Top 5 Investment Banking Courses in Hyderabad With Placements

Are you someone who thrives on the excitement of financial success, is driven by ambition, and is capable of making critical decisions even in high-pressure situations? If your answer is a resounding “yes,” then the world of investment banking beckons, and this article on Investment Banking Courses in Hyderabad is a must-read for you. Hyderabad, the cosmopolitan gem of India, renowned for its ever-evolving business landscape and the pulsating heartbeat of the tech industry, has magnetized talent from all corners of the country. Explore these top 5 Investment Banking Courses in Hyderabad and secure your financial future today.


List of best investment banking courses in Hyderabad


Investment Banking as a Career

As easy as it may sound, investment banking is not everybody’s cup of tea and comes with its own set of challenges. It is a very demanding profession and can be satisfying only for those smart people who know how to work hard and are not concerned about the time and effort required to achieve success.

Unlike commercial banking, it is a highly rewarding and respected career but comes with intricate terms and conditions.
Investment banking primarily focuses on handling significant financial transactions for large corporations and high-net-worth individuals.

Investment bankers provide financial advice and services to help companies and individuals enhance their financial assets. They assist in raising capital by facilitating the sale of company shares or by taking companies public through stock market listings. Investment banking also encompasses activities such as mergers and acquisitions, where larger companies acquire smaller ones or merge with well-performing firms to achieve strategic objectives.


To excel as an investment banker, you must possess not only technical skills but also qualities such as:

– A strong educational background in finance, economics, or business administration
– The ability to perform exceptionally well under pressure
– Strong analytical skills
– Excellent decision-making abilities
– Outstanding problem-solving skills
– Good networking skills


The intention here is not to intimidate you, but to familiarize you with the real nature of this lucrative career. The job is stressful with a disrupted work-life balance, but every career has its ups and downs. Here, you can enjoy substantial bonuses, a luxurious lifestyle, and the experience of dealing with high-net-worth clients, among other perks.

However, all premium things come at a higher price, and you are well aware of that. It’s your choice whether you want to take the risk and lead a dream life or opt for a lower-paying job with a better work-life balance. You could also consider early retirement after amassing significantly more wealth at a younger age, allowing you to enjoy life without the conventional grind until age 60, often plagued by health issues and lower income.


Job Roles Offered to Investment Bankers

On completing Investment Banking Courses in Hyderabad you may get placed with ideal companies such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Barclays, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, etc. to work on a wide range of roles within the investment banking industry, from entry-level positions to top-level executives, depending on your roles and expertise.

  1. Investment Banking Analyst
  2. Director/ Senior Director/Managing Director
  3. Associate
  4. Vice President
  5. Corporate Finance Advisor
  6. Mergers & Acquisitions Advisors
  7. Private Equity Professional
  8. Hedge Fund Manager
  9. Sales and Trading Specialist
  10. Risk Analyst
  11. Compliance Officer
  12. Derivatives Specialist
  13. Quantitative Analyst
  14. Research Analyst
  15. Structured Finance Specialist
  16. Client Relationship Manager
  17. Investment Banking Consultant
  18. Real Estate Investment Banker
  19. Venture Capitalist


Scope of Investment Banking in Hyderabad


·        Abundant Opportunities

Hyderabad boasts a burgeoning number of multinational corporations, startups, and tech giants. These entities often require investment banking services for capital infusion, mergers, and acquisitions. They offer attractive packages to deserving candidates.  As a result, there’s a growing demand and immense competition for skilled investment banking professionals.


·        Diverse Industry Verticals

Investment banking is not limited to a specific industry. In Hyderabad, you can find opportunities in sectors ranging from IT and pharmaceuticals to real estate and infrastructure. This diversity ensures a wide array of projects and deals for professionals to work on. According to a recent survey, the IT and ITES sectors accounted for around 30% of the total investment in Hyderabad, while the pharmaceutical sector accounted for around 20%. Other sectors such as biotechnology, financial services, and logistics are also flourishing. This is all evident and stated in Telangana’s state report.


·        Strong Financial Institutions

The city is home to several prominent banks, financial institutions, and venture capital firms. These organizations serve as the backbone of the financial ecosystem, offering ample career prospects for aspiring investment bankers.  The presence of these institutions enhances their ability to meet the growing demand for highly skilled investment bankers.


·        Government Initiatives

The government of Telangana has been actively promoting Hyderabad as a financial hub. Initiatives like the Hyderabad Fintech Forum and the Telangana State Industrial Project Approval and Self-Certification System (TS-iPASS) have attracted investments and further enhanced the financial landscape. The government is actively involved and framing policies to support the vision.

As of 11-05-2023, 23,065 units with a proposed investment of Rs. 2,61,732 Cr. and proposed employment of 15,74,798 have obtained approvals. A total of 18,587 units with an investment of Rs. 1,54,690 Cr. and providing employment to 9,13,386 persons have commenced operations i.e. 81% of units who have obtained approvals have commenced operations.


·         Educational Resources

Hyderabad houses esteemed educational institutions offering finance and business-related courses for example IMS, Narsee Monjee, and many more. These institutions produce a steady stream of finance graduates, creating a talent pool for investment banking firms. The availability of various ed-tech platforms that have online as well as classroom training facilitates industry interactions, internships, certificates, and placement opportunities.

They contribute significantly to the development of a skilled workforce in the finance sector, making Hyderabad a perfect place for those interested in pursuing Investment Banking or finance-related courses.


Other best courses in Hyderabad:


Investment Banking Courses in Hyderabad



IIM SKILLS is one of the top choices for pursuing Investment Banking Courses in Hyderabad. It is one of the premier institutes that is ruling the charts of online ed-tech platforms. They have been offering various certification courses globally since 2015 and made a good reputation in the market by delivering promising results.

Enroll yourself with the IIM SKILLS Investment Banking course to bring home the bacon. On successful completion of the course, you will be given a Certificate. It is a training program with an added internship of 1 month. Your confidence will be boosted with the skills you will be imparted by the learned trainers. This will help you crack big exams, earn a degree, and land your dream job.


Course Eligibility

There are no specific prerequisites required to join the program; anyone with a strong interest in Investment Banking is welcome. However, having a degree in a finance-related field can provide an advantage in grasping the concepts more easily. Additionally, possessing the skills and qualifications listed below would also be beneficial.

  • A firm preparedness to pursue a career in investment banking.
  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration, commerce, or a related discipline.
  • Fundamental understanding of finance and statistics.


Course Information

Course Name Certified Investment Banking Master Course
Duration 3 month Online Program
Internship 1 month unpaid
Job Assistance 100%, LinkedIn profile building, Mock interview preparation
Assignments 100+ hours of real-time practice
Fees ₹ 39,900 + 18% GST (Interest-free EMI options available)


Investment Banking Courses in Hyderabad Curriculum

The course curriculum for the Investment Banking Master Course has been thoughtfully designed by the experts. It aims to help students to deeply understand the concepts. It comprises of 8 Modules named below.

S.No. Module Name Approximate Time Required (in hours)
1 MS Powerpoint 4-6
2 MS Excel 8
3 Fundamentals of Financial System and Market 4-5
4 Derivatives Market 2-3
5 Technicals of Investment Banking 3-4
6 Different Marketing Collaterals 6-8
7 Technicals of Financial Modeling 8
8 Business Valuation 4


Key Features of the Investment Banking Program by IIM Skills

  1. 24*7 community support.
  2. Real-time exposure to market share and stock exchange activities.
  3. Master Certification globally recognized.
  4. Student-centric approach


Connect for Course Registration

Phone- +91 9580 740 740
Chat on WhatsApp – +91 99118 39503
Write on- info@iimskill.som


2. Imarticus Learning

Imarticus Learning holds the distinction of being the second most preferred destination for those seeking training in Investment Banking Courses in Hyderabad. Beyond Investment Banking, they offer a diverse array of courses spanning Finance, Technology, Marketing, and more.

Imarticus is dedicated to molding and presenting its students as skilled professionals who align seamlessly with the industry’s latest demands, positioning them effectively in front of prospective employers.

Continuous feedback from experienced trainers is a hallmark of their approach, empowering students to continually enhance their skills and prepare themselves to confidently tackle real-world challenges within the corporate landscape.


Course Information

Course Name Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional
Course Eligibility Fresher or Working Professional with maximum years’ experience
Course Duration 2- months for full-time on weekdays
3- months for part-time on Weekends
Mode of Training Online
Course Fee ₹ 1,40,000  (in 2-instalments; EMI option available)
Other 100% Job Assurance


Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to Financial Markets
  1. Introduction to Investment Banking
  2. Cash Equities and Fixed Income
  3. Foreign Exchange and Money Market
  4. Derivatives Market
  5. Job- Interview Readiness


  • Trade Life Cycle
  1. Reference Data Management
  2. Corporate Actions
  3. Asset Management
  4. Reconciliation
  5. Introduction to ISDA
  6. Stock, Borrow, and Lending
  7. Collateral Management
  8. Trade Life Cycle
  • Risk Management
  1. Risk Management & Regulatory Environment
  2. Anti- Money Laundering & KYC
  3. Job- Interview Readiness


For detailed inquiry

  • Fill in the form
  • Contact at – +91-9953923050
  • Address -3rd Floor, Trendz Dwarka,
    Landmark: Telecom Nagar Pushpak Bus Stop,
    Sri Shyam Nagar, Telecom Nagar,
    Gachibowli, Hyderabad,
    Telangana – 500032.


3. The WallStreet School, India

Since its establishment in 2009, The Wall Street School (TWSS) has been a leading institute in enhancing talent within the finance sector, consistently delivering polished professionals to the industry. Their unwavering commitment revolves around a focused dedication to the finance domain, providing rigorous coaching to facilitate the attainment of esteemed and globally recognized certifications, including FRM, CFA, CMA, and others.

Notably, they stand as global leaders in the realm of finance and accounting education. Corporates tie up with institutes like TWSS, to upskill their employees and sponsor their certification.

For those aspiring to become a successful Investment Banker, TWSS India, represents the ideal choice in Hyderabad. Each year, countless aspirants choose to enroll, thereby sculpting their paths toward successful careers under the expert guidance of smart trainers.


Important Course Details

Course Name Investment Banking Course
Course Eligibility ·        Anyone who aspires to become an Investment Banker

·        Chartered Accountants who are not interested in Audit

·        MBA finance students who could not secure good jobs

·        Females restarting their career

·        Undergraduates

·        Engineers who wish to pursue a career in Finance

Course Fee ₹ 23500 + GST @ 18%
Course Duration 6 month- Video Validity
Other Information ·        100% Placement Assistance

·        Experiential Learning

Placement Success Fees ₹ 75000 (if a person gets a job through them)


Course Contents

Module No. Module Name
Module- 1 Basic to Intermediate Excel
Module- 2 Advanced Excel & PowerPoint
Module- 3 Basic Finance Concepts
Module- 4 Feasibility Study/Business Modelling
Module- 5 Comparable Company Analysis
Module- 6 Precedent Transaction Analysis
Module- 7 Discounted Cashflow Valuation
Module- 8 Merger Model
Module- 9 Leveraged Buyout
Module- 10 Mock Interviews and Resume Edits


For knowing more

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    +91- 9953729651


4. DataTrained

The next best choice for investment banking courses in Hyderabad is DataTrained. DataTrained aims to provide quality education accessible to all. They are running Micro degree, Master degree, and Certificate Programs under various categories such as Data Science, Management, Software Development, etc.

Under the Management category, they are offering a Micro degree program for candidates who wish to make a name in the field of Investment Banking. They teach them how to practically apply the theoretical concepts in the real world.


Course Features

Course Name PG Program In Investment Banking And Financial Modeling
Course Eligibility Bachelor’s degree with 0-3 years of work experience
Course Duration 6 months
Course Fees ₹90000 + GST @18%
₹ 50,000 – Placement success fee
Course Achievements Industry recognized certificates
Other Practical Case Studies


Course Syllabus

Module No. Module Name
Module-1 Basics of Finance
Module-2 Introduction to Financial Statements
Module-3 Basics of Economics
Module-4 Introduction to Investment Banking
Module-5 Introduction to Financial Modeling and Valuation
Module-6 Basic to Advanced Excel
Module-7 Microsoft PowerPoint
Module-8 Discounted Cash Flow Valuation
Module-9 Cost of Capital
Module-10 Relative Valuation
Module-11 Start-Up Valuation
Module-12 Merger & Acquisition along with LBO.
Module-13 Financial Management of Start-Ups


For Further Information

  • Request a call back at

+91 9560084091


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5. IMS ProSchool

IMS ProSchool is one of the renowned institutes that offers professional certifications in multiple domains. The school is highly recommended if you are looking for investment banking courses in Hyderabad. Their courses are well-designed by industry experts and cater to the requirements of today’s fast-changing algorithms of corporates. This makes it a trusted choice for professionals looking to upscale and make a strong position in the investment banking job market.


Course Details

Course Name PG Certificate In Investment Banking Course
Course Eligibility Freshers or Working Professionals with 0-3 years of experience
Course Duration 1 year
Course Fee ₹ 1,20,000
Certifications ·        Certificate from NSDC & IMS Proschool

·        Additional certificate from AIMA (after PGCM- Post Graduate Certificate in Management exam)


Course Structure

 Term Duration Topics Covered
Term- I 6-months ·        Become a pro in Excel & Financial Markets

·        Familiarize with Investment Banking Operations

·        Clear Exams after completion of term

Term- II 4-months ·        Covers Settlement, Risk & OTC products

·        Start applying for jobs

·        Pass 2 PGCM (Post Graduate Certificate in Management) exams

Get placed 2-months ·        Training- Soft & Hard Skills

·        Resume review and feedback

· On-call guidance before Interviews

·        Unlimited job applications


Want to Know More

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  • Write at-


FAQs: Investment Banking Courses in Hyderabad


Q1- What is the need for doing a course/certification program in Investment Banking?

A- Although it may not be an absolute requirement, choosing to pursue a course or certification program in Investment Banking can greatly benefit individuals with aspirations of excelling in this field. These programs provide specialized training and invaluable insights that extend beyond the theoretical fundamentals of finance typically addressed in regular graduation/MBA degrees.

They furnish participants with practical skills that can truly be the game-changers required to navigate real-world financial scenarios and steer them in favor of the companies or clients they serve. Such programs not only help you stand out amidst the competition but also enhance your resume, increasing the likelihood of being selected by potential employers.


Q2- How do economic conditions, such as interest rates, impact investment banking activities?

Interest rates are a compass guiding investment bankers in making astute decisions. They hold immense influence, impacting the cost of capital and consequently, the profitability of investment banking services like underwriting and IPOs. This connection prompts savvy bankers to smartly gauge market conditions and directional trends. Economic shifts are instrumental in shaping the investment landscape. During economic downturns, profitability in investments tends to get weak, exemplified during the COVID-19 pandemic when companies shied away from capital-intensive endeavors.

Low interest rates, however, emerged as a silver lining, enticing firms to finance acquisitions through debt. This ignited a surge in merger and acquisition activity. Investment banks occupy a central role in this scenario, providing invaluable counsel and facilitating M&A transactions. The substantial fees earned reflect their indispensable contribution reinforcing the relationship between interest rates, the economy, and investment banking’s success.


Q3- How do ethics and regulations play a role in the world of investment banking?

A- Ethics is not restricted to any industry. It is the way we humans behave with fellow colleagues and clients morally. Building trust and maintaining transparency are some of them that build up the credibility and reputation of an Investment Banker or firm. Ethical considerations protect investors’ interests in investment banking transactions.

The government is also implementing favorable rules, regulations, and policies to support emerging startups and MNCs to bring in foreign investments. Investment Bankers act as intermediaries to set up and close the deals. They stick to the ideas of being honest and fair; making sure that investment banking is done responsibly and can continue for a long time. Adhering to ethics and regulations helps to retain clients and the whole financial system.


Q4- Do these investment banking courses in Hyderabad provide job placement assistance?

A- Most reputable institutes offer 100% job placement assistance, including career counseling, resume building, and interview preparations to help students kick-start their careers. IIM SKILLS is the institute that offers one of the best courses among Investment Banking Courses in Hyderabad. They have tie-ups with some of the top organizations and connect the students with potential employers. Some other institutes offer placement assistance and charge a fee for the same.


Q5- What can I expect to learn in an Investment Banking course?

A- The comprehensive courses cover topics like financial modeling, valuation, mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, and risk management. You’ll also develop critical analytical and communication skills which are vital for beating the competition in the field of Investment Banking.


Final Thoughts: Investment Banking Courses in Hyderabad

Taking everything into account, we understand that Hyderabad’s investment banking sector is on an upward trajectory, offering a wealth of opportunities for graduates and young professionals. As you contemplate your options in the finance domain, we hope that the list provided of the best investment banking courses in Hyderabad will be of great help. These comprehensive programs cater to the needs of both freshers and busy professionals, imparting skills from basic to advanced levels. You will gain insights into the culture of real industry scenarios by working with real-time case studies. So, take the first step toward your financial career today and explore the enriching options Hyderabad has to offer.

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