Top 10 GST Courses in Surat With Placements

Surat offers a wide range of career-oriented courses, and if you’re looking for a good certified GST course, you’ve come to the right place. The top 10 GST Courses in Surat are listed below.


Top 10 GST Courses in Surat


Surat is one of the most prosperous cities in Gujarat, India. They are experts in textile marketing and are well-known for their silk weaving. As one of the most rapidly developing cities, it is critical to stay current and knowledgeable in fields such as Good and Services Tax.


Benefits of Taking Up GST Certified Course


Job Opportunities


Every year, the advancement of industry and business fields increases dramatically, according to our estimates. As a result, demand for GST-certified practitioners is steadily rising. They are looking for skilled practitioners in their respective fields. Certified GST practitioners can choose from a variety of job opportunities.


Hike in Salary


There is an increase in salary by 15% to 20 % to a certified GST individual which is another key benefit of learning a GST certified course. A hike in salary will make you have a stable financial capacity.


Sharpen Your Skills


You will gain sufficient financial and accounting knowledge. Enriching in those fields will help you to get more credibility in the corporate world. In today’s scenario, all matters are skills, you can sharpen your abilities by taking GST courses in Surat and from other states.


Begin Your Consultancy


A certified GST practitioner can begin his consultancy thereby you can guide and support the taxpayers who are seeking help. People who are troubled by doubts frequently require the assistance of tax consultancies. If you can meet their requirements, you can work for one of the top tax consulting firms, among others.


Career Opportunities After Certified GST Course


As previously stated, the demand for GST professionals is high in the current market. The following are the various jobs available for GST professionals.


  • Taxation Research Analyst
  • Reconciler
  • GST Trainer
  • GST Legal Practitioner
  • GST Department Trainer
  • Taxation Manager
  • GST Consultancy Practitioner
  • GST Compliance Practitioner


Qualities Required for A Successful GST Professional


All in-depth Knowledge on GST


You should be completely familiar with our country’s GST practices. Study all the rules and regulations of GST. This can be fulfilled by enrolling in a  GST course from a reputed institute.


Communication Skills


A GST professional should work on improving their communication skills to raise their job standards. Effective communication will assist you in dealing with a variety of challenging situations at work.


Management of Time


For everyone, time is a critical factor. To be successful, a GST professional must be dedicated and disciplined in his work. He should be able to complete his work ahead of schedule.


Organizational Skills


GST practitioners are required to complete a variety of tasks. He must be organized and plan his work schedule in order to avoid numerous obstacles during his work.




As we all know, the key to any work’s success is honesty. GST professionals should also become honest with their clients, as this will enable them to form a strong bond of trust, resulting in increased customer satisfaction.


Skill in Numeracy


Goods Services and Tax is a field that deals with numbers. A GST professional should not be necessary to become a mathematician, but he should be able to work with numbers; otherwise, his career will be severely hampered.


Ability to Solve Problems


GST experts can also run a consulting firm to help clients with their issues. To fulfill the clients, he is expected to have problem-solving abilities.



Now let’s give an eye to the top 10 GST courses in Surat, read carefully and sort out the reputed institute that satisfies your needs.


#Rank 1: IIM Skills


IIM Skills is the top institute that offers the best and most effective online GST courses in Surat. They prepare the aspirants eligible for a career as a GST professional by providing active and engaging classes.


They promise 16 hours of online lecture along with practical assessment which mold you as a  skilled GST practitioner. They also have freelance opportunities and dedicated placement cells. You will also get lifetime assistance. You will receive a master GST Course from IIM Skills which is recognized by the Government of India, at the end of the course. With all of that, it shines among the top online GST Courses in India.


They grant lifetime access to the course which is highly beneficial for the future references for the students and 24/7 online support from a dedicated GST practitioner community with 2000+ professionals.  They are also renowned for their online content writing course, digital marketing course, and online CAT coaching preparation.


Course Name – Online GST Course 


Course Curriculum

  • Invoicing Tools and Softwares
  • Free EBooks
  • Framework and Structure of GST
  • Understanding of Genesis and Concept of GST
  • Knowing Registration Under GST
  • Invoicing in GST
  • About GST Returns Filing
  • Composition Scheme Under GST
  • Reverse Charging Mechanism
  • E-Way Bill Under the GST
  • Input Tax Credit and Payment in GST


Silent Features

  • Pre-recorded online sessions
  • Practical Sessions
  • On the Spot Doubt Resolution
  • Training Delivered by Industry Experts
  • Conceptual Clarity on Theoretical and Practical application of GST
  • Overall understanding of Inception, Compilation, and Enforcement of GST


Features with the Master Certification

The online GST course at IIM skills offers you 16 hours of self-study lectures. Along with it, you get access to a lot of free resources like eBooks, invoicing tools, and software. It should be noted that the GST course at IIM SKILLS is recognized by the government of India MSME.
The curriculum encompasses the basics and advanced concepts of GST and helps you to practically implement them in practical assignments to get a clear idea of how to proceed with applying GST for your clients. The course is ideal for finance professionals, tax consultants, lawyers, and people from a commerce background who want to start a thriving career by becoming a GST practitioner.
The weekly assignments on GST and its implementation help to assess your strengths and help to work on the areas which need more polishing. A world of opportunities in the taxation sector awaits you. You can take up the position of a tax consultant, tax manager, and financial analyst.
Some of the best features offered by the institute are the following: 
You have access to all case studies, notes, and study materials in the learning management e-portal. You also get all the updated information in-depth in the learning management system as and when these changes are implemented in  GST.
The teaching pedagogy comprises online sessions that are pre-recorded and provide you with all the latest information on the GST domain. You have prompt doubt resolution and the support desk is available to you for any query that you might have.
Whether you are a start-up owner, a student or fresher knowledge of the implementation of GST will help you immensely in your career.


Course Fee – INR 9900 + GST


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#Rank 2: Tax4wealth


Tax4wealth is another well-known institute providing GST courses in Surat. They come with a 26 days course of 2 hours per session including online videos, case studies, webinars, and exciting quizzes which help to inculcate more knowledge about GST. The mentors are helpful and assist you in understanding the nitty-gritty of GST fully. 


The classes were conducted by GST Experts. Students have access to both recorded and live classes, as well as a 100-page GST e-book and a 225-page PowerPoint presentation with all the details. Other than the GST course, they also provide an Excel certification course, technical analysis of the stock market, and company law.


Course Name – Mega GST Course


Course Curriculum

  • Administration
  • Composition Scheme
  • Levy and Collection of Tax
  • Time of Supply
  • Input Tax Credit
  • Accounts & Records
  • Audit
  • E Way Bill
  • Tools Under GST
  • Offenses and Penalties
  • Demand and Recovery
  • Refund
  • Returns
  • Exemptions
  • Major Case Laws Under GST
  • IGST Act
  • Registration
  • Assessment


Contact Details:


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#Rank 3: ICAI


An Act of Parliament had established the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). They provide online GST courses in Surat that were organized by the GST and Indirect Taxes Committee to keep aspirants informed and qualified to work as GST professionals. It is a 10-day course with five assessment tests at the end, and it is very useful for self-evaluation of your knowledge.


Course Name-  Certificate Course on GST


Course Curriculum

  • Definition and Concept Under GST
  • Time of Supply
  • Place of Supply
  • Input Tax Credit
  • Transitional Issues
  • Values
  • Registrations
  • FTP
  • Overview of GST
  • Assessment
  • Customs Duty
  • Ethical Practice
  • Offenses & Penalties
  • Exemption List of Goods and Services
  • Miscellaneous Provision


Contact Details:


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#Rank 4: AJNIFM


They came up with various certificate courses for the learners. Their vision is to provide space and environment for learning, teaching, and research thereby becoming an outstanding institute in the field of financial management for good governance.


They provide GST courses in Surat. The course grants place for practical assessment and self-learning to the students through 25 hours of training.


After the completion of the course, you will be given an online examination to test your knowledge. The candidates who completed the course and examination will be awarded a certificate by ICSI and NIFM. Once you are certified, you can start looking for a job in the finance sector.


Course Name –  Certificate Course in Goods & Service Tax


Course Curriculum

  • GST Act
  • Scope of Supply of Goods and Services
  • Registration
  • Role of GSTN
  • Filing of Returns
  • Types of Returns
  • Input Tax Credit
  • Tax Invoice
  • Payments
  • TDS /TCS
  • Assessment and Audit
  • Appeals and Revision
  • Advance Ruling
  • Prosecution, Offences, and Penalties


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#Rank 5: Vskills


Vskills is one of the well-known certification bodies. They offer online GST courses in Surat. They conduct skill testing for the learners which helps to increase their employability.


The key highlights of the course include 28 hours of training, lifetime e-learning access through LMS, availability of study materials, online examination to test the knowledge of the candidates and to check whether they are eligible to become GST professionals. After clearing the examination, the students will receive the certification from Vskills.


Course Name – Certified GST Professional


Course Curriculum

  • Taxation
  • GST Basics
  • GST Administration
  • GST Payment
  • GST Registration
  • GST and Law
  • GST Accounting or Record Keeping
  • IGST
  • GST in Other Countries


Contact Details:



#Rank 6: IISDT


Indian Institute of Skill Development Training ( IISD ) is an ISO certified government registered organization. This institute is set by the main objective to enhance the skills and knowledge of the young aspirants through providing high-quality training at a low cost.


They also offer GST courses in Surat for students who want to expand their horizons. This course’s eligibility requirements are a 12th-grade pass. At the end of the course, you need to clear an examination to receive the diploma certificate from IISDT.


The institute offers three GST courses
  • Diploma in Tally ERP 9 with GST
  • Diploma in Tally ERP 9 Online Course and
  • Goods and Services Tax Course
The courses all come with certifications that are valid for a lifetime. You also get job assistance and soft skills training as per your area of interest.
The mentors are highly qualified with in-depth knowledge of finance and taxation. They help you better understand all the aspects of GST with full clarity and provide you with job-oriented tips and strategies that could help you land the desired job in the finance sector as a GST practitioner.
Let’s look at their GST Course in detail


Course Name – Certificate Courses in Goods and Services


Silent Features

  • Government Authorized Assessment Agency Certification
  • Certificate Validation for lifetime
  • Free Job Assistance
  • Study Materials


Contact Details:



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#Rank 7: Cleartax


Cleartax is one of the best institutions that ensure professional online GST courses in Surat. They satisfy their clients by resolving their doubts and providing high-quality training on Goods and Services Tax.  Their primary objective is to simplify finance, save money and time for millions of people and business industries.


The course offers 8+hours of in-depth training on GST. The lectures were delivered by industry experts. An assessment is conducted to determine the impact of the course in increasing the knowledge on GST in the learners. They also provide a certification from Cleartax.


Course Name- Comprehensive E-Learning Certification on New GST Returns


Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to New GST Returns
  • In-depth Analysis of ANX
  • Transition Plan from Current to New Returns
  • Transition Plan Proposed by Government
  • Live Case Study on New GST Returns
  • Complete Filing Process for RET
  • ITC
  • Reverse Charge Mechanism
  • Impact of GST Returns on the Industry
  • Potential Changes in ERP
  • Key take-aways for CFOs
  • Invoice management


Contact Details:


#Rank 8: CAclubindia


CAclubindia is another institute that offers a variety of training programs on GST. They also conduct GST courses in Surat. They promise 58 hours of class lectures along with an e-book of 365 pages. After the completion of the course, they will provide a CAclubindia certificate.


Course Name – Advance GST Course


Course Curriculum

  • Indirect Taxes
  • Levy and Collection of GST
  • Concept of Supply
  • Input Tax Credit
  • Registration
  • E Way Bill
  • Job Work
  • E-Commerce
  • Assessment and Audit
  • Demand and Recovery
  • GST Amendment
  • Advance Ruling
  • Appeals and Revision
  • Offenses and Penalties
  • Exemptions from GST
  • Tax Invoice, Credit, and Debit Notes
  • Computation of GST Liability
  • Liability to Pay in Certain Cases
  • Inspection, Search, Seizure, and Arrest


Contact Details: 01141170713


#Rank 9: Taxguru


Taxguru offers self-learning GST courses in Surat. They were instrumental in enhancing one’s desired skill and encouraging them to seek a better job. They assist students in developing their careers and encourage self-learning in students, allowing them to develop new ideas and contribute to a better world.


The course is taught by GST experts. Students will have access to a learning management system (LMS) as well as recordings of the sessions. After clearing the online examination in the LMS, the candidates will receive a certificate from Taxguru Edu. their remarkably well-structured curriculum and expert mentors make them one of the finest of the GST courses available in the country. 


Course Name – Self-Learning Course on GST


Course Curriculum

  • Constitutional Aspects
  • Taxes Subsumed in GST
  • GST Illustrations
  • Concept of Central Sales Tax
  • Valuation and Marginal Scheme
  • GST off Rule
  • GST Amendment Act
  • Registration, Aggregate Turnover
  • Conditions and Limitations of Input Tax Credit
  • Types of Invoices
  • Continuous Supply of Services
  • Zero Rated Supply
  • Refund of ITC
  • Inverted Duty Structure
  • Audit and Annual Return
  • Transitional Issues
  • ISD
  • Composite and Mixed Supply
  • Place of Supply


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#Rank 10: Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin is the trusted institute that has trained over 3000+ students and is well known for its GST courses in Surat. The students get access to the well-structured classes conducted by experts who taught on many notable platforms.


The key highlights of the course include a guaranteed internship with premium job support and the students can attend unlimited live classes without any extra cost. They also provide certification of Henry Harvin which is recognized by the Government of India and an award-winning institute to the students.


Course Name – GST Practitioner Course


Course Curriculum

  • Supply or Levy Place
  • E-Way Bills
  • Place of Supply
  • Value of Supply
  • Registrations
  • Transitional Provisions
  • Job Work
  • Account & Records
  • Invoice
  • Tax Payments
  • Returns
  • Soft Skill Development
  • Resume Writing
  • Litigation Management
  • Demand and Recovery
  • Audit and Assessments
  • Offenses and Penalties


Silent Features

  • Practical Classes
  • Recordings of Previous Sessions
  • Real-time Application
  • Critical Analysis of GST Law
  • Understanding of ITC
  • Computer-Based Practical Training on GST
  • Industry Organized Certification in GST


Contact Details: +919015266266


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the salary of a GST practitioner?


Ans. A professional GST practitioner can earn between INR 5 and 6.5 lakhs per year on average. Enrolling in a good institute that offers certified GST courses to students and enhancing your knowledge and skills on GST can assist you in becoming a GST professional.


2. GST in India is classified into how many types?


Ans. GST in India is classified into 4 types, they are:

  • Central Goods and Services Tax (CGST)
  • State Goods and Services Tax (SGST)
  • Integrated Goods and Services Tax (IGST)
  • Union Territory Goods and Services Tax (UGST)


3. Who can do a GST-certified course?


Ans. Individuals who have completed or are pursuing a degree, and chartered accountants are eligible for this course. Also, this course is appropriate for anyone who works in finance, business, industry, or taxation, as well as those who want to improve their skills and advance their careers.


4. Which institute is best for the GST Course?


Ans. IIM Skills is one of the best institutes for a certified GST course. They provide efficient classes on GST courses in surat and all-around India. They have created a fantastic and well-structured GST course curriculum that covers all of the features of GST. You will also receive a valid certificate from IIM Skills, which has been recognized by the Indian government.


5. What is the best GST Course today in India?

There are so many institutes that offer comprehensive and extensive GST training in India today. This has become a great career choice and has opened up many career avenues for people interested in working in the taxation domain. Based on your preference, you can choose an online or an offline course. Make sure you go through the details of the curriculum well. Also, check for practical assignments incorporated in the syllabus. That is ultimately going to help you become well-versed with GST topics.




GST, or Goods and Services Tax, is an indirect tax in India that applies to the supply of goods and services. It is imposed in every stage of the production of goods. The top 10 certified GST courses in Surat are listed in this article. These courses are conducted by top-notch faculty who help you become able, confident GST practitioners. After the completion of the courses, you can apply for different jobs, or start your own consultancy. 


Following the implementation of GST in our country, there was a significant increase in the demand for GST professionals. As a result, learning about GST and becoming an expert in this field is worthwhile.


GST professionals can choose from a variety of job opportunities. You can use this article to find the best course for you by looking over the curriculum and structure of the course.


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