Top 4 Institutes With The Tally Course Fees And Other Details

Tally is a software used for accounting for small, medium, or big businesses. For maintaining the proper account in a single place with all the major business account transactions, the tally is the best and easiest place to keep in mind. Untangling, blending, and rationalizing transactions is facile with Tally Software. In earlier times accounting records were kept with the pen paper methods which were not so accurate and time-consuming, they also had to be kept in safe places which took more storage space but now with the tally software, it can be easy to put all the barriers behind within a single shot. The Tally course fees are not that expensive, many of the institutes are doing it at a very minimal amount and can be completed in a very short period.


A guide to tally course fees


What is Tally?

The full form of Tally is Transactions Allowed in Linear Line Yard.

It is simply accounting software.

Maintaining the entries just like we do in the Manual book but with the help of computer software is what tally means.

Used to imbrute, merge, and combine all the business endeavors like buying, selling, financial affairs, cataloging, manufacturing, etc.

The latest released version of Tally is ERP 9 (release 6.6) and the upcoming version in the future is Tally Prime.

It is a plurilingual software, doing the whole work in one language and then getting g the report in a different language, whichever you want.

Data encryption can be the most important tool someone can use with the tally software, it’s like the cherry on the top of the cake. Doing the data entries which can be confidential or important and then getting the option of putting that data encrypted on the same platform.


Future With Tally

  1. Fulfilling the needs of business organizations in a single platform
  2. Tally software comes up with a new version every time and adds the most useful new and updated tool
  3. Just by adding the internet connection the performance of the tally can be enhanced on the cloud, the most upcoming future use of the Tally.
  4. Cost-effective and time-saving
  5. Tally customization available
  6. Invoicing with Tally.


1. Tally Course by IIM SKILLS

 IIM SKILLS is one of the top and most popular institutes that provide the best training and learning experience to students in many different career-oriented fields. Tally course by IIM SKILLS is an online and self-taught course with proper LMS (learning manual system) in which everything from the notes to the recording sessions is available once the candidate enrolls for the course and the candidate also gets lifetime access to the course.

The best part about this course is you can complete your course without disturbing your life or any of your scheduling as you have all your recording sessions with you all the time on your mobile, laptop, or any other device that supports the LMS

You can have this lifetime of online learning manual only at the cost of INR 2900 excluding GST.


Tally Course Curriculum-

  1. Introduction to the basic tally
  2. Accounting and entry methods
  3. Shortcut tools with detailing
  4. Important tools and their implementation
  5. Updating to the latest version of the tally
  6. The complete basic to advanced course.



  1. Tally Prime –
  • Mainly works in managing the inventories, banking, payroll, and other daily accounts stuff.
  1. Tally ERP 9 –
  • The latest, most trusted, and most popular version of tally.
  1. Microsoft Excel –
  • Important for tracking and maintaining the records of the data and the numbers.



  1. Candidates from any background who have passed a recognized high school study.
  2. Working professionals from any background can do the tally course.
  3. Undergraduates can also apply for the course.
  4. Those who have done the computer course can apply for the course, it will be of most useful tool to apply for them.
  5. CA/CS pursuers
  6. Tax experts
  7. GST practitioners
  8. Entrepreneurs
  9. Startup owners


What can you become after completing the Tally course from IIM SKILLS-

  1. Tally operator
  2. Tax accountant
  3. Data entry operator
  4. Finance Executive
  5. Junior Accountant
  6. Clerk
  7. Sales analyst
  8. Business analyst


Why choose IIM SKILLS for the tally course-

  1. Practical assignment
  2. Software Tools for Better Learning
  3. Internship Guarantee
  4. Placement Guarantee
  5. Recognized certificate
  6. Technology Driven Study


Tally course fees by IIM SKILLS- INR 2900 + GST


2. Apolo Tally and Computer Courses

Apolo Institute is the oldest institute for tally courses available online. They have been teaching and training in Tally since 2006 and also have a reputation in the IT industries for other computer courses.

They teach tally courses at a very minimal fee of INR 5000 for 3 months and if somebody wants to extend the course for 3 months then the fee for a total of 6 months course is INR 7000 only.

Apolo Institute works for 3 major companies in tally and programming languages out of which one is the International Company and two are the Domestic Companies, which gives placement benefits to the in-campus students first and then to the outsiders.

The course structure is divided into a few important topics covered in a theoretical and practical manner, followed by some live work assigned by the institute to the students which will be added to their resume and will help in gaining the best job after the course completion.



  1. Introduction to Tally from basic to advanced topics.
  2. Fundamentals of Tally and Accounting.
  3. Basics of banking and their working methods used in Tally.
  4. Records and maintenance of the accounts
  5. Accounts – payable and receivable.
  6. Taxes- goods and service tax and tax deduction.
  7. Introduction to TDS- basic to advanced.
  8. GST and doing a tally in GST.


Other courses at Apolo institute-

  1. Programming languages like Python, C++, Java, etc- 6-month course with fees of INR 10000.
  2. Web Designing- 6-month course with fees of INR 12000
  3. Artificial intelligence- 6-month course with fees of INR 15000
  4. Computer security course with fees of INR 12000
  5. Data science course with fees of INR 5000
  6. Animation-12-month course with fees of INR 25000
  7. Graphic designing-6-month course with fees of INR 12000
  8. Computing-6-month course with fees of INR 5000
  9. Analytics-6-month course with fees of INR 6000
  10. Basics of computers- 1-month course with fees of INR 2000


Recent Placements in-

  1. BIN Infotech Company PVT LTD, Bangalore India.
  2. Comfort- International Company, Canada, North America
  3. Carry and burnout associates, Chennai, India.
  4. Nerrari Motors, Mumbai, India
  5. Faluk PCs, Hyderabad, India.
  6. And many more domestic MNCs.

For more information regarding the tally course fees contact us on our website or you can mail us at


3. Biscon Fights for Tally Courses and Programming Languages

Biscon Fights is the leading company that runs both a learning institute for Tally and computer courses and a business firm for the IT sector. The Tally course by Biscon Fights is the oldest course and more than thousands of students have been in the big MNCs after completing the full course from the institute.

The Tally course is essential for beginners who want to start their career in accounting, Tally makes the work easier and faster for any individual once the course is learned in a very proper manner with best practice work in it. This institute has the best teachers and guidance and they provide lifetime access to the course once purchased.

The business firm run by the Biscon fights is handled by the chairman Mr. Rajpuran Mehta, the goal is to bring the youth into a business line in the IT sector even if they have minimal degrees but have a proper knowledge of the subject matter with good hands-on practice part and better handling of work.

The tally course fees of this institute are much less as compared to other institutes. They teach modern methods of doing a Tally over the given data with all the shortcut methods to make the filling fast.


The syllabus enlisted by the Biscon Fights for the course is as follows-




               Descriptive topics

Accounting Preliminaries and advanced methodologies.    
Charts Report


Information/data security

Statement Introduction




Decision prioritization Purchase


Reports Making


Tax Goods and service



Financial year Detailing



Company Formation and records
Banking Pacification

Statement maintaining

Stock Analysis and Transfer
GST Numbering and registration
TDS Statutory


TAN registration



Tally Course fees are as follows-

  1. For 2 month’s course – INR 1500
  2. For a 4-month course- INR 2500
  3. For a 6-month course- INRE 4000
  4. For yearly practice classes with course completion –
  5. 2-month-INR 3000
  6. 4-month-INR 40006-month-INR 5500

The course structure is different for all these different duration courses with different tally course fees.


The learning mode is offline and online. For offline learning the institute has 12 branches all over India and for online learning kindly contact us at


The eligibility criteria for the students to start the course

  1. 10+2 is mandatory in any background.
  2. Graduates or undergraduates can do the course.
  3. Working professionals.


Branches are–

  1. Delhi
  2. Sonipat-Haryana
  3. Jabalpur, Bhopal, Ujjain, Indore- Madhya Pradesh
  4. Pune, Navi Mumbai- Maharashtra
  5. Bengaluru-Karnataka
  6. Kochi, Kollam-kerela.
  7. Vellore- Tamil Nadu.


For more details about the course and the venue in different cities please contact us at


Check here the other best Tally courses:


4. Grow with Tally Learning and Future Securing Institute (GWT)

GWT is the oldest Tally learning course in Bhopal, from the year 2001 they have been teaching tally and now by the middle of the year 2023  they have 15 new branches for teaching tally all over Madhya Pradesh. This institute is very famous for its very low tally course fees.

The basic tally course fees only cost INR 1500 per month which will be going to pay the candidate lakhs of money according to your working efficiency and knowledge of the working methods.

The Tally course by GWT is also famous for its future learning program, After completion of every course they conduct a 3-day program in which they invite different famous companies, who hire employees for their company from the institute and the program also aims to increase the knowledge of candidates in different sectors specially in the IT sector for their upcoming carrier growth.

They have 3 courses for the tally course with different durations and different tally course fees-

  1. First category course-Basic course for tally learning- this course is for two months and covers the basics of complete tally software, its working, putting the entries, differentiating the accounts of different working departments, billing, attendance workings, GST work, TDS work, and everything the Tally includes.
  2. Second category course Basic + advanced course- the duration of the course is 4 months and this course learning will include the basic course as discussed before and the training period in which the candidate will have training with the past last batch candidates who are already employed in the best company and have at least 2 years of working experience,

This will help the candidate to know what the working methods are and they are going to have the links for their bright future by having a course completion of the Tally course with the GWT institute and what are the upcoming future opportunities waiting for them.

  1. Third category course Basic+advanced course + the live working and paid experience of 6 months-

This course duration is 10 months in total which will provide the earning and working opportunities to the candidate during the course only.

Live companies will hire the candidate for 6 months based on their knowledge and working methods.

There is a different procedure to apply for this course, which is- once you are done with the second category course you have to fill out a form for sitting in a conference called WAC(working allotment conference) and when you get selected during the conference you can proceed with the third category course after submitting the remaining tally course fees just after the conference ends.



  1. Introduction to tally
  2. Accounting-
  3. Fundamentals
  4. Terms
  • Shortcuts
  1. Ledger
  2. Group
  3. Types of account
  4. Assets-fixed assets and current assets
  5. Liabilities-fixed or long-term and current liabilities
  6. Goods and products
  7. Purchase- cash and credit purchase
  8. Sakes- cash and credit sales
  9. Debtors
  10. Creditors
  11. Profit and loss
  12. Balance sheets
  13. Summary for stocks
  14. GST
  15. TDS
  16. TCS


Mode of learning-

The mode of learning is offline.


Address/location of the institutes of 15 Branches of GWT institute-

S.No. Institute Name Address
1  Lifetime learning by GWT Bhopal Madhya Pradesh
2 Carrier first by GWT Bhopal Madhya Pradesh
3 Knowledge burst by GWT Indore Madhya Pradesh
4 Tally Torture by GWT Indore Madhya Pradesh
5 Tally Wala by GWT Indore Madhya Pradesh
6 Colombo computers by GWT Dewas Madhya Pradesh
7 Swati computer classes by GWT Dewas Madhya Pradesh
8 IT cross by GWT Alirajpur Madhya Pradesh
9 Bhajan arts and computers by GWT Ratlam Madhya Pradesh
10 IT and IT by GWT Ratlam Madhya Pradesh
11  Gwalior computer classes by GWT Ujjain Madhya Pradesh
12 Aditya group of studies by GWT Mandsaur Madhya Pradesh
13 Jain coaching and training center by GWT Mandsaur Madhya Pradesh
14 Pragati IT institutes by GWT Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh
15 Tally futures by GWT Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh


Details of WAC-

Working allotment conference is a kind of interview process but in a different manner which begins after the second category course is complete. The institute releases the online form which is free of cost.

This WAC only welcomes those who have recently completed the second category course.

This WAC is a 3-day program.

The authority conducts a speech delivery at the beginning of the conference to give a brief of what is going to happen there.

The group is then made of 10 candidates each group and then the companies that are invited, begin to ask questions and make the students do some actual work in the different groups Then out of those groups, the candidates are selected for further training based on the criteria the company set.

Those candidates who got selected are made to pay the tally course fees for continuing the training and then after the completion of the training they are paid by the institute for the work they do based on the contract companies and the institute signed.


Tally course fees for three different categories of courses-

  1. First category course tally course fees- INR 1500 for 2 months.
  2. Second category course tally course fees- INR 1500+3000 for 2+2 months course.
  • Third category course tally course fees- INR 1500+3000+ 5000 for 2+2+6 months. (The paid amount for the work you will be doing for the company will be refunded later by the institute)

For more details about the course kindly contact us at




1. Which is a better version of Tally, Tally Prime or Tally ERP 9?

Tally Prime is better as compared to Tally ERP 9, as it has modern technological features and cloud integration included, and Tally Prime is easy to locate as compared to Tally ERP 9.

The performance of the tally prime is also updated from the version tally ERP 9.

Invoice printing is also updated and at a low cost in Tally Prime as compared to tally ERP 9.


2. Who can do a tally work?

10+2 is mandatory for the course to be done may it be in any stream and if the 10+2 is done in a commerce stream, then it becomes easy for the individual to initiate the learning process. Other than this any working professional, undergraduate, or anyone who is in the middle of the graduation course can also go with the tally course. Students who are pursuing the CACS can also do the tally course as it helps in the working process after the degree of CA/CS is completed.


3. Which course is best to do with tally so that the performance of an individual can be enhanced?

TFCP (tally fundamental certificate program) is the answer to this question, Other than this Microsoft Excel adds value to the tally course, other programming languages can also be added to the performance of someone good with computer programming as well interested candidates can learn tools implementation in the meanwhile course.


4. What is the use of leaders in tally?

Transactions and accounting vouchers are the two main important things when the leaders are mentioned in the tally.

Recording and identifying the transaction is done by Leaders

Collection of any kind of information, and positioning of any kind of finances in the data, are some important tasks of Leaders in Tally.


5. What are vouchers in a tally?

It is a document in a tally software in which the data of all kinds of transactions are kept, in the short term it is a backup for those bills which are possessed by the company. There are a total of 18 vouchers in the tally which are subdivided into two major parts that is, inventory vouchers and accounting vouchers.


6. Is there any way to encrypt the data in a tally?

Yes, it is possible to encrypt the data in tally software

The public key can be used to encrypt any kind of data in a tally.

Another way is by using the tally vault password this will hide the company name in the tally prime. and in this way, the company will be safe from any of the faults or fear of losing data.

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