Top 5 Technical Writing Courses in Jaipur With Placements

There are many types of writing, and one of them is technical writing. If you are willing to work in a technical firm being a writer, then technical writing is a great option. If you are knowledgeable about technology and can easily explain it to others, get more details about the best technical writing courses in Jaipur and start learning. 


List of best technical writing courses in Jaipur


What is Technical Writing?

Technical writing is the skill of writing high-tech documents in detail. For example, writing an instruction book and a guidebook about the product. A technical writer should have the writing skills to translate hi-tech details into simple words. For this, the person should have proper knowledge of the product himself, because if he is not sure about the product details or if he does not understand the terminology, what will he guide others about?

There are many frameworks for technical writing, including technical papers, instruction books, guidebooks, and information on the products. Various people are under the impression that technical writing should also include media releases, announcements, summaries, and business affairs. Of course, technical writing guidance is needed, but generally, technical writers do not write those write-ups.


What Technical Writing Methodologies Are Used?

In technical writing, there are many writing methodologies used, the writer can use any of the below methods for writing.


Short, Crisp, and Clear Writing

When you write with a technical background in mind, you must be very crisp and clear about what you are writing, and the sentence should not be very long. It should be short and understandable to the person who is reading it. Jargon should be avoided in the writing, but according to technical writing, this is often impossible. The technical writer uses simple English to explain the technical details of the products.


Precision in the Writing

The writer should be very precise in their writing. One mistake by the writer will cost them their job, and at the same time, it will affect the instruction manual as well. The technical writer has to be very aware of the quality of the write-up they are writing. In times of confusion, they should take their time, double-check their writing, and then release the detailed documents. 


Public Attention

All the technical writing of document details is intended for the general public and must be clear and accurate. The documents are always made by keeping the general crowd in mind because the audience’s knowledge differs from one another. The information details written for a skilled person are different from those written for the general crowd.


Project and Data-based on:

Technical writing is different from usual writing, it is not controversial or emotional. It transmits data-based information to the people. It should be simple in words so that the person can easily do it by reading the instructions given.


Prepare Blue-print 

A technical writer has to prepare a blueprint of documents. They also have to make a draft of the documents with key points, titles, sub-titles, and supporting details; this will all make it easier to write about technical writing. Sometimes technical writers have to take pictures and make diagrams, charts, maps, and statistics.


What Are the Skills You Need for Technical Writing?

Just like a writer, a technical writer must have many skills, but some particular expertise is needed. 

  • A technical writer must have an immensely great writing sense, corresponding skills, and talent to transfer complicated information into layman’s language, and the writing should be clear and simple.
  • Technical writers are good at hi-tech product information, but they are not master in all things. They first have to understand the product with a depth of knowledge and then only they can write it in simple words for the general public to understand.
  • A good knowledge of technology is needed for technical writing. Generally, technical writers have a vast knowledge of the topics, but mostly the knowledge is not deep. They do use the previous understanding of new data and put their work into focus.
  • Technical writers sometimes do not know many things. So, they have to take the help of a specialist in that field or have to do their investigation. 
  • Even for technical writing, the writing must be error-free, without any grammatical mistakes, or misspellings. Every technical writing should be without any mistakes and should be skillful.


What Are the Features of Technical Writing?

You might ask what the features of technical writing are. We will help you with that. Technical writing is different from creative writing or other forms of writing, and they are:


Solution Giver:

The main aim of a technical writer is to give a solution to the issues and keeping this solution in mind, they have to work on it. They have been designed in such a way that whenever an issue occurs, they have their manual guide to refer to.



Technical writing should be very detail-oriented in the language used. It should be accurate and aligned with the words used.


Precisely Written

Technical writing is written precisely and clearly, leaving no room for interpretation. The language used is distinct and compact. 



The language used by the technical writers is easy to use, for the simple fact that the general public uses the manual as their continuous user guide.


Easily Accepted

Technical writers ignore the use of complicated words and lingo in the write-ups; they use very simple words that can be understood by a layman.



Technical writing is always direct and to the point, with no ambiguity or creative writing forms.



We can put it this way: in technical writing, words play a crucial role. It simplifies the prevention of misinterpretations, in which different words get many different interpretations.



Technical writing is very simple and easy to understand, so there is no scope for misunderstanding. A superb illustration of technical writing is the user manual. It is in layman’s language, so simple to use.



All the technical information given in the instructions, leaflet, or guidance is very easy to scan and view too. It is so easy to understand. The technical writers also put all the information in the index for easy access with page numbers. 


Different Types of Technical Writing

There Are Mainly Four Types of Technical Writing.


Ultimate Consumer 

The first type of technical writer is the ultimate consumer. After purchasing a product, consumers read the manual for instructions on how to use it. For product know-how, they must follow the given guidelines, and if there is an issue, they can follow the given guidelines.

For product know-how, they must follow the given guidelines, and if there is an issue, they can follow the given guidelines. These forms of technical writing can be seen in organizational staff manuals, legal claims, instruction manuals, and the assistance of websites.


Master in Technical Writing

Technical writing includes items such as paperwork documentation, technical papers, and investigation outlines. The purpose of these cases for technical writing is to help the expert explore tricky situations in greater depth. Specialists make these documents for specialists.


Writing System Details 

Technical writing is a kind of organizing operation designed for in-house use by organizing to transfer understanding about the know-how of how to handle a situation and take care of the issue. There is a bit-by-bit guideline on how to handle the internal business, and that is a kind of technical writing.


Practical Business Communication

Business-to-business (B2B) is comprised of agreements amongst businesses. The majority of practical business communication falls under B2B technical writing. To enhance logo awareness and support prospective buyers in appreciating the basic benefits of the items, the technical writers must transfer their knowledge and expertise in the field in easy-to-understand lingo.

Publicity stunts, comprehensive reports, informative news, and business online correspondence are a few instances of practical business communication used by businesses to promote or trade in their merchandise. 


Difference Between Business Writing and Technical Writing

Business writing and technical writing are not the same. Although both are efficient, brief, and to the point, the writing and composing carry equal awareness. Before writing, the writer must predetermine whether the writing is for technical or business purposes.

The very next step is to start writing once the selection has been made. Business writing involves powerful writing, which also depends on the writer’s style and the target crowd. For technical writing, you have to keep an open mind and a suitable temper all the time while writing the document, because the main aim of technical writing is to make it very simple and clear to the unspecified reader.

If you are interested in learning technical writing courses in Jaipur, then you are in the correct place. We will explore all the skills needed, and the qualifications required, that you can do as a technical writer. 


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These Are the Institutes That Can Help You Get a Certificate in Technical Writing Courses in Jaipur:


Rank #1. Technical Writing Courses in Jaipur


If you are interested in making technical writing your career, you have come to the right place. Established in 2015, by Mr. Vaibhav Kakkar, today they are one of the best online educational institutes on the Asian continent. It is situated in New Delhi. IIM SKILLS is ideal for both working professionals and students from any degree.

The training is online and they have adjustable timings. The faculty and the other members are very supportive and helpful. Online technical writing solves your query in real time. Once you pay the fees, you get lifetime access to the course. You can build your portfolio to help you with your technical writing job. You can also publish your technical writing blog online.


Course Details

Course Duration: Five weeks

Course Payment: Rs 14,900 + 18% GST = Rs 17,582/-

Mode of Delivery: Live online technical writing courses

Certification completion of technical writing courses in Jaipur by IIM SKILLS


Technical Writing Course Syllabus

  • Launching of the course
  • How to put together your words
  • Accomplishing your capacity
  • High-tech reports
  • Technical papers/account
  • Informal writing
  • Analysing and Broadcasting
  • Technical summary and instruction books
  • Research-based documents
  • Great writing
  • Journal writing


This form is currently undergoing maintenance. Please try again later.


Skills You Will Attain by Learning Technical Writing Course

  • Generate / Pursuit Documents are assembled and produced after a general investigation.
  • Understanding all kinds of technical correspondence and choosing the correct way to transfer the technical details.
  • Simplify complicated technical terms for the layman to understand.
  • Improve your technical writing skills by keeping the common man in mind.
  • Sticking to the pattern and other details in order.
  • Comply with good practices and evade risk.


Qualification for the Technical Writing Master Class

Degree holder in any steam and must have good writing and automotive technology knowledge.

Correspondence skills and language proficiency

Basic internet.


Customer Care number: +91 9580 740 740

IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite

Rank #2. Technical Writing Courses in Jaipur

2. Technokraft India 

TechnoKraft was established in the year 2003, and its center is in Bangalore. It is an educational coaching hub that guides technical writing and instructional designers. This educational institute was set up to encourage and master the determined technical writers and instructional designers to enhance their expertise.

This course was made keeping the high demand for technical writers and it is India’s first lecture room coaching for instructional designers. In its continual expedition, TechnoKraft has upskilled large numbers of beginners and propelled them to the prosperous profession of technical writing and instructional design by testing their flaws to shine and spread their selected specialty.


Mode of Delivery: Live online

Certification completion

Certification completion by TechnoKraft stating “Completion of technical writing courses in Jaipur.”


What is the Precondition for Who Can Be a Technical Writer?

  • Degree holder in any stream
  • Love writing
  • Knowledge of technology
  • Good communication skills
  • Has to be a hard worker and committed


What Did the Courses Teach?

  • To write in an easy, straightforward, and brief way
  • Usage of the English language
  • Excellent command of correspondence 
  • Mastery of the demonstration skills
  • Question answer series
  • Imaginativeness and artful skills
  • Clear thinking and judgmental
  • Effective planning
  • Convert high-complex writing into simple easy to transparent sentences


Technical Writing Program

The training is given by experts in the field, with vast knowledge and experience. 

  • Coaching
  • Payment
  • Organized Program of Studies 
  • Excellence


Instruments Used

  • Adobe Framework
  • Adobe Robo Help
  • MS Visio
  • Snagit
  • Advanced MS word
  • HTML
  • XML


For more details on technical writing courses in Jaipur contact the below number.

Contact number: +91-9845316974

Email id:


Rank #3. Technical Writing Courses in Jaipur

3. Education and Career Times (ECT) 

Education and Professional Times (ECT) was established in the year 2010, their main aim was to help beginners recognize and follow the correct path. Its main office is in Delhi. ECT arise to prestige as India’s first management-engrossed teaching training academy. ECT has officially certified participants from the best industries, worldwide.

They have helped many distinguished Indian and international companies to build their professions, thanks to ECT. Some of their students are successful business people in the world. Indian government officials acknowledge Education and Career Times (ECT). It is a remarkable academy that the Indian government has approved.

In this cutthroat competition, you can distinguish yourself by learning the level from an academy that has the support of a leading institution and has enrolled in the verification program to advance your knowledge. The sole company in India, ECT, is authorized by the government to conduct training for new projects.


Technical Writing courses in Jaipur Details

Duration – Three months

Fees for the course: Rs 19,999/-

Class starts on – 11 Dec 2022 Sunday batch


32 Hrs of lecture room or 50 Hrs of Virtue Education

Mode of delivery: Classroom or Live online

Certification of Recognition from ECT


Technical Writing Syllabus

  • Beginning of Technical writing
  • Linguistics and labeling technical writing
  • Detailed planning
  • Expert addition dialect
  • Gain hypertext mark-up language 
  • A text-based data interchange format
  • Efficient writing
  • Archive writing device 
  • Application Programming Interface Evidence
  • Rapid evidence masterplan
  • Employment in technical writing
  • Grant to Non-proprietary software plan
  • Helpful devices


Contact Details: + 91-7827916060



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Rank #4. Technical Writing Courses in Jaipur

4. Vskills

The largest authentication course offered by the Indian government is called Vskills. To increase their usefulness, they help with practice exams and certification tests. Vskills certifications are used by job applicants as proof of their background in knowledge and competence. 

The firm finds that Vskills certificates are quite helpful when trying to hire a candidate and even when reviewing an employee. Every exam held by Vskills is unbiased and fixed, and certificates are given based on how well candidates perform in the exam. Vskills certificates are noteworthy achievements that help both new and experienced workers in their firm make a strong claim.


Technical Writing Courses in Jaipur Details

Duration – Nine hrs

Fees for the course: Rs 3,499/- (Excludes taxes)

Mode of delivery: eLearning access / Hardcopy – study materials

Government certification valid for life


Vskills Curriculum

  • Organizing to record
  • Spectators
  • Certification master plan
  • Communication: Universal fundamentals
  • Phrase
  • Subdivision and component
  • Record
  • Checklist
  • Illustration
  • Expert top secrets
  • Writing any instructions books
  • Portal sites
  • Proposition
  • In the most designed form
  • Analytical Reports
  • Hook-up
  • Online corresponded
  • Alteration and presence of documents
  • Typeface and presswork
  • Composition


Contact number – 01147344723

IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite

Rank #5. Technical Writing Courses in Jaipur

5. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin was found in the year 2013, July. They have offices in 11+ cities across the globe. It is the top-rank academy that gives coaching and counseling assistance. They also provide education courses for a single person, students, professionals, groups, corporate bodies, and knowledge solutions.

The technical writing course teaches you the skill of creating authentication of the data gathered. Technical writing help to transfer difficult data into an easy form for the reader to read easily.


Technical Writing Courses in Jaipur Details

Duration – 36 hours

Fees for the course: Rs 17,500/-

Mode of delivery: Live online

Certification completion

“Henry Harvin Education – Certified Technical Writer”


Class Syllabus

  • Commencement to technical writing
  • Declaration Procedure
  • Technical writing operation
  • Linguistics and Alteration
  • Operating system
  • Section of technical record
  • Technical writing methodology
  • A Pattern of technical file
  • How to make technical records device
  • Modern technical writing instrument


Expertise Conceals

  • Declaration Procedure
  • Linguistics and Alteration
  • Creating TOC and LOF
  • Software programming
  • Hypertext markup language and genus Alstonia tools
  • Adobe Rob Help and Sequence controller


Instrument Conceals

  • Writing device
  • Screenshot
  • Proofread
  • Instruction materials appliance


Basic Characteristic

  • Henry Harvin is rated as the best technical writing course
  • Open syllabus
  • 24*7 help available
  • First hands teaching on a technical writing course
  • Placement Guarantee


WhatsApp number: +91 9891953953



Frequent Answered Questions (FAQ)


Q.1 Why do you think Technical writing is more in demand than before?

Today the use of technology has increased a lot, so putting down and improving high-quality matter is appreciated. In an active business, to attract customers the company has to suggest alluring excerpts. 


Q2. What are the features of technical writing?

There are a few features of technical writing and they are: –Should give a Solution, detailed explanation, clear and simple words, structured, accurate, focused, and elaborate. 


Q3. What is the principle of technical writing?

A technical writer has to be very precise about the product description, they should be knowledgeful of the product and understand it first before writing about the product.


Q4. Do technical writers need prior experience?

A person with a degree is enough for a technical writer. Moreover, practical knowledge in data processing, graphic design, and technology is also considered.



Today technical writers are needed in every area or industry. We need good technical writers to convert complex writing to simple writing for the general public. Technical writers make it easy for a layman to understand the language used by hi-tech writers, by using simple words. Since today artificial intelligence is doing all the work, that was previously done by men, the demand for technical writers will increase. Technical writers are needed in many sectors for the documentation of instruction manuals or handbooks. 

Today we need technical writers to write documents for educational institutes, the editorial newsweekly, handbook, instruction manual, statement of principles, policy reports, technical papers, equipment descriptions, medical records, research laboratories, case history reports, etc. You could increase your writing skills by joining any courses mentioned above and raise your chance of becoming pro technical writer courses in Jaipur

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