Top 11 Creative Writing Courses in Delhi With Certificates

If someone wants to express his thoughts, feelings, or imagination in a textual form, then writing is the best medium. For a few, it can be a hobby, and for others, it is a full-time profession. If you are passionate about writing with imaginative and thoughtful insights then expressing them with the power of words can lead you to a world of opportunities. Nowadays, there are so many courses available to enhance creative writing skills. In this article, we will see the top 11 creative writing courses in Delhi.


List of best creative writing courses in Delhi


What is Creative Writing?


We are already aware of the mediums like poems, novels, short stories, films, or television scripts as creative work. Creative writing is an art or skill via which the emotion of a reader is evoked by an idea or a theme. This theme or the main message is communicated in the writer’s own creative way.


Once the theme is decided, the attempt of the writer is to connect with the reader’s emotions. The writing is projected from a specific viewpoint. The narrative of the written text can be simple or complex and is used to shape the content. This is very important as the reader connects with this narrative.


Metaphors, dialogues, the dramatization of true stories, and humor are some of the building blocks of creative writing. In contrast to research, academic or white papers, the creative writer has more freedom to express their point of view in his or her own imaginative way. A blog is usually informative, but when it includes a narrative with the story, poem, emotions, etc., it can be considered a creative blog.


Importance Of Creative Writing


In today’s world, writing is reduced to shortcuts, emojis, or text-to-voice applications. Writing Skill is forgotten or lost by the majority of people. One needs to understand the importance of creative writing. It improves the intellectual skills of the writers, their development is seen in their sentence-forming structure, better vocabulary, and proper grammar.


They have an edge over others where communication is the key to their profession or business. Apart from literary benefits, it also helps to develop emotional skills. They can channel their emotions better under difficult situations. Sharing ideas in a way like telling stories develops life-long skills.


These skills can easily be seen in leaders who communicate effortlessly by touching the emotions of the audience or their mass listeners. This activity needs focus, and practicing daily develops dedication and commitment toward the work and other pursuits that the individual wants to achieve.


Benefits of Creative Writing


Imagination – When penning down your thoughts to create new situations, worlds, or personalities, it enhances your imagination. Thinking outside of your world or current experiences stimulates your brain. This helps you to discover alternate paths and solutions to problems by thinking differently. This will be a great assistance to your innovative side to tackle complex problems.


Empathy – When creating characters, emotions and personalities that are different from you helps to develop your empathetic skills, and develop respect for others and their point of view. Empathic people or environment is the need of the hour for our workplace and in general the world. When you sympathize with and understand your colleagues or friends, you make them feel valued and supported.


Thought Clarification – The structure formation in creative writing helps to build clarity in your thoughts and builds logical processes. This gives clarity to your pathways to overcome problems in the future, both in your professional and personal life


Vocabulary Improvement – When we explore new ways of expressing ourselves, it needs to extend our vocabulary and in turn invaluable in any career path and social situation


Scope of Creative Writing


Careers in marketing and sales are going to be more sophisticated, and new niches with more companies coming up in the technology and IT sector. Creative writing skills are the most important tools in this area. Creative writing is inventive work and needs hard and diligent efforts to do research and write.


Career Opportunities Of Creative Writing Courses In Delhi

  1. Copywriter
  2. Novelist
  3. Publisher
  4. Entrepreneur
  5. Content Writer
  6. Proofreader
  7. Freelancer
  8. Fiction Writer
  9. Script Writer
  10. Creative Writing Editor


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Career Opportunities-


Publishing companies are in need of intelligent and creative writers who can create magic with their words. Interesting write-ups are never out of fashion and avid readers will always create a demand for such content. TV and Radio script writers are also in huge demand these days.


Talented creative writers are always sought after by magazines, newspapers, publishing portals, etc. The only challenge for creative writers is they have to quickly adapt to new publishing channels. For example from print media to online content publishing in blog posts etc.


Creative Content Writer – They are hired in the field of newsletters, testimonials, blogs, emails, business reports, presentations, etc


Freelancer – If someone wants to start their freelance content writing career, they need to post and update the content regularly. Research and creating engaging articles, proofreading, sharing views and ideas on quora, etc are some of the examples.


Blogger – Blog content provides value to their readers, by educating them on their business and building trust. Once your brand is created by your writing, readers will slowly build up and be ready to hire or pay for your skills.


Scriptwriter – Composing scripts for audios, videos, and training programs. Engaging content is created by fresh ideas and content.


Nowadays various institutes are providing creative writing courses in Delhi which are widely popular among students, working professionals, and business owners, and these courses are available either online or offline as well.


These courses are designed by the industry’s highly experienced and talented persons with an aim to provide direction and guidance to beginner writers. A lot of talented writers find themselves stuck on where to start, some even hesitate to start. By enrolling in creative writing courses in Delhi, you can enhance your talent and skill.


Here is the List of Some Creative Writing Courses in Delhi.




While looking for creative writing courses in Delhi, IIM SKILLS’s name always appears on the top automatically. This is an online course that teaches creative writing under their Content Writing Course Program. You will be trained by highly experienced industry expert faculties who are there to guide you in every step you take.


Their interactive live training program helps you to clear your doubts through active participation in the live session. The course offers 16 hours intensive learning program followed by 3 months of internship. During this period, assignments will be given to students and they have to submit the work by following the deadlines. Students will get feedback after the submission of work, which help them to improve their performances and skills.


The Course is Divided into 16 Modules and Offers Different Styles of Writing Like-


Apart From This, You Are Going to Learn

  • Content Marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • SEO
  • Google AdSense
  • Email Marketing
  • Word Press
  • Web Designing
  • Affiliated Marketing
  • Google Analytics


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The course is well-organized by industry experts. They successfully groom the candidates as skilled writers so that they can get an edge in the marketing field. After completion of the course, candidates will get globally accredited certification from IIM SKILLS and Hub Spot, and also an opportunity to write for the Times of India. You will also get the benefit of lifetime access to study material from anywhere and anytime.  Apart from this, candidates will get placement assistance and freelancing opportunities.


Course Name  – Content  Writing Master course

Mode of Learning – Online

Fees Structure – 14,900


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2. British Council India


The British Council is United Kingdom’s international organization for educational opportunities and cultural relations. It is working in around 100 countries. In India, their centers are in New Delhi, Chennai, and Kolkata. They provide a range of general and business English courses, specialized skills-based programs, and courses for young learners.


Their creative writing courses in Delhi provide the opportunity to learn techniques to improve the writing process and enhance your creativity. By enrolling in this course, you will learn friction writing, blog, travel writing, screenwriting, memoir, and the difference between news reports and feature articles and poetry.


The curriculum was created with the purpose of helping those who want to write creatively and discover their writing talent in pursuing their aspiration of becoming writers. Through this engaging writing course, their experienced teachers will help the students to discover their unique writing voices and perspective. Students will get feedback after submitting their work, which is going to help them understand their improvement in the writing world.


Course Duration: 36 hours|9 weeks and weekend classes

Course Fees: INR 10,000


The library members can avail 10%  discount fee. To get admission to this course, the required English language is Above intermediate level. This course is available online as well.

IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite

3. Coursera


Coursera‘s model is slightly different from other online education companies. It collaborates with reputed colleges and universities to provide higher education courses. Many courses don’t give a college degree but they do provide valuable certificates after completion of the course.


Coursera‘s Wesleyan University Creative Writing Course

This course covers major elements of creative writing – general writing, short stories, narrative essays, and memoirs. Through this course, you will learn to master the skill to create gripping stories with memorable characters, settings, and descriptive style of writing. During this course, you will have access to peer readers who can give feedback on your work and give suggestions for enhancement.


Other key Points-

  • Shareable certificates
  • Well-trained instructors
  • Self-paced learning


There are so many paid and free creative writing courses available on Coursera.


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4. Udemy


Udemy is a big name in online courses. If you are searching for creative writing courses in Delhi and want to save travel time, Udemy is not a bad choice. This online education platform provides many creative writing courses. On Udemy, you can get both paid and free courses, and more than 40 million students have enrolled on the site.


Learn to write engaging fiction, Poetry Drama, and Non-Fiction through Udemy’s Complete Creative writing Course and become a confident and famous writer. This is an engaging and practical creative writing course intended to motivate you to create your own work. A series of writing assignments are designed to improve your skills.


After completion of the course, you will become familiar with the four genres of creative writing, can confidently apply different writing techniques, and easily evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your writing projects. By becoming a confident writer, you can share your work on a variety of public forums.


5. R K Films And Media Academy


RKFMA is the oldest media institute in Delhi and is considered among the best mass communication college. They offer courses in Mass Communication, Journalism, and Advertising and Diploma courses in Films, TV, and Radio. The institute offers a wide range of comprehensive courses which is an excellent start for aspiring writers to achieve their writing ambition.


Creative writing courses cover different imaginary writing styles like writing for drama, fiction, poetry, autobiography, and many more. The course is available for the masses, professionals, and students. Courses are available online as well.


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6. Sri Aurobindo Centre of Art and Communication


SACA is an institute of media arts and mass communication. Their Creative writing course director is Mr.Ramesh Menon, who is an award-winning author and journalist. People from different walks of life come to SACA to enhance their writing styles. This 3-month short-duration creative writing course is packed with many practical activities so that participants can test and experiment with what they learn.


The course encompasses fiction, non-fiction (travel writing, journalistic articles), and screenplay writing. After successfully finishing this creative writing course, so many people become published authors and get jobs in media houses. Seats are limited for this course and enrollment is through the entrance exam.


Course Name – Creative writing

Duration – 3 months

Age – 16+

Batch Size  25

Timing – weekend classes

Fees 25,000 (online /offline both classes are available)


7. Indira Gandhi National Open University


IGNOU is a well know distance learning university. Through this platform, you can learn creative writing courses. The course of the university is extensive and provides updated study materials for a better understanding. The course covers different types of imaginary writing, writing for radio and television, Feature writing, short story writing, and poetry.


This course has two mandatory and four elective courses. The minimum duration of completion of the course is 1 year and the maximum is 4 years. The minimum age limit to apply is 20 years and there is no maximum age limitation.



10+2 pass or above 20 years old can get admission.


Fees are very affordable. It is around Rs.3800 + Rs.200 for registration. Anyone can afford the fees and enroll themselves in creative writing courses in Delhi. Accomplish your goal to begin your profession as a writer or freelancer by enrolling in their course.


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8. Symbiosis Centre For Distance Learning


Symbiosis Centre for Distance learning is a very reputed Institute. This course is available in online mode. The Creative writing Program gives students the opportunity to develop their writing abilities by actively participating in this well-designed course. The program curriculum is very insightful, extensive, and creative. Through the virtual classroom session, you can easily connect with your mentors and get their guidance and support.


What Students Will Get During the Course –

  • Exposure to learning different forms of writing
  • Stimulate their Creative thinking mind
  • Dwell in the realm of imagination and bring out fascinating insight through writing


The Creative Writing Course Offers –

  • 1-year diploma course
  • Live classes with recording
  • Placement assistance


You can check the website to get more information about the course.

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9. Jawaharlal Nehru University


JNU is a well-renowned university in India. Many Faculty members of this institute have won national and international awards. JNU was the first University to offer foreign language courses, the University offers creative writing under the Master in English program.


Duration of Course- 2 years (it‘s a full-time course)


  • Fees are affordable
  • Limited seats and admission through the entrance


10. The Writer’s Bureau


The writer’s bureau (founded in 1931) is a part of a group of home study colleges that provide open and distance learning with considerable knowledge and experience in the field. The aim was to create a course so that many people can get benefitted regardless of their age. They offer various writing courses, specialized as well as comprehensive.


They have courses according to your writing ambition. So take your time to choose the course of your choice. The institute is a member of the National Association of Association. The Writer Bureau offers:


  • Well-crafted creative writing course by professional and experienced writers.
  • Personal guidance by trainers to improve your writing style, and presentation.
  • They teach you how to monetize your writing work.
  • Online classes to study from anywhere.
  • Their methodical teaching will help you to become a successful freelance writer.


Check the institute website for more details.


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11. Xavier Institute Of Communication


Xavier institute of communication is a part of St.Xavier’s College, Mumbai. This creative writing course trains aspiring writers in a different form of writing style and helps them to craft their skills. The mentors of the course are Himali Kothari with a few other trainers who are industry experts. After completion of the course, students are going to receive certificates. You are going to get feedback from professional writers and peers, which is the best way to improve.


Course Duration – 8 sessions of 2 hours each

Fee – Rs.8000


Frequently Asked Questions


1. How much creative writers are being paid?

Ans. The average salary of creative writers is around 4.1 lakh per annum.


2. Are these online creative writing courses in Delhi worth it?

Ans. Yes, you can learn creative writing online. Nowadays, so many reputed institutes are offering creative writing courses online. Through the virtual classroom platform, students can join their classes and get full support and guidance from their mentors. They can easily submit their assignments online and get feedback. Without traveling, from the comfort of their home, they can do the course and become job ready.


3. What are the affordable creative writing courses in Delhi?

Ans. IIM Skills offers the most affordable course. The course fee is around Rs. 14,900 and it’s an online course with multiple benefits. With the affordable course, they provide benefits such as practical assignments, internship opportunities, lifetime support, access to study material, etc.


4. Is it necessary to do creative writing courses in Delhi?

Ans. No, it is not necessary to do these courses, but by opting for this course you can learn tips and techniques for writing. Under the guidance and support of your mentor, you can craft your writing skills in less time.




This article is an attempt to give you extensive information on creative writing and its growing demand in different organizations. You can choose any institute from the above-written top 11 creative writing courses in Delhi. Some creative writing courses in Delhi listed above offer comprehensive courses and provide placement assistance while others may not provide practical experiences. So choose your course wisely to make a successful career in creative writing. Creative writing is a skill, and developing a skill demands practice.


Considering this, enrolling in a course that guides you through practical assignments will be a great choice. While working on projects, you will develop extreme writing skills that will allow your imagination power to go higher to craft a hit story. All the courses are best on their own, but you have to make a wise decision that what type of training you need to excel in the skill. Now is the time to make your decision and start learning, so choose the ideal creative writing courses in Delhi and enroll for great exposure.

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