Top 8 Online Business Accounting and Taxation Courses

Filing tax returns and planning finances- this is where people run behind accountants (consultants or auditors). The subcontinent’s dramatic economical and industrial growth has opened room for thousands of business options. From IT companies to a 50 sq. ft. grocery store, all business organizations must follow the tax guidelines issued by the government. So, each startup or business needs an expert in this particular field. Aspiring to grab one such job? Confused about the course eligibility and selection? Then you are at the right spot. This article details the top 8 online business accounting and taxation courses.


List of best online business accounting and taxation courses


Business Accounting


The accounting process involves recording and analyzing the financial statements of a company or organization. The financial data are interpreted and presented by an individual or a team. For instance, a multinational company may hire a team of 10 to 20 people while a small electric shop would be sufficient with one accountant.


The recorded documents give information on cash flow, transactions made, annual expenditure, and profit. In simple terms, business accounting is the key procedure to be followed in every company. The detailed report helps the owner to make smart decisions. The account summary can be previewed before initiating a new curriculum or business plan.


With the financial statements in hand, the company can analyze future growth and capital requirements. The documents are obliged to the federal and state laws. Accounting doesn’t stop with the documentation and interpretation of a company’s finance. The field is divided into many sub-topics or areas as listed below:


  • Financial Accounting
  • Auditing
  • Management Accounting
  • Taxation
  • Information systems
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Political Accounting




Tax is the obligatory financial charge that an individual or organization pays the government.  Everyone around the globe has a set of taxation rules to be followed. Imposing tax is not a modern term for the human population. Ancient rulers laid taxes on their countrymen based on a person’s income, land availability, and livestock capacity.


When digging through history, Egyptian culture is known to have the first taxation record. Each county has its very own established tax laws. Indian citizens are instructed to file their tax returns to the income tax department, annually. The tax paid is used for the educational, infrastructural, and medical development of the country.


This allocation of state and central improvement schemes is done by the Ministry of Finance. The company gets punished by the law when there is a failure in the former practice. New-age laws impose taxes on income, wealth, workforce, property, goods & services, tariffs (import or export tax), and financial transactions.


The taxation process deals with income source identification and filing the same. On the other hand, business accounting includes all financial details. Learning taxation can help in understanding the basic rules and regulations prevailing in the current trend.


Career Options After Business Accounting and Taxation (BAT) Course


Tax, accounts, financial statements, and revenue may sound frightening to most people. Not everyone finds business accounting appealing. People with a keen interest or who are ready to acquire skills in finance can apply for BAT courses. The BAT graduates are equipped with deep knowledge in subjects like financing, taxation, analysis & evaluation, forecasting, etc.


The covid outburst has framed new living standards. People now have access to everything (education, shopping, travel guides, medical appointments, etc.) through online platforms. Digitalization acts as the driving force in connecting people across the globe (even in outer space).


Knowledge sharing and skill development have become less complicated in this virtual era. The success of online learning is due to the flexible class scheduling options. Virtual classrooms offer the same education quality as physical training sessions. Thus, availing of online business accounting and taxation courses would be a greater choice.


As accounting and taxation experts are in huge demand throughout the country, entering the job pool becomes a simpler task. Both public and private sectors offer countless job opportunities in this field. People can take up any role according to their ability and skill. The scope of the finance industry is vast.


From banking, investment, advisory council, government tax & revenue departments, and auditing, opportunities are flooded in the market. A fresher may get a salary package of INR 2 to 8 lakh per annum. The accounting and taxation field guarantees high-paid jobs with enormous prospects.


Job Profiles Associated With Business Accounting and Taxation Are as Follows:


  • Accountant
  • Income tax officer
  • Tax policy analyst
  • Personal advisor
  • GST officer
  • Financial Consultant
  • Indirect tax officer
  • Revenue agent
  • Auditing Professional
  • Capital analyst
  • Bank manager
  • Managing director
  • Manager (finance, tax, accounting)
  • Executive director


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To acquire more knowledge and skills in the accounting field, you must crack the eligibility criteria put forth by academic institutions. All educational platforms follow certain rules and regulations to admit students. Yet, different institutes can have varied eligibility criteria. The most common aspect to enroll in a BAT course is to have a degree in Commerce (B.Com, M.Com in domains like finance, accounting, law, and banking).


Some parameters that an institution may keep in mind to short-list the eligible candidates are listed below:

  • Working professionals who are determined to gain appraisal and promotion.
  • Freshers looking for job opportunities.
  • Employees aspiring to change their career domain.
  • Service-providing professionals like Company Secretaries (CS), Chartered Accountants (CA), Legal advisors, and Certified Management Accountants (CMA).
  • People with a business idea to provide service and taxation advice to others (clients).
  • General Managers and CEOs who are in a position to understand their company’s financial statements.


In addition to these technical capabilities, some institutes analyze the candidate’s time management, communication, and authoritative skills. For example, a financial record with a self-explanatory writing style (understandable by the audience or client) grabs more attention than a technically sound note. So, it is mandatory to have a good connecting ability.


An organization gains a perfect shape with two vital characteristics: Planning the work to be done and on-time completion of the same. Thus, candidates with high problem-solving and decision-making skills would be in the spotlight. Punctuality is another key factor to be considered. This is because tax returns must be filed in a timely routine.


Best 8 Online Business Accounting and Taxation Courses:


With digital invention, virtual learning has become the highlight of the century. Analyzing and reviewing the finest online business accounting and taxation courses may guide you through the course selection process. The below write-up speaks about the curriculum, fee structure, course duration, and certification availability of various recognized online institutes.


Rank #1. Online BAT Courses


1. IIM Skills


Ranked number one by leading academic sites like AdvisorUncle, Career360, CourseDekho, and CourseReport, the institute has trained over 15,000 people around the globe. IIM Skills offers a number of virtual programs in 35+ countries. The courses range from search engine optimization, digital marketing, content & creative writing, taxation, finance, and business accounting.


This top online education platform’s history roots back in a blogging page. Upskilling enthusiastic people at a minimal cost is the motto of this online venture. This justifies why IIM Skills stands at the top when searching for online business accounting and taxation courses.


About the Course:

The self-paced BAT training session consists of 120+ hours of video lectures and 60+ hours of assignments. The course lasts four months. The online platform charges ₹ 9,900 for their accounting and taxation master course. This program covers topics such as GST, balance sheets, tally, introduction to excel, MIS reporting, income tax, and payroll. The institute has the Government of India’s recognition.


Candidates get lifetime access to study materials and video lectures. The best part of this training program is that students can learn through the lesson recordings when they miss any live classes. After the enrollment process, students are mentored by top Chartered Accountants. An initiative is made to bring the alumni and newbies into one gated community.


The course module empowers you with advanced standards in accounting and taxation. Exposure to real-time problems and practical-based learning helps students to gain deep knowledge of finance subjects. The institute’s master’s certification is globally accredited. 24*7 helping desk, placement support, and a 100% fee refund add to the course highlights.


Course Title: Master BAT Course


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Rank #2. Online BAT Courses


2. National Institute of Financial Markets, NIFM


NIFM has secured a firm place in the list of the finest online business accounting and taxation courses. The institute is providing quality education through virtual sessions and physical classrooms. This vocational training platform is well-known for its long and short skill development programs.


With 15 academic centers across the country, the institute delivers courses in various domains (- share market, tax saving, banking, stock market, fundamental accounting strategies, forex market, and commodities market).


About the Course:

The diploma program is exceptionally career-oriented. The course syllabus is divided into two parts: theory (20%) and practical assignments (80%). Training sessions are led by industry experts and qualified faculties. Students can either pay the program fee once or in installments (₹45,000 for a single-time payment and ₹ 55,000 for a step-by-step payment).


The 6-month training session covers topics such as business accounting, goods & service tax, TDS, income tax, and payroll. To qualify for NIFM, the candidate must clear the minimum eligibility criteria. 10th or 12th passed outs, undergraduate and postgraduate students can apply for this diploma program. Prior knowledge of Microsoft office and excel is required to crack the admission process.


Course Title: DFABT – Diploma in Financial Accounting and Business Taxation


Rank #3. Online BAT Courses


3. EduPristine


EduPristine is a branch of the Adtalem Global Education forum. ATGE, a U.S based organization has 9 academic institutions and companies with 16,000+ workers in 145 different locations. The institute has trained over 1, 42,000 people around the world.


Empowering candidates to attain their goals and contributing to global wellness are the two vital purposes of this organization. EduPristine has been remarkable in providing online business accounting and taxation courses. Established in 2008, the platform is known for its self-paced learning methodology and classroom learning.


About the Course:

The industry experts have framed an engaging course plan. 2-month intensive training molds you into a full-time accounting professional. The course curriculum offers both theoretical and practical lessons. Career services and soft skill development are the key takeaways from this program.


Freshers and working professionals can opt for this online learning program. The focus of this training program is to bridge the gap between skill and real-time work experience. Candidates get access to tally, BYSY, MIS Reports, and SAP. The LMS (Learning Management System) can be a great resource material.


You get a year’s access to video lectures and study materials. Financial reporting, types of tax, payroll, understanding financial statements, and basics of excel –this is what you learn through the course. A highlight of the program is its validated certificate.


Course Title: Business Accounting and Taxation Program


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Rank #4. Online BAT Courses


4. APG Learning Institute


APG learning offers training programs in multiple industry-related domains. Students, professional workers, and job seekers may opt for courses in business, agriculture, lifestyle, finance, leadership, technology, and soft skill domains. Established in 2018, the institute has tutored 12,000+ candidates.


The job fair campaigns have bridged the gap between skilled people and industry. The organization has trained 6000+ engineering students. Till 2020, the institute only provided classroom sessions. After the pandemic intrusion, virtual training sprouted up. Now, people from Sweden and United Kingdom are choosing this institution.


About the Course:

The full-fledged online training program explains the basics of GST, Income Tax, payroll, and accounting. The enrollment fee is ₹ 40,000 for this 3-month course. Students are exposed to excel and MIS reporting. The curriculum consists of 7 modules.


Candidates with bachelor’s or master’s degrees in Commerce and MBA graduates are eligible to apply. Working professionals and other accounts (CA/CS/CFA) students can enroll in this course. Job profiles like taxation executive, finance analyst, GST officer, and accounts manager can be acquired.


Course Title: Business Accounting and Taxation


Rank #5. Online BAT Courses


5. SLA (Structured Learning Assistance) Consultants India


Started with a vision to provide quality placement services and training, SLA has secured a place in the finest online business accounting and taxation courses. Over the last decade, the institute has provided IT and non-IT training programs. Students get trained by industry professionals (chattered accountants) and top university alumni (IIM, IIT & NIT).


Working people and freshers who aspire to gain skills and appraisal can enroll here. This institute is known for its diverse course availability. Taxation, Goods & Service Tax, data analysis, software testing, tally, excel, digital marketing, MIS reporting, and SAP are some of the major courses offered. The institute’s branches in Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon are the best in accounts training.


About the Course:

The syllabus is framed in a way to infuse maximum knowledge. The lesson topics are as follows.

  • Advanced GST course
  • Advanced Income Tax certification
  • Balance sheet and financial statement preparation (tutored by Chartered Accountants)
  • Finance and banking
  • Export and import proceedings
  • Advanced tally prime
  • Excel and MIS reporting (trained by data analyst)
  • SAP certification


The sessions are handled by 4-5 CA & CFA experts. Interviews are arranged after 70% completion of the training programs. The institute assures 100% placement help. One-year assistance after the course completion is the key highlight.


Course Title: E- Accounting and E-Taxation (Business Accounting & Taxation Course)


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Rank #6. Online BAT Courses


6. Udemy


The online learning platform has over 54 million students all over the world. With 204k courses and 71k faculties, Udemy stands at the top in providing virtual education. As instructors are from different nationalities, courses are delivered in 75 languages. Udemy aims to share its knowledge with everyone possible. Companies like NetApp, Tata, SurveyMonkey, Eventbrite, and Nordea choose this platform to upgrade their employees’ skills.


About the Course:

The training program is an eye-opener for accountants, management directors, data analysts, tax officers, auditors, and finance executives. The curriculum includes 32 hours of video lectures, an article, and 5 study materials. Lifetime access to video recordings is an add-on. This self-paced learning program charges ₹1,499 per enrollment.


The syllabus covers the basics of excel- tally, detailed analysis of goods and service tax, introduction to TDS & income tax, and structure & elements of double-entry accounting. Undergoing this course can impart knowledge in tally and accounting rules. The overall subject is split into seven modules (245 lectures to be covered).


Hands-on projects, quizzes, and practical examinations are part of the curriculum. After this learning program, candidates would become industry ready.


Course Title: Complete Accounting and Taxation


Some of the other online business accounting and taxation courses provided by Udemy are:

  • Fundamentals of Business Taxes
  • Accounting 101
  • Introduction to Business Taxation
  • Accounting for E-Commerce Business


Rank #7. Online BAT Courses


7. Institute of Professional Accountants (IPA)


IPA is a government-recognized institute. The ultimate focus of this institution is to provide job-oriented courses in multiple domains (banking, investment, accounting & taxation). The academic platform trains both under and postgraduates to achieve high-profile jobs. With an extraordinary teaching curriculum, IPA has grabbed a spot on the list of top online business accounting and taxation courses.


About the Course:

The institute offers both diploma and certification courses. The duration of diploma courses varies according to the program selection. On the other hand, certification courses require only 2 to 3 months. 12th passed-outs and graduates (commerce or non-commerce background) are eligible to apply. The institution assures a 100% job guarantee.


Students can opt for virtual training or classroom sessions. The study materials and lecture recordings are updated in their LMS portal. Students have 24*7 LMS access. So, enroll in this institute and procure an attractive salary.


Diploma course: Accounting Finance Taxation (1 year/1.25 years/1.5 years)


Certification programs:


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Rank #8. Online BAT Courses


8. Henry Harvin


What’s stopping you from enrolling in one of the finest online business accounting and taxation courses? Want to pursue the best course? Henry Harvin offers such an inevitable program. Having a global ranking, this Edtech Company has trained over 3 lakh people. They include graduation programs, public events, consulting services, book publishing, upskilling programs, and corporate solutions.


The institute has earned the position of an online university. The Edtech institute provides 200+ programs in 97 countries. This institute has collaborated with tech companies, colleges, corporates, and universities.


About the Course:

The course module consists of vital accounting elements such as

  • Income Tax
  • Goods and Service Tax
  • Tax Deducted at Source


This online learning can enlighten you on the financial business operation modalities. The program is an all-in-one package (training, hands-on projects, internship, placement services, certification, brainstorming camps, virtual learning, hackathons, and membership). The training session includes 172 hours of online classes and 14 projects.


People who aspire to a salary hike can opt for this course. Interview preparation and placement assistance are the key highlights. Fees structure for self-paced learning and live online classes vary slightly (₹ 31,000 for self-paced mode and ₹ 34,500 for live sessions).


Course Title: BAT Certification Course


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. What are the three best online business accounting and taxation courses?

The best three online business accounting and taxation courses are:

  • Business Accounting and Taxation Course- IIM Skills.
  • Diploma in Financial Accounting and Business Taxation – National Institute of Financial Markets.
  • Business Accounting and Taxation Program –EduPristine.


Q2. What job profiles can I get after the online BAT courses?

The country is witnessing drastic industrial growth. Each organization or company requires accounting and taxation experts to regulate its finances. So, financial professionals are in high demand. The job profiles you can apply for are accountant, income tax officer, tax policy analyst, personal advisor, GST officer, financial consultant, revenue agent, auditor, capital analyst, bank manager, managing director, and manager (finance, tax, and accounting).


Q3. Who are eligible to enroll in a BAT course?

Working professionals, students, and interested people can enroll in BAT courses. The eligibility criteria vary according to the institute chosen. Most online business accounting and taxation courses require 10th/ 12th/ graduation certification to admit candidates. This course helps in upskilling commerce students to a greater extent.




Over the years, the number of corporates, startups, own firms, educational institutes, and other organizations is increasing. Thus, the subcontinent needs potential individuals in the BAT field. This page briefs on the best online business accounting and taxation courses. Analyzing and reviewing the above-mentioned courses would be helpful in the final decision. So, enroll in the course to enhance your knowledge and grab a high-paying job.

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