Top 5 Best Online Content Writing Courses

Content plays a vital role in digital marketing. Good content acts as an effective tool in digital marketing to grab the target audience. Good content helps to communicate well about the product and also gives a clear picture of it. Having a strong digital presence helps to build brand trust and will further attract clients. The need for professional marketing writing emerges that will act as a bridge between the business officials and the audience. Professional content writers are in great demand. They are hired to produce high-quality sales copy, blogs, articles, and social media posts. Many institutions provide online content writing courses. We have picked the top 5 online content writing courses for you.


List of best online content writing courses


What is The Need For Online Content Writing Courses?


Content has occupied an important space in the digital sphere. All the business professionals hire content writers who have the potential to create consistent and high-quality content to increase traffic. After the introduction of SEO and digitalization of the market, content has become the most effective way to get your brand known to the target audience. Good content keeps your audience engaged.


The useful information delivered through clear and crisp content helps the audience participate in your back and ensure they come back again for more. A business professional who invests in content writing views it as a kind of investment to yield conversions and customer loyalty. In the digital world, good content for your brand or product sets a strong online presence. Good quality content includes:


Types of Content


Different kinds of content reach customers in various fields of the sales funnel. It is important to know about different fields where the content is delivered online to the target destination. Below are the types of content you should be aware of to better understand content delivered on different platforms.


  • Email Newsletters: This allows you to directly connect with your subscribers through their email accounts.
  • Social Media Posts: You can share updates and information related to your business with the online community or followers.
  • Web Page Copy: It helps to serve the purpose of explaining more about your company, the product, and the services provided.
  • Landing Page Copy: This kind of content is used to share information about any event, product, or special offer worthy of a landing page.
  • Video Scripts: This helps you share particular information or sale. This can also act as promotional content in a video format.
  • White Papers: This kind of content helps you to share industry-specific information. This includes features of a product or service. Through white papers, you can also suggest ways your company can solve problems.
  • Blog Posts: These are short forms of content that provide valuable information about some specific topic.
  • E-Books: Unlike blog posts, these are long-form content that provides an informational guide or resource on a particular topic.
  • Informational Articles: This is also long-form content that delivers knowledge of value to your target audience.
  • Press release: This type of content is meant to share promotional content or any update of your company with new outlets.
  • Product Descriptions: You can share information with your customers about your products and services online, through e-commerce stores, or with third-party services.


Career Opportunities For Content Writers:


There is a great scope for content writers to flourish in their field. In the digital world where everything functions in online mode or via the internet there is a great demand for content writers that are increasing day by day. Anyone having good communication and writing skills can opt for the profession.


However, an individual with a degree in English literature or journalism and mass communication is mostly preferred in this field. There are a lot of online content writing courses that nurture the individual’s potential and make them certified content writers by providing them with industry experience.


After completing their content writing course they are job-ready to apply for various positions as content writers. You can even opt or become a freelance writer or a full-time blogger or content creator. The career opportunities for a content writer are as follows:


  • Research writer – The job of the research writer is to take complex ideas and through proper research work convert them into layman’s easily comprehendible language.


  • Medical writer – A medical writer applies clinical research and elucidates medical-related information and communicates the scientific data to a myriad audience.


  • Technical Writer – This is one of the jobs that pay you well and is also in great demand in the industry. Their job is to direct and explain a specific subject. Their job includes all documentation like reports, white papers, handbooks, procedures, datasheets, proposals, manuals, etc.


  • Copywriter – This is another in the list that pays you well in the field of content writing. As a copywriter, you need a lot of creative thinking to create the creative content that you are going to sell. The main goal of the copywriter is to create content that promotes the USP(unique selling proposition).


  • Creative Writer – When we talk about content writing the immediate career option that comes to our mind is that of a content writer. The job of a creative writer is to create content that evokes the five senses of the reader. The content writer in his content projects his own emotions, opinions, feelings, and thoughts.


  • Blogger – Blogging is the other name for diary writing at an advanced level. It can vary from et to corporate blog. When you owe a personal blog it acts as your niche where you reflect on your thought process. In the case of a corporate blog, you need to follow their requirement and create content to promote their brand.


  • Web Content Writer – Working as a web content writer you need to do the job of blogger, copywriter, and freelancer together on one platform. These include creating emails, blogs, reports, reviews, newsletters, and information-related content.


  • Business Writers – In digital marketing, business writers are in great demand. Their job is to deal with business plans, proposals, project reports, business letters, presentations, campaigns, resume writing, etc.


  • Academic Writer – There is a huge demand for academic writers in foreign countries. The college students hire an academic writer to work on their research papers and summarize them. It is one of the rapidly emerging professions.


  • Social Media Manager – Almost all business is active on social media. Business professionals hire people to manage their social media accounts to achieve their presence on social media. Their job also includes managing advertising campaigns.


  • Content Editor and Proofreader – To make your content presentable in the market it should be well-edited and proofread before publishing. A content Editor and Proofreader should be well versed with grammar, sentence structure, SEO, marketing, and editing styles to make the content look sophisticated and presentable. There is a great demand for editors and proofreaders be it in a media industry, publishing house, or brand companies.


There are a lot of online content writing courses that offer you certification along with internship programs. These institutes too have a dedicated placement cell. There are certain skills required in the process of content writing that includes planning, writing, editing web content, writing a blog post, scripting for videos, and preparing content for social media posts. These skills can be developed by pursuing writing courses by some best online content writing courses by renowned institutions.


We Have Picked 5 Online Content Writing Courses for You and Discussed Them Below:


1. IIM Skills


The content writing master course by IIM Skills is one of the top-picked online content writing courses. They offer lifetime support by trained experts in this field. The modules are designed in such a way that you can master all forms of content, long and short.


Course NameContent Writing Course

Duration of the Course – 4 Weeks + (3 Months Internship)

Course Fee – Rs. 14900 + 18% GST


Curriculum – The curriculum of the content writing master course is specially designed by experts that molds your skill and gives practical exposure to how to work as a content writer for an industry. The curriculum has the following modules:


  • Web development(Module 1)
  • UI UX Interface(Blog Creation)(Module 2)
  • Introduction to Content Writing(Module 3)
  • Content Keyword Research(Module 4)
  • Start Writing Content(Module 5)
  • Content Writing Tools(Module 6)
  • Duplicate Content Detector(Module 7)
  • Content Distribution Using Email(Module 8)
  • Google Local Page Set Up(Module 9)
  • Content Marketing Using Social Media(Module 10)
  • Explore Social Media Tools(Module 11)
  • Freelance Content Writing(Module 12)


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Learning Outcomes:

The key takeaways of the content writing master course at IIM Skills are-

  • Writing every day will become your habit.
  • You will be able to write more efficiently and unleash your creativity as a writer.
  • You can distinguish between creative writing and web writing.
  • Learn different types of content.
  • Learn about the significance of research and apply it practically.
  • Understand the significance of headlines and also learn how to create them.
  • You will be able to design your website and create your platform to post it.
  • Learn some designing skills.
  • Learn about the importance of SEO (Search engine optimization) and also learn how to create SEO -friendly content.
  • Create engaging, easy to read, and grammatical-free content.
  • Learn to use different types of tools like keyword planner, Grammarly, Kindle, etc.
  • Learn to distribute content after completing.
  • Get first-hand experience in content writing through the internship program and make your job-ready.


Here is the most genuine guide to – Is IIM SKILLS Fake?


For more info you can contact:


Contact no: 991183950


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2. Udemy


Udemy holds a very significant position when it comes to online courses. It has changed the phenomenon of learning by providing multiple courses to learn online on a single platform. It is doing a great job of making learning possible and accessible for all individuals. Udemy is one of the reputed institutions that provide online content writing courses too.


It has occupied a global position in the market of teaching and learning. It has an added benefit of global industry experts as instructors. The course is designed with teaching videos, and assignments. They also provide you with teaching resources that can be easily downloaded.  Along with certification of completion, you will also get access to the course for a lifetime. Udemy has both free and paid courses.


Course Name: Copywriting/ Blogging/ Content Writing

Course Fees: Rs. 444


This course helps students to be better writers and write efficiently. You will be able to write persuasive marketing copy and viral headlines and learn hacks and tools to write better.


Course Name: Ninja Writing (The Four Levels of Writing Mastery).

Course Fees – Rs. 486


 You will master writing skills in this course. You will be taught by mentors to create spellbinding writing, and tap into the power of narrative, paragraphs, sentences, and words.


For more details email:


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3. Coursera


Coursera is another platform in online learning that provides multi-subject courses in various languages. The courses are offered by different world-class universities and companies. They are taught by top professionals or experts. With Coursera, you experience the flexibility of learning hours, affordability of the course, and certification after the completion of the online course.


Coursera is among the affordable online content writing courses with comfort at your home. Under the category of content writing some best content writing courses are as follows:


Course Names


– The Strategy of Content Marketing

The course is offered with a partnership between Copyblogger and the US Davis University of California. The course deals with the in-depth strategies of content marketing, writing skills, and compelling copywriting.


 – Content Strategy for Professionals Specialization

The course is offered by Northwest University. Five specialized courses under it have high ratings. It focuses on the target audience and their engagement through different ways like storytelling, content management, and multi-channel digital marketing.


For more details about the course email @


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4. Skillshare


Skillshare is another community that offers online content writing courses and allows you to explore your creativity. They too provide courses from all walks of life. It can be creative, business, technology, or lifestyle. You can sign up for free on Skillshare and get access to 1000+ free classes.


Learning with Skillshare becomes fun and self-paced. It has almost 585 results in the content writing segment. You can choose the content writing course as per your requirement or interest. Some of the online content writing courses by Skillshare are:


Name of the Courses


– Complete Web Content Writing Masterclass 2019

It consists of five parts and gets in core knowledge of web writing. Part 1 deals with the home page content whereas part 2 deals with the About Us Page. Part 3 dwells on writing blog posts. Part 4 is all about e-commerce and business. Lastly, Part 5 teaches you about offers within the sales copy.


– 10X Marketing: Content Marketing that stands out and gets results.

This course teaches you how to develop a content marketing strategy that is competition-free. This is one of the must-take courses that provide you with tips and techniques from the co-founder of the CEO of Co-schedule.


For more info, you can


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5. Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin is another among the top picked online content writing courses recognized by the American Association of EFL, Content Writing Association of India, UK Certified, UKAF, MSME, and Government of India. Henry Harvin avails you of the benefit of learning from industry experts. It has more than 180 Corporate Partners and 110+ College Partners.


Course Name – Content Writing Course

Duration of the course – 40 hours of the live online interactive classroom session.


Course Fee – Rs. 15750


Curriculum– The course curriculum of content writing by Henry Harvin is as follows:

  • Language Skills( Module 1)
  • Internet Skills( Module 2)
  • Blog, Business, and Marketing Writing( Module 3)
  • Content Strategy( Module 4)
  • Technical and research writing( Module 5)
  • Academic Writing( Module 6)
  • Creative Writing( Module 7)
  • Copywriting(Module 8)
  • Email Writing(Module 9)
  • Legal Writing(Module 10)
  • Earn online and get international projects(Module 11)
  • Stimulated Content Writing Projects(Module 12)
  • Soft Skills Development( Complementary Module 1)
  • Resume Writing(Complementary Module 2)


Learning Outcomes: The takeaways after completing the online content writing course at Henry Harvin are:

  • You will be able to write more than 30 types of content and start earning with online projects.
  • Develop the skill to convert your thoughts into words and attract readers.
  • Learn to write as experienced professional content writing as per the standards of the industry.
  • Develop language skills and write for international clients.
  • Learn to use graphic skills and design newsletters, PPTs, logos, etc.
  • You will be able to write on any topic of your choice.
  • Learn to build an effective content strategy to keep your target audience engaged.
  • Learn how to get freelance projects from India, the US, UK and how to avoid the risk of bad debt getting international payment.


For more info contact:

Email –

Contact no -91- 9891953953




1.    Will I be getting 100% placement after I complete content writing?

Many institutions have placement cells that notify you about the available job opportunities from time to time. These institutes also help you in building your portfolio.


2.    How can I start my career as a content writer?

The best way is to enroll in any intensive content writing training course. Thereafter, you can create your website and write good quality and SEO-friendly content to get more visibility.


3.    Does freelance content writing pay you well?

Starting your career as a freelance content writer is a great option. Freelance content writers are paid well and making good money as per the survey.




Content Writing jobs have set up a new trend in the present scenario. This field has no limits as it is very vast. But there is no shortcut to it. You need to focus on your writing skills along with the usage of some technical tools to be updated in the market. The above-discussed online content writing courses provide you with a digital platform to pursue the course at your ease. They give maximum exposure to their candidates on practical knowledge based on current trends.


Content writing as a career also demands hard work on the part of the writer like in other professions to build a stable career in this field. This profession also comes with the risk of failure. In terms of money, content writers are even earning more than 2lakhs a month. This proves that content writing as a career has a lot of scopes if worked with dedication. Everyday content changes with the need of the market and hence it can cope with the requirement of the market you can sustain yourself as a content writer.


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