Top 7 SEO Courses in Delhi With Placement Assistance

With the increase in digital marketing and internet usage, there is a much more surge in demand for SEO-based content and websites. There are so many courses available in Delhi for learning SEO and one must choose a course according to their needs and choices. Let’s get acquainted with some of the best SEO courses in Delhi.


List of best SEO courses in Delhi


What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

It is not hard to know how a website appears in different search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Search Engine Optimization is a way of managing a website based on its appearance, functionality, and other features so that the services provided, types of products offered, and dissemination of information is easy and effective.

It consists of algorithmic practices so that a website is easily found and surfaces when something is searched. To reach a large set of audience the visibility of a website is important because if a website is visible on a larger scale, it will be able to reach more audience.

The ultimate goal of search engine optimization is that visitors keep coming back and can become potential customers or users of the service provided. Google gets searches of 3.5 billion every day and this has made business and marketing strategies more important than ever. The return on investment for most marketers and businesses consists more than 40 % with the help of search engine optimization.


Importance of Search Engine Optimisation for a Business


1.    Better rankings and visuality of the website

If you remember whenever you search for something in any search engine the top five to seven pages that appear in front of you, you first mostly click only on them. That is what search engine optimization does: it helps a website to appear at the top so that more and more people can click on it and help in increasing its engagement.


2.    Increase in the traffic of a website

You are offering a product or a service but if it is not visible to many how you will be able to increase your sales and profit? Search engine optimization helps in increasing traffic for a website so that the visitors to that website can be converted into potential customers. The more a website can convert visitors into customers the more successful it will be.


3.    Room for growth and high Return on investment

Search engine optimization is all about high volume and most searched keywords that help a website rank higher. When the traffic of the audience is increased with the help of search engine optimization it is called organic traffic which means its source is non-paid. To get noticed search engine optimization is not sufficient but it must be incorporated into advertising campaigns. SEO helps in creating successful advertising campaigns and increasing the revenue for a business.


4.    Increased User Experience

The work of a website is to display information, products, or services it is entitled to show, show how to use them, and answer any queries and questions related to them. If a website can increase its user experience then it is easier for it to rank high on any search engine platform. User experience and performance of a website in any search engine go hand in hand so the higher the user experience is the better will be the ranking of a website.


Different Types of Search Engine Optimization in SEO Courses in Delhi


1. On-page Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

On-page SEO is one of the common ways by which websites boost their appearance and ranking in search engines. It focuses on developing and enhancing on-site or on-page elements like:

  • The title tag of your website: it depicts your website in a short manner of title which is of less than 60 words. It shows your website’s main and secondary keywords with the brand name.


  • Images of your website: you can optimize the captions of images, titles, and file names to get the highest ranking in Google.


  • Meta description of your website: it is a description of your page which is 160 words or less than that. Here you explain what your page is about and how it can help them.


  • Content of your website: optimize your content in such a way that it is of high quality and is based on the keywords which people mostly search for.


  • Internal and external linking in your website: appropriate linking is important to enhance user experience in SEO. Linking refers to connecting one page to another so that the audience can find relevant content as per their need. Internal links help Google to easily understand and go through your site and external links help in making Google believe that your site is trustworthy and exhibits authority.


2. Off-page Search Engine Optimisation

In this type of SEO efforts to rank your website higher are made externally that are not related to your website so that it signals humans and search engines that your site is trustworthy and has authority over other websites. It is done because it builds the reputation of your website, drives a high audience, and boosts the ranking of your website. Following are the ways by which it is achieved:


  • Collecting online reviews: It entails collecting customer reviews and testimonials on the Google business page and other platforms.


  • Backlinks: it is completed by linking high-ranked and trustworthy websites to your website so that they affect it positively and help in increasing the ranking of your website.


  • Signaling of your brand: when people search any keyword related to your business or engage with social media profiles it gives a strong signal to Google that your business stands a value and helps in giving a high ranking to your website. Promoting brand image and putting efforts into advertising is another way of off-page SEO.


3.    Local Search Engine Optimization

Local search engine optimization is critical for those who have the physical presence of stores. SEO focuses on the ranking of a website on the national and international level while local SEO mainly focuses on the search results of a particular region. This technique helps your business or company to appear in the local search engine results. Following are some of the ways by which it is achieved:


  • Making sure that every website has information like your name, your existing address, and necessary contact information.
  • Making sure that relevant information about your business is accurate in your business listings and other platforms where your business operates including your social media profiles.
  • Making sure that you have a Google business account and that you are managing it appropriately.


4.    Technical Search Engine Optimization

Technical SEO is related to how a website works. The process of technical SEO starts from the day the website is established and goes on till it exists. The main task of technical SEO is to make a website user-friendly for its audience and properly optimize it for search engines. Following are some of the works related to technical SEO:

  • Increase the speed at which the site operates
  • Fix the temporary as well as the permanent errors
  • Make sure your website is mobile friendly
  • Make sure that it does not contain duplicate files
  • Make sure your website is secure and safe.


Other best courses in Delhi:


Top SEO Ranking Factors in Search Engines


1.    Increasing the speed of the page

If a web page is loaded at a fast speed without much interruption then it helps the audience to navigate it easily and increases their user experience. The speed of the page should also work properly on mobile sites because more people have access to their mobile phones rather than to their desktops.


2.    A safe website that is easily accessible

URLs are often not paid much attention when focusing on SEO ranking factors. If a website has an easy and proper URL then it is more convenient for its user to reach and land on a website. To help Google reach your website easily it must be built by a good website builder and a site map that shows all your pages.


3.    A website that is Mobile friendly

Google has now started to draw results from mobile sites as much as desktop websites and if a website is well mobile optimized then it helps it in ranking higher. The website should be well-responsive and must be able to fit on any mobile screen. Reading texts on mobile can be difficult so the texts should be big enough to read them easily. Make sure essential menus are accessible and easy to navigate.


4.    Optimized content as per search engines

Google bots and algorithms work as per keywords and phrases. They search important keywords and phrases in websites to draw information which is also used to cover the content and topics in your websites. Duplicate content can cause your ranking to go down but fresh and original content makes Google believe that your content has authority.


5.    The quality of user experience

User experience is important for every website as it helps drive the performance of your website for a higher ranking and higher amount of audience. Following are some of the important factors in user experience:


  • The click-through rate of a website: refers to the amount and percentage of people who click into your website when a link first appears as they search any keyword in search engines.


  • Dwell time by visitors: it refers to the duration of time for which visitors stay on your website after they land.


  • The bounce rate of your website: refers to the percentage of people who first click on a website and then quickly go back to their search results.


Top SEO Courses in Delhi



IIM SKILLS is one of the leading providers of online educational and institutional courses. It first started as an educational blog and later it started its full program of content writing in the form of a master content writing course.

Till now it has trained 35000+ people in more than 35 countries. It has expert faculties who have 12+ relevant experience in their respective fields. It has its headquarters in Delhi. It provides courses in Finance, Marketing, and in other fields. It has an Advanced Search Engine Optimisation course.


Features of SEO Courses in Delhi are:

The period of this course is 4 weeks of live training with 8 weeks of internship.

The cost to pay for this course is ₹14,900+ 18%GST.


This form is currently undergoing maintenance. Please try again later.


Modules in this course are:

  • Introduction to SEO
  • Setting up the right niche
  • On page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • Reporting in SEO
  • Bonus

IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite

2. Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Specialization by Coursera

Coursera was founded by Daphne Koller and Andrew Ngin in 2012 and is an online platform that offers courses and certificates which are affordable, flexible for individuals, and relevant for job opportunities for both individuals and organizations.

It has partnered with more than 275 leading companies and universities to help people easily access learning tools as per their needs. More than 113 million learners around the world have benefited and excelled in their careers with the help of its courses.


Features of this SEO Courses in Delhi are:

  1. You can complete this course in one of the three-time duration 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months.
  2. The cost of this course for 1 month is ₹4,001, 3 months is ₹8,003 and 6 months is ₹12,004.
  3. This course is divided into 5 sub courses:
  • Introduction to Google SEO
  1. Introduction to Google SEO
  2. Current SEO best practices
  3. SEO of Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond
  4. Your audience and building Personas
  • Google SEO Fundamentals
  1. Getting Started and Introduction to On-Page SEO
  2. Introduction to the Off-SEO page
  3. Introduction to Technical SEO
  4. Keyword Theory and Research
  • Optimizing a Website for google search
  1. How to optimize a website for search engines like Google
  2. Advanced SEO strategies
  3. Mobile/App SEO and Metrics and KPIs
  4. Creating an SEO campaign
  • What are Advanced Content and social tactics to optimize SEO
  1. What is an advanced content
  2. What are social tactics to optimize SEO for search engines
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Influence Marketing
  5. Creating world-class content
  • Google SEO capstone project
  1. Milestone 1: Gauging a Site’s Opportunity for Improvement and Progress.
  2. Milestone 2: Initial Research Phase
  3. Milestone 3: Conducting a Content Audit and learning how to do Technical Review
  4. Milestone 4: Presenting Your Findings


3. SEO Courses by Udemy

Udemy is an online website that provides courses in every field of education and skills so that it can help people connect through knowledge. It provides 210 K+ courses in 75 languages. It has trained more than 62 Million people with the help of 72 K+ instructors.


1.    SEO training: complete the SEO course and ChatGPT SEO copywriting course

Features of this SEO Courses in Delhi are:

  1. The length of this course is 41 hours divided into 63 sections with over 237 lectures.
  2. The cost that you have to pay for this course is ₹2,899.
  3. The syllabus of this course is:


  • SEO Copywrite Essentials, SEO Essentials Keywords, ChatGPT for SEO copywriting, SEO essentials- content and backlinks, SEO Essentials- Quiz
  • Local SEO essentials, local SEO quiz and ChatGPT, Platforms WordPress and web hosting, WordPress healthy setup for speed loading and Cloudflare setup, website creation menu, mega menu footer, and more live editing, global layouts forms Mailchimp API blog and revolution slider.
  • Write your landing page, SEO toast, Google search console, XML sitemap, google analytics 4, SEO rank math PRO, AI content, SEO audit and SEO analyzer, woocommerce settings, currencies and payments, and useful plugins.
  • SMTP, multi-currency, automated translations, heat maps, WordPress security, Cloudflare turnstile, database optimization and backup, smart SEO strategies, copywriting templates, copywriting ideas and checklists, google SEO, SEO, and copywriting test.


2. SEO strategy 2023. Learn SEO training to top-rank your website.

Features of this SEO Courses in Delhi are:

  1. The duration to learn this course is 5 hours.
  2. The price to pay for this course is ₹2,699.
  3. The syllabus of this course are:
  • The basics of SEO strategy and how businesses need it.
  • Website and content: how they are the level one of the SEO pyramid
  • Keywords: second level of the SEO pyramid
  • Links: level 3 of the SEO pyramid
  • The fourth level of the SEO pyramid: is UX, Brand, and Social.
  • Google my business
  • QandA, additional materials


4. Web Training India- Delhi

Web Training India is a professional Web design and development company that provides customized web design services to its customers. It has started training programs to help people learn different kinds of technologies out in the market. It provides professional IT courses to both individuals and corporations.

It includes courses on Corporate and internet marketing, application development in.NET, google adwords, and analytics training, web designing, web accreditation, website development, WordPress theming, professional content writing, HTML5 and CSS3, SEO and SMM, Drupal training, digital marketing.


Features of SEO courses in Delhi are:

  1. It can be completed in one of the durations of 3 months and 6 months.
  2. The cost to pay for this course is ₹8,000.
  3. The modules of this course are:
  • Off-page search engine optimization
  • On-page search optimization
  • Search engine optimization for WordPress
  • Site foundation
  • Run a search engine optimization campaign
  • How to meet the demands of panda, penguin, and hummingbird updates
  • Successful search engine optimization campaign


5. IIDE- The Digital School

The Indian Institute of Digital Education is one of the leading providers of digital education in India. It was founded by Karan Shah in 2016 and till now it has trained 5,00,000+ students both in the offline and online modes. It has 250+ expert trainers and its placement rate is 87%.


Features of SEO courses in Delhi are:

  1. It has a total of 14 hours of lectures in which there are 12 hours of live lectures and 2 hours of recorded lectures.
  2. The cost that you have to pay for this course is ₹7,000.
  3. The syllabus of this course is:


  • How Keyword research is an integral part of on-page search engine optimization.
  1. To understand how Google SEO works.
  2. How to find the right keywords.
  • On-page SEO tutorial
  1. How to structure your web pages.
  2. Learn what are optimizable on-page components.
  • Google proofing your website
  1. How to get more website traffic.
  2. Learn What are technical SEO concepts.
  3. Learn why error pages are so important.
  • Off-page SEO tutorials
  1. How to improve ranking with the use of blogs and PR.
  2. Learn the importance of auditing a website.
  • Google Search Console
  1. Learn ways to measure a site’s search performance
  2. Learn how to use google analytics and google console
  • Blackhat Techniques
  1. Learn what blackhat techniques are.
  2. Learn how blackhat techniques can impact ranking.


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6. Delhi School of Digital Marketing

Delhi School of digital marketing is a leading institute based in New Delhi founded by Harmandeep Singh in 2014.


Features of SEO courses in Delhi are:

  1. For information on cost and duration, you must contact them.
  2. The syllabus of this course is:


  • Domain and hosting overview, fundamentals of SEO, white hat SEO approaches, black hat optimization, on-page optimization techniques, keyword research tool, meta tags: unique title, description and keywords, content optimization, user-friendly URL structure, internal link building, and evergreen content overview.
  • Required keyword density, optimization tips for video, long vs short tail keywords, outbound links, guest posting, article writing and submission, and many more.

IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite

7. Aptron- Delhi

Aptron provides in-depth courses in IT in Delhi and is ranked as one of the 10 best institutes for IT in Delhi. It has provided 215+ courses in hardware, application development, web designing, and many more.


Features of SEO courses in Delhi are:

  1. For more information on the cost and duration of this course, you can contact them.
  2. The Syllabus for this course is:


  • Overview of Search Engine Optimization and Keywords
  • Content optimization with the help of technical SEO and how people and search engines see web pages.
  • How to build links and long-term content planning
  • What are local and international SEO
  • How to measure SEO effectiveness




●      What is the salary that an SEO can expect in India?

Freshers in India can earn from 1.8 lakh per annum to 2.8 lakh per annum while people who have experience of over 5 to 8 years can expect a salary from 3.5 lakh per annum to 6.6 lakh per annum.


●      Will SEO Courses in Delhi be relevant in the upcoming future?

Yes, SEO will be relevant in the upcoming future because even Google algorithms are changing constantly. Google will not deviate from its goal that search engines should not be manipulated so traditional search engines will be relevant in the long term too.


●      Is it hard to learn SEO courses in Delhi?

Like any other job and skill SEO needs time, persistence, and hard work to learn. It depends on how much you know about search engines so if you are a beginner then it may take a little while before you can master the art of SEO.



At last with the myriads of courses available, you must choose SEO courses in Delhi that justify your objectives and is suitable for you. SEO is a skill that is mastered through constant efforts and hard work. Learning SEO does not guarantee you a job but if anyone can master it then it is possible to land in a successful position. Competition is fierce and time is limited but if someone acts smartly then everything is possible.

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