Top 5 GST Certification Courses in Jaipur With Placements

In 2017, India took a big step toward development, and all the previous taxes like entertainment tax, service tax, VAT, cesses, etc. were removed with a single combined tax called Goods and Services Tax (GST). This huge change in the system left a lot of people asking for help to understand this new scheme. As a business in India, it is extremely important to understand this integral part of the system to help your business grow. This article is devoted to helping you understand the top GST certification courses in Jaipur. A proper certificate course will help you understand several aspects of the goods and services tax and convert you into a professional to help your own business or several other industries and businesses grow.


List of best GST certification courses in Jaipur


Before moving on to the GST certification courses in Jaipur, let’s look at some basics:


What is Tax?

Taxes are mandatory contributions imposed on individuals or corporations by the government body. Taxes are imposed on workers’ income and business profits, or added to the cost of some goods, services, and transactions.


What is GST?

The Goods and Services tax act came to effect on 1st July 2017. GST is a comprehensive indirect tax imposed on the manufacturing, sale, and consumption of goods and services at the national level. So in simple words, if you are consuming some good or services, the bill you get will only have one combined tax called GST on it instead of several different types of taxes like service tax, entertainment tax, VAT, etc. The main objective for the existence of GST was to bring uniformity in the imposition of Tax.


Types of GST

  1. Integrated Goods and Services Tax (IGST) – IGST is applied to the interstate supply of goods and services and also to imports and exports.
  2. State Goods and Services Tax or SGST – SGST is applied to intrastate transactions.
  3. Central Goods and Services Tax or CGST – CGST is also applied to intrastate transactions.
  4. Union Territory Goods and Services Tax or UTGST – UTGST is applied to the supply of goods and services in the Union Territories of India.


Advantages of GST

  • In the earlier VAT scheme, any business with a turnover of more than ₹5 lakhs was liable to pay VAT, also the service TAX was exempted for businesses with a turnover of less than ₹10 lacks. But now under GST, this threshold has been increased to ₹20 Lakhs.
  • Under the GST scheme, small businesses get great relief from the heavy burden of all the Taxes as they have the option to lower taxes by utilizing the Composition scheme.
  • The entire process of GST is super simple and is done completely online.
  • The transparency of the tax system has improved.
  • The number of returns to be filed has come down under GST.
  • Improvement in Tax collection and lessening of invasion of tax.


Advantages of GST Certification Courses in Jaipur

The demand for GST practitioners is improving day by day and the job market also holds a high favourability and demand for the same. This is why courses like the GST certification course are gaining popularity just like content writing courses and digital marketing courses.

  • A certificate course will help you better to understand the proper working and management of the GST regime.
  • As the scheme is new and a bit different from the older ones, it is important to properly understand it and implement it in your business.
  • Job opportunities will be increased as a key benefit of the GST certification courses in Jaipur.
  • A hike in salary is another benefit of the GST certification courses. If you are a certified professional your salary may witness an increase of 15% to 20%


Eligibility Criteria To Become a GST Practitioner

  1. You have to be a citizen of India
  2. You should not be adjudged insolvent
  3. You must not have been convicted by a competent court for any offense with imprisonment not less than two years.
  4. You should be a person of sound mind


Qualities for Successful GST Professional

  • Comprehensive Knowledge of the GST Regime
  • Communication
  • Organization Skill
  • Time Management
  • Numeracy Skills
  • Problem-Solving Skills
  • Attention to Detail
  • Honesty and Accountability


Careers Opportunities After The GST Certificate Course

  1. Taxation Research Analyst: A taxation research analyst collects financial data, analyzes it, develop logical solutions, and prepares a research report. A few duties of a research analyst are – Using statistical and financial data modeling techniques and tools, creating charts, graphs, and presentations based on their research, organizing data, and storing it for future use.
  2. TAX Return Preparer: A TRP is an individual who assists taxpayers in filing their income tax returns. Skills are more prominent in this role than the previous experience.
  3. Taxation Manager: A taxation manager is someone who takes care of Taxation matters. This is one of the most suitable career opportunities in GST. Management skills are highly required for this role. Other skills like how the GST portal works, good drafting skills, and good knowledge of Ms. Word Excel.
  4. GST Trainers: GST trainers are qualified professionals who teach other people in institutes or online courses. Teaching, analytical, and practical skills are needed for this job.


Who Can Do the GST Practitioner Course?

  • Students – If you are a student who would like to lay a strong foundation and kick-start your career, this course is perfect for you.
  • Accounting & Finance Professionals – If you are a professional who wants to improve the quality and understand the effect of GST on finance, this course will help you jump the ladder.
  • Others – Housewives, retired, freshers, etc. who are looking to start a new career and build quality in life can opt for this course.


Other best courses in Jaipur:


Now if you found yourself interested and eligible for becoming a GST practitioner, these GST certification courses in Jaipur will help you achieve the same –



IIM SKILLS offers the most prestigious master certification courses amongst which the GST Certification Courses in Jaipur top the list. The course will give you practical knowledge of all the aspects of GST, honing your skills with the guidance of professionals. The program will provide you with an understanding of all the finer points and nuances of GST and its overall framework.

This government of India-certified course will provide you with e-lessons so that an individual can learn at their own pace. The training is delivered by industry experts and with well-researched methodologies. These GST certification courses in Jaipur will convert you into a professional and take you from basic to advanced level.


Course duration – 1 month

Mode of teaching – online

Course fee – ₹2900



  1. The concept of GST and its impact on business
  • Introduction to GST
  • Types of GST
  • How do we determine GST liability?
  • Who is eligible for GST?
  • Threshold limit for GST registration
  • Who should register for GST
  • GST rate slabs
  • Due dates for all GST returns
  • What all not fall within the scope of GST
  1. The framework and structure of GST
  • Meaning of supply in GST
  • The taxable event in GST
  • Time of supply
  • Place of supply
  • Valuation of Supply
  1. Registration under GST
  • Online Registration
  • Process of registration
  • Issued registration certificate
  • Amendments in Registration
  • Surrender of registration.
  1. Invoicing in GST
  • Raised invoice and charged GST
  • GST invoice
  • Bill of supply
  • Debit Note / Credit Note
  • Payment Voucher
  1. GST returns filing
  • Type of all the return forms and due date
  • Process flow of return filing
  • GSTR1 return Filing – sales outward supply return
  • GSTR2A Reconciliation
  • GSTR3B return filing
  • GSTR9/9B return filing
  1. Composition scheme under GST
  • Limitation and registration of composition scheme
  • What is the tax rate under the composition scheme
  • Return form in composition scheme
  1. Reverse charge mechanism
  • What is RCM
  • Taxability under RCM
  1. E-way bill under GST
  • Who is responsible for issuing an E-way bill
  • Issue E-way bill
  1. Input tax credit and payment under GST
  • Offset GST liability
  • How do we claim ITC
  • Modes of Payment
  • Electronic Liability Ledger
  • Electronic Credit Ledger
  • Electronic Cash Ledger



  1. You will be provided with 16 hours of lectures, weekly assessments, and practical assignments.
  2. Get Various GST Invoicing Tools & Software implementation Learning. You will be able to master the art of managing 100’s clients with no hassle.
  3. Get 24×7 support from dedicated professionals
  4. Pre-recorded online sessions for in-depth training on GST.
  5. On-the-spot doubt resolutions.
  6. Certification will be provided upon completion of the course.
  7. Lifetime validity of the GST course material



Graduates in any discipline (10+2+3)/Diploma holders (10+2+3) from all disciplines can apply for the course.




2. Tax Professional Academy

These GST certification courses in Jaipur offered by Tax Professional Academy are recognized by the government of India and are designed by working professionals in the field. People who opt for the course will be provided with sound practical training and theoretical knowledge of all aspects.

Extra free practical training will be provided to the students in the leading CA office to cope with the actual client’s requirements. This will boost the confidence of students and allow them to widen their horizons.


Course Duration –  3 Months


Who can join this course?

  • Com, M.Com, and other commerce graduates, also others having an interest in the accounts and taxation field are the most eligible for this course.
  • If you are fresher or a student and are looking for carrier opportunities in the accounts and taxation field.


Course Syllabus

  1. Complete Basic understanding of GST law.
  2. Composition Scheme under GST Law.
  3. How to maintain books of accounts under GST Law. Rate of taxes under GST Law.
  4. How to apply for registration under GST law.
  5. How to make invoices/bills, Debit notes, Credit notes, Receipt vouchers, Payment vouchers, etc as per GST Law. How To Export goods under GST Law and Claim a Refund of taxes paid.
  6. Time of supply rules under GST Law.
  7. How to file monthly & quarterly returns
  8. How to claim an input tax credit (ITC) under GST Law including the block credit concept in GST.
  9. Place of supply rules under GST Law.
  10. Applicability of Audit under GST Law
  11. Time of supply rules under GST Law.


Why Tax Professional Academy?

  1. Training by qualified charted accountants having 10 years+ experience.
  2. 100% Practical Training
  3. Extra practical training in the CA office
  4. Small batch size
  5. Teaching using simple methods
  6. Special focus on important topics
  7. 100% Job Ready after completion of Training
  8. Free amendments classes in the future to cover changes
  9. Updated Tax Laws



  • Mobile No: +91-9660057109
  • Email Id:


3. Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI)

GST certification courses in Jaipur provide you with comprehensive insight into the principles of GST and other nuances of the indirect TAX regime. The course will help you become a professional GST practitioner by giving you an in-depth knowledge of GST concepts and their implementations and apprise them of current development with respect to GST.


Course Duration – 5 weeks

Mode of teaching – Online

Course Fee – ₹7,500.00



  • The professional program students of ICSI
  • Students of the ICSI program of higher
  • Graduates from any stream from any recognized university


Role of CS in the GST era –

  • Advisory
  • Representation services
  • GST compliance in employment
  • GST practitioner


Key Features

  • Candidates shall be provided a certificate in appropriate form by ICSI jointly with BSE Institute Limited on successful completion of the course.
  • Upon successful completion of online training, the candidate will be required to pass an MCQ-based assessment and project report.
  • The classes are taken on weekends for the comfort of the candidates.
  • After the registration for the GST certificate courses in Jaipur, the study material will be provided in soft copy to the students.


This course is for –

  • GST Levy
  • GST Time of Supply
  • GST Place of Supply
  • Transitional problems
  • Input Tax Credit
  • GST Valuation
  • GST Returns
  • GST Registration
  • GST Payment
  • GST Assessment
  • GST Refund
  • GST Penalties
  • GST Offences
  • GST Advance Ruling
  • GST Customs Duty
  • GST Moot Court
  • GST Ethical Practice
  • Credit Score
  • GST Other Pages
  • GST Portal
  • GST Returns
  • GST Registration
  • GST Rates
  • GST Calculator
  • GST Types
  • GST Refund Process
  • Tax Top Pages
  • Income Tax Slabs
  • Income Tax Return
  • Income Tax e-Filing
  • Income Tax Calculator
  • Income Tax Refund
  • Online Tax Payment
  • Steps to File ITR
  • Tax Other Pages
  • TDS
  • Form 16
  • Gratuity
  • How to Calculate HRA
  • Tax Exemption
  • Challan 280
  • Advance Tax
  • Income Tax


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4. CAclubindia

CAclubindia offers one of the best GST certification courses in Jaipur. The course will provide a comprehensive understanding of GST with this 65-hour live course by CA Arun Chhajer. After the completion of this Government of India-recognized course you will have a thorough understanding of the GST regime, GST Registration, Levy and Collection of Taxes, Input Tax Credit, Refund under GST, Time, Value and Place of Supply, and Filing of GST Returns. You will be provided practical learning and of filing the Returns of GST on the GST Portal.


Course Duration – 65+ hours

Mode of teaching – Online

Course fee – ₹8,850.00



  1. Module A: Basic to Advance – 31 Hours (Live)
  2. Module B: GST Practical Return Filing and Import and Export, Refund – 12 Hours
  3. Module C: Litigation Specific – 6 Hours
  4. Module D (part 1): Case Study on Return Filing (8 Hours)
  • Case Study on GSTR 3B
  • Case Study on GSTR 1
  • Case Study on GSTR 9
  • Return for composition levy
  • Table-wise discussion of GSTR 4
  • Table-wise discussion of CMP-08
  • Other compliance of Composition
  • Reconciliation GSTR 2A vs. 2B
  • GST Portal – Overview
  • GST Portal – Various Matching Reports
  1. Module D (part 2): Sector-Wise Analysis (8 hours)
  • Brief Analysis of Real Estate
  • Detail analysis of the Logistic Sector, GTA
  • Detail analysis of the Education Sector incl exemption, Taxation, etc.
  • Detail Analysis of Govt Contractor


Key Features

  1. The course is updated with the Amendment of Finance Act 2023 and the 49th GST Council Meeting.
  2. The certificate will be awarded on successful completion of the course.
  3. Recording of all the sessions will be provided.


Contact –

Number – 011-411-70713

Email –


5. Henry Harvin Account Academy

Henry Harvin Academy offers India’s 1st GST certification courses in Jaipur. Ranked #1 in India by India Today, Prime Insights this course offers 100% practical GST practitioner course training. The trainers for GST Practitioner Course are featured by Aaj Tak, NDTV, and Hindustan Times.

The classes are provided on Sundays in the comfort of working professionals. The students will be provided with 1-year access to GST Practitioner LMS and the e-Learning portal. The Henry Harvin Academy has helped upskill more than 14.5k professionals through their GST certification courses in Jaipur.


Course Duration – 32 hours

Mode of Teaching – Online

Course Fee – ₹12,500.00



  1. Module 1: Basic Concepts of GST
  • Supply or Levy
  • Place of Supply
  • Value of Supply
  • Export & Import
  • E-Way Bills
  • Quiz Module 1
  1. Module 2: Registrations Procedure
  • Registrations
  • Input Tax Credit & ITC04
  • Transitional Provisions
  • Job Work
  • Quiz Module 2
  1. Module 3: Records Management & Tax Payment
  • Account & Records
  • Invoice, Tax Payments
  • Time of Supply
  • Returns
  • Refunds
  • Quiz Module 3
  1. Module 4: Litigation Management
  • Litigation Management
  • Audit & Assessments
  • Offenses & Penalties
  • Demand & Recovery
  • Quiz Module 4


Why Henry Harvin Account Academy?

  1. We are ranked as the top GST certification courses in Jaipur and in India.
  2. Best GST course trainers who are featured by Aaj Tak, NDTV, and Hindustan Times.
  3. Internship Assistance will be given to gain practical experience in the learning
  4. Our training is live and interactive, not recorded so that we can solve the queries of students live and more efficiently.
  5. 100% Placement Guarantee and full support for 1-Year post successful completion
  6. 1 Year Gold Membership of Henry Harvin Academy for the GST certification Course
  7. Support in clearing interviews with start-ups and top corporates
  8. Get study material worth INR 500 for free
  9. Get a Hallmark certificate on successful completion of the course.


Skills Covered

  1. Litigation Management
  2. Audit & Assessments
  3. Time of Supply
  4. Transitional Provisions
  5. Export & Import
  6. Value of Supply


Frequently Asked Questions


1.    Which is the best GST certification course in India?

IIM SKILLS is the best online educational institute for GST practitioner courses and other such online courses. Their courses are recognized by the government of India and offer practical training.


2.    What is the average salary of a GST Practitioner?

The average salary of a GST practitioner is between 4.5 to 5 lakhs but having prior experience in the field will be beneficial and more relevant skills will help you earn more.


3.    What are the responsibilities of a GST practitioner?

These are a few of the following responsibilities of a GST practitioner –

  • Furnish monthly, quarterly, annual, or final return
  • Claim for a refund
  • information for the generation of e-way bill
  • File an application for amendment or cancellation of enrolment of the owner or operator of a warehouse.
  • Make a deposit for credit into the electronic cash ledger.



GST is both a new and an old concept, new for India and old for the rest of the world. So different institutes have designed certification courses dedicated to training people to become professional GST practitioners. These GST certification courses in Jaipur have unlocked a new box of opportunities. The understanding of GST has become a perk for skilled professionals and offers a good overall salary hike. All the roles, responsibilities, and one of the best GST certification courses are mentioned in the article. There GST certification courses in Jaipur are going to take you to heights. The above courses are not in the order of rank.

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