Best Content Writing Courses in Jaipur With Placements

Jaipur is one of the largest cities of Rajasthan; also called “Pink City of India”. It is widely famous for tourism. In recent years there has been development in Economic and Social Infrastructure – Education, Health, and Information Technology. Also, digitalization in businesses has given opportunities for Digital Marketing. Content is an important asset for Digital Marketing to yield fruitful results in Business. Before listing out the best Content Writing Courses in Jaipur, let us understand a few details of Content, Content Writing & its scope.


Top Content Writing Courses In Jaipur


What is Content?


Content is information, experience, awareness, or description in the form of text, images, videos or any form of art in an appealing way to the targeted audience.


Types of Content


These varieties in Content can help you in connecting different types of targeted audiences on distinct channels. Likewise,


  • Blogging – Blogging is the quickest which adds value to your business at a very low cost. This is one of the most centric aspects of Content Marketing Strategy. Blog posts build a strong relationship with your readers. The standard word count lies between 500 to 800 words. Example – Travel Blogs


  • Case Studies – These types of Contents usually contain a detailed explanation of a particular scenario or a subject with actionable information. The standard word count for the Case Study is 500 to 1500 words. Example – Industry Case Studies – Nokia’s failure in the Mobile Market.


  • Ebooks – An electronic form of books is called E-books. For example – Amazon Kindle allows an enormous number of e-books to be read.


  • Infographics – As the word indicates, its an information with graphs likewise you can load lots of information on one page using text, images, and charts for visual representation. Example – Admission pamphlets of any College


  • Article – Here, the Content is written with the third person’s point of view. Generally, it has information with facts and details of a particular subject. Example – Newspaper Articles


  • Web Content – Contents on Websites are called Web Content. Text, images, videos, and animations are made use to give ease to the user experience.


  • Copywriting – It is an interesting type of content where you write or create content for advertising a product, business, or person!


And, the list goes on!


On the other hand, Content Writing is a process of creating engaging content via planning, writing, and editing.


“Writing isn’t about using big words to impress. It’s about using simple words in an impressive way.”Sierra Bailey.


What are the Responsibilities of a Content Writer?


The main responsibility of a Content Writer is to write engrossing Content on the Web, Blog Posts, Web Copy, White Papers, and so on. Nevertheless, the Content has to get traffic and ROI to the Business with proper Keyword Research and Analysis.


Scope of Content Writing Courses in Jaipur


If you survey one of the leading job portals – you will be surprised to see the huge openings for Content Writing jobs in Jaipur. Further, the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the operations perspectives of many businesses. The companies with Traditional Marketing strategies are moving towards Digital Marketing likewise Social Media Advertisements, Blogs, and Web Copies. Subsequently, the requirement of Content Writing may increase more in the days ahead.


In addition, you can also work as a freelancer and be your own BOSS! Freelancing not only helps you in earning lakhs together every month, rather you can gain enormous knowledge and build your portfolio strong. You can imagine the importance of your role as a Content Writer and the amount of money you can earn!


Now, let us decode the list of the Best Content Writing Courses in Jaipur below –


1. IIM Skills


Initially, the founder, Vaibhav Kakkar ran a successful educational blog “Coursedekho” with a vision to guide the audience in choosing the best courses to upskill their competency. With the complete insights of the courses and its details, his blogs reached and helped 1 million students digitally. Consequently, the success of CourseDekho lit the idea of a full-fledged Content Writing Course leading to the foundation of IIM Skills. Today, they are one of the most illustrious content writing courses In India


IIM Skills provides very engaging and example-driven training for Content Writing. Students, Entrepreneurs, Homemakers, Bloggers, Wannapreneurs, and Marketers can take this course. Anybody from any location in India, who wants to learn Content Writing can enroll in the course! 


Furthermore, the below aspects make IIM Skills to be the best among Content Writing Courses In Jaipur. 


Course NameContent Writing Course




Vaibhav Kakkar, founder of IIM Skills, with 11+ years of experience in Digital Marketing, is expertise in Content Writing. He is also the founder of Coursedekho and co-founder of Advisor Uncle.




There are 12 modules; very well structured i.e. from Basics to Advance. You will learn an Intro to Digital Marketing, Web Design & Development, Blogging, Freelancing, Article Writing, and much more! With Industry Case Studies you will be benefited from hands-on experience and understanding the real-time business concepts.


12 Modules Details


  • Web Development
  • UI/UX Interface (Blog Creation)
  • Introduction to Content Writing
  • Content Keyword Research
  • Start Writing Content
  • Content Writing Tools
  • Duplicate Content Writing Detector
  • Content Distribution Using Email
  • Google Local Pages Setup
  • Content Marketing using Social Media
  • Exploring Social Media Tools
  • Freelance Content Writing


Course Duration


Four weeks (1 month) of live Online Classroom training with 16 hours of lectures and 60 hours of Practical Training. The Live Interactive Online Classes keep the students engaged with an exchange of ideas and knowledge collectively.


Course Fee


The course fee is 14042 approx (14900 + 18% GST) is the fees. Probably, the fee is affordable & reasonable when compared to the modules covered and certifications provided. You will also get Lifetime full access to LMS i.e. you can revise the lectures when in need.


Hands-On Assignments


Web Development – You will learn about domain purchasing and web hosting. Interestingly, you will create your own website and write Content for it.


Social Media Marketing – You will write posts for various Social Media platforms likewise Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin. Secondly, you will understand the Ads Copy for Social Media Marketing.


SEO – Hands-on experience in writing SEO content which ranks your content as per Google Ranking Algorithm.




You will get a Master Certification from IIM Skills along with a Content Marketing certificate from Hubspot, Cambridge, Massachusetts through several mock tests.




Students are allowed to participate in non-paid internships after qualifying the Internship test. The duration of the internship is 3 months. During the internship, you have to submit 8 approved articles. Once after the completion of an internship, you are awarded an Internship Certificate.


Placement Partners




Here is the most genuine guide to – Is IIM SKILLS Fake?


What will you learn?


You will learn to write interesting types of content likewise Article, Blogs, E-book, Commercial pages, Ads Copy, Digital Infographics, Academic, Institutional, Press Release, Product Description, Brochures, Mailers, and Social Media Posts.


Tools – You get trained on using the important and useful tools like


  • Spyfu, SEMRush
  • Answer the Public
  • Uber Suggest
  • Keyword Planner
  • LinkedIn Articles
  • Buffer
  • Emotional Marketing
  • Canva
  • LinkedIn Analytics


These tools help you in Keyword Research and writing an engaging Content. Additionally, you get guidance on how to grab freelance opportunities.


Course Fee – INR 14,900 + GST


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Check out the courses at IIM SKILLS

Technical Writing Course

CAT Coaching

Digital Marketing Course

GST Course

SEO Course


CW Orientation IIM SKILLS


 You may be interested in the detailed IIM SKILLS Content Writing Course Review. 


2. Udemy 


Eren Bali, the founder of Udemy, could not get a proper education in his childhood until his family introduced him to the Computer. He dreamt of competing in Chess & Mathematics internationally and he found the learning resources through internet access. Ultimately, won the Silver Medal in the International Math Olympiad.


Learning through Internet Access changed Eren’s life and partnered with the co-founders Oktay Caglar and Gagan Biyani to build a platform for Quality Education – now called Udemy!


Udemy is an Online Teaching Platform where you get huge categories of Courses. You will get free courses without a certificate and paid courses with a Certificate. You can say Udemy is a bundle of upskill courses!


Yes, Udemy also provides Content Writing Courses – free and paid as well. If you compare the fee structure with other institutes, Udemy seems to have very little, varied, and affordable fee structure.


In Udemy, you can choose a Content Writing Course based on Beginner Level, Intermediate, Expert, or All levels as per your level of understanding the subject. Interestingly you can also choose the medium of communication language you prefer – English, Hindi, or any regional language in the listed options. You have multiple filters like video duration, reviews, and price options to select the course.


For the paid course you will get the quizzes to improve yourself and later on, Course Completion Course from Udemy. And, lifetime access to the resource and videos. Udemy is not only one of the best options for content writing courses in Jaipur but globally as well. 


For a brief understanding, you may consider the following details


Course Name


Varies depending upon what actually you want to learn.




You will find the trainer’s details at the bottom of the course description along with the reviews of other students.


Course Duration


Varies from course-to-course.


Course Fee






Udemy offers the Course Completion Certificate only for the students enrolled for the paid Content Writing Courses.


Placement Assistance







CW Demo Invite Jaipur 1



3. Coursera


Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng are the founders of Coursera. It is one of the leading Online Leading Platforms for Higher Education with 62 million learners from across the world. World’s Top Universities and Industry Educators are partnered with Coursera offering courses, specializations, certificates, and degrees.


Coursera offers courses with multiple categories. Consequently, you are free to choose the language of your choice against the given list of languages, you can choose the duration, modules, levels, and University or partner.


You have an option to choose either a free or paid course. The advantage with the paid course is you will get access to study resources and also a course completion certificate that can add value to your portfolio.


Course Name


Unlike IIM Skills, Coursera doesn’t have a fixed course name.




Trainer’s details are available at the end of the course description. Most of the trainers are well qualified and experienced in Digital and Content Writing Concepts.


Course Duration


Varies from course-to-course and is only ONLINE training.


Course Fee






Similar to Udemy, the Course Completion Certificate is only for the students enrolled for the paid Content Writing Courses


Placement Assistance








4. ECT


ECT is recognized by the Govt. of India as a startup among the various Training Organizations.


Courses Offered


  • Content Writing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Communication Skills & Personality Development




Saket Kumar Singh, an MBA Graduate from FORE School of Management & B.Tech (ECE) from GGS IP University, Delhi. He is known for his innovative ideas in Digital and Content Marketing Strategies. Saket is the founder and CEO of SixPL, one of the leading Internet Marketing companies in India.


Course Duration


ECT provides 3 months of Content Writing Course both Classroom & Instructor-led online training to the enrolled students.




Total 13 modules are covered by ECT Content Writing Training in Jaipur, India.


  • Introduction to Content Writing
  • Boost your Vocabulary
  • Avoid Common Grammar Errors in Your Writing
  • Learn Writing Tools, Tips, & Techniques
  • Hone Your Non-Fiction Creative Writing Skills
  • Learn Fiction Writing: Master the Art of Story Telling
  • Master Business Writing Skills
  • Learn Technical Writing
  • Hone Your Academic Writing Skills
  • Learn to Write Specific Pieces of Content
  • Master Content Marketing
  • Monetize Your Writing Skills
  • Publish Your Book


Referring to the modules, you can understand to an extent that most of the Content Writing concepts are covered by the ECT.


Course Fee


15000/- inclusive of GST




Advanced Content Writing Course Certification




ECT assures Internship opportunities and also guides you in getting freelance projects.




ECT guarantees 100% placement Support.


On the course completion, you may master in


  • Story Telling and Build a Strong Vocabulary
  • Writing Fiction & Non-Fiction Content
  • Become a Published Author
  • Writing Effective Emails, Sales Proposals, and Outstanding Presentation which helps you corporate field.
  • If you are an Entrepreneur, you can grow your business with your creative content and promote in Digital Platforms
  • Learn all types of Writing Styles


5. SkillShare


SkillShare is an Online Platform that can help you with Online Content writing courses in Jaipur, Creative Writing and Marketing upskills. Most of the videos are free and the workshops will guide you through your writing abilities. However, this medium is only for upskilling your Content Writing ideas, there is no Course Completion Certificate or Placement provided.


6. NestSoft


Nestsoft is a Software Company located in Cochin. In addition to Software Services, the Company also provides Training in Digital Marketing and other Software domains.


Nestsoft offers Creative & Copywriting courses in Jaipur. The content writing strategy of Nestsoft is to identify the goal, analyze, create numerous ideas, and collect them, structuring, squeezing it in sequence, and error-free grammar.


Students, Marketers, IT Professionals, anyone who wants to pursue a career in Content Writing can enroll. They are one of the distinguished content writing courses in jaipur. 


Nestsoft covers six modules


  • Essentials of Writing
  • Before you write
  • Write Right
  • After you Write
  • Publishing – Project Work and the last
  • Career Development for Writers


Here, you will get trained about Reading, Proof-reading, Grammatical Corrections, and a lot more with flexible training and 100% placement assistance.



CW Demo Invite Jaipur 1


7. Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin is one of the leading Content Writing Courses in Jaipur and South Asia. You can find both – Classroom and Live Online training sessions here with flexible timings on Weekdays & Weekends as well. However, classroom training is limited only in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Noida, and Gurugram.


It is ranked 1 in the industry by Trainings360. You will get to learn 30+ Content types with 100% practical training.


Let us go into detail aspects of the Content Writing Course at Henry Harvin Academy


Course Name – Digital Content Writing Course




There are four qualified trainers with 10+ professional experience in top MNCs.


  • Tulika Kiran has 15+ years of experience, worked with Sony, HCL, and Faber Castell IILM.
  • Aditi Mukherjee – a Best Selling Author worked as Associate VP with Singapore based Education firm.
  • Nada J Yunis – Has worked with Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Swiss Re, and is an International Author.
  • Gaurav Sharma is a Multi-Talented Digital Writer who worked with Microsoft, HP, and Dell.




Henry Harvin provides you with eight vital modules and multiple sub-modules. You are trained initially with the English language aspects about the common mistakes, jargon, word choices, readability vs searchability, content formation, and also about Business writing along with Internet Skills and much more.


Eight Modules in details 


  • Language Skills
  • Internet Skills
  • Business and Marketing Writing
  • Content Strategy
  • Technical & Research Writing
  • Academic Writing
  • Creative Writing
  • Earn Online and International Projects


Course Duration


Content Writing Course with Henry Harvin strives in providing 32 hrs of training, 24 hrs of Brush-Up sessions, and 50 hrs of e-learning access. You will get live projects to work on to get hands-on experience in Industry-level concepts.




Once after the Course Completion, you are awarded the CDCW certification (Certified Digital Content Writer) affiliated to the American Association of EFL, UK Cert, Hubspot, UKAF, Content Writing Association in India, MSME & Govt. of India.




The internship is guaranteed either from Henry Harvin or with their partner firms.




Once after the certification, the dedicated team will keep you posted about the job openings every week. Also, the team will help you in getting freelancing projects to work on.




Like an add-on, you will get 1-year membership from Henry Harvin Academy with mind-blowing benefits –


  • E-learning access – You will get access to recorded sessions, projects, games, and case studies.
  • Brush-up Sessions – You will get a free Brush-up session for 12 months worth 6000!
  • Guaranteed Internship – After the course, you will get an Internship option either with Henry Harvin or with partner firms.
  • Job Opportunities – Weekly once the dedicated team will keep you posted with job openings.


By the end of the course, you shall learn to –


  • Avoid common mistakes while writing
  • Convert your thoughts into words
  • Grammar – Difference between Bookish and Digital aspect
  • Using Content formats with respect to Online & Offline
  • Analyze the Contents through extensive Research
  • Use various tools for Keyword Research
  • Designing graphics and use of Logo Software
  • Editing and Proofreading using Grammarly, Ginger, and Hemingway
  • Blogging
  • Article Writing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Write engrossing Newsletter & Magazine
  • Create value-adding Ads Copy
  • Structure of Press Release and its importance
  • Write detailed Product Description and Reviews on various e-com platforms
  • Step-by-step Resume and Cover letter writing


And, Creative writing, Technical Writing, Academic Writing, and much more!


FAQs on content writing courses in Jaipur


1. What are some of the topics for content writing courses in Jaipur?

Some of the topics covered in a content writing course In Jaipur are different formats of content, content tools, and software, keyword research, SEO, content distribution channels, writing for diverse digital channels and marketing your content in the best way possible. 



2. Should I enroll in an online or offline content writing course in Jaipur?


It is entirely your choice whether you want to opt for an online or offline content writing course. Every institute, whether they conduct online or offline courses, offers some unique features. You might want to make a checklist and research which institute ticks all or most of the boxes in your checklist. 



3. What are the must-have skills for a content writer?


Some of the skills to master if you want to become successful in the content writing industry are as follows:

  • The enthusiasm to Evolve
  • Nurturing the habit of reading
  • Communication Skills
  • Imbibing the qualities of good storytelling
  • Keeping abreast of developments in the content domain. 



Concluding thoughts on content writing courses in jaipur


Content Writing Courses in Jaipur for offline classes are very difficult to find. And, given the situation of the pandemic, it is advisable to opt for Online Classes.


In the Content Writing Courses in Jaipur listed above, every institute has its own advantages and disadvantages. The top leading online ed-tech giants like Udemy and Coursera provide the flexibility to choose the topic, language and duration with an option of with or without certificate where you can earn the knowledge enormously. However, there is no placement or internship guaranteed.


On the other hand, best institutes like IIM Skills and Henry Harvin have well-structured modules with qualified instructors. They also offer live interaction classes where you can clarify your doubts instantly or later. Alongside you are also awarded certificates and promise of placement assistance.




With all the details shared, I would highly recommend you to attend the orientation or demo class and choose the one most suited to you among the content writing courses in Jaipur to invest your time and money!


Last, but not the least, remember to research extensively about the pros and cons of the Content Writing Courses in Jaipur. Importantly, verify the students’ reviews on Google – both negative and positive.


Hope you find the article helpful in your future career adventure.


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