Modeling in cities like Kolkata. 


List of best financial modeling courses in Kolkata


In recent times, there has been a major advancement in technology. Due to that, there is an increased need for financial modeling analysts who can perform enormous data analyses to assist businesses in developing profitable sales strategies and economic models. It is a vital and inescapable skill for anyone wishing to establish a career in accounting and corporate finance


What is Financial Modeling?


Financial modeling is used for the determination of financial outcomes based on the historical performance of the company such as income statements, cash flow statements, and supporting schedules, and also to create assumptions about future financial outcomes like future revenue, expenses, etc.


These are mathematical models which help the Company in various financial strategies like allocation of corporate funds and budget. These models are formulated in an Excel spreadsheet and need data entry manually. These models are based on financial forecasts and show how the Company’s financial statements may look in the future depending on how they play out using Company’s present financial statements. 


Types of Financial Models


There are different types of financial models depending on what the desired outcome is being sought by the financial analyst.


  • 3 Statement Model 
  • Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Model
  • Initial Public Offering (IPO) Model
  • Merger Model (M&A)
  • Leveraged Buyout (LBO) Model
  • Consolidation Model
  • Budget Model
  • Forecasting Model
  • Option Pricing Model


Why is Financial Modeling Important?


Financial Models are the tools for simplifying the computation of performance and outcomes for a Company. A financial model can advise regarding risks involved and decisions to be implemented. They can also be used to design an effective financial statement reflecting the financial operations of the Company.


This is vital for pitching investors, calculating insurance needs, and for securing loans. The basic job of a financial model is to help you see where the company stands at present, how it performed in the past, and what can be the expected outcome in the future.


Who Can Use Financial Models?


Any person interested in a company’s financial performance can use a financial model.  It is a skill set that anyone can develop through pursuing a course in Financial Modeling. Business professionals in development, financial planning, accounting, equity research, investment banking, and private equity develop frequent financial models depending on the outcome they desire to seek in their business. 


Scope of Pursuing Financial Modeling Courses in Kolkata


There is a huge increase in demand when it comes to an established career in financial Modeling. Metropolitan cities like Kolkata have seen an upsurge in the demand for Financial Analysts and Modellers in recent times as these big cities are a hub of the corporate sectors and there are many companies.


The reason is more and more companies are relying on solid structured financial models to forecast the financial future of the Company. You don’t need a degree to get a job in financial Modeling. You can qualify by choosing a financial Modeling course that gives you a complete understanding of how markets and financial models work.


Hence, pursuing Financial Modeling Courses in Kolkata can give you a leading edge in your career and boosts the career to newer heights for people who already have a career in finance. Due to the growing need for financial Modeling professionals, employers are choosing to hire people who have financial modeling skills rather than those who do not.


If you want to start a career in the following areas, having a good understanding and a honed skill set of financial Modeling is mandatory-



Financial Modeling Careers


After completing Financial Modeling Courses in Kolkata, candidates can pursue a promising financial career in a variety of industries, including equity research firms, private finance firms, and governments. They can get the role of the following-



Have a look at some of the other most-opted courses in Kolkata:


Prerequisite Skills Required to Pursue a Course in Financial Modeling


Having basic accounting knowledge and presentation skills is critical to success in the field of financial Modeling. Along with that, certain personal skills are needed to excel at the course. Below is a list of all the basic skills needed to complete financial Modeling courses in Kolkata


Computer Skills

This course is heavily based on the usage and operation of the computer. So, it is necessary for the person who opts for this course to have a sound knowledge of operating a computer. Every task in a financial Modeling course is based on the computer.



The financial Modeling course, as the name suggests, is based on finance, and finance runs on calculation. If you are good at calculations then it is a strength. On the other hand, if you are averse to calculations then you might face difficulties enduring this course and you will have a hard time getting through course. So, it may not be for you.


Being Proficient in Excel

It is mandatory for you to know and be proficient with Excel as financial models are devised on Excel spreadsheets. You will find yourself working on an Excel spreadsheet almost all the time while you are studying or working with financial Modeling. Analysts usually work to create spreadsheets that contain large amounts of biased data. This skill is essential for being fast when analyzing many Excel spreadsheets.



This is one of the most needed skills that a financial modeler/analyst has to have. They are required to make decisions based on the financial models and that is only possible when the person can think logically. The financial modeler/ analyst must have this skill set because the person will mostly find himself in a situation where he/she will be needed to intentionally analyze complex data in a logical and systematic format. Financial professionals must have immaculate and errorless analytical skills.


Fluency in English

Knowledge about basic English speaking and writing is mandatory to be able to work with financial models as most of the operations are conducted on a computer as well as the financial Modeling courses are conducted in the English language. It is not required of the individual to know high-level English but basic fluency in the language is a compulsion.



As a Financial modeler/ analyst, it is a must for you to have the essential business forecasting skills based on the data that has been collected and analyzed. After making the necessary assumptions, you should be able to make predictions based on the company’s historical and current data. It also includes considering key factors such as management and culture that can affect results.



Accounting is a very important subject in which you must excel. Financial Modeling has everything to do with accounting. As financial modelers and analysts, most of the time you will find yourself working with numbers, and therefore you must have good accounting skills. The fundamentals of accounting should be crystal clear and should know all kinds of financial statements that are necessary to amend ant anomalies.


Knowledge of Financial Statements 

A person who wants to excel at the job of financial Modeling has to have a clear knowledge of the necessary financial statements that are required to devise financial models. Also, the financial analyst needs to connect the dots between all the necessary statements like income statement, cash flow statement, and balance sheet. It is required of the financial analyst to present a simple picture of the financial situation.


Skill of Presenting

A financial analyst/modeler must-have presentation skills as his role has a lot to do with being able to present complex information in a simplified form that could be understood by a layman. The job of a financial analyst not only revolves around devising and constructing financial models but also presenting them well by taking into consideration all other premises.



A financial analyst needs to be good at giving attention to details. This is a mandatory skill that he ought to possess. The reason is that while devising perfected financial models, giving attention to even the minute details is extremely crucial. As the analyst conducts a complex financial analysis, he needs to be careful and diligent to consider every factor that could lead to a change in the outcome.


Knowledge of the Industry

If you are a beginner in the world of finance, you must gain knowledge of the industry you are putting forth your steps. As the world goes digital, this is a necessary knowledge to have. As a beginner, researching and studying the finance industry will not help you comprehend things faster but also, will help you grow and settle.


Managing Time

Financial Modeling courses are short courses that students pursue when they work or study regularly. Proper time management is an important factor to attain success in the completion of the course successfully. It is required for the student to attend the minimum number of hours of the course to pass the test. You are also needed to submit assignments and tasks regularly within the given deadline. The right way to record the day will help.


Also, find the high-rated Financial Modeling Courses in India


Top 8 Financial Modeling Courses in Kolkata




IIM SKILLS was established in 2015. It is an online education platform that has garnered the reputation of being the best institute in India for providing online professional courses. It provides one of the best Financial Modeling Courses in Kolkata, offering extensive training to enthusiasts who want to establish themselves in the field of Finance Modeling.


Along with 3 months of a comprehensive curriculum, practical assignments, and case studies, they also provide internship opportunities which makes it completely practical training in financial Modeling.


Course Name – Financial Modeling Course

Course Duration – Three Months

Course Fees– Rs. 39900 + GST



  • Fundamental and Advanced Excel Concepts
  • Business Valuation
  • Basics of Financial Modeling
  • Accounting Concepts and Financial Statements
  • Types of Financial Models


By taking this course, you will gain clarity on all aspects of financial Modeling and it will also help you in gaining the essentials of a financial Modeling course. This course is designed in such a way that it will make you adept at handling financial statements and analyzing them as well as constructing financial models. This course will help you with critical and logical thinking and presentation skills by making you a pro in your field. 



Phone: +91 9911839503


Other Courses by IIM Skills

GST Certification Course

BAT Course


IIM Skills Financial Modeling Course free demo invite


2. Kredent Academy


Trident Academy was established in 2008 and has been a pioneer in imparting financial education in India. It has been one of the top institutes for studying Financial Modeling Courses in Kolkata. This Academy provides a certificate course in Equity Valuation and Financial Modeling Course, aiming at imparting practical application of concepts of the financial model.


This certificate course blends Accounting, Finance, and Excel to show analysis of financial statements and investments. The Academy provides classroom training and it is designed to help the students with an important understanding of the cost of capital, and discount cash flow. 


The students are required to perform assignments using financial Modeling to determine the financial situation of a company. The course aims at teaching the students to create their financial model from the scratch.


Course Name- Equity Valuation and Financial Modeling Course

Course Duration- 1 month

Course Mode- Offline Training/ Classroom Sessions

Course Fees– Rs. 23,600/-



  • Understanding Financial Modeling and Financial Statements
  • Financial Statement Analysis and Forecasting
  • Methods of Valuation
  • Financial Modeling Case Study


After completion of the course, each student will receive a Certificate from NSE Academy facilitated by Kredit Academy. Students also get to attend 10 hours of internship along with the preparation of an Equity Search Report.

Phone: +91 9784222555


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3. Corporate Finance Institute


This institute provides students with all kinds of professional courses, concerning the industry of Finance. It has garnered a good reputation for offering one of the top Financial Modeling Courses in Kolkata. This is a fine place to start learning about finance if one wants to establish themselves in this field.


The institute provides a certification program in Financial Modeling and Valuation Analyst (FMVA). It focuses on imparting the necessary skills required for conducting practical financial analysis. 


Course Name- Financial Modeling and Valuation Analysis

Course Duration- 1 year

Course Fees –

Self Study- $ 497/ year

Full Immersion- $847/year


Course Mode- Online



  • Accounting
  • Excel
  • Strategy
  • Budget and Forecasting
  • Presentation and Visuals
  • Financial Modeling
  • Finance
  • Valuation


This course is designed to help students learn financial Modeling skills, forecasting process, and budgeting as well as improve competency in finance and accounting. This certification ensures all the skills, tools, and techniques required to be a pro-level financial professional.



Phone: 1-(800)-817-7539


4. Ivy Professional School


IVY Professional School is one of the top-rated schools in Data Sciences and Analytics in India. It has centers across the country in cities like Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Delhi. This institute imparts excellent Financial Modeling Courses in Kolkata. It provides good placements in companies like Cap Gemini, HSBC, and Cognizant.


The students who enroll in this course get the benefit of being trained by an excellent panel of faculties. This institute provides a certification course in Business Analytics. A student who wishes to enroll in this certification needs to have a background in maths, economics, statistics, and accounts. 


Course Name – Business Analytics

Course Duration- 6 months

Course Fees-   Rs. 40,684



  • Dashboarding and Automation using Excel
  • SQL Queries and Relational Database Management
  • Tableau Essentials
  • Predictive Modeling with R
  • Business Statistics
  • Data Science with Python
  • Machine Learning Essentials


Students who enroll in this Course will get a chance to do real projects and also internships.


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5. IMS Pro School


IMS Pro School provides excellent courses in Financial Modeling Courses in Kolkata. It delivers practical knowledge and skills to its students. Also, the courses are set at affordable prices keeping in mind the needs of a student. This institute has garnered a reputation for providing one of the best financial Modeling courses in Kolkata. This course was created by Preschool to create more financial professionals. Any person can take this course and establish a career in Investment Banking, Equity Research.


Course Name – Financial Modeling Course

Course Fees-

Online Training- Rs. 32,000

 Classroom Training- Rs. 40,000


Course Duration- 3-4 months



  • Excel Proficiency
  • Financial reporting and analysis
  • Financial Analysis techniques
  • Corporate Finance
  • Time Value of money
  • Cost of Capital
  • Equity research Modeling
  • Project Finance Modeling


Students enrolling with this Institute have the advantage of learning financial Modeling in a practical method. They are provided with the case study, additional training, and certification on VBA-Macros and Merger and Acquisition (M&A). Also, students get a very good scope of establishing their careers in Investment Banking, Equity Research, and Project Finance as this institute focus on preparing the students in these areas of finance. Students also get personalized placement assistance. 


6. The Wallstreet School


The Wallstreet School aims at providing professional courses in finances. The Wallstreet School is one of the best institutes for studying Financial Modeling Courses in Kolkata. The mode of training is practical and application-based so that students can get hands-on experience in creating financial models from the scratch. The faculty consists of trainers who have worked with major investment banks. 


Course Name- Financial Modeling and Valuations

Course Duration- 2.5 Months

Course Mode-

Online Classes

Classroom Sessions



  • Basic to Intermediate Excel
  • Advanced Excel and PowerPoint
  • Basic Finance Concepts
  • Feasibility Study/ Business Modeling
  • Comparable Company Analysis
  • Precedent Transaction Analysis
  • Discounted Cashflow Valuation
  • Merger Model
  • Leveraged Buyout


Students are given placement assistance after completion of the course. The main aim of the course is to make students job-ready. As per the convenience of students, both full-time and weekend modes are available for course training. 



Phone: +91 9953729651


IIM Skills Financial Modeling Course free demo invite


7. Udemy


Udemy is a famous and popular institution known for all kinds of online courses. These courses are created by individuals, instructors, and trainers across the globe. Students who enroll with Udemy for courses can get international certifications. Udemy has courses on Financial Modeling that are designed according to the requirements of the financial market, making it one of the popular choices of students to pursue a course in financial Modeling in Kolkata


Course Name- Beginner to Pro in Excel: Financial Modeling and Valuation

Course Fees- Rs. 3,499/-



  • Introduction to Excel
  • Useful Tips for your work in Excel
  • Keyboard shortcuts in Excel
  • Excel’s key functions and functionalities are made easy.
  • Financial Functions in Excel
  • Microsoft Excel’s Pivot Tables 
  • Case Study
  • Financial Modeling fundamentals
  • Introduction to Company Valuation
  • Introduction to Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Building a Discounted Cash Flow model in Excel


Students who enroll with Udemy on this course will learn Microsoft Excel in-depth, they will build Valuation Models from scratch, and design professional charts. The advantage of doing this course is that students can do it at their own convenient time and study materials will be available lifetime.


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8. Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin is a Global Edtech company that has been known for its online educational platform, imparting quality training to its students in various fields. The financial Modeling course that is provided by this institute is meant for those who want to establish themselves in the field of finance. It is a great course if one wishes to choose to do Financial Modeling Courses in Kolkata.


Course Name- Financial Modeling Course

Course Duration- 40 hours of Live Training

Course Mode- Online Classes

Course Fees- Rs. 29,500



  • MS Excel Tips
  • Financial Statement and Ratios Analysis
  • Financial Management and Corporate Finance
  • Project Finance Modeling
  • Equity Research Modeling
  • Financial Report Writing
  • Case Study 1 and 2
  • Soft Skills Development
  • Resume Writing


Every student who enrolls in this course will get theoretical and practical knowledge of Financial Modeling. Also, students are required to prepare for job interviews as the institute guarantees 100% job placement assistance. 



Phone: +91 9891953953




Q.1. What do I need to know for starting with Financial Modeling Courses in Kolkata?

Understanding of Accountancy, Excel Skills, knowledge of how to link the financial statements, a logical mindset, ability to be detail-oriented, and ability to simplify large amounts of data.


Q.2. Is a career in financial Modeling in demand?  

  A career in financial Modeling is in high demand as society is relying heavily on technology. There is a huge demand for financial modelers and analysts in the corporate world. 


Q3. Which institute is the best to learn financial modeling?

IIM Skills is the highly-recommended training institute to learn financial modeling.




If you seek to change your career into finance or better establish yourself in the field of finance, then pursuing Financial Modeling Courses in Kolkata can open a new gateway for you in terms of a boost in your career. This is the time for you as there is a huge demand for financial modelers from the corporate world who are looking for professionals who can analyze huge amounts of data into a simplified format that could be understood by anyone as it is crucial in making informed decisions. Financial modelers and analysts are required by the world at large with the rise in the growth of the corporate world. A course in Financial Modeling can open new doors for your career and take your career to newer heights.

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