IIM SKILLS vs The Wall Street School: The Best Financial Modeling Course

Anyone who wishes to pursue a career in finance must have a strong understanding of financial modeling. It is crucial for anyone looking to launch their firm, and it is even helpful for sales and marketing experts as it helps with project bidding, campaign payback analysis, and other tasks. No wonder Financial Modeling jobs are in great demand now. Many top institutes are offering Financial Modeling courses to aspiring finance professionals. In this article, we are going to provide a detailed analysis of IIM SKILLS vs The Wall Street School Financial Modeling course. 


IIM SKILLS vs The Wall Street School


Let us begin by focusing on IIM SKILLS


A leader in professional training on a global scale is IM SKILLS. They provide thorough training courses and programs in some of the most significant disciplines. Their job-oriented programs for students, professionals, recent graduates, stay-at-home moms, and freelancers last anywhere from four to twelve weeks.

The courses not only give you the skills you need to succeed in your work, but they also guide you in making the best choices. We can help you whether you wish to work for an employer or launch your own freelance business. Through both theory and practical sessions, they cover all the important concepts.

 IIM SKILLS offers these courses –

  • Content Writing Course
  • Digital Marketing Course
  • Technical Writing Course
  • SEO Engine Optimisation (SEO) Course
  • CAT Preparation Coaching
  • Business Accounting & Taxation Course
  • GST Certification Course Financial Modeling Course

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 IIM SKILLS Financial Modeling Course Review

Financial Modeling Course 

Everyone who wants to pursue a career in finance—more especially, in investment banking, equities research, and corporate finance—can enroll in this 360-degree financial modeling course.

This fantastic course educates you on the nuances of financial modeling and helps you avoid making mistakes. It is an extremely career-centric course that accurately equips you with the details of the sector, assisting you in making your best impression on the real market.

The modules in this course are – 

  1. Basic Excel and Advanced Excel
  2. Accounting Concepts and Financial Statements
  3. Ratio Analysis
  4. Financial Modeling – Basics
  5. Financial Modeling – Types
  6. Business Valuation

Course Objectives

This course covers all of the key aspects of financial modeling, with the following course objectives:

  • To teach applicants how to build organized, dynamic financial models to train them for financial analysis that leads to informed decisions.
  • To provide the knowledge and skills required for career progress in the world’s financial markets
  • To instill confidence in you so that you can design a financial model with assurance
  • Conduct business valuations and create valuation reports
  • Learn every aspect of Excel –  data validations, sorting, filtering, and importing.
  • Learn how to forecast positive outcomes for problems in real-world scenarios using predictive models.

Course Features 

1. Easy Access

Simply click to register for online Financial Modeling classes. It is available to you whenever you choose, from any location in the world. IIM Skills prefers to use modern, learner-centered strategies over outdated, conventional ones to encourage true learning. Live Sessions are where discussions happen – the most effective venues for settling conflicts.

Moreover, these classes are recorded and shared with the participants, to ensure you don’t miss anything, even if you miss the classes for unavoidable reasons.

2. Expert Trainers

You will receive the most detailed Financial Modeling instruction possible from the best instructors with years of experience. They not only provide expertise, but they also give sound counsel on how to boost output and progress your career. The mentors are highly approachable and welcoming of your questions and concerns. They bring up pertinent business topics for discussion, led by professors with prior experience working for famous organizations. They give you additional guidance and strategies to edge over others.

3. Extensive Practical Projects

The industry today requires that we know how to apply our skills to real-world assignments.

Since the entire world has gone digital, it is crucial to polish your abilities through extensive practical projects to gain confidence and carry out difficult commercial activities with ease.

IIM SKILLS includes a tonne of practical projects in all of its professional courses to help students fully understand each of the challenging modules, subjects, and chapters.

The time allotted for practical work is a good number of hours.

4. Flexible, online sessions

There are many alternatives available to you when studying online, including accelerated learning, time-specific learning, and self-paced learning.

To get started, all you need is a functional knowledge of computers, a steady internet connection, and a fundamental understanding of the internet. Using a tablet or smartphone to learn is also an option. It is advised that you have a laptop so you can use it to put everything you learn to use for your practical tasks. For their fairly adaptable financial modeling course, they offer weekday and weekend groups. These online classes are also recorded for future reference. You can always refer back to these class recordings for clarification if you run across any problems when revising a chapter.

5. Lifetime free access to Learning Management System (LMS)

All course materials and session recordings are provided with a 24/7 backup by the incredibly user-friendly learning management system. This LMS compiles all of the lecture recordings, case studies, and practical activities in one place to assist you in understanding the abilities required for the various professional courses. It is always free to utilize this learning management system.

Additionally, the LMS is often updated, and its content is modified to reflect changes made to the online environment. To ensure that you always have access to the most recent information, the course material is updated to reflect the most recent changes.

6. Customized Care

IIM SKILLS offers you customized support and mentoring sessions in which you can discuss your difficulties. The mentors leave no stone unturned to ensure that you understand each concept. They will assist you in determining your professional strengths and limitations so you may flourish.

7.  Synergistic Learning Environment

The synergic learning approach is emphasized by IIM SKILLS. This implies that mentors, peers, and students can interact and brainstorm for better understanding.

The students’ best qualities are brought out by the immersive, interactive learning environment, which also strengthens their knowledge so they can become knowledgeable professionals. You get the ability to have a balanced discussion and to respect many points of view.

8. International Recognition of Certification

The biggest advantage of doing this course is that you will receive certificates from renowned, well-respected colleges. Reputable educational institutions have approved the Financial Modeling course, and reputable businesses, corporate organizations, and the labor market as a whole appreciate the Certifications.

You can work with clients wherever in the globe after completing the course thanks to IIM Skills’ established credentials.

9. Supporting Features

IIM SKILLS not only emphasizes the core subject but also takes special care for other related services, like –

Reserve Classes Miss a class? Speak to your mentors about making up the work. On the LMS, session recordings are available for as many viewings as you choose.

Job Recommendations. For a consistent start to your career, we go above and above to get you job referrals. Our careful placement cell takes care to assist you in determining your employment prospects.

Drafting a resume and providing interview support. Even after the course is over, we’ll continue to hold your hand while you polish your CV and interview skills to land the job of your dreams.

10. Affordable

IIM SKILLS offers a Financial Modeling course for a reasonable price. For a relatively low price, you could be able to get all the best features and information. There’s also a payment plan with installments.

Another crucial element is the assurance provided by the 100% Money Back Policy, which offers complete peace of mind.

Course Fees: INR 39,900 + 18% GST


Moving forward in our quest to find out the best training program between IIM SKILLS vs The Wall Street School Financial Modeling Course, let us now talk about The Wall Street School.


The Wall Street School

Founded in 2009, The Wall Street School (TWSS) was developed in response to the market’s inherent requirement for qualified workers. Their goal is to fill the gap between the institutions and industry, and the training programs are curated specifically to meet these needs.

The curriculum is built around teaching students practical skills using real-world scenarios that our trainers deal with daily as investment bankers. The instructors are former consultants from large international corporations like Goldman Sachs and McKinsey and they bring real-world business examples to the classroom. Their exceptional transparency is evident from the fact that they provide you with the contact information of former employees.

Financial Modeling and Valuations 

The Wall Street School’s Financial Modeling and Valuations training is intended to give participants a thorough understanding of investment banking processes, stock research, and capital markets. This curriculum bridges the gap between theoretical concepts gained during academic degrees or certifications and on-the-job implementation of those concepts. It was created by investment bankers and industry specialists.

Course Modules 

The modules are –

1. Excel – Basic to Intermediate 

The workshop’s curriculum is built up to enable participants to become Excel experts and to build the skill sets necessary to succeed as a finance analyst in a consultancy, equities research, or investment banking role. Anyone can efficiently create financial and commercial models if they take the Excel bull by the horns and understand the fundamentals before moving on to more sophisticated material. The fundamentals of Excel will guarantee that you can understand and use pertinent financial formulas, navigate the model, pick up speed, and start to create, formulate, and conceptualize your formula in specific circumstances.

2. Excel – Advanced & Powerpoint

Once the fundamentals of using Excel have been mastered, more complicated formulas can now be used to quickly produce substantial results from massive amounts of data. The goal is to use Microsoft Excel for data analysis effectively and efficiently.

Most of us have the idea that we are quite comfortable creating PowerPoint presentations because we have all used PPTs at some point in our lives, whether it was for a presentation for school, college, an MBA, or another purpose. There is a serious disconnect between the abilities you imagine yourself to possess when creating a PowerPoint presentation and the standards demanded in the corporate professional world outside.

3. Basics of Finance Concepts

It familiarises you with fundamental financial ideas before preparing you for the demands of financial modeling and valuations. Understanding these ideas is a must if you want to grasp financial and valuation analysis. how the financial components should be integrated. Instead of responding, “Well, just because” or “that’s how it’s always been done,” they address all the frequently asked “WHY” questions—”why do we do this, why do that”—by logically and simply outlining why and how not just the what.

4. Feasibility Study

Before beginning a large project, its economic viability is determined. The financial decision-making issues that businesses encounter are resolved by the financial feasibility of projects, which is based on capital budgeting procedures.

5. Analysis of Comparable Company

Trading comparable is a pricing strategy. Investment bankers and other financial experts use it as one of their primary valuation strategies. Under this, you would learn how to construct an intricate trade comparison, starting with the choice of peers and ending with the examination of the output. You would also be able to compare and use these multiples as a valuation technique, as well as identify potential causes and solutions for variations in the multiples.

6. Analysis of Precedent Transaction

The precedent transaction is one of investment bankers’ three main valuation methods (other than trading comps and DCF valuation). The deal value is one of the fundamental tenets of this technique. You would learn how to generate transaction multiples using this method, how they differ from the multiples, obtained using trade comps, when to apply this valuation method, etc.

7. Discounted Cash Flow Valuation (DCF)

DCF valuation technique is used to assign value to the firm or asset. This method completely differs from the relative comps method in that relative valuation seeks to determine the asset’s price (driven by supply and demand), which may be very different from the asset’s underlying value as determined by DCF valuation. In this package of valuation, you would look for the asset’s worth based on its fundamentals, such as its cash flows, risk, and growth.

8. Merger Model

The merger model can determine how a transaction (merger/acquisition) will affect the post-transaction earnings of the remaining shareholders in the new firm. Under this, you would seek to determine the transaction’s short- and long-term effects on future shareholder earnings.

9. Leveraged Buyout (LBO)

The term “leveraged buyout” (LBO) describes the purchase of a firm using a significant amount of borrowed money (bonds or loans) to cover the purchase price.

10. Mock Interviews

The conducting of mock interviews with applicants to give them experience and exposure to the conditions they may encounter in actual interviews is an essential and significant component of the curriculum. As they stand, stress interviews assist applicants and instructors in judging and evaluating and provide a clear picture of where the candidate stands and the further action plan necessary for the candidate to develop into a skilled resource.

Additionally, TWSS provides candidates with editing and professionalization assistance for their resumes. A well-written CV greatly influences the interviewer’s initial perception of the candidate.

Salient Features of the course:

  • Practical instruction geared toward preparing our training participants for the job
  • Instructors who have experience working for major investment institutions are in charge of the training.
  • Pay only 40% of the costs at enrolment and 60% upon placement success
  • Completely transparent Placement Assistance that includes contacts for individuals who have already been placed.

Course Fees: INR 40,000 + GST

A Comparative Analysis of IIM SKILLS vs The Wall Street School Financial Modeling Course?

Since its inception in 2015, IIM SKILLS has trained over 25000 students in over 1000 batches in a range of professional courses. IIM SKILLS provides placement support in addition to helping you write the finest resumes possible.

They boast a startling 87 percent growth rate. The length of their three-month Financial Modeling course is intended for contract workers, working adults, stay-at-home mothers, and recent graduates. Its popularity is mostly due to the instructors’ availability, the affordable price of the course, and the outstanding success rate. This course’s USP is its lifetime access to the LMS. You are free to utilize the LMS as much as you like to broaden your knowledge and practice in practical settings.

The USP of the Financial Modeling course by The Wall Street School is the transparency and credibility they command from their students. Initially, they charge 40% of the fees from the students. The remaining 60% is due after placements with a maximum commitment of 90 days. Therefore, the pressure of accountability for placements falls equally on both the students and the institution. They have termed this system as ‘success-based Fees’.

Furthermore, those who finish one of the Investment Banking training programs successfully receive 100% placement help from The Wall Street School. An industry-recognized certification is given upon successful completion of the workshop after the training program, adding credibility to your resume.

FAQs on IIM SKILLS vs The Wall Street School Financial Modeling Course?

1. After completing the Financial Modeling course, which job profiles may I apply for?

On completion of the course, you can apply for the following positions:

  • Analyst of equity research,
  • Analyst of equity research,
  • Project and corporate finance analysts,
  • merger and acquisition analysts,
  • portfolio managers,
  •  venture capital analysts.


2. What distinguishes these two Financial Modeling courses from other programs on the market?

These 2 courses stand out because of several reasons. Reviews from students who have finished Financial Modeling courses contain several instances of people being able to advance their careers. The resources available to students have a track record of successfully assisting graduates transition into the careers of their dreams. The training program simulates what it would be like to be trained as a professional financial analyst and is wholly practical. There is also a ton of information available via free career resources. Both of these courses stand out from the competition when it comes to giving you the tools you need to construct a successful career because of the unique blend of all these elements.

3. Give me information regarding the internship opportunity offered by IIM SKILLS.

To get real-world business experience, every participant in the IIM SKILLS Financial Modeling Course will complete a two-month unpaid internship with one of their partner companies. A Certificate of Completion will be given to you by the organization where you will be an intern.

Conclusion on IIM SKILLS vs The Wall Street School Financial Modeling course

This article conducts a comprehensive study of both Financial Modeling courses. Both institutions have a good reputation, strong success rates, and a persistent drive to improve for the sake of their students. It would be best if you reviewed the course materials and additional deliverables before deciding which course to sign up for.

To help ambitious professionals understand the nature of the course being conducted, IMS SKILLS offers Financial Modeling Course Demo Session. You can watch these demo sessions and make an informed choice.

I hope my analysis was able to allay your concerns and guide you toward the right professional path. All the best to you!

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