IIM SKILLS vs Wall Street Prep Financial Modeling Course

This article on IIM SKILLS vs Wall Street Prep Financial Modeling Course Review will hopefully help to quell any doubt or ambiguity that you have regarding which institute to choose to upskill in the financial modeling and valuation course. All the aspects of the training program, be it the syllabus, mentors, practical assignments, learning materials, or additional features will be discussed here to give you a detailed idea of what the courses entail. 


IIM SKILLS vs Wall Street Prep Financial Modeling Course Coursedekho

Today financial modeling courses have become an extremely important discipline to learn for finance enthusiasts. The reason is it helps businesses estimate the true financial position of the organization and what choices can be made to increase profits and brand value. 


Financial modeling is one of the most effective ways in which top executives can gauge the feasibility of taking up significant projects (buying capital, investing in stocks) to propel the business towards prosperity. It is a transformational tool, that, when implemented properly can benefit the business in diverse ways. 


IIM SKILLS vs Wall Street Prep Financial Modeling Course Analysis – A Definitive Guide 



IIM SKILLS is one of the most reputed institutes in the education sector that offers diverse professional industry-specific courses including digital marketing, content writing, technical writing, business accounting and taxation, GST, and financial modeling among others. 


The Financial Modeling Master Course at IIM SKILLS is a meticulously designed curriculum that has been prepared after thorough research and collaboration with senior finance professionals. 


The financial modeling course is conducted for a time period of 3 months. You have more than 50 hours of comprehensive lectures and 100 + hours of practical assignments along with 4 live projects and 5 + case studies included in the syllabus. Additionally, you get a guaranteed internship for 2 months and plenty of soft skills training including resume preparation, mock interview tips, Business strategies, and impeccable job support. IIM SKILLS has a dedicated free blog section on their website with a wide range of financial modeling content that you can learn from. 

Course Name – Financial Modeling Master Course

Course Fee – Rs 39,900+ GST


  • MS Excel  For Financial Modeling 
  • Formatting And Structuring 
  • Financial Models Error Tracking 
  • Auditing Process 
  • Presenting Financial Statement Models 
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • DCF Modeling 
  • Valuation Methods
  • Free Cash Flow 
  • Scenario Analysis 
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • LBO Model
  • Mergers And Acquisition Model
  • Conditional Formatting In Excel
  • 3 Statement Model, and more


Distinctive features of the IIM SKILLS Financial Modeling Course

1. Well Crafted Courseware 

The curriculum has been assiduously prepared by incorporating all the latest information and knowledge of financial modeling. The course is majorly practical oriented with every chapter given ample importance. Not only do you make your foundation strong by learning about theoretical aspects, but you implement your learning in practical assignments and projects to truly understand what it takes to create successful financial models for business organizations. 


Coupled with the case studies and learning materials, this course is detailed and provides actionable plans and strategies to turn you into a proficient financial modeler. The learning materials provided to the students are well researched and have all the components available to you that would help you to understand financial Modeling and MS Excel comprehensively. 


The course is segregated in such a way that with each chapter you develop critical thinking abilities and slowly progress towards getting more clarity on creating complex financial models and high-end strategies. You also learn the nitty-gritty of crisis management and analyze and read data properly to offer judicious business solutions to catapult a business to unprecedented success. 


2. LMS benefits 

One of the best benefits of the institute is that you have lifetime access to the learning management system for free. It can also be accessed with any device of your choosing at any time you want. The learning management system (LMS) not only has a record of all the virtual sessions they also house a repertoire of study materials resources and updated information that will help you evolve and learn more about financial modeling.

You get access to the learning management system right after you register for the course which enables you to go through the curriculum and learning materials before your class commences. 


3. Industry – Validated Certification 

The Master’s Certificate in financial modeling received after completion of the course is proof of your superior skills as a financial Modeling and valuation expert. This industry-recognized certificate along with your portfolio can go a long way to help you get your foot in the door and to make the first favorable impression on potential employers. It demonstrates your abilities to create viable financial models taking into account all important information. 


4. Mentor Assistance 

The faculty members are prolific individuals who have had years of experience in the finance sector creating financial models and implementing accurate valuation methods for corporate organizations and Financial institutions. Whether it’s credit research, equity research, corporate finance, mergers, and acquisitions, the mentors have hands-on experience in working to create financial models for different business entities. Thus, along with the learning materials, your mentors can be great guides for you to imbibe the best practices of financial modeling and instill confidence in yourselves to become intuitive finance professionals. 


5. Post-course Facilities 

There are a plethora of post-course facilities that are offered by IIM SKILLS to its students. These come in the form of backup classes, career guidance from mentors, virtual class recordings, and placement assistance. While IIM SKILLS provides you with every possible benefit after the course is complete, they also offer a free demo session before you enroll in the course to understand the entire structure of the course pedagogy and how you will proceed with the course curriculum. 


6. Placement Assistance

IIM SKILLS also collaborates with some of the top names in the business sector offering placement and internship opportunities to the students. You have regular assessment sessions and feedback from the mentors to understand your progress and which areas you need to hone your skills further. 

You get in-depth knowledge of financial models valuation methods, DCF, Merger & Acquisition, equity research, corporate finance, and more.

You have well-designed and structured virtual training sessions that are interactive and immersive helping you with understanding the core concepts through case studies.


7. Networking Opportunities 

IIM Skills offers an excellent way to connect, engage, and network with professionals and fellow students to learn new things, brainstorm different concepts as well as get the opportunity to interact with these professionals from different finance-related fields. There are discussion forums and a community that helps to strengthen your knowledge in financial modeling. 

After completion of the course, you can take up jobs as an investment banking analyst, equity research analyst or associate, or mergers, and acquisition expert among many others. You can also start your own consulting work offering solutions to business organizations from diverse sectors and an array of niches. 


Contact: Info@iimskills.com, 9911839503


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Moving on in our quest to provide you with exhaustive information on IIM SKILLS vs Wall Street Prep Financial Modeling Course, we analyze the course of Wall Street Prep in detail. 


Wall Street Prep 

Wall Street is one of the finest institutions to offer finance-related courses. They have a diverse range of training programs that you can choose from based on your preference. This is one of their main attractions. Wall Street has a self-study mode of training, boot camp training, 1-1 coaching, corporate training, and on-campus training. Additionally, they have a free content section on the website where you can learn about the essentials of finance and financial modeling through these free learning resources. 


The financial modeling course is available in most of these formats. 

In the self-study format, the financial modeling course comes in two packages – The Basic Package and the Premium Package.

Basic Package

This course comprises 82 lessons and almost 11 hours of comprehensive training that focuses mainly on financial statements and financial modeling. The course will be about understanding financial modeling best practices and will provide you with strategies and training to build a comprehensive financial statement model. 


You will become an astute finance expert adept at creating a three-statement model by incorporating information available from historical data and assumptions. You will gain mastery of all the core concepts that comprise the foundation of financial modeling.


Course fee – INR 16000 (Approximately) $199

The course teaches excel shortcuts and functions in-depth. You become well conversant with Excel concepts, settings, and formatting to create impeccable financial models. Other areas covered are sensitivity and scenario analysis, checking the financial models for errors, inserting automated checks, creating model plugs, and more. 


The basic package can be beneficial for students, and professionals who want to pursue a career in private equity, equity research, credit research, corporate finance, and investment banking among others. 


Premium Package

The premium package in the self-study format comprises 7 courses and is a detailed training program covering 46 hours. This is the course that several investment banks, financial institutions, and corporate organizations use to educate their professionals on different concepts like 3 statement modeling, discounted cash flow, merger & acquisition leveraged buy-out, trading and transaction comps, and more. 


The course fee is Rs 40,000 ($499)

This course is an excellent fit for students and professionals who want to embark on a career in private equity, equity research, investment banking, and corporate finance. You learn the fundamental and advanced concepts in this financial and valuation modeling course with the help of case studies and learning materials. 


The course curriculum includes the following topics

  • Detailed Financial Statement Modeling 
  • Discounted Cash Flow Modeling 
  • Merger And Acquisition Modeling 
  • Transaction Comps Modeling 
  • Trading Comps Modeling 
  • Leveraged Buy-out Modeling.

Along with these core concepts you have bonus courses that include building a buyers list for one month and access to a pitch book. The advantages include meeting with your program instructor who will orient you to the course curriculum and other details. 


You have access to 38 mini-courses by the exceptionally talented Wall Street Prep team. These mini-courses include intensive learning of MS Excel, PowerPoint, accounting, advanced and fundamental concepts, and becoming job ready with industry-specific knowledge to showcase your skills. 


Bootcamps For Financial Modeling

The Wall Street online finance boot camp is a format of training where they deliver all the skills in a consolidated virtual session that provides you with an exhaustive understanding of the topic you’ve enrolled in. 


The financial modeling bootcamps are as follows: 

Financial and Valuation Modeling. The fee is INR 1.55 Lakhs approximately( $1899)

This is the same training pedagogy that is used for beginners and professionals in the finance sector. It is also used to train analysts and associates with the top financial organizations. 


Upon completion of the boot camp, you get a certificate in financial and valuation modeling. This is a globally-accepted, industry-recognized certification that is a testament to your skills as a financial modeler. 


You get access to high-grade seminar training on excel and online access post-seminar for financial courses. 


Highlights of attending a boot camp at Wall Street Prep

1. Comprehensive structured training

The boot camp is an immersive learning format that provides intensive training to beginners and professionals in finance-related fields to excel in Financial Modeling and valuation. These boot camps are designed in such a way that they incorporate all the essential features of courses to help students understand the advanced concepts of Financial Modeling and valuation thoroughly. 


2. Practical Assignments

These boot camps encourage students and build their confidence through practical assignments and exercises. Does the student learn how to do it by creating financial models themselves in these boot campuses from scratch? This not only bills confidence in their skill sets but also helps them to assist their strengths and weaknesses to understand which area needs to be worked upon. These practical assignments help professionals and aspiring financial models to become 360-degree professionals adept at handling complex data without hassles. 


3. Interactive Instructors

The instructors are well-experienced bankers who understand how financial modeling activities are carried out in the real world. Hands the provided you with strategies and tips that are there implemented in their own careers so that you gain enhanced learning of the concepts. 


4. MS Excel Mastery 

The boot camp at Wall Street Prep ensures that you gain a strong understanding of MS Excel to create efficient and consistent financial models with alacrity. 


5. Access to Webinars and Courses 

The boot camp gives you access to webinars and the Wall Street Pep education platform which can enable you to upskill and learn more advanced financial concepts. 


Along with self-study mode and boot camps, you also have 1-1 coaching in financial Modeling and valuation. These include single sessions that comprise 3 or fewer hours of training sessions. All you can opt for is coaching packages that are more in-depth and comprehensive. The single sessions are priced at rs 32000 approximately ($400 per hour) and the coaching packages are Rs 27000 ($350 per hour). The coaching format comes with perks such as 150 credit points towards any self-study program or Bootcamp from Wall Street Prep. 


Some of the online programs conducted at the institute are as follows

  • Financial and valuation modeling boot camp one weekend
  • Financial and valuation modeling boot camp 2 weekends
  • Financial modeling for liberal arts students one-weekend boot camp
  • One day Excel training for Consultants

Contact 617-314-7685


Comparative analysis of IIM SKILLS vs Wall Street Prep Financial Modeling Course 

As we have seen in the article, both the institutes have special features that will help you upskill and get your desired job. 

While Wall Street Prep has a diverse range of formats where their pedagogy is concerned, IIM SKILLS has a virtual high-grade training program that’s all-encompassing covering all aspects of financial models extensively. 


IIM SKILLS also offers you access to the LMS With lifetime validity. Affordable Course PricE, mentor credibility, superbly effective help desk, and memberships to a community of finance professionals are some perks of joining IIM SKILLS. 


On the other hand, Wall Street Prep offers webinars, access to course materials, and a variety of ways in which you can upskill. They also have regular bootcamps, one-to-one mentoring, and corporate mentorship plans that can come to great use for students as well as professionals. 


You will benefit immensely if you choose any of these two institutes. It really all boils down to your needs and preferences from a course that will determine which one you want to opt for. Go through the features of the institutes rigorously and make a judicious decision based on your expectation from a financial modeling and valuation course. 


For anyone solely interested in online upskilling, check this list of the top Online Financial Modeling Courses In India. 



1. Should I opt for an online or offline financial modeling course? 

Today you have a variety of options when you want to enroll in a financial modeling course and training program. Both online and offline financial modeling courses offer you intensive training. Diligent learning schedule and incorporating all that you learn in practical assignments will help to become a professional modeler in a very short period of time. People who are open to going to an institute and learning in a physical classroom can opt for offline financial modeling courses. Anyone who is not open to commuting on a regular basis can go for any online financial modeling course. Go through the curriculum for each of the courses that you shortlist, learn about the features of these courses, and then opt for whichever suits you better- an online or offline financial modeling course. 


2. What are the main considerations to enroll in a financial modeling course? 

The three most important considerations to enroll for a financial modeling course are enumerated below:

i) The Syllabus

Make sure to do your research well on financial modeling as a subject and then peruse the syllabus of the institutes well to see if they have incorporated all the important components that make up financial modeling and excel. 

ii) Practical Training 

This constitutes one of the most critical factors for a financial modeling course. Ensure that you have plenty of practical assignments, case studies, learning resources, and materials available to you. It is a bonus if you can get access to the learning materials and updated information even after the course is complete. This will enable you to get information as frequently as possible. 

iii) Post-Course Support 

This is a quality of an institute that cannot be emphasized enough. Any financial modeling course that comes with ample post-course support that includes access to a learning management system (for an indefinite period or a certain timeframe), soft skills training, interview tips, resume preparation strategies, and consultation and guidance is worth signing up for. You should also look at the credentials of the mentors and the support desk which will give you clarity on how effective the training program and help desk would be. 


3. What are some important topics to master in financial modeling? 

Some of the most important topics that you need to master to become a proficient financial modeler are as follows:

  • Fundamentals And Advanced Excel Concepts
  •  Accounting Concepts
  •  Analyzing Financial Reports 
  • Corporate Finance 
  • Discounted Cash Flow Modeling 
  • Mergers & Acquisition Modeling 
  • Excel Best Practices 
  • Financial Statements Analysis And Modeling 
  • Leveraged Buy-out Modeling 
  • Excel Presentation Skills 
  • Investment Banking Concepts 
  • Equity Research to name a few. 


Final thoughts on IIM SKILLS vs Wall Street Prep Financial Modeling Course 

In this comparison article on IIM SKILLS vs Wall Street Prep Financial Modeling Course, we have explained the important features of both the institutes in detail. Hopefully, you will be able to make an educated decision on which course is more suitable for you after going through the distinctive features of each institute enumerated in the article.


The best approach would be to first understand what you want from the course. Make a list of your expectations from a financial modeling course and then compare it with the offerings of the institutes. 


You can sign up for IIM SKILLS Financial Modeling Course Demo Session to get more clarity and understanding of what a career in financial modeling requires to become successful.


Here’s hoping for a greatly successful professional life ahead for all you finance enthusiasts. Choose wisely, best of luck!

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