Top 5 SEO Courses in Vizag in 2022

Search Engine Optimization is an old yet modern concept for many. It has been in the limelight for two decades now, and if you are still new to the concept, don’t worry, you are not alone. We will present to you an informed study of SEO and the best SEO courses in Vizag in this article. We would suggest you stick till the end to know about all the concepts. Without any ado, let’s begin to introduce to you a very easy yet novel concept with some crazy behind-the-scenes!


List of best SEO courses in Vizag


What is SEO?


As mentioned in the introduction, SEO stands for search engine optimization. Assuming that this concept is new to you, let’s dig into the basics first. There are millions of people on the internet and billions of topics in the world to discuss, read and write about. Similarly, the list of people writing on the internet is never-ending.


You may search for a topic and boom! Here are thousands of articles on your screen, but how does google as a search engine, or any search engine for that matter will rank these articles? Here is when SEO jumps in! Any search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc sends bots to the webpages, they visit from site to site, and entering data in an index is the next step.


Further through these indices information is gathered and brought to you according to your search. It is very similar to a book with millions of stories yet bookmarking the one that you were looking for is done through SEO. Using this data is established which further helps in ranking and signaling the articles.


To learn in detail how to get your content, product, and website on the front page, you can study with reasonings, logic, and algorithm behind the whole concept with SEO Courses. The Top Institutes with the best coaches, best study material, and more practicality are listed below. Choose wisely and opt for the course that looks the best for you. Let’s dive right into it.


Why & How is SEO Beneficial For You?


Just Imagine, working 20 hours a day and still not being rewarded with adequate pay at the end of the shift. Many people are a part of the same bubble, but only a few can come out of it and this is something that SEO courses can teach you. Hustle is a commonly used word today, but are we all fading the concept of smart work again? Being on your toes, and trying to be productive all the time gives a different amount of zeal, but that zeal will soon turn out as a failed attempt without proper knowledge.


With SEO Course in Vizag, there will be no failed attempts, you will get an introduction to how SEO is a good career option, and how to be an SEO expert and be on the top of the charts always. Just like any other course, having insight and in-depth knowledge is important, there are multiple layers to SEO which will be unfolded only when you become a part of the course.


Making a website visible on the internet in the age where there are endless numbers of websites is the game that you’ll love to play, only if your interest aligns with the same.


To summarize, SEO courses will help you with the following-

  • How SEO is a good career option
  • How to be an SEO expert
  • How to get Web Traffic
  • How to be visible on the internet
  • How to build trust and authorize your website/content/product
  • How to get leads through your medium


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Career Options Available with SEO


It is widely believed that SEO is a concept that should be known to anyone and everyone on the internet. If you are creating any type of content, promoting your brand, have a website of your own, and need visibility and reward in return for your efforts, then this concept is highly recommended.


In addition, if you are looking for a career in SEO and opting for SEO courses in Vizag, here are a few of the many career options available to grab.


Myth Buster: There are absolutely no pre-requirements for the course, anyone from commerce, science, or art background can opt for SEO courses and know how to be an SEO expert.


A search engine marketer is a real job these days and every company hires one. Imagine being available in the market but people are not aware of your product or service at all. Anyone from an adult to a child search for products and services rather than stepping out of their houses to explore.


Job Requirements:

  1. Promotions- Creating ads on google
  2. PPC- Pay Per Click analysis and application
  3. CRM- Customer Relationship Management


Monetary Benefits:

A Search engine marketer will commonly earn between a range of 85000-90000 rupees a month.


Getting into all the technical stuff, studying algorithms, and analyzing details can be pretty boring for some. If you have checked that box then don’t worry because apart from the technical matters, you can opt for Content Marketing Manager and still know how SEO is a good career option.


Job Requirements:

  • SEO & Keywords knowledge
  • Good with content writing
  • Detailed information about what is trending
  • Strategizing the content 
  • Coordination with technical teams.


Monetary Benefits:

A content marketing manager will usually earn between a range of 5 lakhs to 22 lakhs, the range of salary for this job is quite wide depending on the quality of content provided and other aspects.


  • Digital Marketer

Digital marketing is everywhere to be seen and it is visible on every platform, in every career. Digital marketers are in demand everywhere because they make the brand seen on the screens. With SEO courses in Vizag, you can be that person who can make the brand visible.


Job Requirements:


Monetary Benefits:

A digital marketer can earn an amount of rupees 4 lakhs in a year with SEO courses.


In addition to the above-mentioned career options, a person with SEO knowledge can be a marketing analyst, or SEO manager or build his/her start-up and pave a way for an entrepreneurial career.


Without getting into more details that you can learn when you enroll for the actual course, here are the TOP 5 institutes for SEO Courses in Vizag, after which you will be aware of how to is SEO a good career option & how to be an SEO expert.




Being the best for years now, IIM Skills has proven to be brainy and teach you with so much enthusiasm that there is no need for an extra motivational session. After a course with IIM Skills, you will feel motivated, get all the core concepts easily in your shoes and start to work in the real world without any hesitation. 



IIM Skills SEO course is an online course that is a 4-week-long program offering you an 8-week paid internship by the end of it. The time invested in learning is worth it and you’ll be working and earning rewards much before you know it.


Special Deliverables:

The bonus is always merrier than the actual salary and this is why special benefits from the course hold even a special place in the heart. 

  • 20k worth of free tools over the internet
  • Tips & hacks that save your time & efforts
  • Two live projects with hands-on live coaching
  • Certification from IIM SKILLS
  • Recognition from MSME Government of India


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Highlights of the SEO Course:

  • In-depth SEO knowledge, skills & more
  • How to get your SEO indexed
  • How to be an SEO expert
  • Increasing visibility on the internet
  • How to structure your content
  • Keyword density, keyword research, keyword tools
  • Usage of hyperlinks, interlinks, and much more



IIM SKILLS (Co-Offiz) H B Twin Tower 8th Floor. Max Hospital Building. Netaji Subhash Place Pitampura New Delhi 110034



Phone: + (91) 99 11 839503

IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite

2. Coursera


Partnered with 200-plus universities, Coursera brings you specialized SEO Courses in Vizag. They offer you certification courses with hands-on projects which in turn result in strengthening your resume. Online lectures prove to be flexible, affordable, and come in handy. They provide degree programs, certification courses, and a lot more to offer once you sign up. 



To master the SEO Courses with Coursera, there are a series of courses that they have curated after detailed research. If it is comfortable to you then you can opt for the advanced one directly or also have the option to take it one step at a time.


Five Courses Available with Coursera:

  • Google SEO introduction
  • Fundamentals of Google SEO
  • Developing a website
  • Advanced study of SEO with tactics
  • Google SEO projects


To learn how to be an SEO expert, you can sign up for their series of courses if time is not a constraint. Earn a certificate from Coursera followed by many career options, and witness how SEO is a good career option.


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3. Hubspot Academy


Going to places doesn’t always have to come with a price. Proving this statement with their free SEO courses, HubSpot has taken the limelight. Enroll in their six lessons course for zero cost. HubSpot Academy is a worldwide academy making the entire planet one unit. Scaling up on your skill game with six lessons course that comprises 24 videos, quizzes, and a certificate at the completion. 



Investing time to sharpen your skills is important but if you are in a hurry then this free course can save you time and give you enough knowledge which will take 2:24 hours of your day. 


Highlights Of The Course:

  • Quizzes 
  • Certification post-completion
  • Detailed insight into keyword research, keyword tools & more
  • Enhancing SEO practices
  • Website Visibility
  • How to be an SEO expert


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4. Udemy


Sharing knowledge with the world, Udemy is an online platform to learn, earn and make a lifestyle on your own. No matter what age, what gender, and which city you are in, Udemy is there to help you and transform your life for good. After curating financial, technical, and business courses, Udemy has taken up the responsibility to acknowledge everybody’s skills and enhance them with their online professional courses.


SEO courses are structured in a manner that you can choose according to your will and time. From an online course to the masterclass, they have various options available for you to choose from.



The complete guide to SEO, SEO training, and SEO for WordPress websites is a course that provides 10 hours of HD videos once you have purchased the same. With 30-day money-back guarantee, they refund the entire amount without raising a single question if the student returns unsatisfied.


Highlights Of The Course:

  • Certification after completion of the course
  • Subtitles in the English language are available in every video
  • 15000 happy students
  • 30-day full money-back policy
  • Learn how SEO is a good career option

IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite

5. Colour Moon Training


Colour Moon Training and development center is an offline school providing digital marketing, SEO courses in Vizag, Software development, and many more topics available under their curriculum. Originally Colour Moon Training and development was a company offering website designing, software development, and bulk SMS services, which expanded to provide training to developing enthusiasts. 


Trusted by 2000+ clients, the experts have ground experience of how things work with SEO, and no one is better than experts who have been in the battleground and witnessed the game hands-on. SEO Courses in Vizag is also called Digital marketing course as SEO is one of the elements of digital marketing. SEO is a part of digital marketing courses, but vice versa doesn’t stand true.



The digital marketing course is a 30-day course providing live project training, in-person coaching, and free demo classes. This course is a complete offline course that provides training that is job oriented.


Highlights Of The Course:

  • Offline SEO courses in Vizag
  • Live project training
  • In-person coaching
  • Free demo class




Q.1 I am a budding nutritionist and have recently started my health blog, but the response is unsatisfactory. I am planning to take up SEO courses in Vizag. How to be an SEO expert and make my visibility on the internet?

It is common to fail to get the desired response to your content. When you are putting your 100%, the low number of views or improper leads can be demotivating. But with proper SEO and usage of keywords, you can learn how to scale your content, reach more people, and reality-check how the internet world works.


Q2. Is the SEO course technical? Do you need to have programming skills to take up the course?

Not, The SEO courses in Vizag do not require any programming skills and do not involve technicalities. If you wish to enroll in website designing and development, that might demand to program but with SEO the route is pretty much clear.


Q3. What are the pre-requisites for the course?

There is no pre-requisite for the course. One can have any background stream, commerce, arts, science, etc. There is no constraint for anyone.


Q4. How is SEO a good career option?

If you are looking for a job, working as a freelancer, or if you own a business that exists on the internet, it is advisable to learn about SEO to get rewards for your efforts.  A career option is considered good when the phenomenon is in demand, is the need of the hour, and pays you well. SEO courses in Vizag check all the boxes. The rest is self-explanatory.


Q5. How to be an SEO expert?

An expert personality knows everything about the topic in detail and has practiced the phenomenon hands-on. To be an expert, one needs to learn about anything and everything related to SEO, how it works, elements of SEO, participate in training, practice SEO, and a lot more which you can learn with SEO courses in Vizag.




I hope this article helped you with details about SEO and the related topics. Pull up your socks and enjoy the beautiful journey of education with these listed SEO courses in Vizag.


Happy Learning!

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