IIM SKILLS vs GTA Financial Modeling Course – Which is The Best For You

The financial sector is an area of immense possibilities. Knowledge of financial modeling is required for all positions in the finance division. To open up lucrative employment options, anyone looking to pursue a career in the financial or investment field will greatly benefit from taking the Financial Modeling course. Financial modeling is one of the best career options in today’s fiercely competitive work market for finance professionals. It assists you to become accustomed to the ever-changing financial environment.


IIM SKILLS vs GTA Financial Modeling Course


As a result, several educational institutions are offering Financial Modeling courses. Today, in this article we are going to analyze, in great detail – IIM SKILLS vs GTA Financial Modeling Course.


Let us begin with the basics of Financial Modeling

What is Financial Modeling?


Based on past performance, financial modeling aids in predicting a company’s financial performance. It can support financial analysis, which includes making acquisitions, raising or assigning cash, forecasting, budgeting, and other financial decisions. A financial condition in the real world is abstractly represented or modeled by financial modeling. All company decisions require the use of crucial financial modeling tools. You will require a forecast whether you want to raise money, buy or sell a business, evaluate strategic options, or simply prepare for the future.


Who should enroll in Financial Modeling Course?

Anyone willing to flourish in the financial sector can enroll in this program –

  • Equity Researchers
  • Chartered Accountants
  • Professionals in Corporate Finance
  • Investment Bankers
  • Professionals in the M&A domain
  • MBA Finance – students and professionals
  • Commerce Graduates


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Let us now move to the main topic of discussion – IIM SKILLS vs GTA Financial Modeling Course – Which One to choose?



One of Asia’s largest online educational institutions, IIM SKILLS, offers several professional courses. Since 2015, they have trained more than 15000 professionals from more than 45 countries through effective programs. Professionals, job seekers, and entrepreneurs who are interested in studying new generation career-oriented programs frequently take IIM Skills courses.

The knowledgeable faculty at IIM Skills uses cutting-edge teaching techniques and a student-centric approach to alter you in terms of your acquisition.

Whether you start untrained or with little training, you end up a skilled Financial Modeling craftsperson. With the best practical training, you develop and advance to improve your game in the workplace.

Financial Modeling and Valuation Course

This outstanding financial modeling and valuation course from IIM Skills was developed to educate you on the nuances of financial modeling and help you avoid making mistakes. The courseware, created and designed by industry specialists, covers every aspect of the discipline of finance and valuation. The course material is flawless and adheres to all financial sector conventions strictly.

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IIM SKILLS Financial Modeling Course Review

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Course Modules 

This well-researched course has the following modules – 

  1. Basic Excel and Advanced Excel
  2. Accounting Concepts and Financial Statements
  3. Ratio Analysis
  4. Financial Modeling – Basics
  5. Financial Modeling – Types
  6. Business Valuation

Course Objectives

The course is designed while keeping in mind, the following objectives – 

  • To prepare candidates for financial analysis that results in informed decisions by teaching them how to create dynamic, organized financial models.
  • To provide the knowledge and abilities necessary for career advancement in the global financial markets
  • To assure you that you can confidently create a financial model
  • Create valuation reports and conduct business valuations
  • Learn all of Excel’s features, including importing, sorting, and filtering data.
  • Learn how to use predictive models to predict solutions to issues in real-world scenarios.


Salient Features 

1. Convenient and Flexible

To sign up for an online Financial Modeling course, you just need to click. You can access it whenever you want, from anywhere on the globe. To promote authentic learning, IIM Skills favors the adoption of contemporary, learner-centered practices over outdated, traditional ones. The best place to resolve disputes is through Live Sessions, where discussions occur.

All you need to get started are a working knowledge of computers, a consistent internet connection, and a basic grasp of the internet. Another alternative for training is to use a tablet or smartphone. It is advised that you own a laptop so that you can utilize it for your practical activities and put all you learn to practice.

Additionally, these classes are videotaped and provided to the participants so that you won’t miss anything, even if you have to skip them due to unforeseen circumstances.

2. Access to The Learning Management System (LMS)

The very user-friendly learning management system offers a 24/7 backup of all course materials and session recordings. To help you comprehend the skills needed for the various professional courses, this LMS gathers all of the lecture recordings, case studies, and practical assignments in one place. Access to LMS is free, forever.

The LMS is also frequently updated, and any content adjustments are done to reflect alterations made to the online environment. The course materials are updated to reflect the most recent changes to guarantee that you always have access to the most latest information.

3. Practical Assignments

We must be able to apply our talents to real-world tasks to work in today’s industry.

Since everything is now digital, it is essential to refine your skills through extensive practical projects to gain confidence and easily handle challenging commercial operations.

To ensure that students completely comprehend each of the difficult modules, disciplines, and chapters, IIM SKILLS incorporates a tonne of practical projects into all of its professional courses.

A lot of hours are devoted to practical assignments.

4. Expert instructors

The top teachers with years of experience will teach you Financial Modeling in the most thorough ways imaginable. They offer good advice on increasing productivity and advancing your career in addition to their experience. The mentors are very accessible and receptive to your queries and worries. Professors with prior experience working for renowned companies lead the conversation on current business topics. They provide you with additional advice and tactics to get the upper hand.

5. International Certification 

The fact that you will earn certificates from reputable, well-respected universities is the biggest benefit of doing this course. Reputable corporations, corporate organizations, and the labor market as a whole value the Certifications. Reputable educational institutions have accepted the Financial Modeling course.

After completing the course, you can work with clients wherever in the world thanks to IIM Skills’ well-known credentials.

6. Scope of Internship 

Each participant in the program is required to complete a two-month unpaid internship. Investment banking, valuation consulting, and financial modeling will be highlighted during the internship.

Partner Firms for Investment Banking, Financial Modeling Experts, and Valuation Advisory will provide the internship.

7. Placement Assistance

You will receive all the necessary support and placement advice from IIM SKILLS. They help you get ready for both the interview and your resume so you can ace it and get the job of your dreams. They go above and above to assist you in locating employment opportunities for a solid professional beginning.

Even when the course is done, they will still help you with resume writing and interview prep so you can land the job of your dreams.

8. Total Value for Money

The Financial Modeling course at IIM SKILLS is fairly affordable. An installment option is also available. They also provide a 100% Money Back policy, which guarantees total peace of mind.

Course Fees: INR 39,900 + GST


Let us now focus on the next Institute – GTA


Grant Thornton Academy (GTA)

Learning & Development Academy, Grant Thornton’s upskilling service in India, provides both professionals and students with result-driven training programs. To get the most out of their robust programs, you can modify them.

They truly believe that a classroom environment, which prioritizes group learning while addressing individual concerns, has advantages in the contemporary digital era of machine learning. The lecturers are skilled experts who will impart their knowledge of the best practices used in the sector as well as their personal experiences. Learning & Development Academy will draw on the Firm’s extensive expertise in numerous industries and areas as well as its knowledge base to impart real-world insights and aid participants in understanding and putting complicated ideas into practice.

Certification in Financial Modeling and Valuation Online Live

The “Certificate in Financial Modeling & Valuation Online Live” has been made available by Grant Thornton Learning & Development Academy. The course is designed to give working professionals and students experience with financial modeling and valuation as well as to aid them in comprehending and creating business and valuation models. The curriculum has been created in such a way that conceptual information is provided and ensured to be taught with the ideal fusion of industry practices. 

With the aid of this program, you will be able to develop financial models that are clear and simple to use to obtain an understanding of the opportunities and hazards that organizations are currently facing. The performance of a financial asset, portfolio, business endeavor, or any other investment can be evaluated with the use of this program.

Course Modules

The Course Modules for this training course are –

  • Excel
  • Understanding Basic Business Model
  • Financial Statements
  • Valuation
  • Introduction to Project Valuation
  • Creating Model for NPV & IRR
  • Modeling Delays
  • Project Valuation – Circular Logic & Looping
  • Project Valuation – Creating EPC Schedule
  • Project Valuation – CAPEX Schedule
  • Project Valuation – P&L
  • Project Valuation – Asset Schedule
  • Project Valuation – Valuation
  • Project Valuation – GANTT Chart
  • Visualization – Interactive Excel Dashboard
  • Merger & Acquisition (M&A) – Introduction
  • M&A – Evaluation
  • M&A Valuation

Course Objectives:

  • Understand, brush up on their MS Excel skills, and comprehend financial statements specifically related to building and navigating a financial model
  • Create a template for financial modeling.
  • Recognize the significance of managing data and appropriate assumptions while creating a financial model.
  • Create adaptable cash flow models and become knowledgeable about using discounted cash flows to create financial models.
  • Learn how to compute numerous valuation metrics, including WACC, CAPM, sensitivity analysis, and IRR concepts.
  • With the aid of an integrated financial model and asset schedule, you can comprehend the specifics of a project value model.
  • Make an EPC and a CAPEX schedule, and then interpret them.
  • using GANTT charts to report on the status of projects
  • Create engaging Excel dashboards by using dynamic titles, bar charts, map pivots, sparkling pivots, and map pivots.
  • concepts for merger incentives and various merger types.
  • Understanding different valuation methods are necessary for merger and acquisition transactions.
  • Recognizing the primary influences and inputs in mergers
  • Learn to model a finance plan and accretion/dilution analysis

Course Features

1. Comprehensive Study Program

This 70 hours of study program can be divided into two broad parts -40 hours through CISCO WEBEX led by an Instructor and the remaining 30 hours consisting of VBA and Case Studies.

The training, which is provided through the Cisco WebExTM application, has quite a few benefits – training is provided –

  • Attending classes in real-time
  • Provide a stimulating learning environment for online students.
  • available on tablets and mobile devices Features of e-learning and LMS that are inexpensive 
  • 24-hour query response time
  • Two-way dialogue via “Ask the Expert”
  • Flexible learning opportunities with two-way communication that allows participants to ask questions in real-time
  • Access to learning resources, including working Excel spreadsheets and a question and answer section
  • Connect with international virtual teams at any time and location.
  • Without going overboard with costs, provide remote learners with a compelling learning environment.

2. LMS

The access to Grant Thornton LMS is valid for 1 year from the date of enrolment. All the recorded videos of the sessions and study materials are made available here. 

3. Multiple Modes of Delivery

There are multiple options available for delivering the training – 

  • Offline classes, with face-to-face sessions
  • Live Online classes
  • E-Learning

Depending on your requirements and suitability you can opt for the mode you want. 

4. Certification

On completing the course, certificates are awarded to all the trainees.

Course Fees: INR 30,000


A Comparative Analysis of IIM SKILLS vs GTA Financial Modeling Course.

IIM SKILLS has trained over 25000 students in over 1000 batches across a variety of professional courses since its launch in 2015. IIM SKILLS not only assists you in creating the best resumes possible but also offers placement assistance.

They boast a stunning growth rate of 87%. Their three-month Financial Modeling course is designed for recent graduates, contract workers, working adults, and stay-at-home mothers. The accessibility of the instructors, the reasonable cost of the course, and the exceptional success rate are the main drivers of its popularity. The USP of this course is lifetime LMS access. You can use the LMS as much as you’d like to increase your knowledge and practice in real-world situations.

GTAcademy has modes of imparting the training. This gives you the flexibility to choose an option that suits you, the best. Their usage of CISCO WEBEX to conduct the sessions is also a very unique aspect of this course that ensures comfort, affordability, and accessibility of the participants. The batches are small, the instructors are experienced and learned, and the course is compact and useful. The Financial Modeling course by GTAcademy is a complete package.


FAQs on A Comparative Analysis of IIM SKILLS vs GTA Financial Modeling Course.


1. What criteria must you meet to apply to the Financial Modeling course?

Depending on the level you are applying for, there are different criteria for the Financial Modeling course. The criteria vary depending on your proficiency.

Without any prior knowledge

  • Learn about ratio analysis, financial accounts, and other topics.
  • have highly developed analytical and problem-solving skills
  • To understand how to do them, create your charts using MS Excel.

Basic level

  • Learn while gaining experience in accounting, creating financial statements, and financial forecasts.
  • how to make templates for financial models.
  • Gain a fundamental understanding of the financial markets and the assets they include, such as stocks and mutual funds.

Intermediate level

  • Become an expert Excel financial statement producer.
  • Construct financial models,
  • Make financial models.
  • Break the loops in macro, comprehend credit evaluations and ratings, and analyze financial data.
  • Be familiar with the definition of financial modeling and how it varies from business models.

Advanced Level

  • Develop your knowledge of merger deal valuation calculations.
  • Know how to make many types of charts, including Gantt charts, radar charts, waterfall charts, and charts for football fields.
  • Recognize how to build the assumptions, such as the takeover premium and synergies.


2. Why are courses in financial modeling so high in demand?

Financial modeling is currently one of the most in-demand skill sets in the banking industry. It is a useful tool for identifying company ideas and risks that will result in successful operations.

Almost every other organization requires that finance personnel have a strong understanding of financial modeling. Therefore, this skill set is quite beneficial for your line of work.


3. How can a student who is pursuing an MBA in Finance benefit from the Financial Modeling course?

If you want to work in any of the financial sectors, such as equity research, investment banking, project finance, corporate finance, or credit research, you must be familiar with corporate finance concepts as an MBA graduate. Your professional profile can surely be improved by financial modeling. As a recent MBA graduate, you ought to be conversant with Excel. not just the basics but also more complex concepts. Financial modeling will advance your professional status.


4. Is the Financial Modeling course open to engineers?

To apply to the financial modeling program, a candidate does not necessarily need to have a background in finance. If the candidate wants to understand how decisions are made, whether they are made in the context of project finance, equity research, or any other sector of the economy – they can enroll and learn Financial Modeling.


5. What sets these two Financial Modeling courses apart from other available courses?

There are various reasons why these 2 courses stand out. There are numerous examples of people advancing in their jobs in reviews from students who have completed Financial Modeling courses. Students’ access to resources has a proven track record of helping graduates transition into the careers of their dreams. The training course is entirely practical and simulates what it would be like to receive professional training as a financial analyst. When it comes to providing you with the resources you need to build a successful career, both of these courses stand out from the competition due to the special combination of all these aspects.


Conclusion on A Comparative Analysis of IIM SKILLS vs GTA Financial Modeling Course

This article examines both Financial Modeling courses in great detail. Both organizations have a solid track record, high success rates, and a constant desire to get better for the benefit of their students. Before selecting which course to enroll in, it would be best if you carefully reviewed the course materials and additional deliverables.

IMS SKILLS offers Financial Modeling Course Demo Sessions to assist ambitious professionals in understanding the nature of the course being conducted. You can view these demonstrations and choose wisely.

I sincerely hope my analysis was able to relieve your worries and direct you down the appropriate career route. Best wishes to you!

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