Top 6 Most-Opted Content Writing Courses in Kochi

Writing has many psychological benefits. It promotes happiness, reduces anxiety, helps to channelize emotion, and improves language. But what if we tell you that you can on a passive income or an active income through writing? Yeah! Content Writing can make you earn approximately Rs.50,000. We will discuss some of the Content Writing  Courses in Kochi to guide you to take the best option. Let’s go!


List of best content writing courses in Kochi


Content Writing  —


It is a type of content that enhances the value of any business. Content is known as the king of any business. Content Writing is a process of writing structured and planned content for businesses, typically for digital marketing reasons. Writing content requires good research on the given topic, then planning, and editing the final write-up. 


Content Writing not only means article writing (Which most people assume), it includes social media posts, blogs, Twitter threads, landing pages, resume writing, technical writing, and so on. A content writer writes plagiarism-free and SEO-optimised content for businesses to drive traffic which further can be turned into leads.


About Kochi — 


Kochi, also known as Cochin, lies in the state of Kerala. It is a densely populated town in Kerala. Kochi is famously considered the financial and commercial capital of Kerala. It has a tropical climate with palm groves in large which makes the city quite eye-catchy with such beautiful sceneries. Kochi also is home to many islands and is a port since 1341. Its official language is Malayalam.


Skills Required to do Content Writing Courses in Kochi — 


Every field has its own set of skills required. Some skills are extremely common in every field like communication, leadership, strong work ethic, teamwork, problem-solving attitude, and so on. Well, just like every other field, these skills are important to do Content Writing  Courses in Kochi as well. Although, there are more skills required to be top in Content Writing. Let’s discuss those skills in detail.


  • Research — Research can be said one of the most essential skills in the world of content. If your forte is in research then you have to relieve yourself of the heaviest task. To create content, you need to understand the topic thoroughly. This is where research helps. You have to research very deeply to create content or write articles.


  • Creativity — There are thousands of writers out there, what sets you apart from them will be your creativity. Being a successful writer means how creative you can be with your content from attractive headlines to catching some headlines, it’s all a game of how creative you can be.


  • Editing — In addition to research and creativity, editing plays a vital role. Editing requires a lot of patience and a keen eye for details. Moreover, grammatical errors like punctuation, spelling, grammar, the tone of the writer, and active or passive voice, all come under editing.


  • Search Engine Optimisation — The main purpose of writing content for digital marketers is to generate traffic to the website and to rank on search engines. This can be done by SEO-optimized articles as SEO is considered to be one of the three core models of online marketing.


  • Originality — Every client wants SEO-optimized and plagiarism-free articles, this is the core requirement of writing an article or any type of content digitally. The respective subject and content should be original if you want a high ranking on search engines. Research well and write the content in your language creatively!


  • English Language — English is important as most of the content produced is in this language only. Companies prefer English to other languages. So having good control, verbally as well as in 10 is very important.


  • Social Media — Times have been changing and so is the functions of social media. Now social networking sites are not only for meeting new people but also to understand the audience better.


Career Options One Can Expect by Doing Content Writing Courses in Kochi


Content Writing opens Swedish parts for writers to follow and be successful in their chosen field. Here, below is a list one can choose – 


  • Article writer
  • Social media content creator
  • Copywriter
  • Freelancer
  • Proofreader
  • Content Editor
  • Screenwriter
  • E-book writer
  • Statement of purpose writer
  • Resume writer
  • Technical writer
  • Creative writer
  • Teacher
  • Content Writing  agency
  • Blogger


Types of Content Writing  — 


  • Blogging Blogging is when an author self-publish in either writing, photography, or other types of media. It was established for writers to write diary basis writing however now it’s more like a website for businesses to grow. 


  • CopywritingCopywriting is a critical element in marketing and sales. These texts are written with the object of tips to increase sales, and brand awareness and influence people to take action.


  • Articles — Articles a long and informative, it is a formal way of writing which is usually for educational purposes.


  • Social Media Posts — Creating social media posts means understanding the content that would be hit on different social networking sites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


There are More Types of Content Writing like-

  • Technical writing 
  • SOP writing 
  • Resume writing
  • Email newsletter
  • Landing page 
  • Video script


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The Average Salary One Can Earn by Doing Content Writing  Courses in Kochi — 


Content writers can make up to Rs.1.2,00,00 to Rs.6.2 lakhs in India. The average salary of a content writer is Rs.3.0 lakhs in India. A freelance writer can earn as much as Rs.14,00,00 per year and a senior content writer can earn an amount of Rs.21 lakhs per year. There is so much scope in Content Writing as this is a booming business and content is required by every single business with no exceptions. One can expect to earn more rupees than the average salary.   


Here Is the List of the Top Six Content Writing  Courses in Kochi — 




The institute is led by industry experts with more than 12 years of experience. In five years, they have trained more than 15,000 students in over 35 countries. IIM SKILLS was founded by Vaibhav Kakkar with a single mission to provide world-class education to pupils who want to learn at an affordable price.


The Modules Covered in the Content Writing Courses in Kochi– 

  • Module 1 includes an introduction to Content Writing.
  • Module 2 includes WordPress web development.
  • Module 3 includes digital content like articles, blogging, and web pages.
  • Module 4 includes copywriting
  • Module 5 includes marketing collaterals.
  • Module 6 includes email writing.
  • Module 7 includes social media writing and video scripts.
  • Module 8 includes Creative Writing.         
  • Module 9 includes SOP and business listing.
  • Module 10 includes legal writing.
  • Module 11 includes technical writing 101.
  • Module 12 includes search engine optimization.
  • Module 13 includes content marketing.
  • Module 14 includes affiliate marketing and AdSense.
  • Module 15 includes freelance Content Writing.
  • Module 16 includes resume writing.


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Key Takeaway From the Course — 

  • A habit of daily writing.
  • The course focuses on different types of writing which will challenge your writing skills. Hence, it will help you to feel confident.
  • Students will learn the difference between web writing and traditional writing.
  • In this digital world, keywords play a very important role and the course will teach you how to find the perfect keyword for your article and also where to find them.
  • The course will help you recognize the significance of research and how to research any topic in any niche.
  • The institute will help students to publish their very first e-book.         
  • It also includes a three-month internship and many more.


Here is the most genuine guide to – Is IIM SKILLS Fake?


Fees — ₹14,900 (+18%GST) 

Duration — 1 month of live learning and 3 months of internship (optional) 

Mode — Online 


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More Courses by IIM SKILLS 

Technical Writing Course

Digital Marketing Course

SEO Course


2. Skills Upgrader


Dedicated to personal and career development, skills upgrader is the research and career advisory organization. Whether you are an individual, a corporate client, or a professional, you will get a variety of professional courses to choose from. With a vision to provide and encourage career development, its mission is to help students and professionals to build strong careers.


Modules Covered in the Content Writing Courses in Kochi— 

  • Module 1 includes an introduction to Content Writing.
  • Module 2 includes web hosting.
  • Module 3 includes the connection between Content Writing and UI/UX.
  • Module 4 includes website creation.
  • Module 5 includes understanding the writing process.
  • Module 6 includes search engine optimization.
  • Module 7 includes keyword research.
  • Module 8 includes writing SEO-optimized content.
  • Module 9 includes content creation.
  • Module 10 includes content marketing using social media.
  • Module 11 includes a call to action.
  • Module 12 includes content marketing strategy.
  • Module 13 includes lead generation using content marketing.
  • Module 14 includes content marketing using email marketing.
  • Module 15 includes freelance content marketing.  

IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite

The Key Takeaway from the Course —

  • A Content Writing internship will be provided.
  • Students will get the freelance opportunity.
  • Students will have placement support.
  • Certification of Content Writing would be given instantly.
  • International certificates like HubSpot will also be given.


Fees — 2,999 +18% GST (use code newyear2022)

Duration — 4 weeks 

Mode — Online 


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3. Nestsoft 


Established in 1997, Nestsoft now not only provides innovative IT solutions but also provides training courses. Understanding the shift to the digital world, nest soft keeps itself updated. It could be said that nest soft offers one of the best Content Writing  Courses in Kochi. Needless to be said that Nestsoft will provide Content Writing jobs in Kochi.


Modules Covered in the Content Writing Courses in Kochi—


Module one includes the essentials of writing.

  • Why not become a writer.
  • Do I have writing talent? This is a false question.
  • Different means  to get inspired to create content-go through the block


Module two includes before you write.

  • Introduction to writing-different types of information.
  • Planning your writing.
  • Guidelines for writing.
  • What is the reader-centered document?
  • Reading to write.
  • Referencing and plagiarism.


Module three includes writing right.

  • Reading to write.
  • Writing effective paragraphs.
  • Pre-writing.
  • Effective writing.
  • Communication with subject matters expert.
  • Grammar for writers.
  • Common grammatical errors.


Module four includes after you write.

  • Proofreading.
  • Editing.
  • Communication with a graphic artist.
  • Rewriting


Module five includes publication- project work.

  • Writing for the web.
  • Publication- project work
  • Module six includes career development for writers.
  • Professional development skills


Key Takeaway from the Course — 

  • Improved writing.
  • Having strong research skills.
  • Being punctual.
  • In a position to follow directions.
  • A good grip on search engine optimization and SEO marketing.
  • Problem-solving attitude and independence.


Fees — 2,500/- onwards 

Duration — 1 week –  6 months 

Mode — Online 


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4. Education and Career Times (ECT) 


Education and career Times was started as a career blog in the year 2010 to help and guide students to choose the right career path. Over time, ECT became the first ever training institute that is recognized by the government of India. In the last 10 years, they have conducted 55 batches in the field of Content Writing with 35,000 community members.


The Module Covered in the Content Writing Courses in Kochi— 

  • Module 1 includes an introduction to Content Writing.
  • Module 2 includes boosting your vocabulary.
  • Module 3 includes avoiding common grammar errors in your writing.
  • Module 4 includes learning writing tools, tips, and techniques.
  • Module 5 includes honing your creative non-fiction writing skills.
  • Module 6 includes learning fiction writing: master the art of storytelling.
  • Module 7 includes mastering business writing skills.
  • Module 8 includes learning technical writing.  
  • Module 9 includes honing your academic writing skills.
  • Module 10 includes learning to write a specific piece of content.
  • Module 11 includes master content marketing.
  • Module 12 includes Monetising your writing skills.
  • Module 13 includes publishing a book.


Key Takeaway from the Course — 

  • Students will write 8 assignments that will be thought-provoking.
  • There will be live projects from 4 real clients.
  • Students will get an opportunity to get clients from countries like the US, UK, Australia, and other countries.
  • Website or blog developing.
  • A professional Content marketer.
  • Acquire the ability to write on a complex topic.
  • Video editing and graph designing skills.
  • One-to-one guidance by the ghostwriters of India


Fees — ₹15000

Duration — 3 months 

Mode — Online 


5. Udemy 


Udemy is an online platform or more like a great opportunity for learners and teachers. Students can choose courses according to their preferences from so many options. Universities from all over the world provide courses on Udemy. There are thousands of courses available.


Students can develop a skill from a reputed university anywhere in the world in the comfort of their home. When it comes to writing, there are numerous types of writing courses to choose from. Although, content marketing masterclass: creating content that sells is good by far.


The Module is Covered in the Content Writing Courses in Kochi — 

  • Module 1 includes an introduction.
  • Module 2 includes classic marketing fundamentals.
  • Module 3 includes content marketing essentials.
  • Model 4 includes web design.
  • Module 5 includes generating content ideas.
  • Module 6 includes copywriting.
  • Module 7 includes types of content.
  • Module 8 includes content formats and repurposing.
  • Module 9 includes search engine optimization.
  • Module 10 includes content promotion.
  • Module 11 includes email marketing.
  • Module 12 includes external marketing channels.
  • Module 13 includes measuring your results.
  • Module 14 includes wrapping up


Key Takeaway from the Course — 

  • Digital content holds a huge power, the course will help in increasing sales, traffic, and brand recognition.
  • Growing businesses through existing strategy from scratch.
  • Understanding the concept of how content can make people take action.
  • Generate new ideas by developing a system.
  • How to improve writing skills and the importance of writing.


Fees — ₹3,499 (currently the course has 87% off so the course will cost only ₹455) 

Duration — 3.5 hours 

Mode — Online 

IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite

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6. Henry Harvin


Based out of US and India, Henry Harvin is a global ad tech company with a customer base in more than 97+ countries. They offer multiple programs around the top 500 companies globally. Their vision is simple and straightforward, to reshape growth by delivering top-notch training and services to individuals and organizations.


The Module is Covered in the Content Writing Courses in Kochi— 

  • Module 1  includes language skills.
  • Module 2  includes internet skills.
  • Module 3  includes blogs, business, and marketing writing.
  • Model 4 includes content strategy.
  • Module 5  includes technical and research writing.
  • Module 6  includes academic writing.
  • Module 7 includes creative writing.
  • Module 8 includes copywriting.
  • Module 9  includes email writing.
  • Module 10 includes legal writing.
  • Module 11 includes online and get international projects.
  • Module 12 includes simulated Content Writing projects.


There will be 2 complimentary modules as well.

  • Soft skills development
  • Resume writing


Key Takeaway from the course — 

  • Get to learn more than 30 types of Content Writing.
  • Guaranteed internship after the course.
  • Job support for the students.
  • This is a nine-in-one program.
  • The curriculum has 10 modules with projects.
  • They will help students to publish their first e-book, press release, and blog.
  • At zero extra cost student gets access to unlimited life batches. 


Fees — 15,000 

Duration — 40 hours 

Mode — Online 




Q1. Is Content Writing a good career in India?

Ans. Content Writing s a highly demanded, dignified, and well-paying job in India. Nowadays, businesses are shifting their focus on their digital presence and content is high in demand. Moreover, a career in Content Writing gives many opportunities to want to grow and thrive. Content writers are in high demand in the market making it a woman’s business. So, yes content writer is a good career not only in India but all over the world.


Q2. Is doing Content Writing Courses in Kochi mandatory to become a content writer?

Ans. Some students hold degrees in writing and journalism however there are no qualifications needed to become a content writer. Content Writing is both arts and science. Well, there are new qualifications required to understand the concepts of content and the tools and search engine optimization is important. It is completely possible to learn all of it by oneself but it can be overwhelming and exhausting. That’s why doing a course is helpful as you will learn every concept one by one which makes this process easy and convenient.


Q3. Is SEO important for Content Writing?

Ans. The primary reason for overwriting content is the digital presence of a business, and brand awareness. To promote the business in a way that will influence people to become customers and for doing that it is important to have a higher rank on search engines. Writing high-quality, Original and SEO-optimised content will only help you to rank. So, yeah SEO is important for Content Writing to increase the visibility of business to attract leads.


Q4. Which are the best Content Writing  Courses in Kochi?

Ans. There are many great courses in Kochi, six of them we have discussed in the article. In my opinion, IIM SKILLS is the best one, the course offered by them has a lot to give and the best part is it is online, which saves money and time wasted on transportation. They give lifetime access to its resources and material.




To summarise, Content Writing is like an umbrella that has so many options underneath it. The field now more than ever is demanded on a high scale in the market. It has a lot of scope for expansion and to grow not only professionally but personally as well. In the article we have talked about the skills the field requires, the career option it offers, the salary one can expect, and the best content writing courses in Kochi. If you have any doubt relating to Content Writing or your future in the said field then drop your query and worry in the comment section below and it will be a pleasure to be any help to you.          

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  1. I am Ruchi, I am a college student pursuing a regular post-graduate degree course in library science. I want to take up this course to make my resume strong. Do live online classes interactive in nature, and does it provide practical-based knowledge to enhance skills?

  2. Hello, I am a Content Editor in a book publishing agency. I want to take up this course to refresh my content writing and editing skills on digital platmorms. Can I have a batch flexibility?

  3. Hello, this is Anant. I am a Retired Engineer. I was approached by a technical firm for a Technical Writing job. The job offered is part-time and remote work. I am very much interested to take up this job. With technical background it is not difficult for me to understand the technicalities. What seems difficult is explaining them in a simple language for the general people to understand. I have been asked to join any crash course if I need any help in he writing aspect. Your article helped me solve my problem, but have a question. Does participating in the course at IIM skills requires any pre-requisites?

  4. This blog is really wonderful and useful.
    very well explained. I would like to thank you for the efforts you had made for writing this awesome article. This article inspired me to read more. keep it up.

    If anyone wants to learn Digital Marketing in Cochin.

    Digital marketing courses in Cochi
    I am enrolled for the Digital Marketing Master Course provided by IIM SKILLS in the month of june 2022 .
    No prior technical skills or knowledge are required to apply. Students should be comfortable with learning in English
    The course and my faculty were supportive, weekly assessments were on time and feedbacks helped a lot to gain industry real time experiences. The classes are flexible and recordings were immediately available (if you miss the lecture).
    Students will learn web development, social media marketing, micro video marketing, affiliate marketing, Google AdWords, email marketing, SEO, and content writing.
    • You will learn about
    o SEO and how to write SEO-friendly content
    o Google ads and how to use Keyword planner
    o Short tail keywords and long-tail keywords
    o Competitive keywords
    o How to create headlines
    o How your content can get a good ranking on the web
    o Tools to track the performance of your website
    Special thanks to my mentor Vaibhav Kakkar & Roma Malhotra for their great coaching.


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