Top 7 Creative Writing Courses in Jaipur With Placements

Pink City is also developing along with the world and moving more towards online business and communication. In turn, many industries and multinational companies began to set up shops, resulting in an influx of buzzing job opportunities. Creative Writing is one such demanding job profile. Jaipurians have started showing interest in creative writing which leads to many institutes providing creative writing courses in Jaipur.


List of best creative writing courses in Jaipur


Many institutes have started educating and assisting in the creative writing area. The article has ranked institutes on many criteria like the latest syllabus,  job assistance, professional tutors, and duration. You can select anyone according to the requirement.  


Table of Content

What is Creative Writing?

Different Types of Creative Writing

Tips for Creative Writing

Can Creative Writing be Educated?

How to Start Creative Writing?

7 Creative Writing Courses in Jaipur with Placement

  •       IIM SKILLS
  •       Udemy
  •       British Council
  •       Coursera
  •       Internshala
  •       IGNOU

Frequently asked questions



What is Creative Writing?

It is a form of writing that is one step ahead of the traditional domain of normal, professional, technical, and non-technical forms of writing. In fact, it enclosed different styles and genres across a wide range of fields from fiction to nonfiction, from technical to non-technical.

Or in more simple words, it is writing that is original or unique and expressive or communicative of oneself. And it arouses sentiments in the reader.


Different Types of Creative Writing

Creative writing has many forms enclosed with many styles and genres:

Fictions: Novels, Short stories, Poetry, etc

Plays, TV Scripts, Screenplays

Non-Fictions: Personal essays, Literary Journalism, Memoirs, Autobiographies, Humour writing, Lyric Essays


  • Novels: Novels were initiated in the 18th era. Generally, novels are about 60,000 to 100,000 words long, but they can be as brief as 40,000 words or as long as 100,000 words. A novella is usually a short story that is too short to be a novel, yet too long to be classified as a short story.


  • Short Stories: It is generally accepted that short stories are fictional works of 5,000 to 10,000 words in length. The same as novels, these also tell a complete story and contain few or at least one character, few conflicts, and themes.


  • Poetry: Poems are difficult to describe as they have no predefined limits. No specific length, and no rhymes. Sonnets, haikus, sestinas, blank verses, limericks, and free verses are among the various kinds of poems written throughout the world. Poems do not follow any rules related to formatting, length, or grammar. It only arouses the emotions of the reader and expresses a theme or a specific point of view.


  • Plays, TV Scripts, and Screenplays: Plays are made for stages. TV Scripts are made for television. Screenplays are made for films. All these also tell stories that induce emotions, based on a theme. The only difference is that they are performed instead of read. They count much more on dialogues rather than the length of expressive paragraphs.


  • Personal Essays: This essay describes a lesson learned from the writer’s own life experiences and serves as a reflection of those experiences. A personal essay explains an important event from a first-person outlook. It can be written in various styles, such as an official essay or an artistic nonfiction piece.


  • Literary Journalism: There are many forms of literary journalism, but it is close to writing for newspapers and magazines. There is a great deal of research and, often, interviews involved in it because it is fact-driven.


  • Memoirs: An author writes about an important event in his or her life in a memoir, from the perspective of the author. Memoirs are books containing recollections of personal experiences, usually revolving around a precise narrative, often adding sentiments, epiphanies, and expressive visions as well.


  • Autobiography: It is a book that is about a writer and the writer’s life written by the writer. It is easy to identify an autobiography because it is written in the 1st person, from the point of view of the writer, I, me, and I.


  • Humor writing: Comedy routines, humor essays, political cartoons, and stand-up comedy are all forms of humor writing.


  • Lyric Essays: It is an essay-like poem. In lyric essays, writers discuss concepts, events, places, or feelings, and break conventional grammar and stylistic rules.


Tips for Creative Writing:

1. Give space and time for creative writing: It is not possible to write an article, story, or poem during lunch break. One must block the time to focus solely on creative writing, preferably in a distracting-free ambiance. 

2. Understand your audience: All great things happen with the understanding of the target audience; it helps to modify the creative piece which ultimately leads to a connection with the audience. When a writer knows about the target audience, their creative piece also flows in a direction accordingly.

3. Identify the writer within you: You will gain insight into your strengths and weaknesses as a writer as you write more. Knowing your writing style can help you choose projects that will suit you.

4. Learn from other writers: There are many resources available for creative writing. Read and watch them, and identify their style and genres. Read personal essays and interviews of your favorite writers. Do not limit yourself to the big and famous writers. Join other writers’ social media groups and online forums. This will help you to expose a variety of writers.

5. Creativity is crucial:  Creativity is the key content in writing. Think out of the box to make the writing piece unique and engaging. 


Can Creative Writing Be Educated?

Why not?  Creative writing can be skilled. Nowadays many universities have creative writing in their courses. For those who follow Creative Writing as a subject, they will study a diversity of texts from different periods in order to learn more about the various genres of writing within the discipline.

Besides becoming familiar with some of the top creative writers from ages past to present, they will also get a taste of some unfamiliar and evolving authors. Some educational institutes are offering creative writing courses with the latest curriculum, workshops, and scratch sessions where students share their writing pieces with other students and trainers.

Students will get productive feedback. And other works they might find interesting to read and use for inspiration. Interested people can join various available creative writing courses in Jaipur.


How to Start Creative Writing?

If anyone wants to get their hands dirty in creative writing, she /he can read these tips:

Read, read, and read every day: Creative writers should read a lot of books and get inspiration from other writers. One should read a variety of genres written by different authors.

Jolt Journaling: Starting a journal will help to release the inner creativity of a person. One should make a habit of writing a journal every day, which ultimately enhances the art of writing. This will increase self-confidence in writing.

Attend a creative writing course: For starting a career in creative writing, one can join creative writing courses in Jaipur that help to share ideas with others, workshop writing pieces, and get to analyze many great writers and their work.

Write, write, and write every day: The best advice in the field of creative writing is to write every day. Write about feelings, inspiration, emotions, and everything all around. The more practice, the easier will be the path of creative writing.

Practice literary devices: The use of literary methods, such as metaphors, similes, and rhyme, can truly assist in creating intense, creative scenes in your writing. Regular use of these methods will soon result in better creative writing.


Other best courses in Jaipur:


Top 7 Creative Writing Courses in Jaipur With Placement



IIM SKILLS is the world’s leading education company providing excellent upskilling courses. IIM SKILLs has achieved success in 23 Cities in Asia, and excellence in many educational domains like finance, marketing, data, and content writing. Their content writing course has bought a great revolution in the content education industry.

The course name is content writing master course which is of 4 months (1-month online class + 3 months guaranteed internship). This course includes 30 hours of training which has 16 hours of live classes and 14 hours of internship lectures. 

IIM SKILLS provides freelance opportunities, and lifetime support and has a dedicated placement cell. This course helps to develop a portfolio for jobs or freelance, helps to publish e-books on Kindle or Google Books, helps to write a blog for a platform like the Times of India, and helps to publish a press release on an online news portal.

This institute provides access to supporting tools like WordPress Themes, Keyword Research Tools, Website Landing Page Creators, and SEO Management Tools for improved search positions.


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The Curriculum of the Content Writing Course:

Module 1: Introduction to content writing

Module 2: WordPress Web Development

Module 3: Digital Content (Articles, Blogging, and Webpages)

Module 4: Copywriting

Module 5: Marketing Collaterals

Module 6: Email Writings

Module 7: Social Media Writing and Video Scripting

Module 8: Creative Writing

Module 9: SOP and Business Writing

Module 10: Legal Writing

Module 11: Technical Writing 101

Module 12: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Module 13: Content Marketing

Module 14: Affiliate Marketing and AdSense

Module 15: Freelance content writing

Module 16: Resume writing


This content writing master course is online, budget-friendly, and provides marvelous trainers, each learner gets personal attention, a backup of each class to study at any time and anywhere, and provides many course-related resources. For more enquire visit their website

IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite

2. Udemy

This institute provides many online courses. All the courses are arranged in various modules and lessons including notes, videos, and assessments. Over 130,000 courses on Udemy have been created by 57,000 skilled coaches with over 35 million users learning new skills.

Professional development can be provided by Udemy, although it does not offer accredited degrees. The complete creative writing courses in Jaipur will help to write engaging fiction, drama, poetry, and many more non-fiction pieces. It provides many publishing opportunities, podcasts, and help in creating a writing portfolio.

This institute helps to discover the writer’s voice within learners by providing ample assignments. The course offers 12 hours of video, which can be accessed through mobile and television. Provide 145 downloadable resources and certificates after completion.


Content of the course:

  • Introduction
  • Fiction
  • Poetry
  • Drama
  • Creative Nonfiction
  • Creating a Digital Portfolio


3. is the platform for creative writers of all backgrounds and styles. Founded in 1995, was the first school on the internet. The learner can experience expert instructors providing personal, constructive feedback on their writing with these online creative writing courses.

The creative writing course offered by this institute has many modules specifically for each style and genre each with an award-winning instructor. The teaching approach is customized to meet the needs of each student.


Courses available are:

  1.       Fiction  à Novel, Short Stories, Stages, and Broadcast
  2.       Creative Nonfiction -> Personal Essay, Memoir
  3.       Poetry
  4.       Lifestyle and wellness


4. British Council:

British Council is a well-known brand name in education. It brings UK experts in education. They are globally present in more than 100 countries. This institute works personally to gain confidence and skill to improve the learner’s life. 


The British Council has divided the creative writing course into two modules.

Module 1-> Students will learn a variety of writing methods to improve their writing procedure and improve their creativity in this course. This module focuses on plot description, dialogue writing, and character descriptions for writing fiction.

Help to write travel blogs, help to know the difference between News reports and articles, provide knowledge of screenplay and memories, Introduction to poems and poetry skills, familiarise experimental writing skills, and children’s fiction skills.

The course is 36 hours of online classes. Assessments are done at the mid and end of the sessions. And during the feedback process, students will discover the prospects for becoming a writer in the future.


Course content:

  •       Plot
  •       Characters and Settings
  •       Writing Dialogue
  •       Writing Short stories
  •       Poetry and poetic tools
  •       Travel writing
  •       Blogging
  •       Screenwriting
  •       Children Fiction
  •       Memoirs
  •       Experimental writing
  •       Getting Publish.


Module 2-> This module will help you explore the skill of writing in-depth and encounter creativity. It offers the opportunity to realize the dream of becoming a published author.

This module helps write a novel by step-by-step procedure and helps to discover the knowledge of the screen, plot, and characters. Guide to writing a social media post for different platforms. Discover self-awareness, self-reflection, and creativity. The course is about 36 hours or 9 weeks.


Course content:

  •       Writing for social media
  •       Blogging
  •       Children’s Fiction
  •       Poetry-Voice and tone
  •       Poetry- Rhyme and Rhythm
  •       Writing a Novel
  •       Creating Scenes
  •       Point of View and Settings
  •       Outline and Synopsis


5. Coursera:

In addition to partnering with more than 275 universities and companies, Coursera provides online educational courses that are demanding, and relevant to the workplace to individuals and organizations around the world. This institute offers a wide range of learning opportunities like real-time projects, courses with job assistance, and courses with certificates.

The course is Creative Writing Specialization – which covers majorly three genres of creative writing – short stories, memoirs, and narrative essays. This course will help learners to plot a story, write descriptive characters, and a new different style of writing. This creative writing course has a series of courses, with interactive projects, and finally a certificate.


Courses 1: Creative Writing: The Craft of Plot

Courses 2: Creative Writing: The Craft of Character

Courses 3: Creative Writing: The Craft of Description and Settings

Courses 4: Creative Writing: The Craft of Genre/Style

Courses 5: Capstone: Your Story


Must Read:


6. Internshala

The goal of this institute is to prepare students with the skills and experience that will help them climb the career ladder as quickly as possible. Institute was launched in 2010 and now has launched many job placement courses.

The course name is Creative Writing Courses help to learn short stories, Blogs, Novels, Screenplay, Ad – scripts. The duration of the courses is 6 weeks with internship and job preparation training. The course provides 4 writing assignments, downloaded study content, Mobile friendly application, Doubts clearing session, and certificates after the completion of the courses.



  •       Getting started with creative writing
  •       Fiction
  •       Editing
  •       Non-Fiction
  •       Screenplay and advertising
  •       Publishing

IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


Indira Gandhi National Open University was recognized in 1985. IGNOU was created to aid the people by means of distance schooling, providing quality higher education facilities to all sections of society. The course name is Diploma in creative writing in English and the duration is 1 year. 

A diploma in creative writing in English develops the creativity of those interested in pursuing a freelance creative writing career and provides understanding, skills, and professional knowledge about the art of writing.



  •       The general principle of writing
  •       Featured Writing
  •       Short Story
  •       Writing for Media: Radio and Television
  •       Writing Poetry
  •       Project


Frequently Asked Questions: Creative Writing Courses in Jaipur


Q1. What is Creative Writing?

Creative writing is a form of writing that employs the use of imagination and creativity to tell a story, create a character, or express an idea. It is a genre of writing that can take many forms, including short stories, novels, plays, poems, and even non-fiction. Creative writing is an engaging and fulfilling activity that helps to develop the writer’s craft and allows them to explore a variety of topics and issues.

Creative writing is often an outlet for personal expression, as the writer is free to explore their own ideas, feelings, and experiences in a creative way. Creative writing can also be used to communicate information or persuade an audience. It can be used to entertain, educate, or simply express one’s thoughts and emotions. Creative writing is a powerful tool in many aspects of life and is an important skill to learn and develop. Curious candidates can select the best creative writing courses in Jaipur and leverage their careers.


Q2. What are the career opportunities for creative writing?

There are numerous job openings after mastering creative writing skills, like:

  1.       Copywriter
  2.       Content Writer
  3.       Journalist
  4.       Travel Blogger
  5.       Columnist
  6.       Email Marketing Specialist
  7.       Proof-reader
  8.       Content Editor

There will be many great opportunities for you to uplift your career after joining the creative writing courses in jaipur. 


Q3 How to start creative writing?

Start creative writing through these simple steps:

  1. Journal: Start journaling days- can be the finest method to write down your feelings, expressions, and surroundings. This benefits you to express yourself with proper words and ultimately in writing.
  2. Short Stories: Start with writing something short so you do not have to be worried about completing it on time. You can even post your short stories on anonymous websites or even on Twitter to see people’s reactions to your writing style. This helps you recover and be less self-conscious about your writing pattern.
  3. Creative Writing Course: To learn creative writing in a more organized manner, you can take admission to online/offline creative writing courses in Jaipur that work on your weak area and helps you progress over time.


Q4. Which are the best creative writing courses in Jaipur?

There are many online and offline creative courses in Jaipur. The criteria to find the best creative writing courses are the latest curriculum, duration, job assistance, fee structure, and experienced trainers. The above list has the name of all the institutes providing creative courses but among all the IIM SKILLS has the best creative writing courses in Jaipur. IIM SKILLS provides writing training on different genres and styles. Along with 100% placement, they also teach marketing techniques to market writing skills for freelance.


Q5. Is it challenging to learn creative writing? 

No, it is not challenging to acquire creative writing if you can give yourself time to master this technique. It may be tough for some as it requires you to access your brain to write imaginatively. With proper direction and practice, you can start improving your creative writing skills. For proper guidance, you can join any creative writing courses in Jaipur. 


Conclusion: Creative Writing Courses in Jaipur

Creative writing is a vital skill these days as the world is inclining more toward online communications. Creative writing skills are used in many professional communications these days like journalism, business, digital marketing, and Bloggers. So, joining any of the above-listed creative writing courses in jaipur will help to build a strong base for your career. 

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