Top 10 Online Financial Modeling Courses In India

Online financial modeling courses in India provide you with the benefits of acquiring advanced knowledge of finance for better job opportunities while learning from the convenience of their own space and at your own time. You can continue with your job or studies and still be able to gain expertise and add to your skillsets in your resume through intensive financial modeling training programs. 


Online Financial Modeling Courses In India


Demand for Financial modeling experts has gained momentum over the past few years. Financial Modeling skills are today considered one of the most in-demand qualities for a finance professional. Financial models enable a business to make sagacious decisions to accomplish its business mission, and objectives by taking into account historical data, and analyzing crucial financial statements. 


Your journey in this dynamic but complex career path becomes easier if you enroll in a financial modeling course while pursuing your studies or your career. It helps to considerably strengthen your cv and gives you the proper exposure to network with corporate organizations, and show them your business strategy and analysis skills. Online financial modeling courses in India empower you to make lucrative career decisions and showcase your business acumen. 



Here are the top 10 online financial modeling courses in India that offer high-grade training in various facets of financial modeling. 




If you want to upgrade your knowledge and become a prolific financial modeler, IIM SKILLS is your go-to institute. IIM SKILLS is a leading Institute known for premium quality professional courses in different disciplines including content writing, digital marketing, technical writing, business accounting, and taxation. 


They conduct one of the most intensive financial modeling courses in India replete with live projects, experiential learning methodology incorporating the latest components included in the curriculum, and globally accredited certifications. 


Course Name – Financial Modeling Course 

Course Fee – Rs 39,900+ taxes

Course Duration – 4 Months  


Course Topics 


  • Fundamentals Of Excel 
  • Advanced Excel Concepts 
  • Formatting Data 
  • Table Functions
  •  Accounting Concepts 
  • Financial Statements 
  • Interlinking Different Financial Statements 
  • Annual Report 
  • Management Discussion & Analysis 
  • Ratio Analysis 
  • Dupont Formula 
  • Valuation Ratios 
  • Treasury Stock Method 
  • Financial Summary 
  • Basics Of Financial Modeling Strategy 
  • Structure Of The Financial Model 
  • Three Statements Projection Model 
  • Private Equity 
  • Return Model 
  • Modern Acquisition Model 
  • Cash Flow Model 
  • Business Valuation 
  • Discounted Cash Flow Model
  • LBO Model 
  • Multi-factor Model And Many More

With incisive practical training on all these concepts and emphasis on Excel, IIM SKILLS ensures that you can comprehend real-world problems of the corporate sector and provide a realistic analysis of their situation and solve the issues plaguing any corporate organization.


Some of the skills that you gain with the IIM SKILLS Online Financial Modeling Course are delineated below:


  • Efficiently handling MS Excel 
  • analytical skills
  • Solving critical issues 
  • Communication skills 
  • Presentation skills 
  • Devising profitable business strategies 
  • Collating data 
  • Creating presentations to convey information smoothly 
  • Integrating important financial statements provides a 360-degree solution to business problems.


Known for being one of the best institutes for post-course assistance, the institute offers lifetime access to the financial modeling content including recorded sessions, study materials, case studies, and a plethora of important features unique to the institute. You also have a prompt help desk that connects you with mentors as and when you require suggestions, advice, and tips. 


The course is a perfect fit for chartered accountants, graduates, from commerce and Finance backgrounds, professionals from the Finance departments, business administrators, lawyers, engineers, mathematics, and statistics graduates. 


Contact : 9911839503, 



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2. NSE India 


NSE India is one of the top institutes offering online financial courses in India. They are a pioneer Institute that helps to give direction to several talented professionals brimming with enthusiasm and passion to make a mark in the financial sector. 


Course Name – Certification in Financial Modeling

Course Duration – 10+ Hours

Course Fee – INR 9000


This certificate in financial modeling is an intensive training comprising 59 videos and more than 10 hours of premium content. The certification has lifetime validity with the online course helping to develop an understanding of the essence of financial modeling. You learn how to successfully create strategies to provide solutions to the real-life issues of business organizations. 


Course Curriculum


  •  Study Of Financial Statements 
  • Types Of Financial Model 
  • Building Financial Models 
  • Financial Statement Analysis 
  • Valuation Methods 
  • Financial Modeling 
  • Case Studies And Assignments


You have supplementary study materials, and assessment tests to determine your strong points and areas of challenge. The course is aimed at business administrators, chartered accountants, commerce students, financial analysts, equity research analysts, and working professionals who want to explore more lucrative job opportunities.


Contact: You can connect with them through their website. 


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3. Udemy


Udemy is a reputed Institute known for conducting several professional courses in a plethora of subjects. Keeping up with their mission to impart knowledge in different disciplines, they have diverse courses on financial modeling. They are one of the most reliable platforms for online financial modeling courses in India. 


Some of their courses in the financial modeling domain are as follows:

  • Financial Budgeting And Forecasting In Excel 
  • Financial Modeling And Valuation Beginning To Pro 
  • Financial Modeling Building 
  • DCF Valuation Model Course 
  • Introduction To Financial Modeling For Beginners 
  • Financial Modeling For Business Analysts And Consultants 
  • Financial Modeling For Different Industries


All of these courses offer a rigorous understanding of financial modeling to implement in real projects.


Course Name – Financial Modeling For Beginners 


Course Price -3499 ( check the site for the latest course price. Udemy offers discounts and offers on their courses frequently)


This course is conducted by Symon He, and Brandon Young, two financial experts who have made their mark in the finance sector. 


Course Topics Include 


  • Finance And Accounting Principles 
  • Excel Features And Techniques 
  • Building Financial Forecast Models 
  • Financial Reporting Models 
  • Financial Decision-making Models 
  • Understanding Different Financial Statements 
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Rectifying Formula Errors 
  • External Data 
  • Pivot Tables And Pivot Charts
  •  Workbook 
  • Worksheet Security And Many More

The course as it suggests is ideal for beginners and people who want to master the skills of Excel. You learn all about accounting and MS Excel features so that it is easy for you to imbibe the more advanced concepts. 


Contact: Log in to their website and buy the course that is suited to you. 


4. Coursera


Coursera is a coveted ed-tech platform that helps to upskill in several disciplines. This educational platform conducts many courses that range from beginner to expert levels. Based on your requirements for a topic, you can take up any course. Whether you are a novice or a professional with some years of experience Coursera has courses for all. 


They offer high-grade online financial modeling courses in India to equip Indian professionals with the requisite knowledge of business strategy, and financial modeling that will help them not to just work in India, but to apply for jobs on a global level. 


Course Name – Business and Financial Modeling Specialization


The business and financial modeling specialization course is designed by Wharton to help you understand different financial modeling techniques, investment analysis, company valuation, spreadsheet models, forecasting, and financial statements. 

The course familiarizes you with business jargon, terms, and concepts. The course enables you to understand the nuances of creating accurate financial models and using data to build scenarios and predict the performance of a company with conviction. 


The five courses in this financial modeling specialization are as follows:


  • Fundamentals of Quantitative Modeling
  • Introduction to Spreadsheets and Models
  • Modeling Risk and Realities 
  • Decision-making and Understanding Scenarios
  • Business and Financial Modeling Capstone


The course is offered by the University of Pennsylvania and helps you master the skills that will open up immense opportunities in the financial domain for you. You have the choice of completing just one course even if you enroll for the specialization that comprises 5 courses.


Skills that you become proficient in by the end of the course are as follows:


  • Microsoft Excel 
  • Linear programming 
  • Linear regression 
  • Probabilistic models 
  • Regression analysis 
  • Cash flow simulation
  • Monte Carlo Method 
  • Risk assessment 
  • Cultivating solver mindset


Contact: You can pursue the course by logging in or signing up with Coursera. 


5. Financial Edge 


Financial Edge is a renowned platform offering diverse courses in the finance niche. They have courses in accounting, markets & products, mergers & acquisitions, corporate finance, asset management, and Project Finance. They also provide a variety of online financial modeling courses in India starting from beginner level to Pro level. You have level 1, level 2, and level 3 certifications that help you to become a prolific financial modeler. 


Their Courses in online financial modeling are enumerated below: 


  • Excel for Financial Modeling and Data Analysis
  • Bank Modeling and Valuation 
  • Insurance Modeling and valuation 
  • project financier 
  • The Modeler
  • Three Statement Modeling with Iterations, and more 


Let’s look at the Excel Efficiency Course in detail 


Course Fee – Rs 5119 (tax included)


The course is for 9 hours with 10 topics, 35 + practical exercises, and lifetime access to the content. 


Course content


  • Introduction To Excel Advanced 
  • Formatting Text And Data Functions 
  • Data Extraction 
  • Sensitivity Data Tables 
  • Database Analysis 
  • Macros Introduction 
  • Exploring Different Models.


The course will provide you with extensive knowledge of Excel worksheets and you will be able to facilitate growth for the business and increase the overall productivity with Excel worksheets.

Moreover, the institute is eminently known for imparting Excel skills to global investment banks. Hence they are well equipped to help you with understanding the powerful functions of excel and how to become a prolific financial professional able to smoothly navigate through excel. 


Contact: You can sign up on the website and start learning


6. Alison Learning 


Alison learning is a reputable online education platform offering top online financial modeling courses in India.

Some of their courses are as follows:


  • Financial Modeling Decision making and Business Planning
  • Introduction to Finance and Financial Analysis
  • Introduction to Financial Statements
  • Valuation and Investing Course


Course Details – Financial Modeling Decision Making and Business Planning


This is a free online course that explains to you the entire decision-making and strategy process in financial modeling. The course is for a duration of 3 to 4 hours and provides valuable insight into financial modeling and the types and implementation of financial models. 

The customer acquisition model, and product and labor cost model are some of the concepts explained in the course. You also get knowledge of implementing MS Excel for Business models and how to navigate excel and create a viable business model. 


Contact: Log in to the platform, explore the various courses on financial modeling and sign up for one that meets your requirements. 



7. LinkedIn


LinkedIn is today one of the most popular career platforms for online financial modeling courses in India. 


Course Name – Financial Modeling Foundation

It is a three-hour course and is aimed at beginners and intermediates to help them make informed decisions while creating financial models. The course will offer you training on creating financial models for investment banking, portfolio management, commercial banking, corporate finance, and project finance portfolios. You learn the essentials of the DCF model, acquisition model, Leveraged buyout model, and investment banking models. You implement them on Excel thereby gaining proficiency in Excel as well. 




  • Financial Modeling Fundamentals 
  • Corporate Financial Modeling 
  • Three Statement Model 
  • DCF Model 
  • Banking Model 
  • Buy-Out Model 
  • Financial Modeling Across Different Industries 
  • Building Models In Maintaining Them. 


There are 9 quizzes and two assignments that you need to finish to get the certification of completion. The course is available on tablets and phones. Since LinkedIn is one of the most relevant platforms for career and business today, a certification from LinkedIn can go a long way to give your career the required boost. 


8. Wharton Business And Financial Modeling


This financial modeling and capstone project from Wharton will give you in-depth knowledge of diverse topics on finance investment, financial Modeling, and summary statistics. 

Here you will create and implement quantitative models in Excel sheets to understand how to minimize risk and crisis and explore the best opportunities for the growth and prosperity of a business. 

With your business acuity and decision-making skills, this course will help you to create a PowerPoint presentation incorporating your ideas for the course of action. You will also learn the importance of data and data analysis and how it can lead to important business decisions. 


The course comprises 4 weeks of meticulous training that will help to bolster your skills in financial Modeling and business strategy like never before. 


The course is conducted as follows


In week 1, you will get an overview of the business and financial modeling course. All concepts like historical data, financial statements, summary statistics, and individual returns will be covered this week. 


Week 2 will help you develop foundation skills and data for your project. You will use the spreadsheet and implementation skills to create the first steps of the project report including summary statistics and other financial details. This week has 6 videos of approximately 100 minutes and two quizzes. 

The topics for the videos include an overview and use of models, qualitative modeling, quantitative modeling, building an optimization model, working with a spreadsheet, and implementing formulas. 


Week 3 comprises 7 videos and one quiz. You create optimal portfolios and use all resources available to move further into the project. 


Week 4 is an optional exercise with the Capital asset pricing model (CAPM)


Week 5 is capital asset allocation and completing your final presentation. 


This is regarded as one of the best training programs in online financial modeling courses in India due to its thorough curriculum, well-structured, customized syllabus, and mentors who are experts in their field. You get financial aid for the courses and can apply for them subject to terms and conditions. 


Contact: This specialization is available on Coursera individually or with 4 other Specializations whichever you prefer. 


9. CFI


Corporate Finance Institute offers a certified financial Modeling and valuation analyst course that covers financial modeling and offers soft skills training, knowledge of tools, and techniques to become an efficient financial modeler. 


Corporate Finance Institute is one of the top online financial modeling courses in India with 29 courses rolled into one program. You have 1500+ chapters with 170 + interactive practical assignments. Guided by expert instructors, you get special classes based on the areas which need a little more polishing. After the completion of the course, you get a blockchain certificate. 


Course topics include the following:


  • Accounting Fundamentals 
  • Analyzing Financial Statements 
  • Excel Formulas 
  • Corporate Finance Fundamentals 
  • Capital IQ Fundamentals 
  • Macabacus Fundamentals 
  • Accounting Principles 
  • Financial Analysis 
  • Three Statement 
  • Financial Model 
  • Business Valuation 
  • Budgeting And Forecasting
  • Powerpoint 
  • Pitch Books 
  • Professional Ethics 
  • Data Visualization Modeling
  • Case Studies 
  • Corporate And Business Strategy 
  • Advanced Excel Functions And Many More.

After completion of the course, you get your certification delineating your achievements. You can have your certificate in an online format or physical format to be mailed to your address. 


10. Imarticus Learning 


Imarticus Learning is one of the best choices for online financial modeling courses in India. The course is conducted in collaboration with KPMG and enables you to kickstart your career in different financial domains like investment banking, private equity, and corporate finance. 


It is a highly-rated curriculum and includes live immersive training. 


Course Name – Financial Analysis Prodegree

Course Duration – 180+ hours 


Course Curriculum


  • Accounting And Financial Modeling 
  • Valuation And Corporate Strategy 
  • Equity Research 
  • Merger And Acquisition
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • DCF Model 


In the 4 months of intensive training, the institute helps you to have a 360-degree knowledge of financial models. 6 challenging real-world assignments help you to implement financial models and display your prowess as a financial modeler. 

The learning management system has all the information including course materials and class recordings. This industry-specific, job-oriented curriculum helps you to transition into a prolific financial modular giving wings to your aspirations. 


The projects and case studies include Project Blue Nile, Merger and Acquisition Pitch Presentation, corporate strategy, accounting, and ratios. 



FAQs on online financial modeling courses in India


1. Are there internship opportunities after online financial modeling courses?

Institute offering financial modeling courses offer internship opportunities. This can be two ways. The Institute itself offers internship and practical training or they connect you with organizations that conduct internship drives. This can also help you network and get to know the industry better as well as work towards your goal of finding a coveted financial modeling job profile.


2. Why should I take up financial modeling?

The advantages of enrolling in a financial modeling course are multitudinous. You learn to understand a business better and get apprised of the minutest of components to the vital ones that encompass a business. You also are able to evaluate the assets and abilities of the business, minimize risk, and decide on fund requirements and strategies on how to get quick outputs. 


After completion of financial modeling courses, you gain the skills to create far more accurate financial budgets. If you want to climb the ladder of success in the finance and corporate world, the financial modeling course gives you the impetus to apply for more lucrative job profiles in the financial domain.


3. What is the eligibility for an online financial modeling course?

There are no prerequisites to enrolling in a financial modeling course as far as degrees are concerned. However, it might vary from institute to institute. Some institutes keep the eligibility cut off as 10 + 2 while others require a bachelor’s Degree certification in any discipline. People with an inclination in business, mathematics, finance, and accounting have a greater chance of success in understanding, implementing, and executing financials but people from other professional and educational backgrounds can also opt for this course.


4. Can I pursue financial modeling with my studies ( graduation or post-graduation)

A financial modeling course can be pursued with your studies effortlessly. You only have to dedicate a few hours every day to financial modeling course to be able to understand the concepts clearly. People pursuing graduation/ postgraduation studies can easily apply and join a financial modeling course to further bolster their CVS and explore more career avenues once their education is complete.


5. What subjects are vital in the financial modeling course?

Topics covered in the financial modeling course are budgeting, forecasting, integrating statements, understanding best practices of financial modeling, planning and preparing a conducive and flexible model, capital allocation, operating profits, and integrated cash flow model among others.


6. Are Financial Modeling courses conducted in India?

Financial modeling is a globally recognized topic that incorporates diverse concepts of the financial structure of a business to create an organized financial document for more clarity on the activities of the organization. There are several financial modeling courses conducted in India by eminent Institutes. These offer certificates in financial Modeling and it’s core topics like investment banking, equity valuation, and more. The curriculum is vast and provides you with conclusive knowledge of financial modeling for small businesses, startups, and big corporate organizations.


7. What is the average salary for financial modelers in India? 

The average salary for financial modulus in India with 4-5 years of experience varies from 8 lacs to 11 lakhs per year. 


Final thoughts on top online financial modeling courses in India


Now that you have the compilation of the best online financial modeling courses in India you will have a fair idea of what these institutes offer in terms of the curriculum, and special features including internships, placement, and soft skills training. Hopefully, this will help you take your first step of enrolling in a financial modeling course that aligns with your requirements and expectations from the same.

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