Best 5 Technical Writing Courses in Surat

We all know Surat is famous for producing textiles including Silk Zari craft. Surat is referred to as the textile hub of the nation. But along with this, the technical writing profession is also growing at a good pace in Surat. By and large, the article focuses on the Best 5 technical writing courses in Surat.


List of best technical writing courses in Surat


What is Technical Writing?


Technical Writing is creating a technical document with a unique format and graphics used specifically to meet the user’s need which is created with proper planning for the user to get a better understanding. These Technical Writing Courses in Surat will teach you how to simplify complex information on a technical topic and effectively evaluate your target audience and design documents as delivering complex content.


Some Technical Documents are:

  • User manuals for software and hardware
  • Repair manuals
  • Product manuals
  • Social networking sites
  • Medical procedures in educational documents
  • Articles and promotional materials.


Features Of Technical Writing Courses in Surat


Technical writing courses in Surat involve writing about various topics which are related to scientific & technological background. It mainly involves presenting technical information to readers in a simple way. These courses can be pursued by anyone who has technical knowledge in that field of interest in which one wants to start his technical writing journey.


Various Technical writing courses in Surat are mentioned here. Certificate programs in technical writing can last as little as a few hours to as long as a year. Nowadays you can find many online learning platforms which offer free courses on technical writing. Their programs are completely free and in some cases, you can access them indefinitely.


Those who complete technical writing courses in Surat can find jobs in a variety of industries, from both the science and tech field. Their work roles can be freelance technical writers, company technical writers, document experts, technical editors, information developers, and more. Here you can see detailed information about the course, in general, to get an overview of the course and choose the best course suitable for you.


Who Should Opt For Technical Writing Courses in Surat


Technical Writing Certificate courses are suitable for students who wish to start working and start earning before completing their studies and for employees who want to shift from their regular jobs to full-time freelancers through their technical knowledge. Technical Writing courses are designed to permit learning at the student’s own pace and can be pursued at any time.


Most medical, engineering students pursue this course. These Technical writing certificate courses in Surat help students to get into the job without any fuss. The starting salary package for an individual after obtaining a certificate in a technical writing course is 2 to 5 LPA. Salary can get hiked as the person gains more knowledge and experience in the technical field. Here are some of the most opted Online Technical Writing Courses in Surat.


Admission Process in Technical Writing Courses in Surat


The application process for the certificate course is very simple. Most institutions do not require entrance exams or grades. Enrollment in an online certification program is just a matter of registering for a course on their website and paying a fee, if applicable. For offline accreditation.


programs, institutions may accept grade-based admissions. This will only happen if the number of candidates exceeds the number of seats available. The minimum and only eligibility criteria are a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited university. Some private institutions only hire people with a scientific background. Many of them are private, so the process varies from institution to institution.


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Career Options After Technical Writing Courses


After completing one of the Technical writing courses mentioned above, Students can look for jobs or start freelancing on their own. Here are some of the job profiles to opt for after the completion of the course is mentioned below :


1. Content Editor For Technical Documents


Job specification: The job of a Technical editor is to proofread, rewrite, revise and edit technical content. Which can be reports either clinical or research-related, technological or scientific publications, Technical user manuals, Technical learning tutorial material, and any Technical content related to it.


Skills Needed: Writing Capability, Language Skills, Teaching Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Taking

Criticism Lightly, Professionalism.


Salary Package INR 5 to 8 LPA


2. Freelancer or Blogger


Job specification: The proper way to become a Freelance Technical Content writer is by earning a bachelor’s degree. Pursuing a technical writer certification. Creating one’s portfolio of samples of work and building one’s professional network most importantly developing one’s industry knowledge.


Being proactive and developing skills. Be confident and updated in your niche. A freelance writer or blogger has a great future as they have greater opportunities paved on their journey as they are not dependent on any other person or institution for income, they can create a different source of income from their Freelance work.


A freelance technical writer writes for multiple clients at once and isn’t limited to one company. A blogger also works as a freelancer and writes their blog on any website or creates content and uploads on social platforms. Affiliate marketing helps these Freelancers to make handsome money become more famous and get more followers in the social world.


Skills Needed: Research Skills, Technical Knowledge, Command over language, Authenticity, Versatility.


Salary Package INR.2 to 6 LPA


3. Training Teacher For Technical Knowledge


Job specification: Individuals can also choose to become training staff in educational institutions. They can pass on their learned skills and knowledge to others and can even publish their blog and courses. Individuals can also work as a Training teacher in the institute and start their freelance work while teaching students at the same time. Many of the training teachers have also become freelance technical writers with their regular jobs while being in an institute.


Skills Needed: Language Skills, Teaching Skills, Presentation skills, Writing skills, Teaching skills, Communication skills.


Salary Package INR.4 to 5 LPA


4. Technical Content Writer


Job specification: A Technical Content writer works as a bridge between people of one technology or niche, where your task is to transfer complex information between two or more parties, through any medium that helps to transfer and make ease in the understanding of the complex information to all.


He should have industry knowledge. A Technical Content writer is someone who communicates complex information in his writing. Some of the technical documents are Device user manuals, blog articles, Device instruction manuals, and reference guides for equipment handling.


Skills Needed: Technical Knowledge, Communication Skills, Ability to visualize, Ability to write clearly, Showing ideas graphically.


Salary Package Rs.5 to 6 LPA


Best 5 Technical Writing Courses in Surat


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is one of the predominant and acclaimed ed-tech institutes in India for a variety of skill development and professional courses for students as well as entrepreneurs. Institute’s vision was to become the bridge between the students and their dream careers with the help of in-depth knowledge and skill development with practical and experiential training.


Even if you are a beginner or a professional technical expert who wants to polish your skills, the Technical Writing Master Course at IIM Skills provides great knowledge that makes a candidate market-ready. This Delhi-based institution offers one of the best technical writing courses in Surat.


All the courses provided by the institute are online, one can learn from the comfort of their home. As its online course, it becomes even more accessible for everyone with the help of the internet.


 Course NameTechnical Writing Course


Curriculum Of the Course-

  • Introduction
  • Different Styles of Technical Report writing
  • Creating your content
  • Technical reports
  • White papers/ Journals
  • DDLC/ Versioning
  • Conversational writing
  • Reviewing publishing
  • API Documentation using XML
  • Datasheets, User Manuals, and Application notes
  • Effective writing
  • Medical writing
  • Case study


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Duration– 5 Weeks


Key features of the Course:

  • One-month internship
  • Assured Placements for Everyone who puts his best
  • After course lifelong support
  • Portfolio development for job or freelance.
  • Learn From Best Mentors in India


Certification:  International level Certificate provided

 Fees- 14900+18Gst


Other Courses

IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite

2. Class Central


Class Central is a search engine and a hub for online courses. Their goal is to make online education accessible for everyone. They have courses from many providers which make it easy for candidates to find the best courses on almost any skill or subject, which they want to learn.


They mainly focus on free courses from universities and institutes, offered through massive open online course platforms. If you are interested in learning anything, then they have everything which you need. Class Central helps you to find courses; review courses you’ve taken and follow universities and subjects.


Course Name– Six Sigma: Define and Measure

The Technical University of Munich by edX


The curriculum of the Course-

  • Six Sigma Introduction
  • Defining the Problem
  • Statistics Review
  • Normal Distribution
  • Process Mapping
  • Measurement System Analysis
  • Process Capability
  • Quality Topics and Course Summary


Duration-8 weeks


Key features of the Course:

  • Knowing the Six Sigma Program
  • Understanding the background and meaning of Six Sigma
  • Five steps of the DMAIC process improvement flow
  • Knowing the Definition, Measurement, Analysis, and Improvement needed for the work.


Certification: Provided once after the course completion

 Fees-Free (with exam)


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3. Alison


Alison is one of the largest free online learning platforms for educating and skills training for students around the globe. This platform provides free education and believes it has the power to break through boundaries and transform lives. This online platform helps a person to learn anything about a subject matter from anywhere in this world at any time that too for free. They aim to become an impetus for positive social change and create opportunities, prosperity, and equality for fellow beings.


Course Name-Technical Writing Essentials


 The Curriculum of the Course

  • Basics Of Technical Communication:
    • Basics of Technical writing and communication
  • Profession Style:
    • Reader-centered writing
    • Communicating With Precision
    • Writing To Persuade
  • Document design
    • Document Designs
    • Headings
    • Lists
    • Figures And Tables
  • Style Tips:
    • Revising To Enhance Readability
    • Research Methods
    • Learning Outcomes
    • Research Terminology
    • Defining The Scope Of A Project
    • Presenting Research In A Lab Report
  • Common Document types 1 & 2
    • Correspondence: Text Messages, Emails, Memos, And Letters
    • Technical Descriptions And Definitions
    • Writing Instructions
    • Oral And Visual Presentations
    • Proposals
  • Progress Reports
    • Long Reports – Reports And their Studies
  • Course Assessment




Key features of the Course:

  • Learn the basics of technical writing and communication.
  • Main conventions and characteristics of technical writing
  • Understanding the complexity and iterative nature of a writing process
  • Audience specific writing specifically to meet their needs.
  • Learning to apply strategies to enhance the clarity and readability of the document.


Certification- Certificate provided after the course



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4. Udemy


Udemy is one of the largest online ed-tech learning and teaching platforms having over 185,000 courses. Teaching from programming to marketing and data science and more. Udemy is a professional and students centered for-profit massive open online course provider.


Course Name– Business & Technical Writing Immersion


 The Curriculum of the Course

  • Introduction & Overview
  • Analyze Purpose
  • Analyze Audience
  • Writing the Purpose Statement
  • Gathering information
  • Writing the sentence outline
  • Writing the draft
  • Revising content and organization
  • Editing for coherence
  • Editing for clarity
  • Editing for economy
  • Editing for readability
  • Conclusion and final thoughts
  • Tips for writing emails
  • ESL Articles, Attitude and Approach, and Tenses


Duration– 4.5 hours


Key Features of Course-

  • One can compose clear, concise communications.
  • Improve the readability of your documents.
  • One can organize their ideas and thoughts better.
  • One can create more effective emails.
  • One can increase the speed and productivity of digital, written, and oral communication.


Certification– Provided once the course gets over

Fees-INR 3,200

IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite

5. Henry Harvin


One of the leading institutes to provide a variety of courses to the students who want to learn online. It’s an ed-tech institute helping students to get training as well as knowledge about different types of writing in the market and courses regarding taxations. It is helpful for both amateur students and intermediate adults in the job in their respective fields to develop the essential skills.


Course Name– Technical Writing Course


The Curriculum of the Course-

  • Introduction to Technical Writing
  • Documentation Process
  • Technical Writing Process
  • Grammar and Editing
  • Technical Writing Software Tools
  • Components of a Technical Document
  • Technical Writing Techniques
  • Template Creation for Technical Document
  • Overview of formats of Technical Document
  • Advanced Technical Writing tools
  • Soft Skills Development
  • Resume Writing


Key features of the course

  • Online interactive training from educators for 36 Hours.
  • Handling projects and doing Documentation using Technical Writing Software Tools.
  • Gaining practical. experience through Internship
  • A certification is given by the institute which is Govt of India recognized.
  • Placement is guaranteed for all hardworking and dedicated students.


Certification-Provided after the Course Completion

 Fees: Rs.15000




Q1. Are there any free online certificate courses for technical writing?

Ans. Yes, there are so many certificate courses available online and they can fetch you a job too.


Q2. How can I become a freelance technical writer?

Ans. By opting for a technical writing course and working hard with dedication.


Q3. Is a degree compulsory to become a technical writer?

Ans. No, if you have enough technical knowledge, you can become a technical writer but you need to develop interpersonal skills, language skills, and presentation skills.


Q4. What is the future of technical writers in India?

Ans. The future is for technical writers only. In this modern world, they are going to be the successors.


Q5. Can only B.E. or M.B.B.S Graduated students become technical writers?

Ans. Absolutely no, if a person has a sound knowledge about technology and the technical world, they can easily learn about technical writing and become a technical writer but whereas B.E. and M.B.B.S graduates have an upper hand in technical writing as they are more familiar with the technical and clinical world. So it’s easy for them to acquire the skills of a technical writer.




Taking a Technical writing course alone will not help you in becoming a Technical writer. In the long run, you have to know and check for the spark inside you, whether it’s something which makes you feel good and happy, you have to remember one thing this work needs someone to work with love, not with compulsion or with disinterest. Technical writing or any content writing will need a consistent effort to write, read and learn which will be a never-ending process in your Technical writing journey.


So keep that in mind and start your beautiful journey to become a Technical writer and educate and entertain others with knowledge and skills. Gaining additional skills with technical writing courses in Surat increases the job profile of an individual whichever field they may be in and it helps them to earn a salary increase. Some other jobs which can also be opted after completing a technical writing course are Technical writing within the medical and science field like writing User Manuals or Technical Books and Guides and Assembly Manual For Gadgets and Technical Reviews and Reports.


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