Top 5 Online Creative Writing Courses With Placement Assistance

Creative writing has already created a separate space for itself today, and now soaring high with the growth of new avenues, covering a large bunch of writing types. Creative people are also coming forward and expressing their artistic abilities in a completely different manner. If you have the innate feeling to write then, you are at the right place to have detailed knowledge about the Top 5 Renowned Online Creative Writing Courses to start your writing journey.


List of best online creative writing courses


Writing is a type of communication skill, which was used to have a conversation with our friends and family. But, in today’s world, it is defining itself differently and is used by almost all public speakers, organizations, businesses, etc. to connect with the masses.

The only thing to understand is what your audience wants. In this article, you will discover different writing types and on this basis, you can choose whichever form suits you best and also, explore the top 5 renowned online creative writing courses altogether.


Creative Writing

Creative Writing is a style of writing where the creativity of the writer holds the most important position, the way the writer describes any scene, story, or his imagination drives the readers. It existed in ancient times and is now, changing its form with the developing world.

Creative Writing as the name suggests is free from any boundaries and the writer can fully utilize his artistic expression to draw his vivid imagination on paper. Unlike, today’s another significant format, content writing in which the usage of long tail keywords is necessary to get one of the highest rankings on the search engine result pages (SERPs).

There is a myth about creative writing that it has a narrow scope but, you will be surprised to know its diverse fields. Screenwriter, scriptwriter, blogger, copywriter, and many other roles fall under this category.


Why Should You Enroll in a Creative Writing Course?

If you are a keen writer, you may enroll in a creative writing course among the top 5 renowned online creative writing courses. As this provides you an upper edge over others.

  • These courses provide you a clarity of thought while writing.
  • These will help you enhance your writing skills and help you find your unique style of writing.
  • You will become flexible in writing for different genres and topics.
  • This will boost your confidence and help you build your vocabulary, and communication skills.


Main Forms of Writing

In today’s world, the understanding of the most commonly used forms of writing provides you with unique ways to present them and implement them in your writing style. These are Descriptive Writing, Persuasive Writing, Narrative Writing, and Expository Writing.

a) Descriptive Writing

Descriptive writing is put to use whenever there is a scene to describe and the author wants the reader to experience all of his senses and feels himself to be a part of the scene.

b) Persuasive Writing

Persuasive writing is utilized to convince the readers of your opinion about something and back it up with solid evidence. Practiced in journalism while presenting articles and other writing type.

c) Narrative Writing

Narrative writing is storytelling, which means narrating a scene expressing the characters, plot, theme, dialogues, etc. Its central element is to tell a story and can be utilized in fictional and non-fictional writing.

d) Expository Writing

Expository writing is exposing the readers to a piece of new knowledge or information. It is mostly utilized in businesses and educational textbooks. Some of the informative articles or blogs can also be written in this format.


Types of Creative Writing

Creative Writing is spreading its wings and consists of a wide range of writing types today. Some of these are journaling, sketch writing, poems, novellas, etc. Let’s discuss a few of these and build a discerning perspective for the top 5 renowned online creative writing courses.


a) Script Writing

If you want to convey an important message through your podcast, hire a script writer and you are sorted. The scope of script writing is widening because it is no longer written only for films and ads, the social media influencers, podcasters, and storytellers use it daily.

Scriptwriting is also known as Screenwriting. It is written in the form of scenes, dialogues, expressions, etc. for each character in a particular ad, film, or even an online web series.


b) Novella

In the world of creative writing, there exists stories and books of different size and style. From here, a need is felt to segregate some of the most used terms like story, novels, and novellas.

A book lies under the name of Short Story which spans from 1,000 to 15,000 words. Novellas are considered to have 20,000 to 50,000 words whereas if a book exceeds 50,000 words, it is said to be a Novel.


c) Journal

This word is highly popular today because of the purpose for which its use came into existence. People prefer to express their feelings through writing than to tell others so, a variety of journals are available such as morning journals, habit-tracking journals, gratitude journals, affirmations journals, etc.


d) Copywriting

Copywriting is the text written for advertising or marketing purposes. The main purpose of copywriting is to drive sales and with the rise of digital marketing, its scope and techniques have increased. It is also used in verbal form and through emails, captivating slogans in headlines, and catalogs.


e) Blogging

Blogging is a way to connect with others through articles, photographs, and much more on a self-published website. A blog is a more personalized article where one is free to express one’s views and is not written for any specific sales purpose. It helps in bringing people with similar viewpoints together and forming a community.


What Skills Are Required to Pursue a Creative Writing Course?

Before we directly hop onto the top 5 renowned online creative writing courses, we must consider the necessary skills that are required if you want to opt for a writing career. Many of these skills can be polished by the individuals themselves and help them sustain, and progress in their career in leaps and bounds.

  • Reading and Researching abilities are the ones that help you hone your skills and get to know something new, each time you read.
  • If you have an understanding of what is your niche. There is a wide variety of topics to write about, and you must know, what is that one particular topic for you, on which you want to express your imaginative perspective.


This is mainly driven by your passion.

  • Through enough practicing and developing your writing skills, you can push yourself to think out of the box and write something unique, and brand new.
  • Be an excellent observer, this enhances the way you represent your work and provides you with a writing style of your own.
  • Having an emotional connection with the readers or audiences provides you with enough understanding of the way, you should express yourself.


Other best online courses:


List of Top 5 Renowned Online Creative Writing Courses

The Top 5 Renowned Online Creative Writing Courses which are listed below, have been placed here after thorough research and discussion about the course curriculum, duration of the course, and the fee structure.



IIM SKILLS is one of the leading institutes online and ranks no. 1 in its various professional courses. It was founded by Mr. Vaibhav Kakkar and its office is in New Delhi. The Content Writing Course offered by IIM SKILLS is exceptional and popular because of the way it lets the students enhance their skills with distinctive assignments and projects.

This enables them to learn about their mistakes by practically implementing them, allowing the learner to grow as the course proceeds. It offers Creative Writing under the Content Writing Master Course category. Live classroom teaching is conducted with experienced and effective instructors along with 3 months internship.


Content Writing Course Structure:

Module 1: Introduction to Content Writing

Module 2: WordPress Web Development

Module 3: Digital Content (Articles, Blogging, Webpages)

Module 4: Copywriting

Module 5: Marketing Collaterals

Module 6: Email Writing

Module 7: Social Media Writing & Video Scripts

Module 8: Creative Writing

Module 9: SOP & Business Listing

Module 10: Legal Writing

Module 11: Technical Writing 101

Module 12: SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Module 13: Content Marketing

Module 14: Affiliate Marketing & AdSense

Module 15: Freelance Content Writing

Module 16: Resume Writing


IIM SKILLS have transformed the lives of more than 15,000 students and they are known today as experienced writers. Some of the reasons why should you enroll for this course:

  • You will develop the habit of writing daily.
  • Daily assignments and project works will keep a check on your content and specifics.
  • You will get access to free tools worth 35k.
  • You get an opportunity to publish your first e-book on Kindle.
  • You get to publish your articles on, Advisor Uncle, and Times of India during the internship period and this will make you a strong portfolio.
  • Lifetime access


Course duration: 1 Month Course + 3 Months Internship

Course fees: ₹ 14,900 + 18% GST

Contact:, + 91 9580740740


2. Coursera

Coursera is one of the best online course providers and offers a large variety of courses. The educational platform is basically from the US and was founded by Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller in 2012. Coursera has major tie-ups with different organizations and companies to offer certifications and degrees.

Some of its popular courses are Data Analytics, Project Management, UX Design, Science and Technology, Writing courses, etc. It also offers different types of courses, and you get to choose which one to take based on your particular area of interest. For example: if your foremost priority is to write any book or novel, you can enroll in the “Write Your First Novel” course by the instructor, David Wheeler.

The extensive advantage of this course is that its subtitles are available in 20 languages worldwide, making it more comfortable for you. You can easily complete it in approximately 3 weeks. Similarly, you can opt for the “Creative Writing” course by Salvatore Scibona and Amy Bloom, if you want to inculcate a deep understanding of the key concepts and how to write originally.


Course duration: The duration of courses may vary from less than 2 hours to 1-4 years courses.

Course fees: They vary with different course structures and types.


3. British Council India

British Council is one of the first institutes that were established, keeping in mind to focus solely on the growth of art and cultural aspects in the youth. Today, it has grown tremendously and still contributing with its exceptional courses since 1948.


Course Name: Creative Writing Course-Module 1 and Module 2

This course guarantees to give shape to your scattered ideas and imagination. Other tools provided enhance the knowledge of literature, help you find your creative expression, and how to write in different styles. Whichever point you are at, in the field of writing, this will become a boon for you. Certification is being provided at the end of the course.


Course Duration: 9 weeks

Course fees: ₹ 10,000

An additional Discount of 10% is applicable if you have access to their library.



4. Udemy

Udemy is emerging as an online ed-tech learning platform, which has more than 64 million users, over 2 lakh courses, and over 75,000 instructors. It has its headquarters in San Francisco, California, and was founded by Eren Bali, Gagan Biyani, and Oktay Caglar in May 2010.

There is a whole range of courses available on Udemy in various languages. This makes it easily accessible for users from distinct backgrounds. The courses available are both in free and paid format. Because of the above reasons, Udemy provides one of the top 5 renowned online creative writing courses. Among the most famous ones are Python, Java, Microsoft Excel, SEO, Creative Writing, etc.

Brian Jackson’s Creative Writing Course will get you started with learning from the basics and building the storyline, and sentence structures slowly and steadily. After taking this course, you will be competent enough to self-publish your book on Amazon and write a simple non-fiction book, with proficiency in grammar and punctuation.


Course Structure: 294 lectures in separate 38 sections

Course Fees: ₹ 1,299


All the Udemy courses have full lifetime access.

Secret Sauce of Great Writing is a free course on Udemy, but the best one. Taught by Shani Raja, he has written for The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Financial Times, and Bloomberg News. Here, you will learn to identify your weaknesses, the ways to make your content stand out, and to write with simplicity, clarity, and elegance.


Course Duration: 41 mins


5. Skillshare

A community to learn online and explore your creative potential. It was founded in November 2010 in New York City, New York. The focus of courses on skillshare is more on the interaction between the instructor and the learner. The courses entail creative writing, technology, entrepreneurship, lifestyle, etc. There are monthly and annual premium memberships available, along with a trial for one month.

The most rated and loved creative writing courses are Copywriting for Beginners by Jessey Forrest, Creative Writing: Crafting Personal Essays with Impact by Roxane Gay, and Creative Writing for All: A 10-day Journaling Challenge by Emily Gould.


Course duration: 30 minutes to more than 1 hour


Recommended Reads:


How to Refine Creative Writing?

There are a lot of things or skills you can develop yourself with the right amount of information, alongside pursuing a course from the top 5 renowned online creative writing courses. These are:

a) Read

Reading is an integral part of the writing process. Through reading different genre books, you get to expand your knowledge and awareness level. It exposes you to varied writing styles and language, which guides you to write uniquely and express yourself in a much better way, each time you write.

b) Writing daily

As you have learned from our elders “Things that you practice daily tend to grow faster”. Similar is the case for writing skills as well. Inculcate writing in your daily life, you can read on a particular topic and then, gather those ideas together or journal or diary writing, whichever feels good to you.

c) Observe

The person who speaks less, observes more- if you enhance your observation power, you will have a different outlook toward a particular thing or in life. This shift will help you discover things on a deeper and discrete level.

d) Practice Rewriting

I have experienced this myself we often wish to write a poem or article in one go, but there is a possibility of improving it if we rewrite it. You can eliminate a word or a line, even replace it with a more empowered and enhanced one.

e) Use Literary Tools

There are ample amount of literary tools available in the English language such as simile, metaphor, alliteration, idioms & phrases, etc. Usage of these tools enhances the quality of your writing and provides you with an edge over others.

f) Writing Workshops

To keep yourself upgrading and updating with the trends and growing avenues, it is essential to expose yourself to a writing community. Be open to positive criticism and also grasp new ideas.


Frequently Asked Questions- Online Creative Writing Courses

As we approach the end of the article, let’s discuss some of the simple but relevant questions that will play a significant part in letting you choose from the top 5 renowned online creative writing courses.


Question- How can I enhance my writing skills?

Each one of us has creativity within, you just need to polish it regularly. By being consistent in writing, you can easily develop your unique style. Start by aggregating your thoughts on a particular topic of your interest, organize them, and little by little, you will start mentoring yourself. Read a lot of books, this will enhance your knowledge and help you gather different types of information.


Question- Who can choose to take up the top renowned online creative writing courses?

Any person irrespective of his academic or professional background can choose from the top 5 renowned online creative writing courses. As it depends on your passion or the writing skills, that you have and not on what you have done to date.


Question- What is the scope of creative writing in the future?

There has been an immense rise in the job opportunities of creative writing. And thus, the number of avenues under creative writing is also expanding. You can choose whatever suits you well. You can be a freelance content writer, content creator, or even a copywriter.


Question- How does creative writing influence our communication skills?

To write effectively, you must have a strong hold on your vocabulary, sentence structure, idioms & phrases, punctuation, grammar, and many more things. So, if you are practicing writing daily, you will surely come across new words, synonyms, phrases, etc. and then you can incorporate these into your conversations. Thus, enhancing your communication skills.


Conclusion: Top 5 Renowned Online Creative Writing Courses

If you are someone who is passionate about writing and with your innovative vision, wish to move further and build a beautiful career in creative writing, then, you must go with what your heart is saying. But you should be well-driven to polish your skills, boost your vocabulary, learn different SEO techniques and all that is the need of today, to have a rewarding career in this field. The employment rate is anticipated to increase by 9% from 2020 to 2030 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (US).

So, the job opportunities for writers, authors, copywriters, bloggers, and many more are also expected to rise. Follow your unique tips and tricks and along with these, the above article about the top 5 renowned online creative writing courses will help you accomplish your goals and bring out the best in you.

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