Top 6 Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Mumbai

Business accounting and taxation, also known as BAT, is mostly related to the concepts of accounting, payroll policies, and direct and indirect forms of taxation, wherein one gets the knack of excel and reporting skills accompanied by fundamentals of economics. There are certain courses available in business accounting and taxation for students and professionals whose … Read more

IIM SKILLS vs IB Institute Financial Modeling Course – Which One To Choose

This is a comparative analysis of IIM SKILLS vs IB Institute Financial Modeling Course to help you make an educated decision on which course is apt for you. It’s human to be confused while choosing things, especially when the choices are equally best. You might face a similar problem choosing between the two heavily contested … Read more

Top 8 Online Business Accounting and Taxation Courses

Filing tax returns and planning finances- this is where people run behind accountants (consultants or auditors). The subcontinent’s dramatic economical and industrial growth has opened room for thousands of business options. From IT companies to a 50 sq. ft. grocery store, all business organizations must follow the tax guidelines issued by the government. So, each … Read more

Top 10 Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Kerala

Business Accounting and Taxation (BAT) is a booming industry since every business, no matter how small, requires a few committed employees to handle its accounting and taxation requirements. This course is for you if you have a background in commerce. Let’s begin by learning more about this course. We will also give you the best … Read more

Top 6 Financial Modeling Courses in Melbourne

In today’s business environment, knowing the fundamentals of financial Modeling is quintessential to making appropriate decisions regarding various aspects of the business. In addition to this, having proper knowledge of different aspects of financial Modeling helps in the financial analysis of a particular organization in an efficient manner, which would, in turn, help in the … Read more