Top 10 Financial Modeling Courses In India

This article aims to shed light on the top financial modeling courses in India. We will cover all the important aspects like course curriculum, practical projects, course fee, duration of the course, and additional features unique to each organization. 


Top Financial Modeling Courses In India



Financial Modeling requires one to be completely conversant with business jargon and terms. You also need to have a keen understanding of business mathematics, accounting, taxation, and the computation of balance sheets, cash flow statements, and other vital documents. Absolute fluency in finance is what is expected of financial modelers since they deal with complex data, numbers, and information related to the business on a day-to-day basis. 


Understanding the situation of the business, from the financial standpoint is crucial for the organization to take pivotal decisions to fulfill the long-term and short-term objectives of the business. 


And this is facilitated by financial models that help to paint an accurate picture of the financial condition of the business. 


Some Lucrative Job opportunities after a Financial Modeling Course

After you complete comprehensive yet rigorous training on financial modeling, there are a variety of job profiles and designations to fill in this field. You can opt for project finance, corporate finance, fund management, investment banking, equity research, commercial banking, financial analysis, and credit research to name a few. 


Also, financial modeling course can give a great boost to the resume of people who are not directly from the accountancy and Finance backgrounds. People with a BTech or B.Arch degree have a possibility of a very bright future in this field provided they have an inclination for business and finance mathematics and an innate knack to solve complex problems. 


So, without further ado, here are the top financial modeling courses in India that can help finance enthusiasts fulfill their dream and make a name as astute financial modelers. 



IIM SKILLS does not need any introduction to professional courses in the ed-tech sector. Along with a diverse number of exemplary courses like digital marketing, content writing, business accounting and taxation, and GST, they have one of the finest financial modeling courses in India. 


Course Name – Financial Modeling Course 

Course Fee – Rs 39900+ taxes

Course Modules 

  • Basic And Advanced Excel For 8 To 10 Hours 
  • Accounting Concepts And Financial Statements 5 To 7 Hours 
  • KPI Analysis and Ratio Analysis 4 To 6 Hours 
  • Basics Of Financial Modeling 4 Hours 
  • Different Types Of Financial Models 12 To 15 Hours 
  • Business Valuation 7 To 9 Hours 


The syllabus covers the following financial concepts

  • Introduction To MS Excel 
  • Advanced MS Excel 
  • Keyboard Shortcuts 
  • Data Presentation 
  • Accounting Concepts Like Revenue, Direct Cost, Operating Costs, Depreciation, Amortization 
  • Different Types Of Ratio 
  • Liquidity Solving 
  • Profitability, Valuation 
  • Structure Of Financial Model 
  • Projecting Financial Statements 
  • Income Statement 
  • Balance Sheet 
  • Cash Flow Statement 
  • Three Statement Projection Model 
  • Private Equity 
  • DCF Valuation


Why should you enroll in the IIM SKILLS Financial Modeling Course?

The course helps to get complete clarity on the financial model concepts including financial statements, the different valuation methods, and topics that are pertinent to financial models. You learn about the various financial terms and jargon and imbibe the qualities required to become an astute financial professional. 


There is a 24×7 help desk support and experiential, immersive learning with the top mentors. The certificate provided by IIM SKILLS is globally accelerated and they provide you lifetime access to the learning management system. Additionally, you have a diligent team of members who actively help in placement assurance and soft skills training. 


Contact:, 9911839503



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2. IMS Proschool

IMS Pro School offers a financial modeling course that aims to teach you the core skills required to excel in the field of finance. Be it investment banking, equity research, corporate finance, project finance, and financial analysis, IMS Pro School has a well-structured pedagogy that covers the essential financial components to master the different concepts of financial modeling. 


You have a dual certificate NSDC certificate and NSC Academy certificate. Moreover, your mentors are industry experts with several years of experience. They are faculty members from the top institute and incorporate an active learning method with discussions and participation.


You understand the key essentials of Excel, project finance, investment banking, ratio analysis, and many such complex concepts in depth. 


Course Duration – 3 Months

Course Fee varies according to learning format:

  • Live Classes INR 32000 
  • Distance Learning INR 20000

Topics covered

  • Problem Identification 
  • Solving Techniques 
  • Excel Basics 
  • Financial Mathematics 
  • Excel Functions And Visualization 
  • Storytelling 
  • Incorporating Data 
  • Problem-solving Approach 
  • Financial Statement Analysis 
  • Corporate Finance 
  • Project Finance 
  • Equity Modeling 
  • Forecasting Costs And Revenues 
  • DCF Analysis 
  • Valuation 
  • Uses Of Capital 
  • 15 + Learning Cases. 

With soft skills training, IMS Pro school is regarded as one of the leading financial modeling courses in India. They offer you an immersive learning technique where you not only understand the financial concepts insights but also develop confidence in your abilities and create models with conviction. 


The courses are 80% practical and offer 100% placement assistance. You have online as well as offline training. You get access to recorded videos, course materials, case studies, and upgraded study materials. 


Contact : 9619 207 323


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3. EduPristine 

EduPristine offers a comprehensive financial modeling course in association with BSE Institute Limited. The course is an excellent fit for commerce graduates, students of BBA and MBA, finance professionals, tax consultants, fund managers, chartered accountants, and accountancy and Finance experts. Today, Edupristine enjoys the reputation of being one of the top financial modeling courses in India for its curriculum and distinctive features. 


Course Curriculum

  • Creating Finance Model Templates 
  • Formatting, Summarising And Creating A Consolidated Report Based On Data 
  • Getting Relevant Information 
  • Converting Text To Numerical 
  • Excel Basic And Advanced Tips 
  • Summarizing Sum Of Sales 
  • Converting Data To Tables 
  • Conditional Formatting 
  • Case Study 
  • Data Collection And Structuring 
  • Understanding Business Models 
  • Modeling Revenue 
  • Build Up Assets
  • Scheduled Tax Modeling
  •  Equity Modeling 
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Comparable Company Analysis 
  • Sensitivity And Scenario Analysis 
  • Mergers And Acquisitions 
  • Financial Plan 
  • Accretion And Dilution Analysis 
  • Macros 
  • Estimating Design Parameters
  •  Creating Statements 
  • Balance Sheet Projections 
  • Cash Flow Statement Projections And Many More


The classroom training offers 70 hours of intensive learning. You get access to a plethora of features like pre-recorded lectures, study notes, real-life case studies, practice hands-on training, experiential training with expert mentors, discussion forums, one year access to the learning management system, post-course engagement, soft skills training 


The corporate training includes customized training pedagogy. You have training modules as per requirements, an expert-level curriculum, learning system access, case-based simulation and training, comprehensive learning materials, and a prompt query resolution service. 


The soft skills training includes:

  • Understanding Time Management 
  • Presentation Skills 
  • Email Communication 
  • Decision-making 
  • Problem-solving Process 
  • Confidence In Communicating Core Points 
  • Virtual Communication. 


The institute offers premium services like job updates, career guidance based on your skills, workshops, special classes, resume preparation, placement assistance, and interview skills training. 


After completion of the course, you get a BSE institutes certification and a host of post-courses assistance to help you get your foot in the door. 

Contact: 1800 2005 835


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4. Ey E-learning

EY E-learning is a premier organization that offers top-grade business insights and solutions to business organizations, clients, and society to nurture the trust in the finance market. The financial modeling course here aims to create finance professionals who can handle a vast amount of numerical data and structure them judiciously to create solutions for business organizations. 


Ever since its inception, EY e-learning has helped to create finance professionals who create and implement robust financial models incorporating historical data to help organizations make the right financial decisions for the business. 


The course is ideally suited to finance managers, junior finance professionals, graduates, tax professionals, accountants, companies secretaries, business administrators, merger and acquisition professionals, project finance professionals, and people from the private equity industry, among others. 


Course Name – Certificate in Financial Modeling and valuation

Course fee – INR 10,000+ Taxes

Course Topics

  • Basic And Advanced Excel 
  • Valuation Methods 
  • Assessment Of Outputs Of Valuation 
  • Strategic Decisions 
  • DCF Analysis 
  • Types Of Financial Models 
  • Historical Data Interpretation 
  • Projection Of Financial Performance 
  • Finance Ratios 
  • Integrated Financial Statements
  • Creating Flexible Financial Statements 
  • Understanding Various Financial Parameters And Computing Them 
  • Business Valuation Case Studies


The course offers 36 hours of virtual, immersive training through video presentations and online assessments. After completion of the course, they provide you with a certificate. You also have access to the learning management system for 6 months and quick query support via Email. With such important features, EY e-learning is one of the highly reputable financial modeling courses in India. 


5. Corporate Finance Institute (CFI)

Corporate finance Institute is a brand name unto itself. The institute is a pioneer in the domain of financial modeling courses in India and offers one of the most coveted in-demand Financial Modeling and valuation analyses courses. It is one of the institutes that are globally trusted and offers premium hands-on training to help you carve a special niche for yourself in the financial world. 


Course Name – Financial Modeling and Valuation Analyst Certification (FMVA)

Course Fee – 

  • INR 40000 approx for self-paced study
  • INR 65000+ For Immersive Learning with Professional Support. 


Course Duration – 4-6 Months On an average 

The course offers exhaustive learning on financial modeling incorporating in-demand financial modeling skills that will help you to budget and forecast for a business. 


It is ideally suited for accounts and finance professionals, and tax experts. They conduct a course that offers you learning on all the requisite skills, tools, hacks, and tricks to become a professional financial professional.


This program constitutes 29 financial modeling courses incorporating more than 1550 lessons. Additionally, you get 170 + hands-on exercises with guided simulations that help you to perform the tasks with full clarity in every step. 


The mentors are some of the best thought leaders in the industry. There are assessment tests and based on your skills and strength you have customized courses for several topics that need fine-tuning. You also get a blockchain certificate that fortifies your resume and bolsters your skill sets considerably. 


The program offers you are step by step learning process to glean all the information that you can from financial models.

  • Step one consists of taking optional preparation courses to understand the fundamentals of financial modeling.


  • Step 2 is learning about the core courses to strengthen your foundation in financial modeling concepts.


  • Step 3 is choosing a minimum of three electives from 11 that are available to you to learn about the more advanced concepts and specialized topics. 


  • Step 4 comprises taking the final exam. You have to score more than 70% to earn your certification.


  • Step 5 is getting the certificate after successful completion of the program. You can either have it mailed or physically sent to you, whichever is preferable. 


The curriculum comprises the following core topics: 

  • Advanced Excel
  • Finance Terms
  • Financial Modeling 
  • Financial Strategy 
  • Accounting 
  • Presentation Skills And Visualization 
  • Budgeting And Forecasting 
  • Valuation 


  • Financial Statements Analysis 
  • Interrelationship Between Financial Components 
  • Fundamental Accounting Principles 
  • Key Accounting Standards 
  • Utilizing Keyboard Shortcuts For Excel 
  • Data Analysis Using Advanced Formula And Functions 
  • Capital Investments 
  • Capital Raising 
  • Forms Of Financing 
  • Capital Structure 
  • Profitability 
  • Efficiency Value Of A Business 
  • Financial Ratios 
  • Analytical Tools 
  • Statistical Measures 
  • Building Well Structured Financial Models 
  • Income Statement 
  • Balance Sheet 
  • Cash Flow Scenario 
  • Sensitivity Analysis 
  • Valuation Methodology 
  • Valuation Analysis 
  • Weighted Average Cost Of Capital 
  • Forecasting Techniques 
  • Understanding The Impact Of Variance 
  • Analysis, Charts, Graphs, And Tables In Excel 
  • Data Visualization Techniques 
  • Business Strategy 
  • Analysis Of External Forces 
  • Competitive Advantages 
  • Evaluation Of Strategic Alternatives And More

Contact: you can fill out of form on the website to get more information and clarity on the courses. 


6. IB Institute

IB Institute is one of the leading financial modeling courses in India offering advanced topics on financial modeling. 

Course fee – INR 11,499

Course Format – Online

Course Duration – Self Paced 


Course Topics


  • Fundamentals Of Excel 
  • Advanced Excel 
  • Macro Programming 
  • Financial Statement Analysis 
  • Ratio Analysis 
  • Case Studies Of Financial Models Including Netflix, Tata Motors, Kellogg’s, Telecom Sector,Colgate 
  • Project Finance 
  • DCF Analysis 
  • Valuation Techniques 
  • Transaction Valuation 
  • Acquisition 
  • PitchBook Benchmarking
  • Understanding Company Profiles 
  • Interview Preparation 
  • Equity Research Model 
  • Business Valuation


Some of the most important features are the lifetime validity of the course on the mobile application, access to the learning management system for a lifetime, updated information on the investment banking industry, and its latest trends and features.


They also offer exercises, assignments, case studies, and downloadable videos. You have query sessions with faculty members, resume making, an interview preparation kit, and career guidance where you understand how to implement financial models effectively and grow in this highly lucrative finance industry.


The course comprises 100 + hours of training with more than 400 videos on key financial modeling concepts. You have training for 3 certifications. They also offer prompt email support and guidance from the top industry experts.


The course has been especially customized, and designed for charted accountants, venture capitalists, finance graduates, finance managers, investment bankers, credit research analysts, startups and entrepreneurs, graduates, equity analysts, and private equity managers job seekers. 


Contact 931 2222566



7. The Wall Street School

The Wall Street School is one of the popular financial modeling courses in India with impeccable training methodology, experienced instructors, and upgraded training material. 


They have diverse case studies and discussions to help students understand how financial models are made for different organizations with different goals and objectives. 


You get full-time weekday batches as well as weekend sessions to help you become a professional financial modeler at your own convenience. 


They are three modes of training; classroom training, online classes, and self-paced videos. 


Course topics

  • Excel Fundamentals 
  • Intermediate Excel Training 
  • Advanced Excel 
  • Advanced Powerpoint 
  • Finance Concepts 
  • Business Modeling And Feasibility Study 
  • Comparable Company Analysis
  •  Precedent Transaction Analysis 
  • Discounted Cash Flow 
  • Valuation 
  • Merger Models 
  • Leveraged BuyOut 
  • Acquisitions & Merger 
  • Acquisition Process 
  • Integrated Merger Model 
  • Mock Interviews 
  • Resume Preparations And Soft Skills Training


They have a unique success-oriented course pricing method by which they charge 40% of the fee at first and the balance is charged post-placement. This makes them accountable for your success and growth and they make efforts to place you in lucrative job profiles based on your skills. 


They also provide placement assistance and live practical projects that incorporate real problems of business organizations for you to comprehend what is required to make successful financial models. 


Contact 9953 729 651


8. Udemy

Udemy is an education platform that conducts courses on a variety of topics, financial modeling courses in India being one of them. All the courses come with lifetime access to any device of your choosing. You can also connect with the mentors and teachers and solve your queries and doubts as and when required.


Course name – Financial Modelling and Valuation: Beginner to Pro in Excel. 

It is created by 365 careers.

Course Fee – INR 3499. You have to visit the site to know about the latest course fee. 


Course Topics include the following:

  • Introduction To Basic And Advanced Excel 
  • Keyboard Shortcuts 
  • Useful Tips And Tools For Excel 
  • Key Functions And Functionalities 
  • Financial Functions In Excel 
  • Case Study 
  • Building A Profit And Loss Statement From Scratch 
  • Microsoft Excel 
  • Introduction To Excel Charts
  • Case Studies 
  • Financial Modeling Fundamentals 
  • Introduction To Company Valuation 
  • Introduction To Mergers And Acquisitions 
  • How To Value A Company 
  • Capital Budgeting And Forecasting


Tons of practical assignments and study guides make it one of the top financial modeling courses in India


Contact: Sign up or log in to their website (if you already have an account) and select the course you want to pursue. 


9. Fin Tree India 

Fin Tree India conducts a financial modeling course that offers an in-depth insight into the financial modeling structure,s valuation methods, and other significant details. They are one of the most comprehensive financial modeling courses in India. There are important features in the financial modeling course that determines the course price. Generally, course fee varies from INR 24000 to INR 33000. (inclusive of GST). 


Some of the features of the financial modeling course include

  • Basic And Advanced Excel 
  • Equity Valuation Concepts 
  • Financial Model Of Companies Like Starbucks, Zydus Wellness, Vmart, CDSL
  • DCF Analysis 
  • Financial Statements 
  • Three Statement Module, and many more. 


You have 140 hours of videos with detailed instructions on how to use Microsoft Excel and the implementation of financial models in Excel. You have one year of access to the learning management system with downloadable PDF and Excel files. Additionally, you have an equity valuation model that is available to you for offline access. The placement support is excellent but is only available in India for now. 


Contact 888 880 77722


10. GTA Academy 

GST Academy is one of the most renowned financial modeling courses in India. They offer a white variety of instructor lead online programs, self-paced e-learning programs, and classroom training


Course Name – Certification in Financial Modeling and Valuation.


Course Fee – Rs 27500 + GST


It is a 5-day classroom training that includes comprehensive study materials and notes, assessment, access to The Grant Thorton learning management system, and a certificate of completion. 


The course is meant primarily for investment bankers, equity researchers, credit researchers, chartered accountants, MBAs, finance and commerce graduates, professionals in the finance sectors merger and acquisition professionals, corporate finance, and personal finance.


Topics include

  • Basic Business Model 
  • Financial Statements
  • Financial Model Modeling 
  • Project Valuation  
  • Creating A Model For IRR and NPV
  • Circular Logic 
  • Creating EPC Schedule
  • Interactive Excel Dashboard 
  • Mergers And Acquisitions 
  • Introduction, Evaluation, And Valuation

Contact: You can find the contact details on the website. 





1. What is the utility of enrolling in financial modeling courses In India?

A financial modeling course provides high-grade education on finance modeling concepts and helps you to become a prolific finance professional who could handle challenging situations and provide solutions to corporate organizations and individuals. The recruitment opportunities are huge and financial modelers are picked up by equity research companies, credit rating organizations, and firms, Finance corporations, banks, and big eminent corporate organizations to create financial models that help in better decision making, appropriate financial analysis, and understanding of the position of the organization.


2. What is the course duration for the financial modeling course?

The financial modeling course duration varies from institute to institute. It depends on the unique features provided by the institute that you enroll in. Approximately a financial modeling course can take anywhere from 3 months to a year to complete.


3. Can I pursue financial modeling course while working?

 A financial modeling course can be pursued while working a full-time job. Most of the institutes that offer financial modeling courses come with a plethora of important features like recorded lectures, and access to a learning management system that houses case studies, notes, and study materials. They enable access to these resources from whichever device you want and whenever you want. This helps you to learn at your own convenience without having to think about missing out on any information of consequence due to your prior commitments. 


4. What is the course fee for the financial modeling course?

The course fee for the financial modeling course depends on a variety of factors including curriculum, practical learning, mode of study, and post-course features available at the institute. The course fee for the financial modeling course generally varies from INR 25000 to INR 1,00,000 and above. 


You do have a variety of options like EMI, and bank loans that are subject to terms and conditions. Research the Institutes very well and learn about the options for course fees available at the institute. Only after you are completely certain, should you enroll in the course at the institute.


Final thoughts on top financial modeling courses in India 

Here you have the compilation of the top financial modeling courses in India that strive to help you become proficient in ideating and presenting financial models to help a business understand their financial position and the steps they can implement for future growth and prosperity.


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