Top 8 GST Certification Courses in Vizag

Vizag, one of the richest cities in India, has a variety of sources of income ranging from fishing and tourism to software industries that provide a variety of job opportunities in the city. Similarly, these industries require GST professionals to file their companies’ taxes, and they hire GST professionals for their businesses. As a result, if you are an accountant or want to pursue a career in the GST domain, GST certification courses in Vizag are a good option. These courses cover all aspects of GST, from the fundamentals to the advanced.


List of best GST certification courses in Vizag


Vizag, the city of destiny, is Andhra Pradesh’s largest city. The city has a $43.5 billion GDP. Its sources of income include the fisheries industry, tourism, heavy industries, pharmaceuticals, software industry, minerals, and resources, making it one of the richest cities in India.


Furthermore, as a wealthy city, it has a diverse set of industries and economic sectors that support the city’s job opportunities. And when we talk about a GST professional, it is obvious that businesses and various economic sectors hire GST professionals with high pay.


So, because there are numerous career opportunities for GST professionals, a thorough understanding of GST has become essential. As a result, there are various online and offline courses available to provide a thorough understanding of the country’s tax system. Before we get into the courses, let’s get to know GST.


What is GST?


Most countries have a tax system that requires citizens to pay a tax on certain goods and services to fund the government and public spending. Similarly, some countries such as India, Canada, Australia, Singapore, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Spain, Italy, Monaco, Nigeria, and Brazil have imposed GST on their citizens.


In India, the Goods and Services Tax is an indirect tax or consumption tax on goods and services sold in the country. The tax was first implemented in the country on 1st July 2017.


Skills to Become a GST Professional


Organization Skill

Organizational skills are required to work as a GST professional. Because one must manage multiple tasks at once, such as keeping track of new GST notifications, understanding various tax slabs, filing taxes before the deadline, and so on. Moreover, any GST training program will teach you how to organize various tasks.


Mathematical Knowledge

To work as a GST professional, you must be good at maths. Although advanced mathematical skills are not required, you should be familiar with daily statistics. Working with numerical data is common in the GST domain, so you should be proficient at studying numerical data.


Attention to Details

A GST expert must pay close attention to every detail. You must thoroughly check your clients’ documents for any errors, even if it is just a single word. Before submitting any other documents, double-check them. As a result, the clients will have faith in you.


Time Management Skill

Knowing how to manage your time is not only necessary in the GST domain, but it is also necessary for any workable person or professional. When it comes to GST professionals, they must manage multiple tasks at the same time. As a result, they must be adept at managing their work schedules.


Problem-solving Skill

It is also one of the best skills needed to be a GST professional. You must resolve all issues and reduce the tax burden on your clients. It will not only save money but will also resolve other tax-related concerns.


Communication Skills

Good communication skills are required in almost every profession. You must also be proficient in written and verbal communication to work as a GST professional. Your client should understand your point clearly, and you may need to deal with non-domain professionals who should understand your point without difficulty.


Industry Knowledge

Although, knowledge of various industries can only be gained through experience and time spent in them. However, it is critical to study the various aspects required for beginners. As a result, having a thorough understanding of the industries is critical for GST professionals.


What are the Career Opportunities


Tax Manager

It is a senior position and one of the best career options for GST professionals. Every company requires a tax manager to handle a variety of tax-related tasks. He is in charge of the company’s direct and indirect taxes. He is in charge of devising tax strategies to ensure that the company reaps the most benefits from tax policies.


Tax Research Analyst

Many businesses that sign contracts regularly feel the need for a tax analyst to thoroughly examine their contracts because a mistaken signature can result in a significant loss. As a result, a tax research analyst’s job is to verify and proofread contracts from a tax standpoint.


GST Compliance Practice

As we all know, every business must adhere to the GST rules and regulations. Dedicated compliance specialists are employed by some large corporations. Because of various reasons, some large corporations outsource compliance. Besides that, some small businesses cannot afford to hire a GST compliance specialist, so they hire a knowledgeable professional. Therefore, it is a good career for GST professionals.



Businesses can’t afford to enter incorrect data on GST because it will cause them serious problems, which is why they need a professional to handle their sales, input tax, and purchase reconciliations. Therefore, it is a good career opportunity for you.


GST Legal Practice

Many businesses make the common mistake of breaking the GST law in various circumstances. However, GST is a new law, and it will take time to establish itself. Until then, many businesses will inadvertently break the law. And they need to hire a legal GST practitioner to get out from the lawsuits. Therefore, it is a good career opportunity for a GST practitioner.


GST Trainer

Following your GST course, it is one of the best career options. Numerous organizations and universities offer GST courses, and they hire GST instructors to teach their students. As a result, you can seize those opportunities.


Let’s Delve into Some GST Certification Courses in Vizag.


#Rank1. GST Certification Courses in Vizag


1.     IIM Skills


You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for GST certification courses in Vizag. IIM Skills, based in New Delhi, is one of the world’s leading E-learning institutes, with a mission to provide world-class education at an affordable price. The institute has trained over 15000 students from all over the world and the lead trainers have 12+ years of industry experience.


Furthermore, the concepts provided by the institute are very simple, and you will not encounter any difficulties during your learning period. They simplify complex concepts in laymen’s language. So, let’s take a look at IIM Skills’ online GST course.


Course Name

GST Certification Course


Course Fee

2900+18% GST


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Course Benefits

  • 16 hours lectures
  • Practical assignments
  • Weekly assessments
  • Freelance opportunity
  • Invoicing Tools and Software
  • Dedicated placement cell
  • Master certification
  • Lifetime access


Course Curriculum

Module 1. The genesis and concept of GST & its impact on business

Module 2. The framework & structure of GST

Module 3. Registration under GST

Module 4. Invoicing in GST: Rules and regulations of invoicing

Module 5. GST returns filing

Module 6. Composition scheme under GST

Module 7. Reverse charge mechanism

Module 8. E-way bill under GST

Module 9. Payment in GST and input tax credit


Moreover, this curriculum was created with the latest GST developments in mind, so you can learn about the current market’s concepts and rules.

IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo invite

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#Rank2. GST Certification Courses in Vizag


2.     Udemy


Udemy is an online learning platform where tutors from around the world teach a variety of professional courses. The platform, which was founded in 2010, offers thousands of courses and has around 52 million students worldwide. The platform’s courses are divided into several categories so that students and learners can enroll in courses that are suitable for them. Similarly, the GST courses are also categorized in various parts. Therefore, let’s delve into some high-rated GST courses on the platform.


#1 Master in GST- 385Rs

If you are a GST practitioner or accountant, accounts or compliance executive, or student of CA/CS/MBA/CMA, you can enroll in the course. Besides that, if you do not have prior knowledge of GST, you can enroll in the course as it clears your concepts from the scratch.


Course Benefits

  • lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • 5 hours video
  • 45 articles
  • Certification


Topics Covered

  • Introduction
  • Scope of supply
  • IGST
  • Input tax credit
  • Registration
  • Tax invoice
  • TDS & TCS
  • Payment of tax
  • E-commerce
  • Assessment and audit etc.


#2 Basics of GST in India- 385Rs

If you have a basic understanding of accounting, you can enroll in the course.


Course Benefits

  • 12 hours video
  • 1 article
  • Lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certification


Topics Covered

  • Background of GST in India
  • Direct and indirect taxes
  • Benefits of GST
  • Supply under GST
  • Charge of GST
  • Time and value of supply
  • Tax invoices etc.


Therefore, there are more options you will find on the platform regarding the courses that are available at an affordable price.


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#Rank3. GST Certification Courses in Vizag


3.     TaxGuru


TaxGuru is a learning platform that focuses on accounting, finance, taxation, auditing, and corporate law. It provides practical learning which is delivered by eminent professionals. The self-learning certification course on GST is designed to cover topics from basics to the advanced level which includes amendments, legal aspects, handling assessments, major compliances, and so on.


Topics Covered

  • Constitutional aspects, basics concepts of GST
  • Concept of CST, compensation cess, valuation
  • GST set-off rules
  • Registration(sec 22), aggregate turnover
  • The input tax credit, the time limit for ITC, and the negative list of tax credit
  • Definitions of capital goods, types of invoices, GST on advances
  • Time of supply, time of supply for builder, continuous supply of services
  • Zero-rated supply, options under zero-rated supply
  • Refund of ITC and formula
  • Audit and annual return
  • Transitional issues
  • Levy and collection etc.


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#Rank4. GST Certification Courses in Vizag


4.     Institutes for Accountants


The Institute for Accountants is an accounting institute founded in 2002 by a group of management, accounting, and software professionals. The institute aims to provide world-class education and eliminate unemployment in society by training accountants according to market demands. Moreover, the institutes’ GST course is only designed for working accountants, aspired accountants, tax consultants, and business people. Let’s take a quick look at the overview of the GST course.


Course Benefits

  • Job oriented practical material
  • Industry based syllabus
  • Live projects
  • Faculty with 15+ years of teaching and work experience
  • Dedicated faculty
  • Seminars by industry eminent professionals
  • 50k+ satisfied students


GST Topics

  • GST eligibility
  • GST practitioners and registration
  • Types of dealers
  • GST computations/HSN/SAC
  • GST documents/ledgers
  • Input tax credit
  • GST E-payments
  • Interest/penalty
  • E-waybill
  • TDS on GST
  • Reverse charge mechanism and so on.


So if you are looking for GST courses in Vizag, then you apply for the course.


#Rank5. GST Certification Courses in Vizag


5.     Vskills


Vskills claims to be India’s largest certification body. To improve employability, it organizes skill testing and certification exams. It helps students and professionals evaluate and prove their skills in the market. Similarly, its online training course in GST provides a clear comprehension and practical aspects of GST. Therefore, the purpose of the course is to improvise the skills of finance, accounting, and taxation professionals. Let’s delve into the details of the certified GST professional course.


Course Benefits

  • Lifetime e-learning access
  • 28 hours of learning hours
  • Certification valid for life


Topics Covered

  • Taxation & GST basics
  • GST concepts & basics
  • GST registration
  • GST invoicing
  • GST returns
  • Input tax credit
  • GST valuation
  • GST legal provisions
  • Miscellaneous


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#Rank6. GST Certification Courses in Vizag


6.     Cleartax


Cleartax is the largest tax and financial services platform, with solutions for businesses, GST, e-invoicing, billing, and more. Its mission is to help millions of Indian businesses and individuals simplify their financial affairs. Let’s look into the details of the comprehensive e-learning certification on the New GST returns course.



  • 8+ hours of training
  • Lectures by industry experts
  • Assessments and clear tax certification


You’ll learn

  • GST basics
  • Input tax credit
  • Place, time, and value of supply
  • GST payments and refunds
  • Offenses and penalties and so on.
  • RET 1/2/3 with comparison
  • Concepts of missing invoices
  • Concept of locking
  • Unlocking and deemed locking etc.
  • Transition plan proposed by the government
  • How to claim ITC from the old GST system and so on

IIM Skills GST Certification Course free demo invite

#Rank7. GST Certification Courses in Vizag


7.     CAclub India


It is an interactive platform for accounting, tax, finance professionals, students, and taxpayers. The platform has around 3 million members. Moreover, the platform introduced the course to help aspirants and professionals with the current GST affairs and aims to provide practical GST knowledge. Let’s take a look at the details of the Advanced GST training and certification course.


Course Features

  • 61 hours of video classes
  • E-book on GST
  • E-books and video classes in English
  • E-certification after completion


Course Content

  • Levy and supply under GST
  • Time and value of supply
  • Taxable person and registration
  • Input tax credit
  • Place of supply for goods/services
  • Zero-rated supply
  • Tax invoice
  • The introduction of E-invoicing
  • Existing return & new GST return
  • Advance ruling under GST and so on.


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#Rank8. GST Certification Courses in Vizag


8.     Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin is a global ed-tech company that provides students, professionals, and adults with both online and offline programs. The company serves customers in more than 97 countries. The GST Practitioner Course of the company provides a comprehensive overview of GST regulations. So, let’s take a quick overview of the GST practitioner course.


Course Features

  • 32 hours of two-way online sessions
  • Internship assistance
  • Understand practical issues with faq session
  • Gain experience in computer-based practical training
  • 100% placement support for 1 year after the completion of the course
  • E-learning access
  • Bootcamps


Course Curriculum

  • Supply or levy, place & value of supply, export, and import
  • Registrations, input tax credits, transitional provisions
  • Account and records, tax payments, invoices, returns, refunds
  • Litigation management, audit, and assessments, offenses and penalties, etc.


Frequently Asked Questions


1.       What is the GST in India?

In India, the Goods and Services Tax is an indirect tax or consumption tax on goods and services sold in the country. The tax was first implemented in the country on 1st July 2017.


2.       What are the skills needed to be a GST professional?

Skills to be a GST professional are- organization skills, mathematical knowledge, time management skills, attention to detail, problem-solving skills, communication skills, industry knowledge, etc.


3.       What are the career opportunities after the GST course?

There are various career options after the GST courses such as tax manager, tax research analyst, GST compliance practice, GST legal practice, Reconciliation, GST trainer, and so on.


4.       Which institutes provide the GST certification courses in Vizag?

There are numerous institutes listed above that provide GST certification courses in Vizag.




As a result, excelling in the GST domain opens up a plethora of career opportunities. To enter this domain, you must first master the skills listed above. Therefore, the GST certification courses I described above will both qualify you as a GST professional and enhance your skills.

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