Top 9 Creative Writing Courses in Kolkata With Certificates

Kolkata is a land of artists where Rabindranath Tagore, Bankim Chandra Chatterjee, and Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay are some of the legendary names in the field of creative writing. They all belong to the land of Kolkata (British Era Capital of India up to 1911). Kolkata is the hub of creativity. If you belong to the city and also want to become a part of this creative world with the skill of creative writing, then this article is for you. Read it till the end and find out about the best creative writing courses in Kolkata.


List of best creative writing courses in Kolkata


What is Creative Writing?


Creative writing is a form of writing that allows one to express his or her thoughts without following the norms of technical or academic writing. Here the more imaginative and ultimate goal is to engage a wide range of audiences. Its purpose is to provoke, inspire and entertain readers.


It depends on the author’s unique thoughts and ideas. Nowadays this form of writing is getting famous in advertisement campaigns, Blogs, brand name designing, etc as everybody requires their products to have unique taglines and creative campaigns to attract maximum customers.


We can take the example of Amul advertising. Our Indian brand has one of the best creative writers team who tried with their unique ideas to make Amul part of our life in every term whether it is cricket, pandemic, Olympics, Space achievements, or regular daily life and we can say they are quite successful in it as well.


Starting from writing on Stones and rocks followed by writing on leaves like manuscripts to paper books writing has come a long way and now digital writing is also a one and unique type of writing. All forms of writing include creativity and play of words in it. Now this writing in itself is a big different world in which creative writing is a type and there are various subtypes of creative writing which are explained below.


Types of Creative Writing


Creative writing is not a new field. It is as old as language. Old historians used their creativity and gifted us with tremendous literature. Over a while, this form gets divided into various sub-forms like

  •  Poetry
  •  Scriptwriting
  •  Novel Writing/Books
  •  Songs
  •  Plays
  •  Fiction Works
  •  Blogs


 Scope of Creative Writing


We are undergoing a new industrial revolution that involves Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of things, Big data, etcetera. More and more jobs are getting automated and computers are replacing humans everywhere. Here comes creativity. Creative writing is one such field that cannot be replaced by computers as computers cannot be creative like humans and cannot write songs, scripts, or advertisement punch lines for us.


Automation is something that is programmed, and automation cannot replace and do imaginative things. Creativity is sudden imagination and requires thinking, and dreaming ideation which humans are at best and no computer can do that like humans. So if you want to stand out in this coming digital world then creative writing is one profession for you.


Creative writers will be in great demand in this world of Artificial Intelligence where Artificial intelligence will be unable to replicate natural imagination and intelligence. Saying that the coming age will be the digital age, is like escaping from the truth because we have already entered the digital age.


Like much another crisis, the world is undergoing mass unemployment and mass loss of jobs crisis as well. So due to this digital world, even today creative writing is high in demand. The following careers are based on the skill of creative writing.


 Content Writer:

Digital content is anything present on the internet. In this ocean of content on the internet, unique and good content writers are very high in demand. One of the most talked about careers that you can opt for. Being a content writer, you can write for clients by freelancing or you can opt for a job in a company and can write for that company.


It will give you a first-hand experience that will help you to polish your skills in writing. You can also do copywriting for your company. Copywriting involves writing for the advertisement of brands and it acts as a form of marketing. Many freelance websites will help clients to find you and will offer work to you.



After doing creative writing courses in Kolkata, you can also pen your creativity in the form of a Story, Novel, fiction, or poetry and can turn it into a form of a book. The course will give you initial experience and will turn you into an established author. Imagine one day you will have a book published in your name and people recognize you as an author. Learning basic skills will allow you to turn your imagination into reality.



If writing is a passion for you, then there is nothing better than a blog to explore it. Here you don’t have to wait for anyone to hire you. You can write your blogs on your subject of interest like travel, food, and a healthy lifestyle, and can share your experience with them. You can also inspire others. You can have your platform exclusive for you only. If writing is in your DNA and you can write relatable content then there is nothing that can stop you to be a creative writer.


Social Media Marketer:

In today’s world of social media where you can interact with people across the globe, every brand is seeking attention. Creative writers are high in demand here. By using creativity, you can be hired for a brand’s social media marketing where you have put some uniqueness in the promotion.


This is the most demanding job for a content writer. It also involves Email Marketing. If you are a king of punch lines and relatable and healthy jokes, then this job is for you. All you need is to join one of the content writing courses in Kolkata and learn the nuances of writing and then here you go.


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Journalist/ Columnist:

No doubt there is high competition in this field but this is also a good career to start with where one can explore his or her writing skills. You can write in newspapers and magazines. Later on, with experience, one can be promoted to Editor. You can also work as a Newspaper advertisement designer for a company. Remember that Amul ads in newspapers.



One of the most searched sectors of creative writing in the freelancing area. Ghostwriting includes writing for others in blogs, books, research papers, and other forms. This is one of the highly paid jobs of content writing. Here you will write for others. You will not get recognition as an author but you can write in many niches. This is a good career to start with where a client will pay you for publishing your content under the name of another. You will get a good experience here and later on, you can move on your own. 


Script Writing/Lyricist:

One of the most creative jobs today. Scriptwriting, Screenwriting, songs, and poetry highly demand creativity and reward as well. You can use your thinking very well here and can get placed in this dynamic industry. If you burn your grey cells in a fantasy world daily then you should not wait further and join one of the following content writing courses in Kolkata given below.


Who knows one day you will also get an award for your story or a chartbuster song. So now if you are excited about any of the above careers and belong to Kolkata then join any of the below content writing courses in Kolkata and show the world the power of your imagination.


Following is the List of Some Good Creative Writing Courses in Kolkata


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is the number one platform for creative writing courses in Kolkata. It is a well-known name among the various digital marketing and content writing courses. To be a creative writer, you can join their Content Writing Course where you will get 16 hours of online classes along with a 3-month internship in which you will get a great opportunity to write for some famous websites.


The course will cover in-depth various necessary subjects, including SEO, Word press, Social media marketing, Article writing, E-book writing, and many more. Some parts of technical writing like legal writing, white papers, and patents are also covered in this course which is an added advantage. This is one of the best creative writing courses in Kolkata.


After doing this course, you will develop the habit of writing, designing, and researching. You will earn how to enter the content writing market, how to start a freelance career, how to get a job, and after this one can also start his/her business in content writing. You can also publish your E-book with this course.


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Classes are online with lifetime recordings. They will also help you to design your website. You will also be provided with premium tools free with a lifetime membership. you will also get weekly assignments. Hence, it is one of the places for creative writing courses in Kolkata if you join.


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2. British Council


This is another one of the famous creative writing courses in Kolkata. The course is well designed by experts. Story writing, Poetry, and Fiction/Non-Fiction dialogue writing are well covered in this course. Teachers are well experienced here. They have very lively and interactive sessions.


They have 36 hours of learning online and 14 hours of interactive sessions. Overall the course is good and will give online weekend classes to help you to be a good creative writer. They teach you while making writing an easy and fun activity. They are teaching rightfully so that you can learn to express yourself.


Their creative writing courses in Kolkata have a duration of 9 months and in these 9 months, you will develop the habit of writing and learn how to turn your creativity into the form of a well-written article. You can conceive your dream and unearth your inner expertise. This is also counted in the good content writing course in Kolkata. You will get assignments at the mid and end of the course to solve.

IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite

3. Bafel Academy


This is another one of the excellent creative writing courses in Kolkata that is also highly ranked. Here your writing skills will be improved through daily one-hour sessions and highly skilled trainers will help you to pen down your imagination on paper. You will develop a good command of vocabulary after this.


Students are also associated with Cambridge university press for Informatica resources. They also provide weekly classes rather than weekend batches. This one is more focused on story writing. How to engage people with a story, how to start a story, and flow to climax with a suitable ending will be covered. It will enrich your talent for writing by teaching you how to write phrases, metaphors, satires, monologues, and dialogues.


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4. Vision Upliftment Academy


They are also providing creative writing courses in Kolkata. Classes are conducted two days a week. Weekday classes are available. They also give weekend classes to professionals. You can also do their fast track course that will be finished in less than 1.5 months. Here you can learn about SEO, Adsense, Article writing, Creative writing, Storytelling, etcetera.


One can also do a technical writing course. Basic knowledge of English is the requirement to join this course. One advantage of their creative writing courses in Kolkata is that they have small batches. They also provide placement support with lifetime access to the material. Their creative writing courses in Kolkata will also assist you in E-book writing and publishing.


5. W3WebSchool


They are offering one of the best creative writing courses in Kolkata. The course is well designed to help you in your professional writing career. You can establish yourself as a branded content writer. They will help you grow in various niches with technical knowledge. They will teach you how to stand out from others with the help of marketing strategies.  The content writing course will help you to explore various dimensions like SEO, Content marketing, social media marketing, etcetera. They are also famous for their 24/7 support and help to grow your business as a writer.


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6. Indira Gandhi National Open University


Indira Gandhi national open university is a well-known platform for online courses pan India. They have a plethora of online courses. Creative writing is one of them. This is a diploma course that lasts for one year. The Programme gives details of skills, understanding, and knowledge needed for a career in content writing.


The program will boost your imagination and will help you to establish a career in creative writing. The course is perfect for you if you have an interest in writing. The Programme consists of four elective courses and two compulsory courses. The program will cover general features of writing with projects related to this followed by story writing, poetry writing, and writing for media like Television and Radio as well.


The time duration is quite long which is one of the disadvantages of this course but the fees are quite less than others. So if you want a university certificate then this is the best creative writing course for you.


7. Udemy


Udemy is another online platform where you can do creative writing courses. Udemy is an online platform that is suitable for everyone. You can learn any day, anytime, as per your wish. You can also opt for short courses like story writing, poetry, and fiction writing. These courses will push creative writers inside you and will help you to build a career in your field of interest.


They will also be giving professional assistance in the job market. You will be able to brush up on your writing skills with continuous assignments associated with this creative writing course. The course covers 12 hours of on-demand video. You can join other courses like technical writing and academic writing as well.


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8. Technosys Academy


This is another organization providing writing courses. They are into SEO, and WordPress training. The course is of 12 weeks. Every week there will be two classes of three hours each. They are also providing Practical training. These skills will help you to enter the content writing market and strengthen your creative skills.


The course has 5 modules and each module is perfectly designed to make the students understand how to present your content to the audience, how to receive feedback, how to learn from that feedback, and how to improve your writing continuously. Online admission is available. One needs to be good at English.

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9. Seven Boat Academy


Here is another academy that is providing writing courses in Kolkata. Seven Boats academy’s content writing course is two months of training approximately where they complete the course in 12 weeks with weekday classes. They are giving both types of classes Online as well as Offline. But you will have excess material only for 2 months. If you want to access it again then you have to purchase the course again.


They have expertise in SEO, Keyword density, Copywriting, and social media marketing. They are also offering one day workshop on Ad marketing where you can learn about Google AdSense, Facebook ads, etcetera. Resume writing, Email drafting, Product writing, and Domain knowledge all are covered in this course.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Which is better, online or offline courses?

After the Pandemic, the online education industry has revolutionized completely. You should not worry about the quality of online classes. They are better as you can access them at your convenience. Now a day’s Live Online classes offer you the same benefits as offline classes. You can save travel expenses and can do assignments as per your time.


2. Are these creative writing courses promise you a long-run career

To be in any field for a long time, you have to improve your skills continuously. For that practice is the key. These creative writing courses in Kolkata will help you to start a career and develop basic skills, but to have a long-run presence, you have to work hard. This is like any other field.


3. How much should I write per day?

To be a good writer, you should write 1000-1500 words daily. You can fix 2-4 hours daily for writing practice. Writing is not rocket Science. You will excel in it over time with continuous practice.


4. How much I can earn in the field of creative writing?

As a fresher, if you join a job with a company then you will get 15k-25k per month which will increase with your experience. In freelancing, earning is not fixed. It depends on Project. It can range from 10k to anything. If you start your creative agency then earnings will vary accordingly.


5. What are the benefits of writing?

Writing can give you immense pleasure when you will see getting recognition for your talent. Writing is also known to boost creativity and memory. It will help you to enhance your thinking capability. Writing is a great career option as well. In this, your hobby can become your job that can be the best thing in the world.




Now you know about the top 9 creative writing courses in Kolkata. You can visit Institute’s websites and learn about their fee structure and other details and join at your convenience. You can choose any of the courses depending upon your preferences, although all the courses are excellent. You can opt for any training listed above to develop writing skills and improve your creativity. If you have an interest in the field of writing then you should not wait and go for it as soon as possible and join this dynamic industry.

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