IIM SKILLS vs IMS Proschool – Which Financial Modeling Course To Choose

In the very competitive employment market for finance jobs today, Financial Modeling is one of the greatest career possibilities. Candidates frequently view financial modeling courses as the most in-demand financial education option. This course makes you accustomed to this dynamic financial environment. Because it gives due importance to subjects like financial analysis, valuation, M&A, pivot tables, and macro in Excel, you’ll have ample employment options available to you once you’ve finished it. In this article – IIM SKILLS vs IMS Proschool Financial Modeling Course – we are going to present to you a very detailed comparative analysis of the pros and cons of the Financial Modeling courses offered by these two Institutes.


IIM SKILLS vs IMS Proschool Financial Modeling Course

Let us first draw attention to the very basic concepts of Financial Modeling


Financial Modeling: An Overview

The process of creating a summary of a firm’s income and expenses that aid in assessing the effects of a future event or decision made by the company or an individual is referred to as financial modeling. A financial model is a tool created in a spreadsheet that forecasts how much money a company or financial instrument will make in the future. Financial modeling refers to a task necessary for corporate finance or asset pricing. It aids in converting agent or market behavior into predictions in terms of numbers. The prediction is typically based on a company’s past performance as well as projections for the future.


Applications of Financial Modeling

Financial modeling must be used by a business or an individual on the following occasions – 

  • Estimating the demand for basic materials
  • Valuation of futures and options and other securities
  • To be aware of a merger’s advantages
  • Identifying market possibilities
  • Creating a road map towards success
  • Predict and measure risk
  • To assess the success of a portfolio
  • Find securities that are undervalued


Now that we have gone through the basic aspects of Financial Modeling, let us now focus on IIM SKILLS vs IMS Proschool Financial Modeling Course.



The best professional courses are offered by IIM SKILLS – the leading online educational technology institution in India, to assist you in redefining your career and making the best choices based on your preferences. Through a combination of theory and practicals, these professional courses cover everything from the most fundamental to the most complex topics.


With highly skilled courses that increase your competence, enhance your presentation abilities, and help you succeed in your professional life, IIM SKILLS enables you to achieve your goals. The course content is thoughtfully designed to aid students in strengthening their skills and receiving the best instruction.


Here is the list of professional courses, available at IIM SKILLS –

  • Content Writing Course
  • Digital Marketing Course
  • Technical Writing Course
  • SEO Engine Optimisation (SEO) Course
  • CAT Preparation Coaching
  • Business Accounting Course
  • GST Certification Course
  • Financial Modeling Course


Financial Modeling Course

You will be motivated to use your financial modeling abilities to the fullest extent by taking this in-depth course. It starts you off on the right foot in terms of learning how to build financial models and concentrates on growing your Excel proficiency from beginner to advanced levels, financial statements, equity modeling, accounting, KPI analysis, and project finance.


By effectively fusing technical financial skills with soft skills, you can develop your financial literacy and be ready for work after the course is through.


The knowledgeable staff at IIM Skills transforms you in terms of total acquisition through the use of cutting-edge teaching methods and a student-centric approach.


Course Modules:

This extensive course comprises the following well-researched modules –

  1. Basic Excel and Advanced Excel
  2. Accounting Concepts and Financial Statements
  3. Ratio Analysis
  4. Financial Modeling – Basics
  5. Financial Modeling – Types
  6. Business Valuation


Course Objectives 

All the major areas of Financial Modeling are covered in this course with the following course objectives –

  • to prepare applicants for financial analysis that produces sound decisions by teaching them how to create organized and dynamic financial models.
  • to render the skills and abilities necessary to succeed in the financial markets, globally
  • to instill self-assurance in you so that you can confidently create a financial model
  • to efficiently conduct a business valuation and provide effective valuation reports
  • Learn how to use Excel, in detail – such as filtering, sorting, importing, and data validations.
  • Learn to use predictive models to predict good outcomes for issues within real-life scenarios


Course Features

1. Committed Trainers

The best teachers in the area with years of expertise will provide you with the most thorough Financial Modeling training possible. Not only do they impart knowledge, but they also offer helpful advice on how to increase production and advance your career. The mentors are subject-matter authorities in addition to being highly approachable and welcoming of your queries and worries. Under the leadership of instructors with prior experience working for prestigious organizations, they raise relevant business challenges for discussion. They provide you with extra advice and tactics to give you the upper hand.


2. Online Classes

Online education is increasingly being used to earn degrees. The main advantage of online learning is that it reduces stress and makes it simpler for students and professionals to advance their education around their schedules. They can keep working and develop their knowledge at the same time.


The fact that IIM SKILLS offers class recordings for every session of its Financial Modeling course is its biggest feature. This implies that you have access to all of the class recordings even if you miss a class or are unable to attend the sessions for other unavoidable reasons.


3. Flexible schedule

When you learn online, you have a wide range of options, such as accelerated learning, time-specific learning, and self-paced learning.

All you require to get started are a working understanding of computers, a reliable internet connection, and a basic understanding of the internet. You can also learn using a tablet or a smartphone. To put all that you learn into practice for your practical tasks, it is advised that you have a laptop. They provide weekday and weekend groups for their financial modeling course, which is fairly flexible.


4. Lifetime use of the Learning Management System (LMS)

The extremely user-friendly learning management system offers a 24/7 backup for all course materials and session recordings. To help you comprehend the skills needed for the several professional courses, this LMS gathers all of the lecture recordings, case studies, and practical tasks in one location. The use of this learning management system is always free.

The LMS is additionally frequently updated, and its material is adjusted to suit alterations made to the online environment. The course material is updated to reflect the most recent changes to guarantee that you always have access to the most latest information.


5. Internship Opportunity

Each program participant must complete a two-month unpaid internship. The internship will emphasise investment banking, valuation consultancy, and financial modeling.

The internship will be offered by Partner Firms for Investment Banking, Financial Modeling Experts, and Valuation Advisory.


6. Course Assignments

If you want to build confidence and handle difficult business activities with ease, it is imperative that you sharpen your skills with significant real-world project experience. As a result, the Financial Modeling course provided by IIM SKILLS has a substantial amount of practical exercises to aid students in properly understanding all the challenging topics and chapters.

These practical tasks will require a significant amount of time. As you progress through the course, you gain a solid understanding of how to apply all you have studied.


7. Globally Recognised Certification

The main benefit of doing this course is that you will obtain diplomas from reputable universities that are respected all around the world. The Financial Modeling course has received approval from prestigious educational institutions, and the Certifications are respected by corporate organizations, well-known companies, and the labor market as a whole.


After completing the course, you can work with clients wherever in the world because IIM Skills’ credentials are well-known.


8. Placement Assistance

You will receive the necessary post-course support and placement advice from IIM SKILLS. They provide a specialized soft skill training course that boosts your interview self-confidence. You develop interviewing skills and turn into a polished professional. They help you prepare for the interview and your resume so you can ace it and get the job of your dreams.


They go above and above to assist you in finding employment opportunities for a strong professional beginning.


Even when the course is done, they will still help you with resume writing and interview preparation so you can land the job of your dreams.


9. Synergistic Education

In IM SKILLS, a synergic learning approach is emphasized. This suggests that classmates, teachers, and students can communicate online to collaborate and come up with ideas.


The immersive, engaging learning environment brings out the best in the students while also enhancing their knowledge so they may become competent professionals. Additionally, it fosters the ability to work well with others. You get the ability to engage in a respectful discussion and respect many points of view.


10. Affordable

The Financial Modeling course at IIM SKILLS is relatively inexpensive. You may get all the best features and information for a very modest cost. An installment option is also available


The guarantee of the 100% Money Back policy, which assures total peace of mind, is another important aspect.


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Let us now move on to IMS Proschool Institute


IMS Proschool

Since 1977, IMS has worked to establish for its students a long-term effective career. They identify potential career paths, develop cutting-edge skill-building programs, experiment with innovative ways to engage young people, and coach, inspire, and direct them as they shape their future. They assist people in finding work as well as helping them to develop skills and industry-recognized certifications and also assist businesses in creating a resource pool of qualified personnel.


IMS now offers skill-building programs in marketing, analytics, finance, and accounting, mostly to graduate students. They also provide PPP-mode programs in the fields of healthcare, retail, electrical, and mechanical engineering.


Proschool, another venture by IMS, aims at offering practical knowledge and skills at a low cost and in the shortest amount of time. The goal is to place students in positions that will help them gain experience for a fruitful and sustained career.


Financial Modeling Course

 The innovative FM Plus Course from Proschool uses Active Learning to teach financial modeling abilities while covering fundamental financial topics. Students pursuing their degree, B.Com, BBA, and other graduates, postgraduate or MBA hopefuls, as well as professionals employed in nonfinance industries, are all advised to take this course.


Course Modules 

This highly-researched course comprises the following, extensive modules –

  1. Problem-Solving in Excel

  • Problem identification and Problem-solving technique
  • Excel Basics
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Excel Visualisation
  • Excel Functions
  • Storytelling using Data


2. Analysis of Financial Statement

  • Introduction
  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statements
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Cash Flow


3. Corporate Finance

  • Time Value of IRR and Money
  • Cost of Capital
  • Sources and Use of Capital
  • Introducing Project Finance


4. Project Finance

  • Building manufacturing project
  • Overlaying project with tax implications
  • Building service project
  • Total evaluation of a project


5. Equity Modeling

  • Introduction to Valuation
  • Sourcing historical data
  • BS and CFS Forecast
  • Costs and Revenues forecast
  • DCF and Relative valuation


Course Objectives –

  • Emphasizes fundamental concepts and abilities in finance, such as financial statement analysis (FSA), corporate finance, financial math, equity modeling, and project finance.
  • Employs active learning techniques to make sure students can use Excel to solve real-world business problems.
  • Makes you ready for entry-level positions in fields like investment banking, credit research, equity research, project finance, financial planning, and analysis, among others.


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Course Features 

1. Dual Certification

You can earn the NSDC + Proschool certification after finishing the three-month course. After that, you can sign up for and pass the NSE Academy online exam to get a credential from the NSE Academy.

A fully owned subsidiary of NSE is NSE Academy. It offers courses on a range of topics related to banking, financial services, financial markets, and money management. For a fee of Rs. 1700+GST, the NSE Academy Certification in Financial Markets, or NCFM, is an online examination and certification that costs around INR 1700 + GST


2. Offline and Offline classes

Offline classes are conducted throughout various metropolitan cities, across India. These are – Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Gurugram, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Kochi.

Online classes are conducted for 3 months with more than 75 hours of live sessions.

Off-Line Course Fees – INR 32,000

Online Course Fees – INR 20,000


3. Active Learning Method 

Active learning is a technique where students are involved in problem-solving and model-building from Day 1. You can learn all about Excel, Ratio analysis, Project finance, and equity valuation by self-practice.


A Comparative Study on IIM SKILLS vs IMS Proschool Financial Modeling Course

IIM SKILLS was established in 2015 and has trained more than 25000 students in more than 1000 batches in a variety of professional courses. In addition to assisting you in creating the best resumes possible, IIM SKILLS also offers placement support.


They boast a stunning growth rate of 87%. The duration of their three-month job-focused Financial Modeling curriculum for college students, working adults, recent graduates, stay-at-home mothers, and independent contractors. The accessibility of the instructors, the reasonable cost of the course, and the exceptional success rate all contribute to its popularity. The USP of this course is that the access to LMS is forever. There are no limitations on how frequently you can use the LMS to increase your knowledge and practice in real-world situations.


The USP of the IMS Proschool Financial Modeling course is that it is certified by the NSE. Proschool was the first institute to introduce this course in India.  It comes with 100% Placement Assistance. Proschool hosts online educational webinars on financial modeling, from time to time, that are led by knowledgeable teachers and business executives. The majority of the course is practical-oriented thereby enhancing your professional skill. Top Industry experts, with ample industry experience, undertake these sessions to enrich you with professionalism. Also, the availability of both offline and online classes is an added advantage. Depending upon your need, comfort, and availability you can opt for anyone. 


FAQs on IIM SKILLS vs IMS Proschool Financial Modeling Course


1. Can Engineers pursue the Financial Modeling course?

The candidate does not need to come from a finance background to apply to the financial modeling program. As long as the candidate wishes to comprehend decision-making, whether it be in the context of project finance, equity research, or any other industry.


2. What are the various applications of the Financial Modeling course?

Financial Modeling has various viable applications in the finance sector –

  • Investment Banking: Financial modeling is the essential instrument for fundamental analysis and valuations in investment banking and equity research. In M&A or fund-raising deals, investment bankers utilize it to determine a valuation.
  • Project Finance/Credit Rating: Financial models assist bankers and credit analysts in forecasting future revenues and costs and in making justifiable decisions regarding the profitability of a project.
  • Corporate Finance: Businesses utilize financial modeling to evaluate their finances and projects. As a result, it is a factor in the planning of business project funding.


3. What must-have skills to enroll for this Financial Modeling course?

The skills that one must possess to pursue this course can be categorized into 3 sections –

  • Prerequisites

Financial Reports, Financial Management, and Valuation Techniques

Excel, Writing, and Analytical Capability

  • Core Skills

Financial Statement Analysis, Excel Financial Statement Construction, Financial Model Design

  • Related Knowledge / Skills Financial 

Market understanding –  market structure, debt markets, mutual funds, credit ratings, etc.


Concluding Thoughts on IIM SKILLS vs IMS Proschool Financial Modeling Course

In this article, a thorough analysis of both the Financial Modeling courses is done. Both the institutes are of repute, they have solid success ratios and are constantly thriving to do better – for their students. It would be preferable if you go through their course content personally, and the additional deliverables and then finalize on the course to opt for.


IMS Proschool frequently conducts useful webinars to update and disseminate important developments. IIM SKILLS offers Financial Modeling Course Demo Sessions to aspiring professionals to enable them to the nature of the course conducted. You can attend these demo sessions and decide accordingly.


Hopefully, my analysis helped clear your doubts and assist you with a suitable career choice. My best wishes to you!


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