Top 8 Financial Modeling Courses in Gurgaon With Placement

Financial modeling is a numerical representation of a company’s operations in the past, present, and future forecasts. It is a tool that helps in the decision-making process, assisting company executives’ to estimate costs and project the profits of a proposed new project. Financial modeling courses in Gurgaon aim to instill financial understanding in people looking to transition into a financial domain. 


List of best financial modeling courses in Gurgaon


A financial analyst uses them to explain as well as anticipate the impact of an event(s) on the financial health of a company through stocks and valuations. It takes into consideration factors such as a new company policy or change in a business strategy, implementation of a new business model outside factors such as a change in economic policy or regulation by the government, etc.


Financial models are also integral in strategic planning to test various scenarios, calculate the overall cost of new projects, decide on budget allocation for them and redistribute company resources for various new as well as old projects. Financial modeling courses in Gurgaon aim to do just that.


What Does It Include?


Financial modeling is an integral and unavoidable part of finance domains like investment banking, corporate finance, private equity, venture capital, corporate finance, valuations, etc. A financial modeling course is integral and non-negotiable to any individual who is willing to read, comprehend, and analyze financial data, convert numbers into explanations, present financial projections, analyze business/ companies’ value, investment in shares, etc. This course is valuable for students and individuals from non-finance backgrounds to understand financial concepts.


Who Is It For?


The course finds an audience in anyone who would want to make a career in finance, additionally gain an understanding of all the factors that affect a company’s financial health. People who want to turn into entrepreneurs and also sales and marketing professionals to consider the viability of any projects, and determine the payback of different campaigns.


About Gurgaon:


Gurgaon initially planned as a subsidiary to Delhi’s urban population, soon became the satellite town that garnered attention to become a technology and business hub for the populace. It is also one of the cities vying for its educational institutions and academic standards. The neo-rich and well-transfigured population of the city prefer to rely on courses and academia available in Gurgaon. Therefore, it has become a hub for some of the best financial modeling courses in Gurgaon.


What Are the Opportunities Available After the Financial Modeling Course in Gurgaon?


The current job scenario in the country is extremely skill driven, and getting very competitive as speak. A simple graduate even from a recognized university finds it hard to land a job with mere graduation alone. Mastery over a subject coupled with skill-oriented training is the need of the hour and the financial modeling courses are aiming to do just that.


The job market has hiring opportunities even for the best of scholars provided they have the right skill that the hiring managers are looking for.  Any established institute can provide the depth and scope for a candidate to be job ready by the end of the financial modeling courses in Gurgaon.


The course aims to fill the practical and cost-effective way of training fresh graduates and giving them an internship opportunity to learn in actual scenarios for an organization. Successful candidates then find themselves placed in reputed firms and organizations through campus recruitments, with better pay packets than a mere graduate.


Now, Some of the Employment Opportunities Available for a Candidate After the Financial Modeling Courses in Gurgaon Are:


  • Investment Banking Analyst or Associate – An investment banking analyst has a crucial role to play in a company’s future options/ partners. Complete analysis from preparing the pitch book presentation, to doing quantitative and qualitative research, building financial models, and creating strategic rationale /position papers on new investment possibilities.


  • Financial Analysts or Managers – Any financial analyst has the core responsibility to conduct end-to-end research on a sector, preparing research reports, structure financial modeling both historical and projections, company evaluations, and DCF models.


  • Equity Research Analyst – A role that forays into creating detailed reports on a company’s prospects by analyzing the profitability in various sectors for investment and growth. This job is the most desired in the banking sector where the continuous evaluation of different sectors is done due to new reforms and policy changes.


  • Merger and Acquisition Associate – As the name suggests, the primary role of a merger and acquisition associate is to look new project’s feasibility and impact on the financial health of a company. They also critically analyze competitors in the market and accordingly conduct and prepare financial research for the company. From time to time doing a business, valuation is also part of the job profile.


  • Market Research Analyst – A market research analyst has his work cut out as doing sector research, preparing research reports, extracting quantitate data, testing new and old financial models, analyzing global sector trends, and building new models from scratch for an organization.


  • Credit Analyst – It happens to be a niche role that usually is required in credit rating agencies, helping them restructure their decisions based on credibility, liquidity, and debt services.


  • Stock Market and Personal Finance Expert – A stock market analyst reviews and critiques the financial health of the companies over past years and future projections to create a portfolio of investment for himself or his clients. This helps to create a long-term investment horizon by identifying potentially healthy companies and allocating funds accordingly.


Additionally, some of the intrinsic qualities that an aspiring financial modeling student needs encompass our interest and passion in finance and remain updated about recent news and financial reforms as well. The student needs to remain focused and do hard work to practice the models and charts every day, for a better understanding and grip over the concepts. Lastly, avoiding any distractions and sticking to a study schedule is imperative to tide over 3-4 months of the financial modeling course.


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Which Are the Top Institutes Offering Financial Modeling Courses in Gurgaon?


Although Gurgaon is the finance hub of Delhi NCR, not every institute is offering a course that is rigorous with ample practical training and good industry placement after course completion. Hence, after a long and thorough study, we have found the best courses for you with a number of benefits in terms of skills development and employment opportunities.


Go through the list and pick up the course that appeals to you the most and fulfills all your needs. Although all the courses are the best on their own as we have done thorough research, you just have to find your area of interest and what you actually want from the courses. Here is a list of institutes offering financial modeling courses in Gurgaon:


1. IIM Skills


They are front runners in many areas when it comes to financial modeling courses in Gurgaon as well as some other market-led courses. IIM Skills has its master certification recognized by the MSME Govt. of India and also guarantees 100% placement assistance upon completion of the course. The course is structured experiential and rigorous in practical training through assignments, case studies, and projects. The courseware is designed after extensive research and hence is a market leader.


It Includes:

  • Concepts of basic and advanced excel
  • Accounting concepts and financial statements
  • Ratio/ KPI analysis
  • Basis of financial modeling
  • Different types of financial models
  • Business valuation


The Financial Modeling Course Aims Towards:

  • Conceptual clarity of financial modeling and financial statements
  • Basic understanding of the subject to create business models matched with real-world business needs and issues.
  • Comprehending the lineage of a company to make assessments of future business ventures.
  • Conducting analysis, delineating conclusions, and casting recommendations for a company.
  • Mitigating different ways to compute financial facts and business parameters.


Duration of the Course – 3 months of live online classes (weekdays and weekend batches)

Cost of the Course – ₹ 39900 + GST


Before getting enrolled, must have a look at the IIM Skills Financial Modeling Course Review, and you will be amazed.


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IIM Skills Financial Modeling Course free demo invite


2. The Wall Street School, India


Named after the famous stock market, the Wall Street school aims to provide the incumbents with financial modeling, investment banking techniques, equity research and analysis, and studying capital markets. The courseware is designed by industry experts to create bridge the gap between theoretical concepts and real word applications. The financial modeling course is built on the following pillars, which are deepened with each module:


  • Basic to intermediate Excel
  • Advanced excel and PowerPoint
  • Basic finance Concepts
  • Feasibility study/ Business Modeling
  • Precedent transaction analysis
  • Comparable company analysis
  • Discounted cash flow valuation
  • Leverage buyout
  • Merger model
  • Mock interviews and resume creation


The course is rigorous and demands 120 hours of online training as well as a structured self-study routine from the students. Students can benefit from the course in the following manner:

  • Is anyone planning to develop a hardcore finance profile?
  • Fresh graduates looking to enhance their skills and widen their prospects for a job profile.
  • People seek an understanding of capital and equity market to better their investment decisions.
  • Working professionals wanting to switch jobs and chart a career in finance.
  • New entrepreneurs are passionate about finance, dedicated to creating a timeline for new ventures, and seeking capital growth.


Duration of the Course – 2.5 months (weekends)

Cost of the Course – ₹ 50000 + GST


3. CFI Education:


The institute is renowned for its classroom as well as online intensive training in financial modeling courses in Gurgaon. CFI education majors in providing rigorous project work/assessments, which integrate classroom learning with real-life challenges. Candidates are further assisted with soft skills and resume writing, which enables them to land a job as per their caliber and interest.


The Key Modules of the Course Are:

  • MS Excel and PowerPoint
  • Basics of Finance
  • Data analysis in MS Excel
  • Financial Projections
  • Trading Comparable Analysis
  • Company and M&A Valuations
  • Transactions Comparable Analysis
  • Project Finance Analysis
  • Pitchbook Introduction
  • Project work
  • CV building and Interview preparation


Duration of the Course – 2.5 months (classroom training) + 1-month internship

Cost of the Course – ₹ 35000 + GST


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One of the top-ranking institutes in teaching financial modeling courses in Gurgaon. The course does not require any prior experience in the field of finance or accounting, as all these topics are covered through real-time examples during live class sessions.


The financial modeling courses in Gurgaon give access to the latest data from listed/ private/ startup companies to make forecasts on their profit & loss statements, cash flow statements, industry analysis, and forecast, cash flow statements, etc.


Amongst the other advantages of joining this course, the forum allows you to connect with international experts around the globe with lifetime access to FINXL learning resources through its LMS. The following are the course modules:

  • Basic to advance in excel
  • Understanding of finance and accounting
  • Planning the spreadsheet
  • Forecasting
  • Financial analysis of data collected
  • Budgeting
  • Resume Preparation


Duration of the Course – 4 months (online intensive training)

Cost of the Course – ₹20000


5. KnowledgeHut


One of the best institutes teaching financial modeling courses in Gurgaon helps to make robust financial models with the help of advanced excel training. The prerequisite to joining the course is to have sound accounting and finance knowledge to understand the finer nuances of creating durable financial models.


The instructors in the course are top industry experts, who teach the advanced curriculum with the latest skills and techniques to master financial modeling with excel. There are live projects that provide hands-on practical training of the concepts taught and enhance accounting training.


One Can Expect the Following Modules to Be Covered During the Training:

  • Financial modeling projects
  • Understand financial statements
  • Excel for accounting
  • Master risk management
  • Balance sheet skills
  • Ratio analysis
  • Bond valuation
  • Circulatory switch and literation
  • Timeline modeling
  • Sample detailed case study


Duration of the Course – 24 hrs. of live online training

Cost of the Course – request on call


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6. IMS Proschool


One of the leading and high-in-demand financial modeling courses in Gurgaon offers to teach students and professionals data analysis of an enterprise or company to derive an accurate valuation of the company, viability of the project, and price targets for stocks among others within the training period.


They believe that students of financial modeling are much in demand due to the nature and scope of their work in almost all types of industries. Apart from the conceptual understanding of the topics covered, students get practical training on their presentation skills as well as creating reports on the projects covered.


The course also aims to enhance critical thinking skills, analytical and reasoning ability as well as decision-making skills to groom them for work at various levels of the company. The course has a robust structure and the modules covered are:


  • Excel proficiency
  • Financial statements and ratios
  • Financial Management
  • Project financial modeling
  • Equity research modeling
  • Report writing and sector review


Duration of the Course – 55 hrs. Live online

Cost of the Course

₹35000 (live online)

₹20000 (distance learning)


IIM Skills Financial Modeling Course free demo invite


7. Financial Corridor


The financial corridor is another prominent name in the financial modeling courses in Gurgaon, offering both rigorous academic learning processes and hands-on projects to learn from. The course equips an individual with modeling knowledge and valuation tools to analyze the Economy for the latest trends and events and their impact on the valuations of a company.


Such valuations are critical in times of anticipated mergers and acquisitions. The program is extremely useful in creating expertise in equity valuations, company valuations, hedge-fund investment, corporate finance as well as mergers and acquisitions.


The Course Has the Following Modules:

  • Fundamentals of Excel
  • Tools of financial modeling
  • Risk and return modeling
  • Data summarize and formatting
  • Advance excel spreadsheet
  • Valuation modeling
  • Merger and acquisitions
  • Resume building


Duration of the Course – 2 months (online recorded and face-to-face classes)

Cost of the Course – ₹40000


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8. Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin has been around for a decade and boosts strong market presence and affiliations. The curriculum is designed by industry experts and claims to make the students market ready with desired salary package. The course is designed to give practical hands-on training using the popular GCAO pedagogy.


The institute also organizes boot camps and hackathons to induce competitive spirit in its students and also level up their industry understanding. The institute also allows its students to attend multiple training sessions with different trainers to give well-rounded training.


The Highlights of the Financial Modeling Course Are:

  • Develop a robust financial model
  • Advanced financial techniques
  • Formatting of Excel sheets
  • Mechanics of financial reporting
  • Learn income tax, balance sheet, and tax flow statements
  • Financial statement and ratio analysis
  • Project evaluation and its stages
  • Revenue and cost analysis
  • Preparing presentation sheet, and company overview
  • Financial Report writing
  • Soft skills training


Duration of the Course – 2.5months (flexible schedule)

Cost of the Course

₹29500 (live online classes)

₹26500 (self-paced)


For queries –




Q1. Can a student with non-financial background do financial modeling courses?

Ans. Anyone aspiring to chart a career in finance and accounting can do a financial modeling course. Many institutes like IIM Skills provide a refresher before beginning with hardcore financial modeling modules.


Q2. Are the financial modeling courses accredited and affiliated with a recognized body?

Ans. Most of the courses run by renowned institutes like IIM Skills and IMS Proschool are accredited by both MSME and the government of India or give NSE academy certification to its students upon completion of the course. It is always advisable to carefully browse through the institute’s website and talk to the alumni to get a fair picture.


Q3. Can a working professional do a financial modeling course?

Ans. The financial modeling course is an extensive course that requires dedication and practice. Although it’s not mandatory to leave your job before starting the course, many institutes provide weekend batches keeping the above requirements of a professional in mind.


Q4. Does the course have an ongoing demand in the market?

Ans. The FMC is the most sought-after course, as companies and institutions today need people to make a valuation and analyze their credit standing every single day of a financial year. Mergers and JV are based on the financial reports prepared by financial analysts. So as long as industries want to grow and thrive, they need people to do financial analysis for them.


Q5. What is the average salary package of an FMC pass-out student?

Ans. Every individual that passes out of financial modeling course earns a place in the industry provided they are willing to work hard and are dedicated to learning on the job. Now there are no set packages that are offered by companies, but a person with good financial understanding and the right skill set can easily claim a good package.




Given the fact that the world that we live in today is fast-paced and rapidly changing. Much is adieu to the globalization and capital market trends that scale up or down a country’s economy. There are hardly any companies and institutions that shut shop because of a product failure rather some face the dust due to a lack of financial planning.


Financial analysts today have their tasks cut out in terms of handling the complex field of finance for a company. With proper theoretical training and practical application of concepts, people are acing their job of researching, evaluating, and analyzing the financial health of a company. A course with live classes and project-based training will equip you with the right skill set to excel at your work.


People with an eye for numbers and forecasting financial trends are the ones that pick the tricks of the trade quickly. Many struggles if they get onto the FMC bandwagon without first matching their interest with the skills required for the job. I believe that the article has provided you with the insight required to decide whether or not to join the financial modeling courses in Gurgaon, but do remember to match your interest with the demands of the course.

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