Top 5 Content Writing Courses In Delhi With Placements

Content writing courses in Delhi have been really helpful for many aspiring writers, students, and content writers who have just started their careers.


Top 5 Content Writing Courses In Delhi


Delhi has an abundance of students and professionals. Being the national capital and home to many information technology companies, this megacity hustles on a different level.


Content writing developed as a marketing strategy right after the evolution of the internet. This was when people learned that information could reach millions and billions through it.


So it took quite a few decades for people to understand the core of the content writing and how it should be presented. As just writing content was not enough anymore, to serve it to the online audience. Especially to make it reach them, a few changes and optimization processes are to be carried out.


After a lot of research and studying the response to certain types of content, people developed their own ways and technique which could possibly bring a large audience to them.


There was research made on search engines and then the SEO technique was developed when these search engines were believed to work on a specific algorithm to rank content pieces.


Content writing these days is not what it used to be decades ago. Back then it was people tried to put up content expecting it would reach millions through the internet, but these days one can make it reach such a huge audience.


One can learn a lot of information about developing content in ways that would help them to reach more audiences.


And as mentioned many content writing courses in Delhi have come up both online and offline that offer certification courses which really helps one find opportunities in the content writing field.Content Writing Course in Delhi CTA These courses in Delhi are definitely job-oriented and provide authentic information and knowledge that are highly professional.


The provided information and knowledge are based on the syllabus that is framed after a huge amount of research and studies made on the evolving internet and how the audience responds to content.


The research and studies are continuously going on to develop better and more effective methods for content to sustain the fast-changing internet.


Any new results achieved through these researches directly reflect on the syllabus.


Many institutes in Delhi have come up across the country to provide these courses. These institutes have a dedicated placement cell that helps students to find quick and better content writing opportunities right after completing this content writing course.


These are called certification courses for content writing, and the certificate achieved after completion of this content writing course could be added to the resume.


This certificate helps an employer to easily sort people who actually understand the roots of content writing and therefore these content writing courses prove to be immensely helpful for aspiring writers, students, and content writers who just started their careers.


These recent years, people in India have become more aware of content writing as a career option and therefore the flow of students in these institutions has grown exponentially.


The content writing industry is not as crowded as other industries, but because each candidate in this industry holds immense potential, the competition is definitely high.


Things have been made easier as we progressed with the internet, but the only challenge these days is the competition. Everyone in this industry believes they are a few steps behind reaching the top, for the content writing industry is so uncertain.


Therefore the hustle is even more in content writing careers, and everyone gaining so much knowledge about content writing through various media.


Best Content Writing Courses In Delhi


As mentioned above, Delhi city is crowded with professionals and students and content writing and marketing is the major requirement especially for people working on digital platforms or online businesses.


Even the people working in software units also require these skills. So, content writing courses in Delhi have proved to be helpful for these students and professionals.


These content writing courses in Delhi are provided by various content writing institutions across the city.


Here are some of the best institutes that offer content writing courses in Delhi.



IIM skills are one of the most renowned institutes that offer a detailed content writing course. It is one of the high rated and popular institutes that offer content writing courses in Delhi and content writing courses in India as well. IIM Skills has an excellent team of faculty who are experts and help students to learn from fundamental to the professional level of content writing.


The modules include practical sessions where students execute the lessons and strategies taught to them. This helps them experience and analyze how exactly content writing works. You have 16 hours of intensive virtual sessions with an emphasis on understanding the core concepts of content writing, dissemination, and analysis.


Additionally, you have 60+ hours of projects that are covered in the internship, and case studies. The LMS is available to you for lifetime access. this makes it easier to revise and get information on the latest changes in the content writing industry. 


The remarkable efforts of IIM skills have resulted in many of their students being successful and very stable in a career as a content writers.


It is a top-notch institute that offers content writing courses in Delhi, which definitely deserves to be at the top of the list for its continuous contributions in educating writers and professionals with the best possible content writing courses.


It is one of the highly recommended institutes that offer content writing courses in Delhi. With expert mentors. ample practica assignments and guidance at every step of the way, IIM SKILLS ensures that they provide the best knowledge to students to become successful. 


Topics covered at the institute IIM SKILLS include the following:

  • Creation of Website
  • Content Management System
  • Planned Content marketing Strategy
  • Keyword Research and Optimization
  • Writing for Search engines
  • Tools for better productivity and superior content


Some of the best features offered by IIM Skills are


  • It allows you to learn from experts in the industry, who have practically seen the industry evolve and have maintained a stable spot in this industry.


  • People who have practically experienced things changing and evolving in this industry can definitely provide knowledge that would really be helpful to form a stable career.


  • It has a dedicated placement cell that mentors students and allows them to reach out for international opportunities. There are also soft skills training and resume preparation that help to build confidence in one’s abilities. You have conviction in your abilities and can solve complex problems easily. 


  • It is a very important thing for students to understand how big the opportunity is. Usually, the institutes that offer certification courses do not provide opportunities as big as this.


  • Getting placements abroad right after a few months of dedicated training is something one should definitely go for.


  • Investing time and money on certification courses by IIM skills can be the best possible way to find profits worth a lot more than your investments.


  • The certificate provided by the institution is globally accepted, which means it could be used to support a resume while trying for better content writing opportunities.


  • As mentioned above, IIM skills offer teachings from experienced people who have practically been through the ups and downs of this industry, and therefore IIM skills provide coaching, allowing students to implement the lessons and techniques practically.



IIM skills is a highly rated content writing institution that has achieved brilliant milestones in the past 5 years. The institute has successfully trained over 4300+ professionals from over 30 countries with more than 1000 training programs. The mentors are exemplary, offering you not just guidance but strategies and tips to make the best out of your talent. With their assistance, you can look forward to an excellent career in content creation. 


IIM SKILLS has definitely maintained a mark of brilliance ever since this organization was established. With a team of extremely professional people, IIM skills provide students with the best guidance for career-based content writing. It allows lifetime access to (Learning Management System) courses for those students who enrol in their certification and training course program once.



Course Fee – INR 14900 + GST


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  • The Tourism School


The tourism school is popular for providing internationally recognized courses. It is one of the most popular institutions that offer content writing courses in Delhi.


It is well rated and claims guaranteed placement opportunities. The tourism school not only provides content writing courses but many other courses.


Let’s peek into the important points of this institution.


  • The content writing course in Delhi by tourism school is divided into many modules.
  • These modules are to be covered within the course duration of 36 hours, consisting of 6 classes of 6 hours each.
  • An alternative content writing program is also available which consists of weekly classes (only on Sundays).
  • The alternative program is suitable for professionals who cannot be available on other working days.
  • The course is job-oriented which means placement assistance will be provided to the students.
  • This time, of course, is effective for people looking for freelance and work-from-home opportunities in content writing.
  • Course content involves modules such as identifying writing styles, skills for content writing, blogs, business content, creative content writing, technical and academic content writing, and earning through content writing.
  • This also includes live project submission to develop the practical skills to execute the lessons taught.


With some considerable points that can help aspiring students to become content writers, the tourism school makes it to the 5th in the list of best content writing courses in Delhi.


The content writing course in Delhi offered by The Tourism School is recommended to students and people aspiring to become freelance writers and work from home.


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  • Web Training India


Web training India is popularly known across the country for the content writing courses, it offers. Along with content writing, Web Training India also offers courses on digital topics that revolve around content writing such as marketing, SMM, SEO.


It is one of the best-recognized institutes that offer content writing courses in Delhi. Being an institution with a good amount of experience, Web training India has been performing remarkably well over the years.


It is a well-rated organization and is one of the recommended institutions that offer content writing courses in Delhi.


Here are some of the best points about Web Training Institution’s content writing courses in Delhi.


  • Web Training India offers advanced teachings and lessons to students who aim to become content writers and marketers.
  • This institute covers a lot of marketing aspects which is a very important module of content writing courses.
  • The trainers and teachers are experts in their respective fields. The students get a chance to learn from Google certified experts.
  • The courses offered are content writing courses, Search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, social media optimization, and a lot more.
  • A lot of emphasis is given to how the content is absorbed digitally. Therefore lessons about online tools are taught to the students.
  • These online tools include Google Adwords, Bing accreditation, Google Analytics, and Google Webmaster tools.
  • The students are taught to keep up with the changes and evolving internet and develop tactics to deal with digital marketing challenges.
  • The students in Web Training India are trained about email marketing campaigns, how it works and how they influence users.
  • Along with marketing, a lot about Advertising is also taught to the students.
  • Advertising lessons and topics include Search Advertising, Video Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Shopping and E-commerce advertising, and Behavioural or content advertising.


Students and professionals who aspire to become content writers and marketers can consider this content writing course in Delhi to learn more about the digital aspects of content writing and its consumption.


The web training India with its experience and stronghold over marketing modules makes it to the 3rd position in the list of best content writing courses in Delhi.


  • ECT


ECT is the only government-recognized organization that offers content writing courses in Delhi.


It offers content writing courses both online and offline and therefore it is very convenient to pursue the content writing training program. ECT is a reputed and well-known institution that provides content writing courses in Delhi.


Let’s pay attention to the key points of this institution:


  • Get trained by industrial experts and company leaders.
  • The content writing course instructor himself is the CEO of a very successful marketing agency and has trained nearly 2000 professionals.
  • Guaranteed placement support is offered right after course completion making it very much of a job-oriented course.
  • As it is a government-recognized institution, the certificate provided is globally accepted.
  • Along with training and lessons on content writing, ECT also allows students to work on live projects.
  • Right after completion of this course, bright and scholar-performers can get a chance to intern with ETC itself.
  • The students also aim to become entrepreneurs in the content marketing field. Therefore, ETC helps them with entrepreneurial assistance.


The points mentioned above are the reason ETC makes it to the 4th in the list of the best content writing course in Delhi.


It is a popular organization and is well rated. Therefore aspiring content writers are recommended to consider this organization is interested in freelancing and quick earning opportunities.


  • Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin is one of the popular institutes that offer content writing courses in Delhi. Henry Harvin offers a one-month certified digital content writer program for content writing.


The 1-month teaching program has a very well-defined syllabus which is made by combining all the topics under the content writing domain.


The syllabus is then divided into modules. These modules are to be covered in a total of 32 hours.


It is one of the recommended institutes which offer content writing courses in Delhi.


Some of the best features of Henry Harvin institute which provides content writing courses in Delhi:


This institute teaches over 30 types of content writing.


  • The primary focus of Henry Harvin’s content writing institute is to make students learn to express their ideas in words.
  • Professional training in content writing is offered to the students, for it will help them find earning opportunities right after this course
  • These professional skills include developing language skills and also writing skills which can help one get international clients.
  • Along with content writing, the Henry Harvin content writing institutes the course also helps students to go through practical experiences of content writing.
  • Therefore the students are taught website-making skills to make a basic website or a personal blog.
  • As mentioned above, the syllabus is a mix of all forms of content writing; therefore it involves other presentation methods also.
  • These presentation methods include a graphical representation. This is the reason students at Henry Harvin are taught to design newsletters, ppt, and logos.
  • As content writers, the students are trained enough to perform well in any genre. These students are taught advanced research skill at Henry Harvin that helps these students to write on any given topic.
  • Creating content-based on the type of audience is very important. It is a very necessary strategy for the target audience interested in your niche. The students are taught to generate content according to the targeted audience’s demands.
  • Many of these students could be future content analysts or content marketers, therefore the students a Henry Harvin learn theories and lessons on Effective content strategies.
  • The course is entirely job-oriented, teaches students about the ways to find Freelance projects and assignments in India and also from abroad.


Therefore Henry Harvin institutes of content writing courses in Delhi make it to the second position in the list of best content writing courses in Delhi.



Which Institute Is Better


As mentioned, almost every institute has separate studies and information based on the research. Many content writing courses have come up across the country. In almost every state, every city, one can find plenty of institutes that offer content writing courses.


This makes it difficult to figure out which institute could provide the students with effective results. So, a big question for the people who think of joining such content writing courses in which institutes would have the best syllabus that would help one perform better as a content writer.


This is the reason we are here with the best content writing courses offered by institutes across the country. From the tens of thousands of institutes, these are some of the best, highly rated, and recognized institutions which had provided these content writing courses to hundreds of batches and thousands of students.


Highly experienced faculty and many highly reputed and authentic businesses prefer taking services from these content writing institutes.


Though every institution ever aims to provide their students with valuable information, these mentioned institutions for content writing are just a step ahead in the race providing the students with the best possible information, knowledge, and professional guidance.




  1. What are some topics for the content writing programs in Delhi?

Some important topics for content writing are content creation and management, Google My Business, content scheduling, choosing a profitable niche, affiliate marketing for content creation, content calendar, social media writing, social media tools, content tools, CMS and WordPress, website designing, user interface.


  1. What is the duration of content writing courses in Delhi?

A content writing course is 1-2 months approximately in Delhi. It might extend a little due to internships and other soft skills training.


  1. What is the course fee for a content writing training program in Delhi?

The fee for content writing programs may vary from 12,000  to 25000 approximately in Delhi.





All these institutions are doing a great job. This is the peak time when content writing knowledge and techniques should reach the people who aspire to become writers in the future.


It’s very hard to compare any of these to figure out which institutions offer the best content writing courses in Delhi.  


If the key points and features are considered, IIM Skill makes it to the top of the list of the best content writing courses in Delhi for a reason.


IIM skills being the global leader in content writing courses and certification training outshines amongst the other institutions.


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