Top 7 Creative Writing Courses in Ahmedabad With Placements

Creative writers are master wordsmiths who create breathtaking stories, and they currently rule the world through words. The written word still dominates the digital world, giving creative writers a brand-new platform. Many people enjoy or are passionate about writing, but many are unaware that they may use their skills and make a career in this field. Even if you have experience as a writer, do you feel that you can improve even further? If you want to dig deeper into the idea and develop your creativity in this area, this article on the top 7 creative writing courses in Ahmedabad may be suitable for you.


List of best creative writing courses in Ahmedabad


What is Creative Writing?

Don’t you think, it would be easier to communicate your thoughts, feelings, and emotions through writing? Well, Creative writing is all about using your imagination and creativity to portray ideas and thoughts in a way that is unique to you, as you can tell from the term.

It is about combining your own interests into writing and moving beyond the typical limits of academic, professional, and technical forms of writing. It can be seen as any form of writing that is unique and self-expressive.

Just like how poetry, films, novels, short stories, and many other types of writing may leave the reader with powerfully written visuals that trigger intense emotions Writing creatively is a way to express your emotions, including the small details of those emotions, in the text.


Features of Creative Writing

The various genres and forms of creative writing teach readers how to create stories by using words to convey their thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Whether it might be fictional or non-fiction, it is clearly differentiated by a focus on a creative style.

As we all know, writing is an art form that allows you to express yourself and communicate effectively. This is especially true for highly creative people who have the capacity to connect with readers via their writing and have their voice to be heard.


Forms of Creative Writing

  • Poetry
  • Plays
  • Fiction and Non-Fiction
  • Movie scripts
  • Novels
  • Speeches/Storytelling
  • Short stories
  • Song lyrics
  • Biographies/autobiographies


Benefits of Learning Creative Writing Courses in Ahmedabad

Learning new writing strategies is a major aspect of creative writing since it helps authors express their inner thoughts and artistic expression while also getting their viewpoints over to readers. The principles and practices of writing will become clearer to the students.

They’ll learn how to read and understand writings as well as how to refer to other works when creating their own original content. A good writing course will have a knowledgeable instructor and provide students the chance to put the skills they are learning into practice.


Here is a list of the benefits of studying creative writing.

  • Imagination boost

As you create new worlds, scenarios, and characters and express both your thoughts and your emotions in your writing, creative writing boosts your imagination.


  • Empathy and building confidence

You will develop personalities, feelings, and worldviews for the fictional characters in your writing that are different from your own. Accordingly, you will try to understand and develop empathy for the perspectives of those who live very differently from you.

Furthermore, when you allow yourself to express and explore other issues, you feel more confident and comfortable about your opinion and perspective on other things.


  • Language skills and a broader vocabulary

As you experiment with different forms of expression through creative writing, you are pushed to diversify your language usage and vocabulary.


  • Critical Analysis

An important component of the creative writing course is learning how to critically analyze others’ work and having your own work reviewed by others. Whatever career path you pick, being able to listen to comments and use honest suggestions is a crucial ability.


  • Better Mental, Emotional, and Physical Health

According to research, writing creatively reduces stress levels, can prevent severe illnesses, and is good for your mental, emotional, and physical health.


Skills Required for Creative Writing

To become a creative writer, you need to focus on these skills,

  • Use Strong Verbs
  • Be Specific
  • Write Everyday
  • Writing Style and Tone
  • Write an Outline
  • Research Skill
  • Use Al Writing tools
  • Think out of the box


Scope and Career of Creative Writing

Students who write creatively improve their writing and self-editing skills for all types of writing creation and gain knowledge of the basis of fiction and non-fiction writing. It gives you the chance to use your natural writing abilities and shape them into a form that will open doors in your chosen field of creative writing and no doubt it will drive you farther than you could go on your own.

You’ll be able to get the dream job by developing high-level professional abilities with its assistance. Writers working in a variety of fields, and the best ones advance their careers through training and experience.

Writing-related careers can take you almost anywhere. Graduates can work as playwrights, lyricists, bloggers, screenwriters, fiction writers, and more. Many writers also carry out their work independently as freelancers.


Job and Salary of Creative Writing

If you want to pursue a career in writing and have a very creative brain and imaginative mindset, the career opportunities for creative writers in Ahmedabad are plentiful. Students with relevant experience and determination can find a variety of job opportunities in creative writing, entertainment, marketing, publishing, and even freelancing.

Yes, you can have a lot of options, and here are some job profiles to look into after taking creative writing courses:

  • Book Translator
  • Creative Director
  • Legacy writer
  • Digital Copywriter
  • Web content manager
  • Copywriter
  • Journalist
  • Novelist
  • Author
  • Blogger
  • Scriptwriter
  • Content develop
  • Ghostwriter
  • Content Editor
  • Content Writer
  • Proof Reader


Salaries are difficult to predict due to the wide range of opportunities, but the average annual salary of a creative writer in India is around 4 LPA. Even if you are a fresher or have ten years of experience, your salary can range from 1 Lakh to 9 Lakhs, depending on the position and level of experience.

To help you determine the best one for your own need, this article has listed the top 7 best creative writing courses in Ahmedabad below. Do check these out of the courses that will give you an edge over others.


1. Creative Writing Courses in Ahmedabad: IIM SKILLS

IIM SKILLs is well-known throughout the world. With their expertise, both newcomers and experienced writers can benefit from reliable, thorough training. In their Content Writing Course, you will be introduced to the field of writing that is different from technical writing, where you will learn various aspects of writing, thanks to their practice-oriented training.

Their course will help you decide what to write, how to write, and how to face criticism and rejection. It has 16 modules that last between 30 and 45 minutes each. It also has an interactive platform that allows you to ask questions or post comments online.

You will have lifetime access to their Learning Management System’s (LMS) materials, tools, and sessions that have been recorded. LMS also tracks your progress. You’ll receive practical assignments every week that are based on what you’ve studied.

Additionally, they provide you feedback too. They will help you to create a portfolio with the assistance of their three-month guaranteed internship with IIM SKILLS. By finishing the course, you can earn valuable certificates, and they will even give you placement assistance.


Course Name: Content Writing Course

Course Duration: 30-hour course (16 hrs Lectures+14 hrs Internship session)

Fees: INR 14,900 + 18% GST

Mode of the Class: Online Virtual Class


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Course Syllabus:

  • Introduction to content writing
  • WordPress web development
  • Digital Content
  • Copywriting
  • Marketing Collaterals
  • Email Writing
  • Social Media Writing and Video Scripts
  • Creative Writing
  • SOP and Business Listing
  • Legal writing
  • Technical Writing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Content Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing and Adsense
  • Freelance Content writing
  • Resume Writing


Certificate: You will obtain a globally recognized certificate upon course completion, which updates your resume and expands your job options in the creative writing industry.


Contact Information

Phone: +91 9580 740 740



Here are a few other best courses in Ahmedabad


2. Creative Writing Courses in Ahmedabad: Institute of Creative Excellence (ICE)

ICE, The Institute of Creative Excellence, is a well-known leader in offering internationally recognized training, which includes creative writing too. You can improve your fundamental writing abilities by enrolling in their 100-hour certificate program in Ahmadabad, which has ICE awards.

They provide several different courses, including ones for script writing, patterns, learning poetry, writing styles, and storytelling. This institute will be helpful for you if you want to start a career in creative writing because it is designed exclusively for young folks (8-17 yrs).

This course will assist you in improving your level of imagination so that you can come up with unique concepts and imaginative ways for both fiction and non-fiction storytelling.


Course Name: Young Stars in Making Creative Writing

Course Duration: Four Months

Mode of the Class: Live Online Session


Course Syllabus:

  • Open Up Session
  • Introduction to Non-Fiction
  • Theme and Premise
  • Intense Characterization and its various elements
  • Three-act structure and plot points
  • Plot and Story
  • Conflicts in story
  • Navras the importance of Nine Emotions
  • Importance of research in the writing world
  • Assignments
  • Blogging
  • Drama/Skit writing
  • Event Reporter
  • Novella
  • An additional incentive for level 2 students


Certificate: Students who successfully complete the course will be given a certification that is both globally recognized and highly valued in the industry.


Contact Information

Phone: +91 80100 78601

IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite

3. Creative Writing Courses in Ahmedabad: British Council 

The British Council is a global organization of the UK that promotes cultural relations and educational opportunities for people worldwide. For both adults and kids, they provide a variety of arts, education, and English language activities. Here we have recommended their creative writing course for adults.


Course Name: Creative Writing for Adults (Module-1)

About: It is specifically created for in-house English experts, and you will learn in-depth introduction techniques that will improve your writing abilities.

Course Duration: 36 Hours (9 weeks)

Fees: INR 10,000 per participant

Mode of the Class: Weekend Online Interactive Class


Course Name: Creative Writing for Adults (Module 2)

About: Once you’ve finished the introductory course, this program will help you improve your writing skills and test your creativity. You will be able to write your first draft, thanks to the in-depth course material on short stories, blogs, fiction, novels, and all other elements. You can develop your portfolio by taking advantage of various work opportunities provided by the institute.


Course Duration: 36 Hours (9 weeks)

Fees: INR 13,000 per participant

Mode of the Class: Weekend Online Interactive Class


Course Syllabus:

  • Writing for Social Media
  • Blogging
  • Children’s Fiction
  • Poetry- Voice, and Tone
  • Poetry- Rhyme and Rhythm
  • Short Story
  • Writing a Novel
  • Creating Characters
  • Creating Scenes
  • Point of View and Setting
  • Outline and Synopsis
  • Editing and Drafting


Certificate: Upon completion of the course, all participants will receive a digital certificate.

Contact Information

Phone: 0120-4569000 / 6684353



4. Creative Writing Courses in Ahmedabad: Internshala

Internshala is an online learning platform for internship and job opportunities with multiple organizations and businesses in India. They provide a wide range of training programs in areas like business and management, the arts, programming, language, design, and more.

They provide a creative writing certification course for those who want to write, improve their work creatively, and broaden their perspectives in order to write effectively. Students in this course get a greater understanding of the procedures that go into creating poems, novels, screenplays, blogs, short stories, etc.

After successfully completing exercises, assignments, and projects, Internshala arranges interviews and placement assistance with the top agencies and companies to hire their students immediately.


Course Name: Creative Writing Course

Course Duration: 6 weeks

Fees: Rs. 4,499

Mode of the Class: Online Interactive Class


Course Syllabus:

  • Getting Started with Creative Writing
  • Fiction
  • Editing
  • Non-Fiction
  • Screenplay and Advertising
  • Publishing


Certificate: Upon completion of the course, all participants will receive a digital certificate.

Contact Information

Phone: +91 844 844 4853



5. Creative Writing Courses in Ahmedabad: Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)

About: One of the reputable institutions with a strong global reputation and presence is the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), which provides excellent open and distance learning (ODL) programs in a variety of subject areas.

Their diploma program in creative writing in English and Hindi will assist you to dig deeper into the literary aspects of writing by implementing all writing aspects, from grammar and vocabulary to significant areas like literacy analysis, feature articles (book reviews, women’s issues, etc.), writing poetry, short stories, plot development, and scripts for TV/radio, among many others.

Anyone interested in beginning a career as a freelance writer can enroll in this course. Candidates must have completed their 10+2 course as a minimum requirement to apply for this program or it must be older than 20 years if there isn’t a 10+2 pass-out student.


Course Name: Diploma in Creative Writing in English (DCE)

Course Duration: From one to three years

Fees: INR 4,100 + 300 (Registration Fees)

Mode of the Class: Online Interactive Classes (Distance Learning)


Course Syllabus: Their course curriculum compromises two compulsory and four elective courses.

  • General Principle of Writing
  • Projects
  • Feature Writing
  • Short Story
  • Writing for Media: Radio and Television
  • Writing Poetry


Contact Information

Phone: 011-2957-2322



Check here the best:


6. Creative Writing Courses in Ahmedabad: Inkling Writing Center

Inkling Writing Center provides very interesting creative writing courses in Ahmedabad. To help writers at all stages of their writing journey, it offers a wide range of specializations to choose from basic writing of fiction and non-fiction for children (9 to 12 yrs). Other than for adults (above 13) their course is ranging from short stories, and poetry to photo stories and scripts.

If you are just starting out as a writer, Inkling Writing Center can provide you with in-depth, useful, and interesting courses taught by a subject matter expert. Each of its 5 to 6 modules lasts for one and a half hours. There are specific writing assignments for each subject.

Through courses, activities, and the study of writing samples, you will be asked to complete a weekend assignment that will assess your knowledge and growth.


Course Name: Start with Short Stories

About: This course is designed for beginners. Aspirants will gain a comprehensive understanding of short stories by learning the fundamentals of story development, character development, and setting.


Course Duration: 5 weeks

Fees: Rs. 4,999

Mode of the Class: Online Class


Course Syllabus:

  • The Six Traits of Writing
  • Setting
  • Characters
  • Plot and Theme
  • Narration


Course Name: Loving the Logic and Madness of Poetry

About: This course introduces a concept in poetry where students will study the fundamental rules for writing poetry that includes examples from inspiring poets, see how poems are formed and develop their own poetic forms.


Course Duration: 5 weeks

Fees: Rs. 4,999

Mode of the Class: Online Class


Course Syllabus:

  • Why Poetry?
  • Is this what I mean?
  • Wet Clay and Muddy Hands
  • My Grandmother, or…?
  • Come and Write


Course Name: Travel Writing and Photo Stories

About: This course is designed for students who enjoy exploring new places and want to write about their travels. They will assist you in the promotion of your travel articles in magazines and newspapers. Participants in this session will also include those who are interested in telling stories using a combination of images and words. It is also appropriate for amateur photographers.


Course Duration: 5 weeks

Fees: Rs. 4,999

Mode of the Class: Online Class


Course Syllabus:

  • Introduction to Travel Writing and Photography
  • Travel Stories
  • How to go about doing a Travel Story
  • Writing the Travel Story
  • Writing the Pitch


Certificate: Upon completion of each course, all participants will receive a digital certificate.

Contact Information

Phone: +91 7990906129


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7. Creative Writing Courses in Ahmedabad: UDEMY

Udemy is one of the more well-known organizations in the online education industry. At their affordable price rate, the quality content of the creative writing course is excellent. This course is open to anyone with a creative streak and a persistent desire to write.

Short-term online courses are available from Udemy that can assist you in learning a new skill or filling a knowledge gap. The student learns the fundamentals of writing as well as how to apply their creative tools to build a successful career in the field. The curriculum places a lot of focus on the study of fiction, nonfiction, essays, poetry, and other writing genres.

They provide a variety of programs that cover the entire curriculum for their creative writing course. Here, we’ve only covered one comprehensive creative writing program. Check their official website for more information on their other programs.


Course Name: COMPLETE Creative Writing- All Genres (Full Course)

Course Duration: 12 hours

Fees: Rs. 1,299

Mode of the Class: Online Class


Course Syllabus: Online Virtual Class

  • Introduction
  • Fiction
  • Poetry
  • Drama
  • Creative Non-Fiction
  • Creating a Digital Portfolio


Certificate: Upon completion of the course, all participants will receive a digital certificate.


Creative Writing Courses in Ahmedabad: FAQs


Is creative writing certification worth it?

Considering how the world is moving more and more toward virtual communication, creative writing is an important skill to master today. The use of creative writing is essential to many forms of professional communication, including business, journalism, internet marketing, and many others.


Can I be a creative writer without a degree?

Formal education or a degree is not essential for being a creative writer. Simple requirements and strong writing abilities can assist you in growing as a creative writer.


What are the main creative writing pros as a profession?

You can become a more skilled communicator through creative writing. This benefit can assist you in using clear language and self-advocacy translations, which can be advantageous for leadership achievement, the workplace, and interpersonal connections.


Conclusion on Creative Writing Courses in Ahmedabad

That’s it. This article has discussed the definition, various types, benefits, career and job profiles of creative writing, and the top 7 creative writing courses in Ahmedabad. So, if you want to focus your writing skills and gain the ability to capture the reader’s attention through your writing, enrolling in creative writing courses in Ahmedabad is the best option. For more information on these courses, contact experts who will walk you through the entire process.

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